Modding, games developement and videogames reviewing are everything to me. I'm a teenager, hardware lover, casual modder and a computer technician. I'm also a newbie mapper and a props modeller. As a person, I'm quite friendly and really funny when it comes to relationships, but also serious and comprehensive when it's necessary. Hope you enjoy your visit, and have a good time!

Review RSS Feed Chicken Fortress
9 Review

Mod Review on Oct 15th, 2012

Such a great plugin! Need more players!

Jedi Knight Galaxies
9 Review

Mod Review on Oct 11th, 2012

No review provided

Penumbra: Overture
9 Review

Game Review on Feb 18th, 2011 - 2 people agree

Just amazing. One of the best games I've played.

Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
9 Review

Mod Review on Dec 29th, 2010

Its a really good modification. If we have to consider the year of release, the engine they modify, and the lots of code that they use, expand and modify without the original source code, i can say that its a pretty 9.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
9 Review

Game Review on Dec 23rd, 2010

Oh, what can i say. An amazing role play-RTS game wich brings back the memories of the older lands of Azeroth and the epic battles between humans nd orcs, the horde and the alliance, and the heros involved in those fights.

Halo: Combat Evolved
9 Review

Game Review on Nov 14th, 2010 - 4 people agree

Halo gives us one of the best experiences in FPS that we have ever seen. It uses sci-fi elements and mixes it with an action dosis that reminds me games like metroid or even call of duty.

Nightmare House 2
9 Review

Mod Review on Nov 10th, 2010

Creepy as hell. It uses elements from games like F.E.A.R in the best engine made by valve software, source and makes you feel that **** you need when you wanna get really scared. Sweet as f***.

Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
9 Review

Game Review on Oct 19th, 2010

Aaahh, yes, one of the most known animes on the world, and one of the best modifications based on it. Naiteki Kensei is, without a doubt, the most perfect combination between action and fun, bringing us the best experience on a melee combat system, and giving us lots of maps for an extra enjoyment (and, of course, the best modelled characters).

Star Wars: Jedi Academy
9 Review

Game Review on Oct 12th, 2010 - 1 person agrees

The best action game based on the Star Wars universe. This one has the better and more improved lightsaber combo fight system, and the melee fighting combined with an exciting multiplayer experience makes it unique.

Starsiege: Tribes
9 Review

Game Review on Sep 29th, 2010

Yeah... the good and old jetpack system... this was so funny. Unfortunately there isn't working anymore.

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