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AdamX777 Jun 14 2014, 7:13pm says:

Wonder if they will make a DX12 mod.

+1 vote     download: Deus Ex Enhanced v1.3 (DX9/OpenGL)
AdamX777 May 30 2014, 2:56am says:

Love the System Shock vibe.

+1 vote     mod: Phobos IV
AdamX777 Apr 4 2014, 4:30pm says:

"- one extra feature which should have been in retail in the first place"
Which is...?

+1 vote     mod: Mafia II: Reminiscence of the hype
AdamX777 Mar 19 2014, 3:40am says:

I would love to see a full-fledged game for like $5 or $7.

+1 vote     article: Sequel coming...
AdamX777 Oct 28 2013, 12:10pm says:

Where did you guys go?

+1 vote     download: DaggerXL Version 0.199
AdamX777 Oct 16 2013, 8:47pm says:


+1 vote     media: Underwater City + Gingerbread Village
AdamX777 Oct 15 2013, 2:28am says:

Dude you should create a Brutal Doom 3 mod and a Brutal Postal 2 mod.

+3 votes     mod: Brutal Doom
AdamX777 Oct 11 2013, 7:44pm says:

You should make a Black Mesa Source edition of this. Just imagine the stupid crap you could do.

+1 vote     mod: Scientist SlaughterHouse Modmessup #2 Version WTF
AdamX777 Oct 11 2013, 7:40pm says:

You should make a Cthulhu mod for Half Life 2 :D

+2 votes     mod: Cthulhu
AdamX777 Oct 2 2013, 9:27pm says:

Interesting mod.

+1 vote     mod: Sonic Generations Adventure 2 Project
AdamX777 Oct 2 2013, 2:52pm says:

I love that open world feel in the first level, good work.
Why isn't there any open world Half Life 2 mods?

+1 vote     media: HAPPY NEW YEAR
AdamX777 Aug 22 2013, 10:00am replied:

Hey what do you guys think about making it more free roaming? I think it'd be pretty snazzy to explore a large ship with lots of things that could make messes like toilet clogs.
And lots of interactive objects to make it feel lively and immersive.

Perhaps a mode where you merely screw around aswell?

+2 votes     download: Viscera Cleanup Detail - Alpha v0.13
AdamX777 Aug 1 2013, 1:30am says:

Open world map :D

+1 vote     article: Zeno Clash SDK released
AdamX777 Jul 31 2013, 9:42pm says:

Will this mean there will be a performance boost mod for Saints Row 2?

+1 vote     article: Saint's Row 2 & 3 Mod Support
AdamX777 Jul 4 2013, 10:35pm says:

I chose procedural generation because you don't have to make the ENTIRE world randomly generated, but maybe mix things up a little by changing enemy spawns for games like Thief, or maybe just change textures a little.
Or maybe have larger tiles, like massive ones.

+1 vote     poll: You prefer game levels to be
AdamX777 Jun 7 2013, 11:14pm replied:

on what

+4 votes     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 Jun 4 2013, 9:09pm replied:

Wait, maybe he means that he wants a voting poll on the best mod for Skyrim.
IE: "I prefer my mods to be... - Skyrim special".
Maybe this could turn into a little series of voting polls, I hope you like clicking ****.

+1 vote     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 Jun 4 2013, 8:44pm replied:

or MAYBE a mod for like Morrowind that has all other areas on the continent of tamriel.
Or a port of Daggerfall to Morrowind, or maybe a mod for the mod DaggerXL that adds 3d models for characters, weapons, trees, plants, enemies, items, etc.

+1 vote     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 May 29 2013, 6:33pm says:

Excited. Stoked. Broom Stroker's Crackula

+1 vote     mod: Inkpack
AdamX777 May 26 2013, 4:47am replied:

So you're a masochist?

0 votes     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 May 26 2013, 4:46am replied:

Because "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." is a shooter with freeroaming and some rpg inventory type ****.
Hey Stalker has an open world, GTA has an open world, but ones an fps and the other is this weird lock-on shooter combined with driving and some parkour mechanics like vaulting over fences.
And you get chased by cops and you can change your clothes.
It's a horrible way to do things, point people to a wikipedia page or something ATLEAST.

+3 votes     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 May 22 2013, 2:05am replied:

Will the main menu change? And if not will you make a main menu modification that resembles the BF1 main menu?

+1 vote     mod: Star Wars Battlefront United
AdamX777 May 21 2013, 2:43am says:

How come almost every custom map has some form of nudity

+1 vote     media: and... action!
AdamX777 May 21 2013, 2:40am says:

Can't import private object SpriteEmitter SpriteEmitter FX.SpriteEmitter152

History: UObject::SafeLoadError <- UObject::StaticLoadClass <- InitGameInfo <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <- LocalMapURL <- UGameEngine::Browse <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

+2 votes     mod: A Very postal Christmas
AdamX777 May 20 2013, 10:55am says:

I can imagine the massive city maps people would make... Tautayav 2.0! Now with rooftop parkour.

+3 votes     game: Postal 2: UDK
AdamX777 May 20 2013, 10:43am says:

Boasting no level loadings? I'm worried about performance hits. Also how would you lose the cops? And how many NPCs can we actually render while still mantaining 60+ fps? I like to get about 120fps because I like to record and do slowmotion stuff.
Also there were these great maps for postal 2 that were really dense and laggy. There was Vigilante, GTA, and Tautayav. I can't wait to see some massive city maps filled with interiors to explore and lush rooftops you can also explore. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, kicking ***, and all that. Maybe finally we can have fire in postal 2 that DOESN'T slow your computer to a crawl. It's these single core engines maaaan. Doesn't work well on my multicore. Oh the woes of modern-day gaming rigs... New drivers breaking old games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein...

+2 votes     game: Postal 2: UDK
AdamX777 May 20 2013, 2:21am says:

What is a Gey? :P

+2 votes     mod: 28 Geys Later.
AdamX777 May 16 2013, 1:49am says:

Oh my god that looks cool.
I think bethesda should get a starwars license from disney and make one of their famous BethesdaRPGs, however I'm worried that if they wanted to integrate space travel, the world maps for each planet has to be real small :C
Maybe there could be 4 huge planets in the vanilla game and they could make DLC expansions that add 2 planets per package?

+1 vote     article: REDkit enters Open Beta!
AdamX777 May 15 2013, 3:39am says:

They shouldn't of used mod examples, DayZ is a good example of a bad example. (Lol)
I mean DayZ is pretty open world, it's a non-linear emergent survival roguelike MMO FPS and TPS with zombies and people armed with only their underwear and their beans. They should of pointed you towards a random wikipedia or thesaurus result page to explain the subgenres...

+2 votes     poll: I prefer my mods to be...
AdamX777 Apr 8 2013, 5:54pm says:

This mod is downright phenomenal, the music really fits, I literally forgot that I was playing a mod, however I really wish there would be some improvements on paying into the treasury, I don't wanna get RSI. Make it like the recruitment system where you type in a number then click away... Also I believe you should be able to purchase gear for your army like how you send out a recruiter.

+1 vote     mod: Floris Mod Pack
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