-Name's Abraão C. de Santana... -Abra-what? -Just can call me... Jack

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A new game is coming... the password is : mind

I am proud to announce that a really great game is coming.
Great art, great music, groundbreaking gameplay!
All in 2 great dimensions , baby!
We're already working at full speed to bring a preview to you , player!
Keep your eyes opened... and watch

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Keep watching the skies!

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acsantana Creator

At last ... my IndieDB profile !

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Order your FREE #Arduino #github #RaspberryPi Dev Stickers, FREE Shipping! #FreeDevStickers Stickers.onion.io

Jun 29 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @Babylonian: hopefully when INSIDE comes out people will realize that saying "this looks like it was made in Unity" as a pejorative is literal nonsense

Jun 28 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @MklGustafsson: A new little Unity animation Dribbble.com @unity3d @dribbble T.co

Jun 22 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @IndieCade: A mechanical bird and a lost girl journey through a beautiful

Jun 22 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @korkyplunger: The development process for every successful video game, ever. T.co

Jun 22 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @SciencePorn: “What do we want?” “Time travel” “When do we want it?” “Irrelevant.”

Jun 21 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @Khoklavixche: Beach Crash Site for @Pixel_Dailies #pixel_dailies #pixelart T.co

Jun 19 2016 by abraaocsantana

RT @WarrenIsDead: ME: ocarina of time's water temple is so awful RICKY GERVAIS: indeed. in fact, I hate all the temples. religiosity is a disease of the mind.

Jun 19 2016 by abraaocsantana

Our engineers have achieved a new real-time solution for tilemap modification! Check it out (original @ 60fps) Gyazo.com

Mar 5 2015 by skywatchgames

Fresh new blog post: Unleashing the full power of the Windows console. Check it out! Skywatch.com.br

Mar 2 2015 by skywatchgames

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