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acidhoez Jul 18 2014 replied:

yep! i remember liking that design a lot more than the recent images that i have of shadowwood on here lol, the design will come to me eventually

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acidhoez Jul 17 2014 says:

Yeah i have, i was interested in it before back when it was announced and the trailer was up, but now its just "eh" to me tbh, ill keep an eye on it though.

I'll probably be working on shadowwood this coming week, im going to restart it i think, i tend to do that a lot lol. And i already have good concept art for the main chamber of the caves of circe, so if i hear from the person that drew it for me, i'll post it here if theyre alright with that.

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acidhoez Jun 27 2014 replied:

I have an actual start area for the player, but its outside of the map and unfinished, im going to make small rooms that look as if youre traveling through a portal, and korax stops and meets you before each hub, and then you are spawned on an area of the map

I probably will end up doing that later on, theres still quite a bit that needs to be polished up

Yeah i intend on having some of those effects used throughout the game, fog, 3D floors, swimmable water, reflective floors, this hub probably wont have any of that though honestly

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acidhoez May 27 2014 replied:

Yeah of course, i intend on having brightmaps for the realm667 monsters that are going to be in the mod too, and the heretic monsters already have a brightmap pack made.

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acidhoez May 21 2014 replied:

sorry about that, its GZDoom, latest version, and other mods...wrath of cronos, hexercise, just about everything should work on this release

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acidhoez Mar 31 2014 replied:

Thanks, i completely agree with most of us being used to waypoints and mini maps that reveal everything...and as for the semi open world design im going for, every hub in the game will be like this, other than the seven portals because well....theyre portals to other areas on the planet, and i plan on making the level switch only be a 'walk over this line to trigger an autosave and music change'

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acidhoez Mar 15 2014 says:

It works! I've been looking for a fix for so long, I couldnt even play doom 3 without mods...thanks a TON.

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acidhoez Feb 12 2014 replied:

thanks! just keep in mind that if the title doesnt say "beta" or finished or something like that, then the map or whatever is posted is most likely going to be mixed up quite a bit, ive already changed the outside of the map a bit since i posted this :p

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acidhoez Feb 6 2014 replied:

thanks, i still have to space out the fog a bit better and fix a few textures but its really close to being done, once its released in the final mod you really wont see a huge difference. And WoC sorta should work perfectly fine on THAT map, but later on with the new enemies, itll break.

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acidhoez Jan 27 2014 says:


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acidhoez Jan 24 2014 says:

wow that is awesome, go with this model !

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acidhoez Oct 27 2013 says:

awesome! i cant wait to see what you do to this chapter.

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acidhoez Sep 12 2013 replied:

I agree, to be honest though i never found the puzzles as challenging as most people thought or find them to be, theyre fairly simple..its just tedious for someone if theyre expecting a extremely linear game.

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acidhoez Aug 17 2013 replied:

Programs (x86) > Steam > Steam´╗┐ apps > Common > Skyrim > Data

(Copy and paste)

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acidhoez Aug 17 2013 says:

this is coming together very well, good work man

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acidhoez May 13 2013 says:

this keeps getting better and better i cant wait for it to be finished.

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