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-)ACE(- Mar 8 2012, 8:53pm replied:

+1 to you :D

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 23 2012, 2:01am replied:

flip monitor upside down

problem solved!

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 22 2012, 10:44pm replied:

Many thanks you guys!

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 22 2012, 10:35pm replied:

+1 for creative insults

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 22 2012, 9:59pm says:

.1 of 1.6 GB, only 59min to go! :D

+1 vote   download: Cry of Fear - Version 1.6 (Steam Link)
-)ACE(- Feb 22 2012, 7:15pm says:

Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls...

It's trollception here.

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 22 2012, 10:30am says:

Just because I'm American and don't get your crazy Euro time zones :D

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Feb 21 2012, 9:35pm says:

There once was a gamer called Ace,
Who sprayed all the terrorists with mace.
He had flashbacks of 'Nam,
when he disabled the bomb,
and wished HL3 was in CS's place :)

-1 votes   news: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest
-)ACE(- Feb 21 2012, 9:28pm replied:

I don't care it made me laugh so much haha

-4 votes   news: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest
-)ACE(- Feb 21 2012, 1:55pm replied:

go easy, he's probably american. And that's the only country that exists to us :)

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
-)ACE(- Aug 15 2011, 4:42am says:

Good thing to hear! This has been one project that kept me interested since the start :)

+2 votes   news: The Mortewood Plaza - Dead?
-)ACE(- May 9 2011, 9:04pm replied:

For every comment like this you make, I'm going to pirate a game..

+8 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
-)ACE(- Apr 22 2011, 6:18am replied:

They're not like police in the USA, way too skinny to be a US police officer ;)

+1 vote   media: CPR in co-op
-)ACE(- Apr 22 2011, 5:59am replied:

Not that it matters, but not a Beatles song...the Zombies. Just wanted to say that :)

+2 votes   media: 038_MONITOR STREAM_003462
-)ACE(- Jun 8 2010, 7:47pm says:

Got some real talent goin on there!

+1 vote   media: Portal: Awakening Screenshot
-)ACE(- May 23 2010, 11:43pm says:

Random..I have a Zombie movie on Youtube named Project Z.

+1 vote   mod: Proyect-Z
-)ACE(- Mar 18 2010, 2:07am says:

It's like you've read my mind or something! Everything I wish I had in a zombie game seems to pop up here at some point. This is the main mod I'm looking forward to for now. Can't Wait!

Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   mod: The Mortewood Plaza
-)ACE(- Jan 31 2010, 3:04am says:

#1 just seems so badass to me!

if not then I suppose a #5

+2 votes   media: What rifle do you want implemented into the game?
-)ACE(- Jan 27 2010, 5:23am says:

EP1A it!

+1 vote   media: Showcasing pt. 3
-)ACE(- Jan 10 2010, 7:02pm says:

Downloaded last night, by far one of the best Battlefield mods to date. Has a tough learning curve but definitely seems well worth the time invested in learning. This is what modding is suppose to be about!

Keep up the good work! :)

+2 votes   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
-)ACE(- Feb 1 2009, 4:10pm says:

Hope it goes well, I'm off though

+1 vote   news: Engine
-)ACE(- Aug 10 2008, 4:33pm says:

You should have a "Rock through the ages" style campaign where you have to play into each genre at that time, dress the part, or have the public think your crazy. Have it go from like 50's to 60's and 70's all the way to present. And along the way meet with famous bands such as Queen, Beatles, Aerosmith and perform with them if you get good enough.

+1 vote   mod: Rockstar
-)ACE(- Aug 30 2007, 12:30am says:

It's nice to see that someone can pull this sort of quality out of an engine as old as it is....

+1 vote   news: New media!
-)ACE(- Dec 30 2006, 6:34pm says:

It kind of reminds me of a game "Legend of Mana" that I use to play on Playstation. Any connection there?

+1 vote   game: Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti
-)ACE(- Nov 24 2006, 12:28am says:

Looks unbelievable! Has to be one of the mods I'm looking forward to most. Absolutely amazed with what it looks like.

+1 vote   media: Bunker
-)ACE(- Jan 10 2006, 11:32pm says:

This has to be one of the best mods I have played so far... Good Work!

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope
-)ACE(- Dec 20 2005, 4:58am says:

This looks great! This is one game that I have been for. I can't wait to play.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
-)ACE(- Nov 27 2005, 2:48am says:

Looks Great! On my list to download!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The Journey
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