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Battlestar Galactica Fan Group

1. Battlestar Galactica Fan Group

Hobbies & Interests group with 152 members, open to all members

Do you like Battlestar Galactica? Join the rest in the BSG Fan Group! That is the best way to tribute one of the best Sci-Fi series in the world.

Halo Fanatics

2. Halo Fanatics

Hobbies & Interests group with 340 members, open to all members

This group contains a lot of stuff of the Halo community. Mod news, game screen shots and Halo humor.

Homeworld  Universe Group

3. Homeworld Universe Group

Fans & Clans group with 69 members, open to all members

This is a fangroup for the homeworld universe mod for homeworld 2. Enjoy one of the best mods around with friends you can game with. Support your favorite...

Homeworld 2 Modders Group

4. Homeworld 2 Modders Group

Fans & Clans group with 132 members, open to all members

Modders and those interested in how to mod the Homeworld 2 Engine.

Broken Line Studios

5. Broken Line Studios

Developer & Publisher with 8 members, must apply to join

Broken Line Studios is the developer who created Homefront.

Freelancer 4 Ever!

6. Freelancer 4 Ever!

Hobbies & Interests group with 218 members, open to all members

For those who still play and will continue playing Freelancer. You can post anything related to Freelancer or Freelancer modding.

Texture Artist Guild

7. Texture Artist Guild

Fans & Clans group with 99 members, open to all members

A group created for all the 2D Artists, Texture Artists and Skinners out there. Members can give advice and tutorials on the latest ways to make our mods...

Kerbal Rocket Scientists

8. Kerbal Rocket Scientists

Fans & Clans group with 20 members, open to all members

A group for all Kerbal Space Program fans and players on Moddb!

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