16, modder.. Pokemon fan.. xD thats all! Nah guys.. I took a liking to mapping when I was 8, I started on Far Cry 1, my all time favorite game. Then I soon moved on to coding maps, making missions. After about 4-5 years of that, I expanded my skills and cliche mind into making my first campaign mod: Mutant Crisis. Of course as a first timer.. It did not turn out too good.. Bugs, bad story.. But I improved that in it's re-release in 2013. During 2012 I then got into Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I loved the game so much I began a custom story, I finally released it in January 2013.. Servant's Night Amnesia and Far Cry.. My two most favorite games ever and their my primary modding games until I decide to move on to other engines.

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2 comments by 39Gamer on Nov 1st, 2013

Hey guys, 39 here, I decided to blog something to talk about my odd cycle of making Mutant Crisis I and II. Basically I made Mutant Crisis I during 2011, released it January 28th 2012, it wasnt bad, excluding the bugs and fucked story, but then as I got a stable alpha of Mutant Crisis II going, I decided to remake Mutant Crisis I, this was during July last year, I started to remake it in August this year and kind of avoided it for a bit.. The mapping was awful and the game was unstable in the original release so I have remade it and plan on releasing it this month (November). Mutant Crisis II I am still working on, happily learning new things about CryEngine that wasnt used on Far Cry, like bump maps and better textures etc.

About a week ago, a good mate of mine: DJ Goo has joined my in the making of Mutant Crisis II, he is to be my map.. decorator, due to me being a somewhat lazy mapper, everything else is I do and with the maps I make them and base decorate etc and DJ will be fixing them up to look nicer :D.

I hope to release Mutant Crisis II next year, hopefully not to have ANY delays, I want to refresh my ways in making games.

Thanks for reading.

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