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2muchvideogames Sep 18 2015 says:

whats not funny is that this is like the 3rd or 4th half life mod with this idea, so its actually getting boring

-2 votes   mod: Exam Day
2muchvideogames Apr 2 2015 says:

Played this until it crashed around the middle of "We've got Hostiles!" chapter. Great beta. There are massive changes to the Half life engine based on more gore and gibbing. The kick is a (in my opinion) overpowered move that is basically infinite stun, but i guess that's the point here. It also comes with a load of problems, though, like the videos some have shown where a needed pushable box is kicked out of reach of the player. The other thing I want to mention is the AI changes. Generally I noticed the AI seems to be faster, but I also noticed some weird things, like zombies freezing and soldiers dropping a grenade and then decide to drop another grenade right after dropping the first one, so that the first one blows him up. They also seem to like using grenades more than vanilla and dont seem to toss them as well, from the little i've seen. I have seen the AI code and some of them goes for miles long so I dunno how much you can really 'fix' the AI here.

One more thing, crouch wasn't bound to left ctrl but thats not a real problem. But the 'walk' button seems to be broken. Any ideas?

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Half-Life
2muchvideogames Mar 15 2015 says:

Seems to work pretty well, however there are some minor issues:

- the exit teleport ends up on top of debris that is too high to jump on, leaving you stuck in the room with the garg

- Because it is possible to re-enter the uplink maps from the lambda core B teleport, re-entering the uplink maps will get the player stuck, as the vents that lead to the garg room gets blocked

Otherwise the maps integrate well into the original vanilla game. Very good!

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life Uplink Addon
2muchvideogames Mar 1 2015 says:

Single map based around a series of rooms separated by breakable walls. It could be an interesting gameplay based on how every time you break the wall to the next room you have no idea what is waiting behind it. This mod inspires me to make a map with a similar theme. Very nice!

+3 votes   mod: Wall
2muchvideogames Oct 27 2014 says:

Single map mod. I managed to survive after several deaths. The hardest part of the map isn't actually the boss area (image 3 above), but it's most likely the room where you first encounter the soldiers, as one of them in particular has a surprise for you (I won't reveal the surprise, but it involves explosives and your face.) The second hardest area would of course be the assassins.

I am not going to say that the mapping was bad, seeing as it is prolly the first attempt at mapping, and this is definitely better than a laggy huge single killbox map. But there is still some lag though. I don't know what is causing it, as the map isn't actually that big. Make sure to seal any leaks in the map and do not use a giant cube to contain the entire map, as that will cause lag. There is some enemy variety, but not too much as zombies prolly take up about 50% of the experience here, and for me it was mostly just luring them to barney so I dont waste ammo. Speaking of which, ammo management is a bit more important here as the crowbar is not given at the start (but can be found later.)

It would prolly be a good idea to use more than 4 textures for about 90% of the map. The tables are also scaled too tall, and a crossbow ammo placed there was not reachable because I couldn't jump on the tables. The rooms are kinda bland, but some effort was made to decorate them such as the electronic cart and soda machine in one room, but more would have been interesting. I also suspect that all the doors were copy pasted off one another and have the same name, causing them to all open or all close at the same time. I could be wrong though. Anyway, hope you had fun making this map, and possibly make more interesting maps in the future!

+4 votes   mod: Half Life CAN YOU SURVIVE
2muchvideogames Jul 8 2014 says:

Short mod that has high difficulty. Minor coding changes that pretty much nerf the crowbar and glock so you can NOT depend on them like in most mods. All damage in the game has been buffed significantly, so yes, this is one of those mods where soldiers can kill you within 3 seconds if you dont take cover. Slightly confusing puzzle in the first map, coupled with the fact that in the early maps you have very little ammunition coupled with a severely nerfed crowbar, you need to be rather stealthy when you have to deal with respawning slaves. Be extremely careful in the first two maps. Thankfully there are 'infirmary' rooms stocked with lots of medikits.

There is a bug where if you open the locker with the keycard in the first map, the locker door may 'push' the keycard away and make it unable to be picked up. I'd suggest relocating the keycard away from the angle of the locker door opening. Another thing is that due especially to the difficulty of this mod, autosaves are a must. THey are very easy to place in hammer so I'd highly suggest having them, say, at least one per map but maybe more.

Mapping is alright but not spectacular. Play some other mods if you want to see how detailed maps can get and stuff. The challenge of this mod is definitely new and interesting, having to deal with extremely limited ammunition, high damage from enemies, and sneaking around monster respawns. Good run.

+3 votes   mod: Light of Hope
2muchvideogames Jun 22 2014 says:

This is a hybrid puzzle and action mod with some horror mixed in. Around half the mod is spent without weapons and is mostly puzzle based and finding useful items and whatnot. The puzzles are not too difficult until around the halfway boss fight, good luck with that. After the boss the mod is more action oriented and several weapons are available against the enemies you will encounter. But there are still plenty of puzzles and thinking. The final boss area is pretty tough, although well balanced due to having high-tier weapons by that point. Each map is quite long, so the length is decent overall. Very good mod and you all should play it. Long live HL1 modding

+4 votes   mod: Hopelessness: The Afterlife
2muchvideogames Jun 22 2014 replied:

find the hook in the area next to the vent, then use it to hook the keys off the dead construction worker on the other side of the fence. The pliers are in the locked room.

+3 votes   mod: Hopelessness: The Afterlife
2muchvideogames Mar 31 2014 says:

I'm using a very simple criteria for this list (whether there is a liblist.gam file.) You should ask me before making changes to the list. And honestly, your criteria isn't very good. I don't think it's fair to randomly judge any given mod as 'bad' for any reason. Also, just because it has 1 map doesnt mean it's not a mod. There are total conversions that have a single map. Like I said, I'm using a very simple, easy to judge criteria, while yours is kinda opinionated and not exact. I just want to know that, if I continue to update this list, are you going to edit it again suddenly.

+1 vote   feature: 2muchvid's list of Single Player Half Life mods
2muchvideogames Mar 19 2014 says:

if you are a fan of Star wars, you really should download this mod. It has I think almost every weapon from star wars. The only problem is that the maps are very basic and were far from finished. But you want to download this because NO OTHER MOD WILL LET YOU BE A JEDI AND DEFLECT SHOTS WITH A LIGHTSABRE.

+4 votes   mod: Star Wars Testmod
2muchvideogames Mar 19 2014 says:

i didn't include mappacks (downloads that don't include liblist.gam)

Also, an admin removed some mods from the list without informing me. I dont want to risk adding them back unless I'd be sure it doesn't get changed again.

+1 vote   feature: 2muchvid's list of Single Player Half Life mods
2muchvideogames Feb 19 2014 says:

Hi, so I was gonna update this, but I noticed that mods have edited the article, lol. I never noticed it got edited, or even when. I was going by a standard procedure on which mods were added and what not, and this got kinda confusing. Do you mods still need me to update the article? Not sure where you all going with this. But I guess it's pretty cool that this is now the 'official' moddb reference for HL1 mods

+1 vote   feature: 2muchvid's list of Single Player Half Life mods
2muchvideogames Nov 10 2013 says:

A surprisingly good mod. The maps are very detailed and there are several reconnected areas that make it much more interesting than your typical linear HL mod. The mod appears to use Unholy's code, which significantly increases difficulty by replacing batteries and wall-HEV chargers with kevlar vests. The soldiers in the first two maps are the hardest part of the mod, since many of them carry contact grenades and the maps are pretty confined.

This mod has a very creepy atmosphere that allows it to draw out the horror aspects of HL and scare the players. A spooky background music, along with some ambushes made me very tense and I held down the shift key most of the time while playing. Around the half-way I started hearing gonomes... this mod's horror element made it really appealing to me.

I really highly recommend you try this mod. It's not too long, but the experience is great. The maps are well-made, and health/armour is pretty reasonable, but the soldiers at the beginning do make the first part of the mod harder than the later parts. If you are going to play this, I hope you do it at night, alone. Preferably with the lights off.

+1 vote   mod: Hopelessness
2muchvideogames Sep 10 2013 says:

Original map uploaded to TWHL (

+1 vote   download: Nightmare: A Horror Map
2muchvideogames Aug 30 2013 says:

This isn't a bad mod at all. People prolly expect this to be BooM-style troll mod or something, but it's actually a typical escape-from-black-mesa standard mod. Only difference is that, instead of a human in a HEV suit, you are a cartoon pony. And you will soon realize an important fact: neither Xen nor the military are bronies.

+1 vote   mod: Project: M.L.P
2muchvideogames Jun 29 2013 says:

I'd say this is the next big mod this year, after challenger deep 2 (which I can't play because it crashes on startup :(

+4 votes   mod: The Core
2muchvideogames Jun 29 2013 says:

Beginner's mod. Not optimized very well. Mapping is very basic but the mapper has extended beyond the stock textures and included some new ones (mostly from counter-strike) to present some new settings. Does not seem to work on steam. Mod crashes at some point.

Overall, an average beginner's mod that presents many different settings. There is one section where you must deal with many enemies and with no explosives. Slightly challenging. I would suggest that before you release a mod you test it to make sure there are no crashes or problems first.

+6 votes   mod: Biohazard (Half-Life Mod)
2muchvideogames Feb 18 2013 buried:


this is totally intentional by valve. They want to sell half life to the penguins so a handful of people will spend 2 bucks on it. Of course no one at valve will give a crap about all the people who already paid for the Half life. The forced HD pack (just before this update) is also there to appeal to the new players. I dont think they will try to fix anything. Isn't the HL2 HDR issue still around after all?

The fact that this was a silent update shows that valve knows there will be negative backlash, so yeah. Totally intentional.

-5 votes   news: Valve have broken every Half-Life mod
2muchvideogames Jan 31 2013 replied:

also, good luck with challenger deep

+1 vote   mod: Mario Keys
2muchvideogames Jan 31 2013 says:

Ten or so puzzle type maps with a 3D mario theme looking for giant rotating coloured keys. There were alot of bugs, particularly the 'only server can changelevel' fail to load next map ones. Mostly fun jumping puzzles in a fun setting. Erratic autosaves. Hard to figure out what can be 'used' sometimes. I think this was an early mapping project eh? Also we got some 'timed' sequences where you must rush to keep up with a platform before the fall damage becomes too great, but none of these events become obvious to the player until it's too late. I was able to skip some areas by abusing longjump and going over the castle wall and right into the next map. Overall, mario fans with some inclination for puzzle types can jump for joy a bit here. But there some bugs that can make the mod difficult to get thru.

+1 vote   mod: Mario Keys
2muchvideogames Jan 5 2013 says:

drink the vodka

+3 votes   mod: Accidental Assassin
2muchvideogames Jan 5 2013 says:

Snowy platformer mod. Very jolly and mildly fun. Could not figure out how to cross the giant bridge. Music is very relaxing until the track finishes then THE HORROR SOUNDS. The town where you find 5 trees was very nice and breaks the monotony of simple platforming. Overall, a pretty good small mod.

+4 votes   mod: Christmas-Life Classic
2muchvideogames Jan 5 2013 says:

I'm guessing it's because a strict op4 mappack require players to have op4 and not everyone has that

+3 votes   mod: The Evasion
2muchvideogames Dec 31 2012 says:

Very good spirit based mod with portal-ish overtones.

+2 votes   mod: Prototype 98
2muchvideogames Nov 27 2012 replied:

I like low def stuff, grew up with it

+6 votes   mod: Hammertime
2muchvideogames Nov 25 2012 says:

A mod using Sweet Half-Life code based in Aztec Ruins. Got a negative rating at a review website. Check out this mod:

- How many different mods does this mod use stuff from?
- Find the area that looks almost Completely like an area from normal Half-Life
- Try to defeat the boss. Hint: It is Twice the challenge of the boss in normal Half life

This is prolly the only mod of Sweet Half Life I know. There are some bugs and all but the difficulty is pretty low. That is, until you get to the boss. Play this if you want, there are some new models and all the new SHL weapons are here, but don't expect it to have very high quality like Sweet Half life did.

+4 votes   mod: The Aztecs' Bane
2muchvideogames Nov 19 2012 says:

This mod was VERY hard, with alien grunts already appearing in groups by the second map. Soldiers have also set up in VERY cheap places, with a mounted machine gun targeting you on the second map, and a ROCKET TURRET overlooking the machine gun nest so you'd get blown up clearing it! There is also a VERY unpleasant outdoor section involving two autoguns manned by grunts from behind bulletproof steel walls. This section ALSO has ASSASSINS and LAND MINES. I mean, seriously these guys are giving me NO MERCY. EVEN THE ESCAPE HELICOPTER IS GUARDED BY ALIEN GRUNTS AND EVERYTHING.

+1 vote   mod: Confronted with Consequences
2muchvideogames Nov 19 2012 says:

BABY, BAby, baby nooo...........

+2 votes   mod: Crack-Life
2muchvideogames Nov 19 2012 says:

TV-sized playthru for your viewing pleasure

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Ground Zero
2muchvideogames Nov 12 2012 says:

How many waves are there? I got up to like 33 or so and it was getting a bit repetitive

+1 vote   mod: Base Defense
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