I'm the one who has the honour of making all the 3D media for our projects! :D I work hard, have fun and I get things done.

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Thoughtwire Software and Me

4 years ago by 1995Andrew 0 comments

Thoughtwire Software and Me:
How did I become part of the team?
I started to create 3d models and animations off my own back around January last year. Since then I have became rather good at it :D I fitted into Thoughtwire Software nicely as custom media was needed for the games.

What I do in Thoughtwire Software

My job in Thoughtwire is to create 3D media, such as models, with textures, and effects (such as normal and specular mapping). I also create custom segment meshes and help with creative input towards level design.

I have been modelling for Thoughtwire for around 6 months now and I'm great friends with the rest of the team. Recently we've been working tirelessly on Rouge to make it as perfect as we can. In fact, we just redesigned the entire first level as we had developed a better concept for it.

What does Thoughtwire Software intend for the future?

To keep making games! We already have some other projects besides Rouge lined up, which are to be revealed at a later date. Just like many of the things within the mind of Edward Goering!

That's all I can say for now! - Modelling to do!

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