I've now started development on my first game Exorcism which is being made by LoneWolf Games, my group!

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3rd Entry

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I posted the job ads a few days ago and the response was massive! I'm really pleased with it. Exorcism is moving forward much quicker than I thought, but I urgently need a sprite designer! If anyone can help me with that, please, your help is needed so badly! Please check out my game, Exorcism aswell please!
Keep watching this space!

Exorcism And LoneWolf Games

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It's official, the profile for my first game Exorcism is now up! Also, the authorization of LoneWolf Games is currently pending. On the profile for my game you can see the new screens I have posted for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully my job ads will be shown on the jobs page, so I'll let you guys know when you can apply. I am looking for: a sprite artist and a music composer. Please, if you can offer me those skills your help in greatly needed. Keep watching this space!

First Entry

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Right, when I joined Moddb a long time ago, I promised that I had a lot of games in mind for release. Well, now I've (finally) started development on my first game which will be made on RPG Maker XP to keep it simple. I will make a project page and add screenshots and videos as soon as possible. I may also be recruiting soon, for this project and for other future projects I have planned, so please watch this space and the jobs page. I will be updating this space with more info soon. Stay Tuned!

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