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0rpheus Nov 12 2014, 5:12am replied:

Triple A games are games that have a very high quality like most big developers' (DICE, Blizzard, Bethesda etc) games.

+3 votes   media: Call of Chernobyl tester play
0rpheus Jul 22 2014, 3:36pm says:

Oh god I'm stupid. Kept looking for the "solution to lag problems" bit after reading the article -_-

+11 votes   article: A Solution to Lag Problems
0rpheus Mar 11 2014, 6:40pm says:

Really enjoyed the video!

+6 votes   article: Talking Points
0rpheus Dec 9 2013, 12:33am replied:

Yes I remember this pattern too :P

+6 votes   media: The best place to...
0rpheus Dec 1 2013, 3:10pm replied:

Have you tried DXtory for recording?

+2 votes   media: render testing
0rpheus Aug 1 2013, 11:47am says:

Simple, yet beautiful

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha Calendars for Aug 2013
0rpheus Apr 4 2013, 6:57pm says:

Bullet drop! Nice! That should make using sniper rifles require a lot more skill

+2 votes   article: Casus Belli – Update #25: Release SDK, patch 1.35 and tunngle association.
0rpheus Jan 13 2013, 5:05pm says:

It looks really nice IMO

Maybe it's just me (I'm kinda sleepy), but the only thing that seems a bit off is his lower jawbone (on the left image), which looks a bit too big. But again, it may just be me

+4 votes   media: Norman (WIP)
0rpheus Jan 9 2013, 5:46am says:

"It's 2 o'clock- time to shoot things"

+6 votes   media: Weapons Ingame (Watch)
0rpheus Dec 2 2012, 7:06am says:

Both the model and texture looks really nice! Awesome job!

+4 votes   media: M14
0rpheus Oct 14 2012, 12:51pm says:

I don't want to sound negative here but the drill looks like it's barely big enough to dig a tunnel for one person to fit through

+1 vote   media: GLA Rig Launcher
0rpheus Aug 13 2012, 6:50am says:

The props' placement could use some work, I agree, but please for the love of god don't turn this game into another generic brown mess. Who said that post-apocalyptic means that there are no colors other than brown?

+7 votes   media: Screens (08.13.12)
0rpheus May 18 2012, 4:51pm says:

This sure was a day full of updates!

Nice job

+2 votes   media: End result of a long days work
0rpheus Apr 16 2012, 7:32am says:

Looks really nice! The more variety in the flora the better

+1 vote   media: Absolute Nature 3 (W.I.P)
0rpheus Apr 8 2012, 5:09pm says:

Awesome work there!

+1 vote   media: WIP 05
0rpheus Jan 9 2012, 11:00am says:

That's awesome! I can imagine looking for dropped magazines after a heavier firefight could be a bit tedious, but that's how it is in real life also, so I won't complain.

Awesome work!

+3 votes   media: Magazine System Introduction
0rpheus Dec 26 2011, 1:25pm says:

Looks awesome!

And I absolutely loved the choice of music, it fits perfectly!

+1 vote   media: Call of Pripyat Reloaded - 0.8 Trailer
0rpheus Dec 2 2011, 10:13am replied:

It's not new, it's just a modified Gamebryo engine

+3 votes   article: Creation Kit Coming in January 2012
0rpheus Sep 4 2011, 2:47am says:

For some reason, I really like this pic

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha September
0rpheus Jun 28 2011, 9:13am says:

...falling from the stars..

Nice pic!

+1 vote   media: Here comes the rain, again
0rpheus Jan 17 2011, 4:20am says:

Assault "GUN" ...Damn, the name sounds so bad-***!

+1 vote   media: SU-152
0rpheus Dec 26 2010, 5:06am replied:

Odd, those look exactly like the generators from the 1935 build...

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha Xmas 2010
0rpheus Nov 27 2010, 5:00am says:

Really beautiful!

+6 votes   media: WIP Fangorn
0rpheus Apr 16 2010, 6:40am replied:

I'm pretty sure it's just bloom, not HDR lighting

+1 vote   media: The new water shader test. NO REFLECTIONS =(
0rpheus Jun 12 2009, 6:18pm says:

I'd say AWESOME!

+3 votes   media: MP Gameplay Concept - Search and Rescue
0rpheus Mar 22 2009, 12:11pm says:

Is that bloom? In mah SAGE engine?

+3 votes   media: new-tree-from-bfm2
0rpheus Mar 20 2009, 5:36pm says:

I dunno what that it but it looks awesome!

+1 vote   media: DNA Fusion Unit WIP
0rpheus Apr 8 2012, 7:08am says:

Congratulations guys!!!

+5 votes   article: Casus Belli - Update #19: Casus Belli 1.0 Released
0rpheus Apr 4 2012, 9:45am replied:

Thank you!

+2 votes   media: The Karlik
0rpheus Apr 4 2012, 3:35am replied:

A link would be nice, I can't find that thread

+2 votes   media: The Karlik
0rpheus Mar 27 2012, 2:00am says:

Mother of god...Those two screenshots look like real photographs. I had to double check them in full screen to be sure.

Awesome work there, especially with the mill!

+2 votes   article: Something green and living at long last!
0rpheus Mar 16 2012, 5:31am says:

Oh dammit. I haven't played the mod yet and now I absolutely regret watching this (although I watched only the first 30 seconds), now those parts won't be as scary if I know what's going to happen :(

You shouldn't call this a trailer IMO

+1 vote   media: Cry of Fear - Scare Trailer
0rpheus Mar 11 2012, 7:25am says:

Guys, you really should change the name to something more "catchy", something that better represents the mod and brings out its nature.

Up until now I've ignored this mod because of prejudice caused by the current name, it just doesn't make me even a little bit interested (and I'm pretty sure it's just not me), and it's a real shame because the mod looks absolutely awesome!

My 2 cents

0 votes   mod: Casus Belli
0rpheus Mar 7 2012, 3:34am says:

Someone's put a plug in KG-9'n barrel

But really nice models none the less!

+2 votes   media: GDC2012 - Contagion Model Showcase Trailer
0rpheus Mar 1 2012, 5:34am says:

Wow, it's a real hassle to get these sounds recorded

Best of luck to you with this project!

+4 votes   article: L.U.R.K. 1.2 Sound Design Dev Diary 2
0rpheus Feb 15 2012, 4:15am says:

Damn, can't wait!!!

+4 votes   article: NMRiH Survival Mode and 1.03 Trailer
0rpheus Feb 10 2012, 3:08pm says:

Ah yes, no scary game/mod is complete without a mental hospital :D

I love these places!

+8 votes   media: Mental Hospital
0rpheus Feb 6 2012, 5:05am says:

I had an idea- make it so that when you throw a smaller blade (eg. dagger) into a non-vital part of the body (like arm/leg) then it doesn't kill and the victim can pull it out, but renders that limb useless, like if you throw it into someone's arm and he pulls the blade out, he can't use that arm anymore, or starts limping if you throw it into the leg

+6 votes   article: New Overgrowth a168 video devlog
0rpheus Feb 3 2012, 5:10am replied:

That sounds awesome!! I hope Beac can implement this

+1 vote   article: Murder in the Swamps
0rpheus Jan 29 2012, 6:02am says:

Wow, that's some insane amount of work and dedication man! I don't think there are many mods out there that have had their audio designer go out and record new gun sound like that (correct me if I'm wrong). The only one I know for sure is BF2's mod Project Reality

+3 votes   article: L.U.R.K. 1.2 Weapon Audio Overhaul Teaser
0rpheus Jan 23 2012, 4:51am says:

That's one good lookin' radiator

+2 votes   media: Radiator
0rpheus Jan 22 2012, 6:22am says:

This pic is edited, right? Still looks awesome!

+1 vote   media: Generators
0rpheus Jan 22 2012, 6:19am says:

Awesome model! And I love the Cobra sight!

+1 vote   media: AK47
0rpheus Jan 14 2012, 11:52am says:

It looks awesome, but I think the front part should be a bit more armored

+11 votes   media: China Armoured Train
0rpheus Jan 13 2012, 5:17am says:

Can I plz have a 1920×1200 version?

+1 vote   media: Moria Hall Screenshot
0rpheus Jan 10 2012, 8:50am says:

Makes me think of pancakes for some reason....

+4 votes   media: Primal Carnage: Concept Art
0rpheus Jan 9 2012, 11:04am replied:

Wait, so you're developing MERP for both Oblivion and Skyrim at the same time?

+1 vote   media: Moria Sneak Peek
0rpheus Jan 6 2012, 12:48pm replied:

At 99.3% you have all the necessary files, that other 0.7% is just some useless stuff

+1 vote   article: Release a beta version CryZone: Sector 23
0rpheus Jan 6 2012, 12:46pm replied:

Yeah, the install stalls at the very end, I had to wait for about 30-40 minutes before it completed the install

+2 votes   article: Release a beta version CryZone: Sector 23
0rpheus Jan 6 2012, 8:33am says:

There are over 10 people stuck at 99.3%, including me.

Is this someone's twisted joke...?

EDIT: Never mind, the main files are all finished, that 0.7% is just some "bonus" stuff

+1 vote   article: Release a beta version CryZone: Sector 23
0rpheus Jan 6 2012, 6:43am says:

"Places: Pripyat in real size"

...are you guys freakin' kidding me??? Real size Pripyat? OMG this is too awesome to be true, but I won't believe it unless I've seen it with my own eyes :D

+2 votes   game: CryZone:NEYA-7
0rpheus Jan 5 2012, 5:20pm says:

We want....

a shrubbery!

No but seriously, this looks really nice!

+5 votes   media: MERP 0.2.6 Preview
0rpheus Jan 5 2012, 9:41am says:

Holy sh... damn! That's huge!

+1 vote   media: Cyrodiil - Tamriel - Oblivion MERP - Skyrim MERP
0rpheus Jan 5 2012, 9:39am says:

Ooooh my god, it's beautiful!

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha Calendars - 2012 January
0rpheus Dec 17 2014, 6:08pm says:

Merry upcoming Christmas to you too dezowave team and everyone else also!

+2 votes   article: It's been another year!
0rpheus Apr 5 2014, 9:19am says:

The more abandoned buildings you can explore the better. You just have to make sure that they are not simple boring copies of each other

+1 vote   article: NEYA-7 Stalker ideas returns
0rpheus Jul 17 2013, 7:10pm says:

Props to Shadows!

+3 votes   media: When MISERY calls the Shadows answer
0rpheus Aug 7 2012, 3:51am replied:

Holy crap. That's like...putting on an air breathing cap :S

+3 votes   article: Grey Pre-Release News #3
0rpheus Jun 20 2012, 6:05am says:

You should have an NPC walk or run through the fog, this would bring out the dynamic aspect a lot more

+2 votes   media: Volumetric Fog Test
0rpheus May 6 2012, 12:05pm says:

Awesome model! One thing though- isn't the drill a but too small to dig even a human-sized tunnel?

+1 vote   media: Assault Rig Launcher in-game screenshot
0rpheus Dec 24 2011, 2:10pm says:

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha Xmas 2011
0rpheus Jul 15 2011, 10:47am replied:

Australian time is not GMT

+1 vote   article: Road to Forgotten Hope 2.4: Part 3
0rpheus Sep 12 2010, 4:16am says:

Looks cool, but the distance at which the bloodsucker grabs you sill bothers me.

I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to look like the bloodsucker is holding you in his grasp, like his hands are on your shoulders/face, but in this pic it looks like his hands are just in front of your face. I think you should bring him closer

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha - September Pack
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