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0rpheus Dec 24 2013, 1:53pm says:

Hah this is awesome!

Merry Christmas!

+2 votes   media: Merry Christmas!
0rpheus Sep 9 2013, 11:54am replied:

So currently the only person "working" at GSC is the owner?

+3 votes   article: Interesting Stuff Q&A
0rpheus Sep 9 2013, 9:54am says:

Wait so GSC isn't closed? I thought the team changed their name to Vostok Games and are now working on a new IP called Survarium...?

+5 votes   article: Interesting Stuff Q&A
0rpheus Jul 30 2013, 6:04am says:

Haven't played PR for about 3 years now. Will definitely give the 1.0 a go!

+6 votes   article: Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Preload and Trailer
0rpheus May 24 2013, 5:14pm says:

The effect looks really awesome!

+3 votes   article: De-materialisation (Behind the Scenes VFX part 2)
0rpheus Apr 3 2013, 12:36am says:

That's disturbing. Like, Silent Hill-type disturbing.

Good job, can't wait to see more!

+4 votes   article: Otherside
0rpheus Mar 28 2013, 9:29am says:

I'm getting a nice Resident Evil(the earlier PS1 games) vibe from all this. Awesome job so far!

0 votes   article: BlackSoul - First Gameplay Video
0rpheus Mar 22 2013, 1:37am says:

I love that you can control the flashlight so precisely, that's awesome!

+1 vote   media: BlackSoul Short Demo Video 1
0rpheus Mar 11 2013, 1:10am says:

IMO his feet are too far back making him look like he just tripped on something and is about to fall on his head

+1 vote   media: Tyrannosaurus Development
0rpheus Jan 20 2013, 7:57am says:

Damn, that sucks. Weird though how some people don't make backups of their hard work, HDD crashes are quite common.

I hope you guys can get back on track soon :)

+8 votes   article: Urgently Recruiting: Modelers
0rpheus Jan 9 2013, 5:48am says:

Happy new year to you too!

I'd love to be there during the play session but again the finals in uni ruin everything :(

+2 votes   article: Casus Belli – Update #24: Game session for the new year
0rpheus Jan 5 2013, 1:18pm says:

The first thing I thought when saw this was "awww" :D

It just looks cute

+10 votes   media: T-70
0rpheus Dec 17 2012, 2:01pm says:

Right on, Finland! My northern neighbors :D

+7 votes   article: War in the East
0rpheus Dec 10 2012, 5:19pm replied:

"You kill someone- you take yourself with him; eye for an eye"

+8 votes   media: The Rifle
0rpheus Dec 8 2012, 10:44am says:

If anyone hasn't tried out Casus Belli yet I'd strongly advise doing so, it's a really fun mod with awesome map design. You can play it with the Crysis Wars trial client which you can get for free. The only problem right now is low player numbers

+4 votes   article: MOTY Year in Review 2012 Quarter 04
0rpheus Sep 30 2012, 4:20am says:

He looks kind of...ordinary I guess? Like some random office worker. He should look more bad-***

Just my thoughts though

+7 votes   media: USA Colonel Burton
0rpheus Aug 2 2012, 4:44pm replied:

Of course; that timezone bit wasn't a complaint, just me expressing my angst about this inevitable timezone difference, it always screws things up with live streams

+2 votes   article: Alpha Livestream
0rpheus Aug 2 2012, 3:28pm says:

Last night's live stream was really cool, I really like that you can ask questions in the chat and you get an instant reply, it's just awesome :)

Too bad my time zone is so far ahead of yours, I hate staying up late :(

+2 votes   article: Alpha Livestream
0rpheus Jun 5 2012, 4:03pm replied:

Unfortunately this seems to be true-

Guys, just take a break from all this, rest, enjoy the summer, but please finish this project some time in the future! You just can't leave it like that after all these years!!!

+1 vote   media: Caption competition
0rpheus Apr 22 2012, 5:00pm says:

OOoooh damn! This must be the most detailed weapon model I've ever seen, no joke! It looks absolutely awesome!

+3 votes   media: AKS74U low finished
0rpheus Feb 10 2012, 3:08pm says:

Ah yes, no scary game/mod is complete without a mental hospital :D

I love these places!

+8 votes   media: Mental Hospital
0rpheus Jan 23 2012, 4:51am says:

That's one good lookin' radiator

+2 votes   media: Radiator
0rpheus Dec 22 2011, 5:13am says:

Can you improve the sun in any way? Right now it looks like someone just added a white circle in Paint.

Everything else looks awesome bwt!

+1 vote   media: shfhs
0rpheus Dec 4 2011, 4:07pm says:

Looks cool

+2 votes   media: Scorpion Mk 2
0rpheus Nov 26 2011, 8:23am says:

Aaahh!! I can't wait! I've never played this mod, I wanted to try it out at the start of this year, but thought I should wait for the 008 update as it seemed it wouldn't take too long.

Boy was I wrong...:D

+3 votes   media: Teaser 2
0rpheus Oct 3 2011, 10:12am says:

Oh boy, can't wait!

+2 votes   article: [Status Update]Getting Closer to Completion
0rpheus Sep 23 2011, 5:33am says:


+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha
0rpheus Jun 8 2011, 4:36am says:

This looks really cool!

+1 vote   media: Sunrise at Yanow
0rpheus Jan 18 2011, 7:33am says:

Best of luck with your new project! A total conversion is a huge undertaking, but I'm more than certain that with your enthusiasm and will to learn new things you'll make it Beacon!

+1 vote   article: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Way of the Wolf + Redux v1.05b
0rpheus Aug 19 2010, 5:10pm buried:


I can't see a thing

-11 votes   media: Fog
0rpheus Aug 9 2010, 3:31am says:

Can't wait!!!

+1 vote   media: Very short teaser
0rpheus May 6 2010, 4:15am says:

Daaamn dude....Those look really beautiful!

EDIT: btw, Holden, have you looked into the forum's suggestions section? There's this small thing I thought might make LURK a bit better, please do have a look!

+2 votes   article: Edit: 5/6/10 L.U.R.K. Panoramic/HDR Adaptation
0rpheus May 1 2010, 3:12am says:

Nice update, and thanks for being honest!

Can't wait to try out 1.1!

+1 vote   article: L.U.R.K.: What The Hell is Going On?
0rpheus Mar 10 2010, 3:38pm says:

I love exploring old abandoned structures too. There are quite a lot abandoned Soviet-era railway-associated buildings and service depots and stuff like that near my town, it's just a hell of a thrill for me to walk into a place where you know that at some point there were people hard at work there and all sorts of machinery was used and stuff like that, and looking through old paper-weights and stuff, it's just too amazingly cool. And exploring more regular-type of abandoned buildings is fun too.

It's really nice to know that a person which that kind interests is working on a mod like this, he'll be that much more better at capturing the old abandoned feeling of those buildings, which I can't get enough of in games (like STALKER)

Awesome review, and mad props to the Raindrop team, this mod is going to be a real treat to play!

+6 votes   article: Weekly Interview: "Raindrop"
0rpheus Jan 5 2010, 7:26am replied:

I'm afraid my neighbours aren't that excited about the new sounds... xD

+1 vote   article: Road to Forgotten Hope 2.25
0rpheus Jul 10 2009, 9:38am says:

Holy...sweet mother of lord....Are those "god/sun-rays" ?? AWESOME!!!

+1 vote   media: Effects of the sun
0rpheus Jul 2 2009, 11:59pm says:


+1 vote   article: Anti-Tank
0rpheus Mar 24 2009, 12:44pm says:

At first I thought it was Fallout 3. Quite an awesome concept you've got there

-3 votes   media: In-Game
0rpheus May 24 2013, 5:11am replied:

I've been holding myself back from playing CoP ever since I finished my first playthrough in October of 2009. I promised myself to play it again once a truly awesome mod(s) is out. And I'm pretty sure that mod will be MISERY 2.0

+6 votes   mod: MISERY
0rpheus May 21 2013, 6:11am says:

That's what I'd call "breathtaking". The sky is especially beautiful!

+6 votes   media: The Zone
0rpheus May 15 2013, 8:35am says:

Happy birthday!

+4 votes   media: Happy Birthday, Nova!
0rpheus May 12 2013, 12:24pm says:

Wow, it looks really dense! Like a real forest should look. Awesome job!

+3 votes   media: Last Night
0rpheus May 9 2013, 6:15pm replied:

Would be awesome if it was at least an optional add-on. I'd definitely use it!

+3 votes   mod: MISERY
0rpheus Apr 30 2013, 1:18pm says:

I love the calendar! I love the new screenshots! Absolutely can't wait for release!!! :)

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha Calendars for May 2013
0rpheus Apr 30 2013, 1:15pm says:

Congrats guys! (again)

+2 votes   media: Gratitude
0rpheus Apr 29 2013, 10:38am says:

Your concept artist has awesome skills!

+2 votes   article: Character Reveal - The Paladin
0rpheus Apr 27 2013, 4:16am says:

The color correction gives this area a whole new feel. And I love that you've added more props, the vanilla CoP levels just felt really empty at times and it made the areas look bland a boring

+5 votes   media: Jupiter Plant - Redux vs Vanilla
0rpheus Apr 7 2013, 5:33pm says:

Best of luck, I hope you get your stuff sorted out and back on track!

+8 votes   article: Ambitions
0rpheus Apr 4 2013, 6:57pm says:

Bullet drop! Nice! That should make using sniper rifles require a lot more skill

+2 votes   article: Casus Belli – Update #25: Release SDK, patch 1.35 and tunngle association.
0rpheus Apr 2 2013, 8:43am replied:

If you want radiation to make sense in this mod then it shouldn't even be visible in the first place- it's just a burst of really small particles which you can't possibly see

+1 vote   download: Contra 008 BETA
0rpheus Apr 2 2013, 8:26am says:

lol I can finally see what this Contra mod is all about (I've kept myself from playing it ever since I discovered this mod 2 years ago, hoping the new 008 version would come out soon) :D

+1 vote   download: Contra 008 BETA
0rpheus Mar 24 2013, 2:44pm says:

lol, the irony :D

+2 votes   media: Happy Burger
0rpheus Mar 18 2013, 5:04pm says:

The attention do detail is just nuts. Props to both authors!

+3 votes   media: AK-74 finished
0rpheus Mar 8 2013, 8:22am says:

Now THAT's Silent Hill 1:1, awesome job!

+3 votes   media: Alt reality
0rpheus Mar 6 2013, 11:20am says:

lol at first glance it looked like the bandit was doing the Max Payne dive :D

+28 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for March 2013
0rpheus Mar 5 2013, 12:24am replied:

I think L.U.R.K. is the perfect mod for you then

+3 votes   mod: MISERY
0rpheus Mar 3 2013, 3:56pm says:

Looks sweet!

+1 vote   media: AK47 ingame w/ attachments
0rpheus Mar 2 2013, 11:50am says:

So are there any negative side effects when you don't eat/drink enough? Like getting tired quickly or maybe passing out?

+3 votes   media: Nutrition
0rpheus Mar 2 2013, 7:43am says:

Noticed that info about nutrition should be posted soon. Finally :D! I've been waiting so long to see what they've done with this gameplay aspect

+6 votes   mod: MISERY
0rpheus Feb 26 2013, 5:12pm replied:

This update- was hidden until people found that part of the video. So it was spotted quite a while ago

+2 votes   mod: MISERY
0rpheus Feb 24 2013, 11:40am replied:

I'd take a dump on Owl's desk when he asks too much money for supplies

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
0rpheus Feb 22 2013, 3:00pm says:

Happy B-day!

+5 votes   media: Happy Birthday Skyloader!
0rpheus Feb 19 2013, 11:45am replied:

Did I miss something in CoP...? :D

+6 votes   mod: MISERY
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