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Anywhere Looking for Moderator / Community Role at Anywhere

looking for moderator / community role anywhere anywhere public relations i am looking for community or gaming company where i can fill a role of moderator or community relations. i have a passion for gaming and instead of looking for a role in the programming side, my skills lie in the community management side of things. i have experience in managing communities and i would like to use that experience to help a gaming community. i also have a lot of experience in forum management. i can work whatever times you want and i am always on my computer. my resume is below: bagogames – vice president, senior writer and community manager. i worked alongside the editor in chief to get the website up and running. i was the second in command, dealing with anything from making sure all the posts were correct, to staff management and employing the right staff and sending news stories and making sure people were working well enough. i also did the administration duties for example the google adwords administration, analytics etc. admin network - moderator then admin. the management were amazing here and this is where i learnt a lot about forum management. it taught me everything about running a forum. i enjoyed every minute of it. the forum died when i was a moderator and me and the founder setup admin junction. this was my big break. i worked with mokeli and taz. they were great and i loved working there. i worked there for about 2 years before it got sold. i really enjoyed this and i gained valuable experience in forum administration. i worked with cpanel and got familiar with all of it's abilities and i can now use it easily. i am now also familiar with ftp clients and can use them easily too. i left when it was sold as it was going to be a whole new management and we could of either stayed on or looked for something else and after 2 years we thought that we would look for something else. uk-gaming - game reviewer and moderator on the forums. it went bust so we moved to gamerunited where i did the same. the forum failed (through no fault of my own as i was not in the management) so we moved to (active, i have worked for them for around 2 years using wordpress) administrator on a flight simulator forum, closed down due to the founders inactivity. i wanted to carry it on because it had loads of potential but the founder kept saying that he needed money so he sold it. administrator on fudge promotion, the staff were not really active so the members could not promote their forums so i quit. if the staff were selected better then i would be staff their now but the forum was not going anywhere at all. i was a moderator on admin forums: i created promotion genius and sold it, i don't know whats happened to it now as i let the new owner do what he wanted. i created game giant which is now patricks forum as he was my administrator when it was a website, it is now a forum. i was a forum reviewer on phpbb communities: my grammar is brilliant. i always focus on my grammar as i love the english language. i am scottish, i was born in dundee and moved to the uk with my family when i was a child. i spend a lot of time helping out on the popular website "wikihow", which is a wiki that anyone can edit but i worked behind the scenes, patrolling changes and i started up a mentor team for people who could become great editors but needed a bit of help. i got a team together and we mentored loads of people and it was a success. i am passionate about forums and wikis and websites. i am highly experienced in working online. with over 10 years of this, i have experience of every part of running a website. i know exactly what to do and i am fully dedicated to doing it well. working on websites is what i love and i am good at it. after being community manager for another video game blog, that taught me so much which i will never forget. i was also the community manager for another video game blog ( we got around 200,000 hits per month) for further information, my linkedin account is located here:

Anywhere [PAID] Programmer (POSITION NOW FILLED) at Little Red Chimp

programmer (position now filled) little red chimp anywhere programmers hi everyone! the position has now been filled. thank you to all the skilled applicants that applied. we are working on additional projects that require many skills. if you want to contact us and drop a cv please feel free> thanks again we are a small studio looking for a programmer to work on the last 5-10% of a pet simulation game with a cool twist. this exciting new game will be initially release on iphone and ipad. (remote work). we have a fantastic team in place and you will be working under the direction of our lead programmer, using unity, to add some of the final features and touches to our game. we are aiming to be finished within two weeks, so roughly full time for that period. although you are working with our lead programmer, you must be able to work on your own and without guidance, we need someone who can come in and deliver immediately. fixed budget of $1000. some of the specific tasks. • code, tweak and implement mini games • implement accessories, clothing, and avatar changes. • animation • implement some additional scenes • tweak some audio and music in game (music and sfx provided) • add some popups and achievements • adjust screen resolutions • polish and additional amendments • communicating with the team via skype, basecamp and other tools • basic reporting 2-3x a week experience and skills: latest unity experience (and the new ugui) excellent hands on knowledge of c# strong communication skills and able to work as part of a team analytical and keen problem solving mind attention to detail ability to work as part of a team tools your own access to unity engine your own internet access (seems obvious but you would be supprised) you own computer and software skype we are rapidly expanding and for the right person there may also be additional work on other projects and potential full time work after this.

Anywhere [PAID] Scriptor/ Partner at [Name Pending]

scriptor/ partner [name pending] anywhere programmers position filled. please do not apply further. forgive me, i'm not sure how to take down this job, the moddb site doesn't make it very clear... the very best i can do is modify the description to reflect that the job has been filled. i'm required to use no less than one thousand characters, so as you can most likely tell, this is simply filler. to anyone looking for a good indie game to play, i strongly suggest nuclear throne, this war of mine, the stanley parable, starmade and hotline miami to name just some of my favorites. still need to put in a little more filler... one thousand characters seems like a lot when you're trying to reach it. it would be nice if i knew how many i already have, though i suppose this isn't twitter or anything. still need to make the one thousand characters requirement happy... it would be easier if i had something to actually say, some story to tell, some narrative, but filler? filler is difficult. well, i've reached the point where i'm now going to spam periods to meet the one thousand character requirement. ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................

Anywhere [PAID] Artist for 2D Platformer at Guin Entertainment LLC

artist for 2d platformer guin entertainment llc anywhere programmers last year i developed a platformer in a retro, 16-bit style that i released for a few android microconsoles. earlier this year the game was greenlit on steam, and i'd love to revamp the graphics to an hd style. my ideal style would be something similar to wayforward's shantae series - bright and cartoony. you can see the current teaser and screenshots for the game over at if you're interested, i will send you a detailed spreadsheet of the minimum required game assets (including character sprites, backgrounds, ui elements, etc.) make sure to note in your email if you're only interested in handling a part of the assets - sprite animations, backgrounds, platform tiles and building-blocks, ui, etc. any traditional 2d animation experience would be a fantastic plus for anyone interested in doing the sprites! i have no particular deadlines and am willing to work within your schedule - just make sure to let me know what to expect! if i'm interested in your proposal i will want to commission a small sample to see how well we work together and get a feel for the process.

USA [PAID] Unity / C# Programmer at Iron 27

unity / c# programmer iron 27 usa programmers iron 27 is an independent game development studio in baton rouge, louisiana. with an office in the corporate atrium, iron 27 enjoys a professional and pleasant community in the surrounding area with a wide variety of cuisines and cultured locations. within the studio is a team of hard-working professionals and friends with a love for games and perfecting their craft. iron 27 prides itself in cooperation and transparency on all levels. iron 27 is looking for unity programmers to join its close-knit development team. we want candidates with talent, drive, and punctuality to work on the studio's hot debut title 'heroes of shadow guard'. the ideal candidate will be hard working and possess drive with all tasks assigned while maintaining pride and quality in their work. they will have great communication skills and be able to cooperate with their fellow programmers, artists, and designers to produce a high quality title. the candidate must also be punctual and strive to meet deadlines. do you have what it takes? requirements college degree in computer science or certification in c#. demonstrable proficiency with unity 3d. great communication and people skills. sense of urgency. willing to commute or relocate. avid gamer. preferred prior experience in game development with at least 1 year's experience or 1 shipped title on the market. local area candidate (willing to assist in relocation for the right candidate). full-time availability.

Anywhere Unity Developer at Inkfish Studios

unity developer inkfish studios anywhere programmers we are at first-playable demo stage of our truly unique action sci-fi strategy game eon war. we are a small independent games studio based in london and work with oscar-award winning studio mando productions based in paris, france. eon war is our first game and we have already achieved much: game setting, art direction, story, gameplay, gdd and much more. we are looking for an experienced unity developer or a university graduate looking to get into the game industry to work closely with the team to incorporate more features into the game-slice demo than the one we currently have. we have publishers on standby waiting for the demo whom have already expressed an interest in the title. we are offering a slice of the royalties on games sales and perhaps some payment too for the right candidate, though you can expect this to be more of a gratitude thank you than a salary (as funding is the sole purpose of us writing this ad and is the one thing we need the most!). we also have strong links to various publishers and developers across the industry, and the prospect of meeting gaming's finest is very real indeed! if you like games such as worms, north & south, settlers of catan, risk and cortex command, and wish to see more quality local multiplayer strategy games on the market that bring friends together in order to blow them apart, then please get in touch and help us make eon war a reality. here are a few details about the game: - turn-based strategy with real-time arcade style battles - online and local multiplayer supporting up to 6 players simultaneously - interesting solo campaign with varied game mechanics throughout - fuses dexterity skill with thought provoking play - playing card mechanic adds to the excitement and randomness - can be scaled to suit any platform from next-gen to mobile - cool sci-fi setting allowing for interesting expansion options - focuses on simplicity and fun instead of hardcore numbers - perfect for local play we also have loads more media to show you... get in touch!

London, UK [PAID] Experienced Games Programmer at Chucklefish Ltd

experienced games programmer chucklefish ltd london, uk programmers chucklefish is an independent games development studio based in london, uk. we’re a tight-knit group of enthusiast game developers, and we pride ourselves on creating charming, innovative and polished games! our current project is called starbound—an extra-terrestrial sandbox adventure game. we’re on the lookout for an experienced games programmer! your initial responsibility will be working with lua and c++ developing user interfaces for external platforms. this would not be your only development responsibility – once you’ve accomplished this, we’d love for you to join future core development on starbound and any other projects we may work on! we’re looking for a highly talented and motivated individual with practical experience developing games, a positive attitude and natural ability to communicate with people as effectively as with a computer. requirements: – 3 years + experience of games development – some experience with lua and c++ – understanding of client/server online game technology – ability to rapidly master new tools and technologies – strong communication and organisation skills – uk & eu candidates only!

USA [PAID] UI/UX designer at Anywhere

ui/ux designer anywhere usa level designers hello everyone, my team and i are looking for a user interface/user experience designer who lives in the united states and who would be interested in designing an interface for a project about a music based video game that is being produced for mobile and pc. we are looking for someone with one-three years’ experience designing interfaces for video games. we started this project a year ago making a game that we all love to play. all of the functionality of the game has already been completed. currently we are at the stage in which we need an interface that is esthetically pleasing and functional. my team and i are hard workers who are looking for someone who works just as hard as us and loves video games just as much. we all know each other from growing up in the same town. we are very friendly and excepting of others. to learn more about this opportunity please contact me at we will set up a skype call in order to give more details about the project and compensation for your work. thank you for your consideration

Anywhere [Wanted] Skilled 3D Character Artists/Animator/Scene Writer [UE4] at Avalon Games LLC

[wanted] skilled 3d character artists/animator/scene writer [ue4] avalon games llc anywhere artists hello everyone at moddb, we are currently on steam and at pre-alpha status and are currently on our kickstarter campaign. we are looking for some last minute talent that will be core members of the team throughout development. [center][/center] steam: sound cloud: social media: requirements: * must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 * 1-3 years of experience in your respective field * communicate via skype * must be willing to submit to an art test/programming test. * basic blueprint knowledge what we are looking for: * 3d character artists ---must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 * programmers (c++ or blueprint) --- must be skilled at either/both *3d environment artist/interior artist -- must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 and match quality as our lead environment artist. *lead 3d animator -- as the lead you will be in charge of any new recruits and you must have at least 2-3 years experience animating and experience in ue4 is a plus. *3d animator -- must have at least 1-3 years experience animating and rigging bipedal and quadrupeds and experience in ue4 is a plus. *lead vfx artist -- must have 2-3 years of exp and knowledge of ue4 *vfx artist -- must have 2-3 years of exp and knowledge of ue4 *scene writer -- 1-3 years experience writing for games & game design knowledge. you will be specifically writing engaging scenes whilst our other writers handle everything else. *ui artist -- must be able to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. knowledge of setting them up in ue4 via blueprints is a plus but not necessary.

Anywhere Artists needed for WWII Game in Dev at Kilroy Studios, Inc.

artists needed for wwii game in dev kilroy studios, inc. anywhere artists important [read]: this project is 100% volunteer based, there is no monetary compensation. you benefit from experience gained, portfolio work, networking with other professionals and working towards the creation of an outstanding game. our indiedb page is located here: kilroy studios is currently seeking artists to assist in the development and creation of assets for our wwii north africa game currently in development titled: "war and valor." we are currently focused on creation weapons, characters, vehicles, environmental pieces with plenty more to do. we are seeking the following artist specialties: [3d artist] you should be able to build a model from scratch, uv it, and texture it to our specifications. triangles very, texture maps include diffuse, specular, normal, gloss. - weapons - characters - hard surfaces (objects, environment, vehicle) [animator] make the art come to life! animators will help us create the immersive experience we've set course towards. you'll take 3d art and animate objects in a way that is believable and impressive! a few examples of our work. about kilroy studios, inc. we are a small (growing) group of industry professionals and indie developers who have set voyage to create the next great world war ii game. everyone on our team is passionate about the game building processes and bringing concepts to life, not just talking about it. what to expect if you join? first, you will be challenged - what fun is a project without a challenge? make no mistake this is a challenging project and there's a lot to do. everyone plays their part and we are not interested in wasting your time or that of our team. you can also expect to learn a great deal, network with great people and help build an opportunity to the future. everyone on the project is volunteering their time because they believe in it. our ideal candidate(s) will be able to take direction and constructive criticism well. we have seasoned leaders in place who have a lot of knowledge and care about what you're doing, because it reflects all of us. you'll be interested in gaming with a particular interest in world war ii or wargaming. you will be expected to communicate and get along with others and work in a collaborative team based environment. do you have skills but don't see them listed above? send an e-mail to with your skill set and lets talk. [center] [/center]

Anywhere [PAID] Character Artist at Elyn Studio

character artist elyn studio anywhere artists hello. my name's stephen elder, i'm lead developer of "omnis - the erias line" (see: and head of the newly formed elyn studio. we're looking for a talented character artist to join our team on an item-by-item commission basis and we're now accepting bids/applications for the position. more specifically, we're looking to begin building a lasting working relationship with someone who shares our passion for rpgs and who can share in our passion for the omnis project particularly. the successful applicant will be announced as the team's character artist and the main body of the commissions will begin once kickstarter funding has been raised (see linked doc for more information). if you're interested, please see the bid-proposal document linked below and use the contact information provided within. it contains a thorough description of the commission, proposed terms and conditions and all other useful/relevant information. if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via the email address provided. the closing date for applications is june 30th, 2015. thanks for reading. i'm looking forward to hearing from you. s.e.

Melbourne [PAID] Programmer at Jomi Entertainment

programmer jomi entertainment melbourne programmers we are a team of designer, 2d artists, 3d artists and animators, searching for the last piece to our puzzle. we have a great game we are developing and are after a programmer to join the team on a casual basis. although most of the game including models and animations are ready to go, we are open for changes and ideas as we want you to be the donatello to our ninja turtles. you will be paid accordingly and share a 4th in the profits. you can put in as much or as little time as you want, or have time for and we will pay for that time. we are using the unity3d engine, so some experience and a willingness to self teach is a must. it is a hack'n'slash game with some rpg elements, designed for smart phones, but we want to give you room to be creative. we have worked super hard and super long to take it this far, and are after help it is a small project and the game is starting to looking beautiful. so if you think you re right for the job and want to be apart of the indie industry and a company that allows you to be creative, then give us a buzz at check it out at:

Anywhere Source Model Compiler at Unearthly Labs

source model compiler unearthly labs anywhere web/other ============================================================================== ============================================================================== we need someone to compile .obj files and 3d studio max models into textured and some animated models for a source engine mod. this is all, no other skills are required. if any money is made from donations, then you will receive a percentage of the money from that after expenses. you will also be credited in the credits of the mod requirements *speaks english *able to work long distance as part of a small team *can keep in contact via email or messaging service access to skype or steam helpful, but not required. unearthly labs is a small indie mod team working on a horror mod for the source engine. about the mod the mod puts you in the shoes a health inspector doing an after hours inspection of a butchers shop. but as you go deeper, you find that this apparently ordinary shop, conceals something much darker, and more sinister that you could have ever expected. ============================================================================== ==============================================================================

Anywhere All Positions - New Game at New Team

all positions - new game new team anywhere web/other we an unnamed team are working on a new idea, a project that will combine various game plots and ideas into one product. our aim is to make a game simple, yet complex, easy to understand yet always new every time you play. it will be an online multi player game and will focus on quick, team-based gameplay. it will be a game using various game types seen in existing games as well as some ideas and features of its own. i can't say too much about it as i'd rather just keep it with the team of people working on it. it will be in the unreal engine 4 (not the udk.) and it will be a paid game eventually (that is the initial plan, we may change to a free model if we find other ways to fund it.) as it will be sold when completed any money made when the game is released will be equally split between team members. positions needed: concept artists (design ideas) currently 2 programmers (c++) currently 1 graphic artists (textures, graphics) currently 1 modelers (game assets) currently 1 level designer (ue4) currently 2 we will most likely get many other positions. i myself will be a level designer, web designer. we will have a website up in the near future, i'm going to wait until i have some more team members before making final decisions on things for a website.

Anywhere In need of web-developers at QuantumCult Studios

in need of web-developers quantumcult studios anywhere web/other well, quantumcult studios is in need of a website, and we are looking for a developer(s). it won't be anything to fancy, just something to represent the team. we have no money to pay with at the moment, which means that this will be volunteer work. the website can be as simple as we need it to be. you will not have to move anywhere, as our team works completely online. also, by participating in this, you also will help out a little bit with the design of the website, but, as stated earlier, it won't be to complicated. however, most of the art will be done by me and my friend. and most of the design. and, taking this gig does not make you internal staff, unless you want to be, but if you don't, then it's temporary. the website will also be hosted on the server of whoever takes this job, so consider that before applying, that way, we can send all of the art required straight to that person and he has all of the html safely stored on his server. if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at - thank you.

Anywhere Recruiter at Bakz Entertainment

recruiter bakz entertainment anywhere sales as a recruiter you will work with a team or alone to find games that we can publish. it's a fairly simple job, all you need to do is write e-mails and contact small indiegame developers that could need some help to get their game out in the public. you will be working whenever you want, but you need to recruit atleast 3 games every month if you'd like to keep the position. you can leave at anytime, and you will recive the % income that you have earned for that month, if you decide to leave. your salary will be 0,5% of our income from everygame you can get us involved with and will be paid out monthly. you will work online and do not need to come down to our offices and/or workplace at any time. most communication will be textbased and you will be added to a groupchat for company members only. skills needed: - fluent english. - friendly and polite. - knowledge with e-mail and indedb. - able to speak with voice over skype/teamspeak. you need to be atleast 15+ to recive payment from us, this is because in the country we operate in there is a age limit for paid work, however free work is legal.

Anywhere Unpaid Beta tester for turn based java card game at FelinicusGames

unpaid beta tester for turn based java card game felinicusgames anywhere qa/testers we're currently looking for beta testers for our indev game winninghand, a turn-based tactical card game with a turn based strategic game aspect. this position will require you to test the game, from downloading / installation to different modes of game play, and report any issues you find clearly through our forums. no previous experience is required, but you will need at least a basic understanding of your operating systems terminal / command line usage, as you may be asked to launch jar files from the command line for testing the software, and you will need to be able to clearly report problems in english. we would prefer if you have some experience playing turn-based strategic / tactical games as well, but this is not a requirement! your computer must be able to run and have installed up to date java, and your graphics card must support opengl 2+ (this excludes some older chipsets, such as older on board intel graphics). the position will be unpaid, but if you stay with the project you will be given recognition either through the game or website credits "with thanks to", and will be welcome to keep your account for this game.

Anywhere C++/Blueprint Programmer at Dark Ice Studios

c++/blueprint programmer dark ice studios anywhere programmers [unpaid] project title: bloodlines: a legend reborn description: the goal is to build an open world movement system with a real time/limb targeting based combat system single player game set in a post-apocalyptic earth. the games story will revolve around the 2 main characters story and the hero’s quest for revenge against the human race namely the nightshadow clan. and the nightshadow story line in quest of exterminating the deddo from there world. the games content should take around 40 hours at least to complete with ulterior quest along the way and areas to essentially “level up” your character along the way. as well as the unique “coliseum” area that will allow players to gauntlet against random enemies and amounts to gain the crowds favor. this will be a two-part game with the storyline broken up into the core game and an expansion to continue and finish the storyline. the project is managed through producteev, google hangouts as a quick line of communication and ventrilo as a prime source of audio communication. includes: open world dual origin storylines- one for naraku and one for nightshadow dual weapon choices between main characters (naraku- katana/fists nightshadow – dual daggers/specialized multi –ammo pistol) armor creation weapon modification coliseum war arena (random exp fights against random creatures and foes throughout game) level from 1-100 over-shoulder camera view origin haze special abilities real-time combat system new game+ plus much more…… team name: dark ice studios team structure: project manager, art director, concept department, 3d modeling department, animations department, graphic design department talent required: c++ programmer/blueprint scripting • c++ • blueprint knowledge website: (process of being reconstructed)

Anywhere ATTENTION: Looking for a creative Game Designer at Four Avg Joe's

attention: looking for a creative game designer four avg joe's anywhere programmers we are looking for a game designer to help evolve our game that is doing very well in the market. this will be a paid position if we find the right person. the game is quick wordz and can be downloaded here so you can review and be prepared when we interview you. volunteer or paid position it will be optional. if you are creative and think outside the box and love brainstorming and designing then please apply. we are looking for a 5th member for our team as one person is leaving. you don't need to be a game designer already, but have the creativity and desire. 1. have you worked on games before? 2. how did you evolve them? 3. we need examples of what you have done. 4. we can pay by the hour for implementable ideas that are worth trying or add you to team as a member not just contract and obtain profit sharing so that your ideas that we implement and test will gain more users to which will provide you with profits. 5. if you have not worked on any games thus far then what would you do to evolve this game and be detailed. (ie add facebook connectivity, add something for players to do while waiting for their turn, add different animations and audio, etc make a list go thru and be a critic.)

Anywhere 150,000 Players Need You To Join Our Team As Programmer at Team ModCom

150,000 players need you to join our team as programmer team modcom anywhere programmers project: modular combat (with possible work in modular combat 2) position: programmer modular combat is a hl2 modification that has been around since 2008. at the end of january we submitted the mod to steam greenlight and valve greenlit us after 10 days! the mod has been downloaded over 150,000 times and we have a network of dedicated servers located around the world that have constant player traffic daily. the mod is currently in a playable beta like state. modular combat uses the source 2007 engine but its codebase is very messy (due to previous developers). there are many bugs that still exist that need to be fixed. that's where you come in. we're also working on a sequel called modular combat 2 which will be using the alien swarm engine. aside from better graphics, it offers better ai. so your help will be needed with that project too once bug fixes are made to modular combat. the team is currently small and consists of 7 people; 2 programmers, 1 project manager, 2 mappers, and 2 beta testers. requirements: - knowledge of c++ - familiarity with source engine is a plus.

Anywhere Coder at TristanGames

coder tristangames anywhere programmers hey what is up, i'm tristan and i've recently picked up an old game called epic sathe. i have some character sprite sheets done and already have the music and sounds. the name of the company is tristangames, because it was just me and i wasn't too creative with names, but so far nobody wanted to change it to something else. i am open to suggestions on other company names though. i'm looking for someone who knows how to code the game. i want it to be playable in browser, but i'll live with whatever you can do. i'm looking for anyone who has the skills to help on this 2d fighting game. you will need to be able to animate sprite sheets, add audio to the correct place, and be willing to work. i don't care when you're able to work, you can work on your own time whenever you feel like it. but you can't be to lazy, i would love it if you would be able to get work done by a deadline if needed. about epic sathe epic sathe is a 2d fighter game where you just keep on fighting each wave until you die. you can pick up power ups which will boost your strength and jumping/dodging for little bit.

Anywhere We need game developers in all sections at Anywhere

we need game developers in all sections anywhere anywhere programmers hello everyone. my name is james singewald, i am a game author/creative director. my friend kameron and i are planning to make a game. this is a volunteer project, though if we have a successful game hit we will [rev-share]. the payments will be spread out by what job you had, how much you offered us and your time you dedicated. the game hasn't been thought out to much. we will be most likely be using (python, ruby and possibly javascript.) jobs: lead-author: james singewald author: open author: open author: open 2d pixel artist: open 2d pixel artist: open online marketer: open online marketer: open composer/audio engineer: open composer/audio engineer: open external producer: open game designer: open level editor: open marketing executive: lead-programmer: open/kameron programmer: open programmer: open programmer: open creative director: james singewald assistant producer: open (you will be accepted by the external producer, if he is not yet choose james or kameron will decide) i will not say any responsibilities because i hope you will already know what they are. all i will say is be respectful follow direction get stuff turned in on time be 13+ and know what your doing. contact me over email we will communicate over skype:

Anywhere Unity Programmer at Negative Games

unity programmer negative games anywhere programmers my team and i are creating a 2d story-driven horror game. we're a new developer group, still small, but with a lot of potential. the game itself is still fairly young, we've been perfecting the story and working on concept art. so we're looking for programmers with experience in unity to help us create our game. our team is scattered across the world, so we do not have a central area of operations. instead, all file transfer/communication is done through email/skype. this gives you the freedom to work on our project whenever you can. requirements: must be able to regularly communicate with our team must be able to work for free (with possibilities of profit-sharing) must be able to produce quality work by deadlines must be able to legally sign contracts/paperwork must be proficient in unity and c# if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the email below or this indiedb account

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Desolation Looking for Members! (Programmers / Animators / Artists / P at Pixel Planet Games

[royalty] desolation looking for members! (programmers / animators / artists / p pixel planet games anywhere programmers our team is looking for creative programmers, texture artists, ui designers, riggers and marketing representatives to assist in the development and promotion of a third person, open-world science fiction game. as of now, we are already a few months into the developmental process and are hoping to add more team members to help bring this unique project to life. the team is currently comprised of two programmers, three 2d artists, six 3d artists, one animator, two composers and two writers. ---- project title desolation ---- description: after crash landing on planet ophion, the player must navigate through an open world hell-bent on destroying any trace of humanity. life on ophion is not merely determined by the player’s ability to survive but also in their capacity to make the right decisions in the face of danger. the game features: - open world multiplayer - crafting system - narrative-driven storyline (dialogue tree that influences game’s outcome) - companion system - fluid and dynamic combat - multiple in-game mysteries and rewards ---- talent required programmer: - responsible for coding game logic - must possess good math skills - able to solve challenging problems that are often not well defined - basic knowledge of unreal engine 4 api and ue4 blueprint required texture artist: - responsible for working with other artists in texturing in-game assets - experience in uv mapping recommended ui designer: - responsible for working with other artists in developing ui elements character and item rigger: - responsible for rigging props, characters and other in-game assets marketing/pr coordinator: - responsible for implementing marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies - ability to create and update promotional content for social media - experience in marketing field recommended ---- thank you for taking the time to read our post. if you feel like you’re up to the task be sure to send us an e-mail with a sample of your work if applicable. we look forward to hearing from you!

Anywhere Mobile Game Programmer at Anywhere

mobile game programmer anywhere anywhere programmers i've been trying for about a year now to get this game off the ground and need help on the programmer side. the title of the game is island plunder and is a pirate theme game, i’ve done all of the. png files for the game and even some mock up files on what i want the game to ultimately look like however i don’t have any programming skills so i have been unable to actually implement it. if you have experience working in unity and with mobile games feel free to apply. the game with be similar in gameplay to candy crush match three style. the game will be purely 2d and will involve no 3d and very little animation. anything the game needs as far as sound/music, artwork, etc. i will be responsible for, all you need is to do get the game working. you don't have to have to be a professional, if you're just a part time programmer or a student that's fine. since this is just a startup, currently i can't pay but you can use this in your portfolio if we can get at least five levels made, also if this games does generate any money, you will be compensated. since most works are done on the computer, i would like someone who has skype or the mobile app and uses it weekly and have a gmail account so we can exchange files through google docs. being able to read and write english proficiently is a must . if you have any questions, please shot an email.

Remote Programmer at Dayo Studios

programmer dayo studios remote programmers we are a small indie team working on our first mobile game, a match puzzle game with fun game play and features. we are seeking talented game developers to join our team. this is a remote based position. we are a small team and at the moment cannot offer payments, so this position offers revenue share. responsibilities: •develop and deliver high quality and well-structured code •document design specifications to support development •perform testing and debugging of game application •rapidly prototype gameplay ideas •work directly with game development team members from all disciplines throughout the game’s lifecycle what can we offer you? •a chance to join a strong, dedicated team determined to be at the forefront of the mobile game industry •flexibility. we don't have an office so we need designers willing to work remotely. •the freedom and opportunity to work across multiple areas and contribute to all aspects of the game •easy-going, dynamic environment (even if it's remote) desired skills: •excellent c++ experience •experience working in unity •experience in android/ios development •knowledge of modern puzzle games for the mobile •an aptitude for collaborating with others to help refine player experience •an effective ability to test and balance implemented features •participated in the shipping of at least 1 mobile, social, or web game title (plus) how to apply please send us your cv. if you do not meet the requirements but feel like you can do the job, feel free to contact us! if you are not a game developer and are interested in joining the team get in contact with us!

Anywhere Unreal Engine 4 - blueprints or C++ programmer at tendogames

unreal engine 4 - blueprints or c++ programmer tendogames anywhere programmers who we are: tendo games is a indie team currently developing the video game, them & us. we are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art. what we do: game title: them & us genre: survival horror zombie games. gameplay: singleplayer (co-op later, but it will not include storyline) type: third person view / old school camera controller: full support platform: pc, for now engine: ue4 what we are looking for? hi everyone, we recently just moved from udk to the unreal engine 4. the team is currently working to release a demo soon. we have in the team an experienced programmer known for his re2 remake, but we will need another experienced person to work with. right now we have lots of stuff ready to be placed in-game like 3d animations, weapons, effects. requirements: 1. in depth experience about unreal engine 4 blueprints or c++ experience. what we need: 1. serious people to work with, developers exited to work for them & us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. all the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making. 2. experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills. 3. individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing. is this a paid job? the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game "will be ready and sold".

Hawaii [Programmer] Need skilled programmer at E.o.L

[programmer] need skilled programmer e.o.l hawaii programmers aloha, i hope this finds you all in great spirits. i am considering taking on a team member or two from the gaming community to play a major role in programming an indie open world sandbox mmorpg game similar to the popular secondlife in that players can upload their own mesh and scripted items; however, the rest of the game 'system' is very different. other aspects of the game such as soundfx, animations, artwork, modeling, and rigging etc... will be taken care of, and currently we are not in need to fill other positions. game has basically been designed just not coded. i am looking for: - 1 or 2 members to take on the task of creating a high quality and structured code layout. i can do the tweaking of values and whatnot. - someone able to skype a few hours a week - capable member that can do their portion from start to finish - must be confident in your ability to translate word document specifications to code. - ultimately, i am hoping to find a team member to stay with the company as we have other games in the works! future payment can be discussed you will need to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement before any work on the project is related to you. be aware anything sent to you is likely under trademark or copyright law and cannot be used in other works. please send skype request to "xaith."

Anywhere Look for people at Sunwell Studios

look for people sunwell studios anywhere programmers sunwell studios is looking for people for our next video game. the game will be an zelda-like game with our own theme. it's an small nation. this is all royalty. what we are looking for: 2x level designer requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude able to work for royalty at lease a year of level design able to work in a group be able to deliver on deadlines knowledge in unreal engine 4 animator requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude able to work for royalty knowledge in maya, and animation at lease a year of epxerience in animation able to work in a group be able to deliver on deadlines character artist requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude able to work for royalty experience creating brilliant, 3ds character, using z-brush, and/or mudbox at lease a year of character modelling have a great imagination able to work in a group be able to deliver on deadlines 3d artist requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude able to work for royalty experience creating brilliant, 3d arts, using 3ds max, and/or maya at lease a year of 3d artist able to work in a group be able to deliver on deadlines knowledge in creating architecture, vehicle, and nature texture artist requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude able to work for royalty be experience in creating textures for asset of 3d types at lease a year of texture experience in photoshop to create the textures able to work in a group be able to deliver on deadlines vfx requirement: self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and a team-player attitude strong grasp of visual design principles used to create stylized, compelling vfx able to work for royalty at lease a year of creating real-time vfx able to work in a group able to paint vfx textures from scratch and match an established style. be able to deliver on deadlines knowledge in unreal engine 4 particle system. the nation is catching the watchers. the watchers are powerful creature. they are able to turn into humans, and rock creatures. they are what created the powerful weapons of the mmo, which are legendary, about 2500 of them. you will be going through dungeons, to help rescues the watchers from their prisons. while you are trying to help them you will be encountering puzzles, and enemies. these creatures will vary, and depends on what dungeon you are in. while you are going through the dungeons you will be finding ideas that will help you, and upgrading your weapons. the nation name is felmonia. another thing is that you don't really need the required year of doing something. if you are good at what you do we can be flexible, and allow you to join. you will also be kick if you don't do your job. you also will be in an contract.

Anywhere Looking for Concept/GUI/Logo Designer at Sunwell Studios

looking for concept/gui/logo designer sunwell studios anywhere programmers looking for an concept artist that can create gui/logo for our games, and for our in-house engine. the is most important job for us to become successful. we need something that can create all the visual art of the world. you will be creating the artwork of props, character, vehicle, buildings, gui, logos, and landscape. we are starting to working on our next game, but don't really know what the world will look like. this map is apart of the larger map of our mmorpg that will be create long time from now. while the game is small, we are going to be putting in tons of detail into the game. how will i be pay well, since we are still start-up indie company/team. you will be payed royalty. until we can have an successful kickstarter campaign. if we do in fact have a successful, you will have an actually pay. you will also be in an contract with the company. you will have to dedicate 10 hours of a week to the project. if you dedicate much more it will be very appreciated. only time that you won't get payed if we abandon a project, which we only did once so far. it's almost an completed project, but we couldn't find someone for the background art, and animation. we are not looking for people that can only do it there spare time at all. this is what well make us fail. if people can only do in there spare time. we will get no where. unless you have have tons of spare time, and will dedicate more than 10 hours. about the video game if you are interested in the video game that we are currently developing than; the game is an rpg, based on our mmorpg world that we are still pre-production of that game, and will be for another 3-4 years or less depending on the state of the in-house engine. the game is in a world of steampunk. a place that a lot of people don't even try to create decent games of. which steampunk is pretty amazing genre. the video game will be based in small part of the whole world of the mmo. we haven't given this video game a main name yet. we do have an sub-name for the game. which is tales from felmonia™. this game will be a zelda-like game. there will be about 11 dungeons within this video game. the game is about a person going evil after killing a lot of enemies, but the player have's the chose to become evil or good. we are still working on the script for the game, we are finish planning a lot of the game. we already have a small map of the world. our team creative director/founder/3d artist (howllo/me) art director/writer (noah) engine programmer (dragoncastjosh) engine programmer (arbi) composer (zoomie)

Anywhere Engine Programmer C++ at Sunwell Studios

engine programmer c++ sunwell studios anywhere programmers well, sunwell studios is looking for a lot of programmer. we are currently trying to build an engine for an game, as of right now we only have one person on the project for building it. we need a lot of people help with the project, since it extremely hard to create what we want the engine to be like, so i'll to the jobs. requirements to join: at lease experience in c++ engine programming. self-motivated able to work without pay until right fund are met, and sunwell studios is able to hire you as full-time. dedicated to creating the engine, and able to spend a lot of time working on the engine. be able to work in a team. how will i be payed? right now i cannot afford to pay anyone, our first game is in royalty, but i won't go over 50%, since the company needs a lot of money so i can make people into full-time jobs. our first game will hopefully generate enough money to at lease hire my current time. if we get very successful kickstart/crownfunding for the future mmorpg, than i will most likely hire everyone, but i don't have millions of dollar at my disposal, and probably won't anytime soon. about the team we are group of 7 people. 3d artist/artist/level designer/creative director composer engine programmer concept artist level design/art director this is my current team of sunwell studios. others we are also looking for c++ low level access programmer, requested by the graphics programmer.

Anywhere Programmer in need at Life Virus Games

programmer in need life virus games anywhere programmers looking for programmers able to work with unity 5 for a moba type game. must show if able: - past works - enthusiasm toward our project - able to get things done - dealing with deadlines - friendly to others - be able to work with others -have time to give to the project about our project reaction: is a fast-paced chemistry-themed moba that focuses on working together with your team to create powerful reactions. players may choose to play as any of the elements from the table of elements. these elements may be formidable on their own, but become even more so when working together, creating powerful compounds and reactions.the combinations of the elements can create almost endless possibilities and replayability. about us we are a small active team of dedicated individuals who want to develop our skills in creating games. we ourselves are gamers just like you who have the strong passion for creativity, so we want to use that passion to create games that are unique, fun and exciting to play. our team is hard working with whatever little cash we can muster to make our goals and projects complete. any support and thanks from the community is greatly appreciated. our mission : make games that are unique,creative, and entertaining to play ! this job is not a fix hourly wage. after our crowdfunding we will be paying you for your hard work for everything you created to the project and we hope for you to stay with us as a long time member were all in this for the long haul to apply please send a email to with resume and any sample work thank you

Anywhere [FREE] [Horror Game] Looking for Unity Programmer at Indie Team

[free] [horror game] looking for unity programmer indie team anywhere programmers hello, everybody. i won't waste your time with long description and keep it simple. we are looking for programmers skilled in use of unity for currently under-development psychological 3d horror game. we want to focus our game not on running 'n gunning through "scary" levels filled with monsters and full of jump-scares but on bringing real feeling of fear, we want to make a game really frightening... in good meaning of the word. the job is initially non-paid, but if we get some profit from the game you will get money. requirements: 1. knowledge of c#/javascript or both 2. understanding of shaders and how they work 3. desire and passion if you are interested or know somebody who will be feel free to contact me and you'll get more detailed answers on any of your questions and get a better look of what we are doing.

Anywhere Assistant Producer [For Hire] at ThinkBrightStudio™

assistant producer [for hire] thinkbrightstudio™ anywhere programmers hello my name is logan anderson, i have a complete background in economics, bushiness technologies and marketing i feel that i am more than qualified in this position because i also have many skills with work experience. my skills are as follows, i have taken classes for bushiness technologies, marketing and economics. i am also able to design games and i have work experience as a creative director for a indie game company i am very enthusiastic about my work and i love doing what i do. my awards are around business and finances, i have a "everfi" finance diploma from asu(arizonastateuniversity). i have placed first in my business technologies class and second in my marketing and economics class. i am planning to take the advanced versions of these classes and i foresee no problem as i have a talent for all of them. information: schedule: mountain-time (gmt) weekdays: 2:50 pm - 9:00 pm weekends: 9:50 am - 8:30 pm payment: i do wish to get paid so payment is recommended through paypal as a gift payment.

Anywhere Programmer for medieval survival rpg at Silent Horizons Entertainment

programmer for medieval survival rpg silent horizons entertainment anywhere programmers hey there guys. if you are looking for a team with dedicated people who love making games, look no further. we are currently working on a new project which you can check here on indiedb. it is a medieval survival rpg, focused on story and rich gameplay mechanics. we want to create remarkable experience that wont be forgotten. nothing like those generic survival games out there. we are aiming for kickstarter as soon as we have decent playable alpha version of our game. that is our main goal for now. this is not a paid job atm. but once we successfuly hit the kickstarter, we will share the money accordingly and discuss following development. we use unity 5 for our project. general skills: communication - be communicative and friendly time for the project - atleast few hours a week decent english skill position: programmer - knowledge of c++ and experiences in unity any further possible questions will be asked by our lead programmer. we are looking only for skill and devotion. you dont need any degree from schools.

Chile [ES] Se Busca at Indie Games

[es] se busca indie games chile programmers hola, busco a alguien quee sepa usar blender o unity. se le ofrece la oportunidad de trabajar en un proyecto independiente solo como hobby, no se le pagara, pero podra sser parte de mi proyecto, poca gente me tiene fe. yo creo que me ira bien. son 2 proyectos, uno: mas basico, serade un joven que, pidiendo dulces por halloween, entra en una casa que se dice esta ''maldita'', ya deduciran de que tratara. el otro es un fps de ciencia ficcion y survival horror, un hombre se gana unas vacaiones en cruzero con todo pagado, mientras recorren el oceano, este se siente mal y va al bañoavomitar y termina perdido, al entrar a un cuarto descubre que todo es mentira, que las personas que hay a bordo del cruzero, todas tienen halgo especial, y los mandaran con quimicos y grandes avances cientificos al pasado, luego de una pelea con un hombre para poder evitar esto, atrasas mucho mas la maquina y por error, los mandas a todos a la prehistoria, con el virus zombie a bordo, dinosaurios en la tierra y los cientificos del barco en tu contra con toda su tecnología. si alguien le interesa uno de estos dos proyectos, por favor contacteme: facebook: gabriel ramirez aguirre twitter:@gabitogato13 muchas gracias.

Anywhere Cartel Rivals MMORPG at Whiplash inc.

cartel rivals mmorpg whiplash inc. anywhere programmers we are looking for project members cartel rivals : mmorpg mafia game platform pc, mac our game is 3d mmorpg mafia game with a very different game-play and core mechanics progress it is important to present the project in its current state. consider presenting we currently have :- 2 networking programmers 1 game-play programmer (client side ) 3 modelers and level designers 2 sound and music composers 2 concept artist 1 web designer 1 marketing manager well our games current progress are :- t-he server side coding is mostly done as our networking programmer has his own networking framework which is able to do 2000+ ccu per server and other mechanics for the game needed - our level designers and modelers are working very hard on the first city and models , characters (like everyone know mmo cites need to be very vast for players to explore ) - games logo and promo arts are being worked on for 1 month but im really confused to pick a good logo for the game so our concept artist are working on it also we are looking for c# client side (game-play) programmers to make the games core mechanics im currently working in advanced media technologies pvt. ltd (amtec) i been working in the game development field for 7 years (project management , marketing etc .. ) yet its not fully my profession but its my passion what me adn my team is trying to do is to make a game which is very different from other games and entertainment for players payment : we are currently planing to do ks for the game as soon as the games working prototype is done with some arts and core mechanics everyone will be give a percentage share from the money gained from ks for the time they dedicate for the project and work they done the images are still being working condition as the texturing is too slow

Anywhere Programmer Needed at Anywhere

programmer needed anywhere anywhere programmers catfight is a card game based on gluttony, thievery, and revenge. it's simple to play for young players, but it's also a great strategic challenge for advanced adult players too as playing cards becomes a matter of timing and planning to make that final push for victory. however, unlike most card games where players take their turns in safety, in catfight players can intervene at any stage. thus a planned move for victory could ultimately be stopped, even backfire, as other players join forces to keep you from reaching your goal. and with janken battles throughout the game the tides of victory can change in a moment, making catfight wild, unpredictable and fun! you can check out the current build of the game by clicking on the link below. the programmer who has been working on the game no longer has the time to work on it - balancing a new full time job with university studies. so i am basically looking for someone to join us and continue on with his work. we need to fix some gameplay bugs, improve ai, implement the tournament option, and a multiplayer network system to work on kongregate. we are also looking to make it into a mobile app. if you are interested in working with us on a fun light-hearted game and get some good experience and a game quick under your belt with your name on it, let me know :)

Anywhere Programmers Needed For Mount & Blade Mod at Anywhere

programmers needed for mount & blade mod anywhere anywhere programmers hello and thank you for reading this job description! i am planning a mod that will use mount & blade warband. the mod will be called 'age of kings' and will allow a player to control a king or queen and choose which city they want to own. they will own the kingdoms that they capital holds. there will be other kings that own different cities which will all be competing to take over every city. there will be other things involved, i have several things planned such as a happiness system where the population say if they like or dislike you and why, tournaments where kings and queens will battle it out and much more! i am looking for programmers who can help me make this dream become a reality, all i ask is that you know how to code and that you have a passion for making this become a reality. i will be leading the project and i have a strong experience in the computing industry. i will also be asking the developers to give advice to the mod and they are welcome to tell me their ideas so we can all see what we all think. if you want to be involved, please contact me at my email address:

Anywhere Looking for a programer for a fighting game at An aliance

looking for a programer for a fighting game an aliance anywhere programmers well im searching not for a job specially but for an alliance? well i need a programer to help me set up a game for both pc and android platforms, if this goes well we can make a bigger project. the game its about fighting and about sticks. well i have seen so much fighting stick games which all of them (without some) failed to give us what we want when see the animation xiaoxiao, i know some drawing too so we can work. i have a lot of spare time so its not necessary but, if you have a lot of spare time like me it would be better. im going to put out some good effort in this game,i will come up with backgrounds and fx effects like dust.. im thinking about story modes singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op.. it would be better if we communicate on skype,cause you can find me a lot there. there is space for new ideas and other things but it remains to be discussed. the base it would better be done in a few weeks so i can come up with ideas. i hope some platforming knowledge too i hope i find seriosity,and will for this project..

Anywhere Engine Programmer - Project Maelin at Project Maelin Production Group

engine programmer - project maelin project maelin production group anywhere programmers engine programmer: the engine programmer is responsible for the creation, implementation, and maintaining the game engine. would have major input on gameplay, programming, and game direction. duties: - programming the game engine. - prototyping the possibility of game mechanics. - implementation of gameplay mechanics and programming. - being vocal about what's being worked on. project description: project maelin is intended to be a retro influenced platformer along with unique gameplay additions. following the adventures of maelin as she fights against the forces of evil that would burn the world. company: project maelin is the first project for the company, as such, we haven't decided on a name as of yet. we're a small team, focused on the fundamentals of creating a good game, first and foremost. payment: until the demo is up and running, there is no guarantee of payment. contact information: if you do contact me, please have a previous character sprite ready to shown. for any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me directly.

United Kingdom Programmer (Mainly C#) at Ghost Water Studios

programmer (mainly c#) ghost water studios united kingdom programmers we are making a 'match 3' type game with a real rpg twist and some depth too it (a lot of other features but cant discuss as of yet), we are a newly found team which consists of mainly artist and modellers. we need an experienced programmer who wants to join a team with a great deal of ambition and potential who's ideas are flowing constantly, the art work is coming along nicely and the ideas too but we are slacking in the scripts department due to co founder self learning c# (will be learning the basics of all dev work so i can help where needed) and keeping things organized. sadly as it stands this is an unpaid position but upon release you can be paid for your work (obviously depending if we make money) and then depart or stay as a valuable team member, we are all equal within the team and we all bounce off each other and are very like minded. mainly the only requirement is you have some decent experience within c# and preferably be from the uk (easier for team meets etc) but that isn't essential. some teaser work can be seen on our twitter @ghostwateruk.

Skype or Bulgaria [WANTED] Unity Programmer at Atom Games

[wanted] unity programmer atom games skype or bulgaria programmers we are searching for an experienced unity programmer. the game we are working on is a platformer in which the main character is a shapeshifting creature. we are searching for programmers (maximum 3) that can code the ai, main menu, save system, player controller and many other things. we require you to have used unity before and to be experienced with it (minimum 16 months of experience). optionally to have worked with another game before. it's required to have a good amount of skill with unity c# and unity js. it is required to pitch something very small (made in 1 or half a hour) so we can see how well you do in a short amount of time. if possible, we would also like you to have other roles from time to time. it's optional but if you do and have experience with other roles you can switch temporarily to another one if it's having trouble. (ex. an artist is having trouble: could you use his role for a minute or two and help him?) you will work with others using skype: we give you project files, we allow someone to tell you to make a script for something, you start making the script. when we are done, you can all share the scripts and insert them into the project.

Anywhere General Programmer at Vonneo Games

general programmer vonneo games anywhere programmers we are looking for someone to be committed to our big project that is a fighting game, which will involve lots of time and work to finish, but we look forward to its release but first we need someone who can program the sprites, sounds, stages, animations, etc. into the game when the resources are given. the game we are producing is royal fighters colosseum, which is a crossover fighting game similar to super smash bros. but with a wider variety of characters and stages, we hope to add many characters but only one per game series (ex. if we had mario, we could not add peach, since mario stands his representation for his series). a warning we provide, is we hope the game to gain popularity, this game serves gamers to play as their favourite characters in one fighting game. if it gains enough popularity we hope to set up a voting system where people can vote for fighters which then our team will start a new character which may take a month or two of work to create completely. this is why we need a committed programmer to help us out. we hope this game to make so many gamers happy with its roster, stages, music, etc. but first we just need you!

Anywhere Test our Game Demo! at Revelations Studios

test our game demo! revelations studios anywhere programmers welcome one and all! right now, revelations studios is looking for people to play the demo of our new game. while little has been released in ways of information about the game so far, what has been talked about can be seen here: our game is a horror game, but rather than a traditional survival horror, or action horror that has dominated the medium for years, we’ve decided to take on a massive shift, and have it be more psychological horror. not only is the main character suffering neurological breakdown, but we’re hoping the game will instill a sense of paranoia and fear into you. the demo of the game will be ready on the fifteenth, and we’re hoping for many people to try it out. we want to have a lot of input from the community to know if they think the base mechanics are good, if they were scared at all, etc. you don’t have to sign a nda, and we encourage everyone to tell their friends and family if they liked it. all you have to do is answer thirteen yes/no and 1-10 questions with two open ended sections and a comment section. if you’re interested, please contact me at

Anywhere Looking For All Positions at Anywhere

looking for all positions anywhere anywhere programmers hello my name is linus lockshin. my friend and i were hoping to make a game, but we realized we needed more than just two people. we are hoping to get a good team going to make a tps game about police, kind of like the gta iv mod lcpdfr. all you need to join us is skype, skill and motivation. we want a team that won't give up and will stick with it to the end. money wise we are not sure what this game will end up costing, anywhere from being free to being $20. we want to make a game not for the money but for the fun. if we do make money we will split it according to how much work you put in to the game. here are the positions we need right now: team leader: linus author: (available) author: (available) unity or ue4 programmer: (available) unity or ue4 programmer: (available) 3d modeler:(available) level designer: (available) marketer: (available) concept artist: (available) concept artist (available) if you feel you have another skill that will benefit this team, just ask. if you want to join you can email me at and i will take a look at you. thank you!

Anywhere (Based in Silicon Valley, CA, USA) Programmers needed at [Unannounced Project]

programmers needed [unannounced project] anywhere (based in silicon valley, ca, usa) programmers i am a longtime gamer and nasa researcher turned indie game developer gathering a team for an open-world massively-multiplayer space game. you would be among the first on the team as we look to expand the project and the company. as a lead programmer you will be responsible for coding and managing the workflow of all junior programming staff which we are also hiring at this time. junior programmers will assist the lead programmer with specific tasks needed to reach particular milestones. lead requirements: - 3+ years experience with game development - extensive cryengine or ue4/udk experience - strong c++ skills - experience coordinating the efforts of multiple individuals - excellent communication skills - passion for game development - bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field junior requirements: - 1 year experience with cryengine or ue4/udk - experience with c++ - ability to work effectively in a team environment - bachelor's degree in relevant field preferred skilled individuals without professional experience in game development are encouraged to apply. we understand that people coming from other careers may be skilled in game development while having no specific professional background to speak of on their resume. that's totally fine, just provide samples of your work and examples of projects you've worked on.

Anywhere Marketing Intern at Terahard Ltd

marketing intern terahard ltd anywhere marketing hello all, we are trying to raise awareness of our london based studio as we have a few games in the making which we think will blow everyone's minds but we need help to do that so we are looking for some people to join our marketing team. we don't need previous experience but we definitely want enthusiastic people who can work from home and we are flexible with work hours. we have a couple of marketing people who will help the team focus but we definitely like and promote individuals to work out of the box and follow their ideas. each individual's work will be reviewed every 3 months and we definitely try to keep everyone and promote them to a more permanent role after a while ( bear with us we are still small ). there are two games that we want to prepare for, one is skate vikings which we made originally in 2 days during a gamejam in london and got good reviews from people who saw it, played the free version and another one which is currently super secret but it's definitely nothing like you've seen before! you can check us and our games out on @terahardstudios

Online Marketing Director at DuoCore Studios

marketing director duocore studios online marketing have experience in making professional clean, sleek videos, intros, and trailers in software like adobe after effects, sony vegas, sony premiere, and others. we are also looking for people who can prove that they can make a nice sleek trailer for a game, and a company intro. some examples of this might be some of the apple commercials, just the raw simplicity. you may/may not receive a portion of the projects final revenue. also, if your aid gets or project off the ground we will consider hiring you full time, once our team has the necessary funds to do so. you must have good work ethic, and be able to work with no game footage, nor live action footage. all source must be from scratch, or from photoshop images. it must however, have all of the assets legally licensed to duocore studios and the sdnc corporation in its entirety. you will also be granted full access to the game's assets, rendered cutscenes, and concept art in advance. you will also receive a beta copy of the game as it is developed to use for gameplay footage. if you would rather us record the gameplay footage and you add it to a trailer or reveal, that works too.

Anywhere [Free Job] 3D modeller/Animator - (Source Engine) at Team Abyss

[free job] 3d modeller/animator - (source engine) team abyss anywhere level designers hi, my name is francis racicot aka pac0master. i am the lead developer of the free mod: portal 2 abyss. i am looking for people who would like to volunteer to help me out with modelling and animating different aspects of the game i am working on. project's page: the mod is based on a 0$ budget thus it is impossible for me to pay any services. however i will be very happy for your kindness. here is a list of tasks that have to be filled. - character modelling & animation - gun modelling & animation - statics objects ( trussing, beams, crates, and many more) - re-texturing existing models. [requirement] i work with source engine. ( portal 2 authoring tool ) to apply, you must: - own a steam copy of portal 2 - have experience in modelling for source engine all your works will be credited and it would be a great chance to add some creation in your portfolio. since it is a free job, i do not give any time restriction, you can work as you please. as long it is reasonable.

Anywhere UE4 Level designer at Fenrir Studios

ue4 level designer fenrir studios anywhere level designers dark storm is a stealth action game in which players need to use their cunning and quick wit to give them the upper hand. in dark storm you take control of amber kinsly, a security officer at the irving dynamics alaskan research facility. irving dynamics has been the pioneer in aeronautical advancements for decades. their newest research has made them the target of many attacks, from the outside and within. amber is one of the many security personnel hired to combat these threats. however, when the base comes under attack by an unknown enemy, it's clear that your new mission is to evade and survive. requirement for level designers: - need to have at least 6 months+ exp in udk/ue4/cryengine or unity - spend 6-8 hours a week working on project - must attend our weekly meetings and active on skype almost daily - the willingness to manage and assign tasks to modelers under you - must attend our weekly meetings - basic knowledge of blueprints - positive attitude - willing to take and give positive criticism optional requirements - modeling/texturing is a plus payment: payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. we plan to release on steam and any other services that will allow. everyone is required to sign an initial royalty contract and a final upon release. leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent.

Anywhere 3D Modeler at Prototype Studios

3d modeler prototype studios anywhere level designers we at prototype studios are now searching for a volunteer modeler to work with our upcoming game based on the popular tv series, csi:cyber. the project will be made in unreal engine, which we believe would provide very stunning visuals and great gameplay to gamers. [center]------- your role -------[/center] your role as a 3d modeler would be as below :- * modeling environmental assets (trees, rocks, roads) * modeling architectural assets (buildings, props, furniture) [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]---- skills required ----[/center] * experienced in 3d modelling * have experience in either cinema4d, maya, 3dsmax or sketchup * capability to texture the models with programs like photoshop or zbrush. [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]-------- planned --------[/center] we're planning to release the project on steam in the the timeline of december, 2016 -> january, 2017. if the project succeeds and is greenlit by the community, a sum will be payed to you upon the first sales. [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]-- working environment --[/center] you are free to work in any part of the world, your models can be sent to us by email or using any file or cloud sharing services. you don't have a specific deadline for every task, a new task will be given once the previous was done. [center]-------------------------[/center]

Anywhere 3D Modeler Wanted at TripleSlash Games

3d modeler wanted tripleslash games anywhere level designers (please note that this offer is for royalties only. each member accepted gets a percentage of any profits made) hi, my name is robin vervuurt and i'm a intermediate games developer. i am a secondary school student and i learn to make games i am also the lead developer for tripleslash games. i am a single game developer who is looking for people to form a team with. a team to make some great games i have intermediate skills in coding but low skills in 3d modeling so thats why i am looking for talented 3d modellers and animators to join our group. if you are selected you will mainly do work with 3d modelling, character rigging and animation for our game. the game is a first person horror survival game. where you have to survive you school trip. at the trip you are taken hostage and killed, but you have escaped. you have to find your way out. its a bit like outlast if you have any of the following experience, please feel free to contact me via the email address below. 3d modeling 3d uv and texturing 3d animation unity 3d

Anywhere Level Designer at ES3D

level designer es3d anywhere level designers hello everyone, we gladly announce our video game project call "the hollow earth" a 3rd person shooter with a touch of survival/horror adventure. the game is about a rescue team heading to a secret underground facility operated by the government which has been dead for several weeks. as the team arrives for the mission, they discover the place is deserted and that something really wrong has happened. as they continue with the ongoing investigation they realized clever and agile dinosaurs are after them, which makes the team wonder how that is possible. they continue through the deepest area of the place until they manage to discover that the theory of the hollow earth is real, which explained they dinosaurs company. later in the story they gather more evidence and purpose of this secret place, and this is to capture fierce dinosaurs and use them as weapons of war. that was just a brief part of the story. our goal here is to take the game and presented on kickstarter, so we are working on a video presentation for it.. but we need at least one more person to finish the levels for the trailer video, and the initial demo of the game. if you think you could become part of our team, please leave us your response down there and send us a message or email.. many thanks in advance..

Anywhere Level Designer for the final touch! at analog digital

level designer for the final touch! analog digital anywhere level designers hi there! my name is andy rocket. i'm currently looking for level designers in my team analog digital. we need level designers for two of the projects. the games are literally finished. they just need the final touch from a talented and mindful game developer. we are burned out from these projects. the projects look great!. and you will have a lot of fun working with them. in analog digital we make 2d platformer/arcade puzzle games. cartoon style. analog digital is the sister company of a record company. the music is no joke! i write about the projects. and you can ad in your resume witch one you would be most interested in working on. 1. the ferry. this is a casual game. a pong game with a very funny concept. you will be working with this one script for the pong routine. and ad points as you go. 2. joe the crow. we have worked on this 2d cartoon game for almost a year. the game is a bit like sonic the hedge hodge only that you are a flying bird. but working with the game contains working with many pieces of asset in fairly large levels. every thing is finished. we just need some one else then our self to play through the levels. pick out/add one or two things on each level to give it flow and a smooth final touch. it is a fun job. every level in joe the crow have a amount of points witch you have to collects with in a certain time. you will be working mostly with this: setting the relation ship between points and time to reach a higher entertainment factor. we are looking for some one witch is mindful in their actions. but on the same time.. not afraid to change things around and make it as you want it. yes.. first of all: you need to know what you want. what makes a game cool. what makes a game fun. if you don't know that. pleas don't apply. but if you do know. if you are allergic to bad games. and start itching in your fingers when you are not working on a game. then please apply. you will have a lot of fun here. this is a prefect time to enter our team. the ground work are done and big things is about to start. looking forward to hear from you cheers mr. rocket

Anywhere [Free] [Horror] Looking for Level Designer at Indie Team

[free] [horror] looking for level designer indie team anywhere level designers hello, everybody. i won't waste your time with long description and keep it simple. we are looking for level designer for upcoming psychological horror game. unlike most horror games which narrow down to running 'n gunning through levels filled with monsters. we will focus on real horrors that we experience everyday mixed with a bit of unnatural. after all this is what every horror game should bring - horror. in perfect - horror that will linger even after you finish the game. our game engine: unity in our project in short you will work this way: we give you the idea of what the level should be like. what we want to introduce in it and key features of it. often even a schematic of approximately how the level layout itself should look like. you will tell us what you need. like what models etc. after a bit of time we give it to you. you put it all together and voila. this is how i imagine our workflow. if you have suggestions i'm sure we'll come to an agreement. oh and another thing: if we manage to get profit from the project you'll also get money. so it's win-win in either cases. if you are interested or know someone who might interested contact us.

Anywhere Level Designers at Anywhere

level designers anywhere anywhere level designers look for 1-3 individuals who have an understanding of level design and lighting, as well as knowledge in building and implementing then in unity 5.0 for our upcoming rpg anathon. anathon features a unquie event driven story system based on a unquie timeline algorythem. as well as highly detailed characters awith new races and monsters. we do not want to produce the same old rpg, but give the players something that they will remember and emerse them into our world. i am looking for someone who is creative, and work well with a team, and by themselves. they must be able to follow written and verbal direction. these individuals must have the ability to work without supervision, and handle strict deadlines for us to meet our crowd funding goal of september. all resources needed will be sent to you on completion of the nda. information about the project role playing game with focus on character development and story. documentation about the project can be found here target aim: pc, xbox, ps4 compensation: royalty based website (under construction) if you are interested in joining our team please email me at thank you for your time.

Anywhere Level designer wanted at Virtual Dreams Studio

level designer wanted virtual dreams studio anywhere level designers we are virtual dreams studio and we are working on a project for an unnamed tactical turn based jrpg game. we are a start up dev studio and this is our first game. all level must be designed in 2d and background is need for certain stages. the kind of style is similar to rayman and the setting of the levels are medieval fantasy, you must know all types of landscape designs from grassland terrains to castle interior, all levels are overhead displayed and backgrounds are need for combat sequences. there is also cut scenes backdrops, menus background to design. if you can do background animation for the levels or backdrops, that will be a bonus for us. to apply for the project you must send in your resume with you and an art portfolio with all the recent work you have done. more details will come when we send a reply. if you have other skills in animation, please let us know as well. if interested contact the email below. we also included a job advert for a concept artist for characters design if you want to apply for that job also.

Anywhere [Unity] Awesome Level Designer And 3D Character Modeler Needed at PhyNXT Interactive

[unity] awesome level designer and 3d character modeler needed phynxt interactive anywhere level designers project in brief: our current project is a fantasy rpg with steampunk-y dwarves, haughty elves, and tons of other uniquely characterized races (including plans for some ‘ayyyy lmao’ aliens, somewhere down the line!). the game is planned to span seven diverse worlds, so this will be a project spanning several years of development. i don’t want to give away too much of what we have planned, but the aim of the game is to avoid the standard fetch quest rpgs i’m sure we’ve all had the pleasure of playing. we want to accomplish this by developing very immersive, lore-heavy quests and sadistic boss battles that have players fearing for their lives well into the endgame. needed: unfortunately for our current team, we need extra talent to pull off such a grandiose game concept, that’s where you guys (hopefully) come in! let’s be privy here, we need a dedicated 3d character modeler guru and another level designer on our team. we don’t care about lack of experience or anything like that, honestly, if you’re willing to give us your best, learn when you need to, and effectively communicate with the team, we’re willing to work with you. we’re working with unity 5, so clearly foreknowledge of unity is useful, although not strictly required for artists and designers. assets: · ability to effectively communicate and cooperate with team members · general knowledge of your area of expertise/interest · willingness and ability to learn on the fly and from mistakes · dependability and ability to meet strict deadlines · ability to come up with crazy over-the-top ideas and run with them · confidence in your creative ability to implement aforementioned ideas game status: as of today, we we are borderline alpha development. we have a lot of the framework out of the way and character creation and a weapon customization system are next up, but a ways off from our current dev schedule. about the team: project lead: aj (me) i coordinate departmental interactions and ensure everyone's on the same page. when i'm not doing that, i'm usually bugging everyone (checking in) or working with whoever happens to need help at the time. programming department: - walker: walker is our lead programmer and currently studying game design at the university of nevada. - christian: christian has oodles of experience programming over a wide range of languages. a noteworthy past project of his was a jrpg engine. art department: - jacob: jacob is our art lead and one of our concept artists. his work speaks for itself -- we're convinced he's a witch his art is so good! - cara: our other concept artist. she's been on the team a few weeks now and she adds her own creative twist to the art direction. - maddy: our dedicated animator. maddy's been on board as long as cara and we've been really impressed by her work thus far! - ian: mechanical engineer by day, 3d modeler by, well, usually by day too, but it sounds cooler to say by night! - hiro: one of our level designers with a flare for sadistic level design! - brandon: not just another level designer, our cityscape master! writer: strixie: strixie is the man with fingers that never rest and dedication to name every rock in game. need i say more? music: humberto: we weren't planning to have an ice cave in game until humberto presented us with an unexpected ice cave track, suffice it to say, he's that good.

Anywhere Sound Effects Needed For VR Game Jam at Lightbulb Games

sound effects needed for vr game jam lightbulb games anywhere audio/music hi! so i found some really good voice actors with my last ad and now need someone to help us out with a few sound effects for the game -------------------------------------------------------------------- we are making a short horror experience for a vr game jam and need a sound engineer for ambient,music and sound effects. the game is set in an creepy underground tunnel system. where the player needs to navigate them and complete a short linear story. -------------------------------------------------------------------- we already have a playable prototype and only need to structure everything into the experience we want it to be. the sound effects we need are some ambient music/sounds and a variety of other sounds like banging on door, rubble falling. we are approaching the next submission milestone in a week and would like to have the sound effects included. if anyone is interested feel free to add me on skype: christo533 and bring a few samples so i can get an idea of your abilities. im also looking to get to know some sound artists so we can have a goto guy for future projects. you will receive credit for your work.

Anywhere [Royalties] SFX ARTIST at PixelVision

[royalties] sfx artist pixelvision anywhere audio/music the game: the game you will be working on is a 2d puzzle platformer set roughly 100 years in the future. you play as a search and rescue robot in a mining facility on a distant planet. the goal of the game is to navigate the facility, completing numerous puzzles that block your path, looking for the employees. the game also has a minor story element to it in the form of messages and information on computers located around the game. this offers some insight into where you are and what has happened to both the facility and the rest of the galaxy. job overview: we are looking for an experienced, capable, sfx (sound effects) artist who is able to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a week. this applicant must have a passion for their field and an ability to respond well to a diverse role. the member will get a percentage of the final game profit, depending on their commitment and the quality and quantity of the work they produce. basic requisites: - a portfolio containing previous work - experience making game sound effects - ability to work for 2 hours a week preferred: - experience with unity - enthusiasm for the puzzle platformer genre - previous work on other games for more information, or to apply, please send an email to or send me (mrst3v3n999) a pm through indiedb/moddb e.c.t temporary preview (level 1 to 4) (you will need the unity webplayer plugin): note: the final game will not be distributed as web game, it will be a pc/mac/linux download. note: the game is in early development. the basic features are done, i am just designing levels and puzzles (and various new art assets that are needed).

Anywhere Musician, also voice actors at Blackcat Studios

musician, also voice actors blackcat studios anywhere audio/music musician(unpaid) here at blackcat studios we are looking for a musician to create a few songs for our newest indie game "dear annie" the is on gamejolt if you would like to check it out. the game is a emotional tale about a father, mother and daughter. i don't want to spoil anything so if you are interested please send me a email. here is a link to the game. we are going for a very emotional soundtrack including piano. this soundtrack will include the theme and a few ambiance tracks. so if you think you are up to the challenge send us a email and then we will talk further! voice actors. (unpaid) we are also looking for one male and two female voices for the three characters in the game. looking for a older man, young daughter and older mother of any accent. it will be a more mature game with one hell of a surprise at the end. to apply send us a email! unfortunately both positions are unpaid at this time however we would be happy to be a reference for future jobs.

Anywhere Composer at Anywhere

composer anywhere anywhere audio/music fervent is looking for a composer that can help breathe life into our story! combine your music with our solid narrative to give our audience, a story to be remembered! we are a non-commercial project! looking for: solid melodies in classical piano, acoustic guitar, strings and synths. thin, childlike sounding, sweet with inner darkness. some words that come to mind when it comes to music might be: minimalist, melancholy, child-like, surreal, dark, mysterious, bittersweet, dream-like these tracks captures it some of the feeling quite a bit: tea leaf melancholy - krichotomy oskar schuster - fjarlægur jon coyle - friends in a circle circus marcus - la tapa del viernes other music i've picked out: sasasa - nagami yukitaka (sweet scenes) spooky music box - speedenza (horror scenes) sorrow - yasupochi (sad scenes) fervent is a visual novel studio currently developing cupid, with our first work, who is mike being extremely well-received by the visual novel community. we are eagerly awaiting to hear from all of you!

Anywhere Looking for concept artists! ~ Natures Wanderer - story based rpg! at Green Thumb Studios

looking for concept artists! ~ natures wanderer - story based rpg! green thumb studios anywhere artists hey guys and gals, one quick side note, read the full thing before you apply. thanks :) we are currently looking for concept artists! there is more info below as far as requirements go. this is the games style: is the art style, look further down the gallery to see more for texture and model style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray details of the piece needed when it comes to housing or characters or even props. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colorful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less. what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be 18 years of age or older due to legal contracts, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that is looking to create a new and interesting ui or try new aspects of creating a games ui. concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modelers: this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not that's fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. texture artist: should be used to working in a hand painted / cartoon style as you saw in the links below and above. being able to unwrap your models and very basic knowledge of modelling and fixing them is required! animators/riggers: can efficiently create rigs fit for unity's humanoid system or create fluid animations that look good! you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Anywhere Lvl designer, envir, character artist for medieval survival rpg at Silent Horizons Entertainment

lvl designer, envir, character artist for medieval survival rpg silent horizons entertainment anywhere artists hey there guys. if you are looking for a team with dedicated people who love making games, look no further. we are currently working on a new project which you can check here on indiedb. it is a medieval survival rpg, focused on story and rich gameplay mechanics. we want to create remarkable experience that wont be forgotten. nothing like those generic survival games out there. we are aiming for kickstarter as soon as we have decent playable alpha version of our game. that is our main goal for now. this is not a paid job atm. but once we successfuly hit the kickstarter, we will share the money accordingly and discuss following development. we use unity 5. general skills: communication - be communicative and friendly time for the project - atleast few hours a week decent english skill positions: level designer - layouting and creating the world with provided assets, attention to detail, focus on deep atmosphere 3d environment artist - creation of realistic high and low poly assets, texture creation and baking 3d character artist - creation of realistic animals, humanoid npcs, monsters animator / rigger - creation of rigs and animations of provided models combinations of listed positions are possible and more than welcomed. we are looking only for skill and devotion. you dont need any degree from schools.

Bay Area (local), Anywhere (ok) [Oculus][Unity] 3d character animator needed for small project at Original Artwork

[oculus][unity] 3d character animator needed for small project original artwork bay area (local), anywhere (ok) artists hi guys. about us: we're a 3-person team making 5-10 minute oculus rift / vr projects for our portfolios. i'm a professional programmer of 7 years, my teammates and i are stanford / google employees and all motivated to keep climbing. we're currently a team of: programmer, designer, sound engineer. about our project: after a month and a half's work, our first virtual reality project is about 80% finished. we're aiming to put good ideas into production and close asap. i've seen indie development hell first hand before, and i'm a believer that keeping your ambitions realistic is the key to success. that said, we want to improve our existing game by adding some character flare! we're estimating a deployment of this game by the end of june 2015, with or without the skilled touch of a 3d artist like you. tl;dr we need an animator to put together a couple of sequences (between 1-10 character animations of roughly 5 seconds a piece) for an existing 3d model so that we can wrap up this project. more work to come if you like working with us, 100% even steven revenue sharing if any of our collaborative work ends up for sale.

Anywhere 150,000 Players Need You To Join Our Team As Modeller/Animator at Team ModCom

150,000 players need you to join our team as modeller/animator team modcom anywhere artists project: modular combat 2 (with possible work in modular combat) position: modeller/animator modular combat is a hl2 modification that has been around since 2008. at the end of january we submitted the mod to steam greenlight and valve greenlit us after 10 days! the mod has been downloaded over 150,000 times and we have a network of dedicated servers located around the world that have constant player traffic daily. the mod is currently in a playable beta like state. modular combat uses the source 2007 engine but its codebase is very messy (due to previous developers) so we're making a sequel instead on the alien swarm engine (aka asw). asw offers better graphics and ai so the game will be better all around. we will be using black mesa source models (we have permission) but they need to be converted to asw format before they can be used. we will also need some new models. that's where you come in. the team is currently small and consists of 7 people; 2 programmers, 1 project manager, 2 mappers, and 2 beta testers. requirements: - knowledge of modelling and animating in source engine. - not required but would be a plus if you know how to make textures for the models.

Anywhere Looking for Various Artists/Animators at Negative Games

looking for various artists/animators negative games anywhere artists my team and i are creating a 2d story-driven horror game. we're a new developer group, still small, but with a lot of potential. the game itself is still fairly young, we've been perfecting the story and working on concept art. so we're looking for various artists and animators to create our environments, characters, objects, etc. our game is going for a disturbing feel, so if your artwork naturally creeps people out, then we want you. the game takes place in an ever-changing afterlife version of the main character's apartment after he murders his family. so the design on the game will be more of a dark urban/industrial setting. characters will be humanoid, but mutated/mutilated versions of their previous selves. perspective wise, the camera will be relatively near the main character, so the artwork must at least be medium level quality. requirements: must be able to regularly communicate with our team must be able to work for free (with possibilities of profit-sharing) must be able to produce quality work by deadlines must be able to legally sign contracts/paperwork if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the email below or this indiedb account

Anywhere 3D Modeler at CoreFoundGaming

3d modeler corefoundgaming anywhere artists must have skype and there is no guarantee that we will obtain profits but in the event we do happen to get money you will get paid a portion of the profits. must be able to model weapons and if applicable npcs along with npc animated movements and preferable if available for future projects. must be able to know how to model in or for unreal engine 4.72. must be willing to work with others!!! any help is more than appreciated and for any questions regarding this please message me on my email it is highly preferable to have example of work on application sent through email and or linking to website where art is presented. all applications will be carefully viewed to determine we get the best help we can and anyone who took the time to view this thank you from all of us and we are eager to see you on the development team. info on what the game is will be provided upon acceptance freedom to create custom props for the game is more than welcomed. from everyone at corefoundgaming we will see you very soon.

Anywhere Sprite Artist at oceanus lunaris

sprite artist oceanus lunaris anywhere artists looking for a sprite artist for a 2d rpg game (16 bit or above) the general theme is primitive and tribal taking place in an area dominated by jungles (mayan and aztec-esque in nature), the map is going to be pretty open world with a huge map that will contain explorable dungeons and civilizations scattered about and a deep story line (if any musicians wish to contribute too i will review their work however i don't mind going to royalty free sites for those) land types: jungles beaches abandoned temples jungle towns/villages central temple city an dormant volcano underground dungeons built in ancient times poison swamps character types: tribal people chiefs warriors generic animals some generic style monsters "the chosen" (will explain more in storyline) the combat style of the game will be like hammerwatch or legend of zelda so no final fantasy type battle screen sprites will be needed more will be added to the project as it goes on and you will be accredited appropriately in game

Anywhere 3d Modelers at Enjoyable Games

3d modelers enjoyable games anywhere artists hello! i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo, on which we're working on right now, that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. we're always in search of talented people who are willing to join the team. in this ad i will talk only about the 3d artist positions. at the moment we're searching artists for model environment props (both organics as hard surface) and characters. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. don't worry we accept application even from student or less experienced artist since we think that our older team members can help youngsters to develop their skills but of course more experienced artists are really welcome on the team. now let me tell you more about the requirements for these open positions. 3d environmental artist / 3d character artist: - high level of commitment to an ambitious project - ability to create high quality 3d models following the artistic direction of the game - ability to export files in .fbx for unreal engine 4. - ability to create models from concepts or reference images. - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english language - friendly and ready to work with other 3d artist and other team members more details will be discussed and disclosed later.

Anywhere Animators for War of Rights at Campfire Games

animators for war of rights campfire games anywhere artists campfire games is currently looking for a talented animators to create authentic first and third persion animations to be used in our upcoming game "war of rights". you'll be tasked to work on recreating some of the basic military movements of the era as well as more complicated ones such as reloading/vaulting etc. it is of the utmost importance that you are able to recreate the movements of the civil war drill manuals the armies used in order to achieve the highest possible authenticity. it would be a huge plus if you have worked with animations within cryengine before, and therefore understand the pipeline. if you haven't you need to have worked with at least one other game engine. you'll be expected to be willing to study and learn the implementation process of cryengine as well as willing to put some work into the project. we do however already have some animations ingame and will be here to guide you through the process. you'll be the team's main animator - we do have an experienced animator on the team who will be able to function as a superviser should that be needed. all of the developers at campfire games are working for free carried by the passion for the project as well as trying to make it within the games industry and having our very own game released. that being said, we are willing to discuss shares of royalties. for more info about the game, please visit we look forward to be hearing from you!

Anywhere Crude Weapon Modeler at Anywhere

crude weapon modeler anywhere anywhere artists all you need to know is how to make competent quake .mdls i need animated models (ecen just 3 frames will do). i need models that look a bit similar to the shadow warrior (original) sprites. if you know how to make crappy models and animations for the quake .mdl format, you're good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ requirements: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you must have quake (shareware is ok). you must also have a 3d modeling program (blender is ok) with the ability to export quake.mdl animations. if you do it, you will be put on the official credits, and you wil be able to playtest the mod before anyone else. if you must have proof of the mod's development, jst say so, i will send you a screenshot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what is this mod? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the mod is called doomsville, and it fixes quake. my complaints about quake: too brown, so i will make sure the maps are colorful. enemies not fragile enough, so i made the weapons more powerful. the maps were maze-like, so i will make them faster and more linear.

Romania or anywhere else 3D Moddeler at N.E.M. Games

3d moddeler n.e.m. games romania or anywhere else artists hi.i'm eduard, the ceo of n.e.m. games.we are a very small team of people with same we working on a serious project,a horror survival game.we live in romainia and live a good life of high school. since now we develop android games, but now we want to go to next level, to develop a pc horror survival game.the game will use the technology of unity 3d game engine.we want to make a demo and push it online to see the feedback,after that, we start to develop the whole game.the game will have a good graphics,but very optimised for a good game experience. we need a pasionated person with some experience in 3d modeling to create or to prelucrate 3d models. now we can't pay you,but in the future all members of the team will be paid. you have to: - to know basics of 3d modelin - know basics of u unity3d game engine(optional) - know basics of 3d rigging and animation(optional) - to be able to collaborate and communicate with us visit our site to view the last our game.

Anywhere [ROYALTIES] 3D Hard Surface Modeller at Raven 4 Studios

[royalties] 3d hard surface modeller raven 4 studios anywhere artists raven 4 studios is a indie study to develop high quality video games for pc and xbox platforms. we are looking for a 3d hard surface artist to help develop a high quality game. you will be tasked to model the hard surface using the best known techniques and skills, always seeking of solving obstacles that may arise, working closely with the team. [this offer is for royalties only. each member accepted gets a percentage of any profits made] skills & requirements: -translate concepts and reference material into next-gen hard surface game content like mechanical objects. -knowledge in zbrush, maya, 3d max, photoshop or equal software. -enjoy the video games and have a critical vision as a player. -excellent understanding and use of colour and light. -a good eye for realistic detail and scale. -good time-management skills and ability to work closely to deadlines. -a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards game development. essential skills and experience: -ability to model a hard surface in great detail based on 2d references (weapons, vehicles, mech, props). -skill and knowledge to model the high poly and then be capable of carry the low poly model. -ability to generate uv optimized for video games. -texturing capacity models based on pbr. -ability to generate normal map and all maps based on pbr. -knowledge of substance painter, designer substance or ddo to generate complex maps for unreal engine 4. -basic knowledge of unreal engine 4 to present the model to the team. (although does not own some of these skills, but you think you could develop them quickly and well, feel free to send your cv and portfolio). the development of our game video is based on commitment and the honesty. payment will be based on the work done and time spent as we have reached the point of sale (royalties). we seek artist committed to the success and perseverance and which accept the challenge of creating your future and achieve their dreams.

USA [POSITION CLOSED]Character Animator Wanted at Tynik

[position closed]character animator wanted tynik usa artists want to work with a group of 2 passionate developers out to create great and fun games? if so - then this job is for you! we are looking for a 3d character animator to help us develop our current project. this job will see you working in a small team to develop and create games. you will animate characters and discuss the game with the team. communication skills and the ability to be a civilized team member are expected. responsibilities • animate 3d character rigs • create a wide variety of animations for the character • work in a team cooperatively and respectfully requirements & skills • knowledge of animating(intermediate) and 3d software • decent understanding of unity3d(beginners to amateur) • at least a year or so of animating experience(personal or professional) • between the ages of 15-25 • understanding of basic 3d game concepts • availability on skype/facebook etc at least twice a week bonus skills these skills are not required but will help your chances • intermediate knowledge of c# and the unity3d mecanim system • 3d modelling and rigging

Anywhere Character ANIMATOR needed now! ROYALTIES at Revelations Studios

character animator needed now! royalties revelations studios anywhere artists revelations studios is a small studio that's in the process of creating a new linear horror title that focuses on psychological horror rather than jump scares. we need an animator to take the models we give you, possibly rig them, and then animate them. there are a total of 20 characters, the first of which is nearly done. many of the other 3d art assets are nearly complete as well. we did pitch the idea to a publisher, who liked the idea, but decided not to move on it for two reasons: no demo/vertical slice, and it didn't fit their marketing plan for the next few years. once we get our demo finished, we're going to start pitching to more publishers so that we can all get an actual paycheck for the work we're doing. if that doesn't work, then we'll hold a kickstarter and publish the game ourselves, and each receive 5% royalties. if you get hired, you'll also be under contract, so you will get paid. requirements: know how to make good looking animations be able to create good looking cutscenes knowledge or experience with unity 3d and any modeling or animating program like blender ability to work at least 10 per week for the project, and more if we get a publisher. ability to get animations done on time. preferable, not necessary knowledge of any programming language ability to rig a model have experience in the field if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Anywhere Anathon [royalty] at Anywhere

anathon [royalty] anywhere anywhere artists anathon, a game project that has been in the works since january of this year is looking for some help to reach our goal of having an alpha version of the game ready by september of this year. we are looking for help in the following areas. we are looking for people who can meet deadlines, have clear communication skills, and the ability to follow directions. 2d - concept arts with monsters, npcs, and animation 3d - monster (must be able to rig) 3d - environments - tile sets, buildings and level design texture artist programming (knowledge of c# a must) web design information about the project role playing game with focus on character development and story. documentation about the project can be found here target aim: pc, xbox, ps4 compensation: royalty based website (under construction) if you are interested in joining our team please email me at thank you for your time.

Anywhere Graphic Artist / Model Skinner at The Cost of Liberty

graphic artist / model skinner the cost of liberty anywhere artists the cost of liberty is looking for skilled graphic artists to create historically authentic american revolution uniforms and maybe weapons for our mount & blade: napoleonic wars mod. you will be in charge of making the skins for each model that will accurately depict 18th century uniforms of the era. all we really require is that you are familiar with .dds files and perhaps even the ability to map models. the cost of liberty mod is based on the american revolution (1774-1783), we plan to depict the entire war rather than a specific part of the era through our maps and uniforms. we have been in development for nearly a year and wish to complete our objective within this year if possible. we have had plenty of trials along the way and are looking for a loyal crew to help us finish up the mod and release it to the public. our mod can be found here as well as our fse forum and steam page: "all hail king george!", "down with the tyrant!" - [tcol dev] polarbeats

Anywhere Texture Artist / UV Mapping Artist at Augment Studios

texture artist / uv mapping artist augment studios anywhere artists we at augment studios, are recruiting multiple members, for a sci-fi role-playing game. right now, we require a texture artist to be able to create his own textures and then uv unwrap them onto our models. our team consists of 6 members at the moment, all engaged in different aspects. before applying to this, note that we need someone who is sure to stay and can texture quickly. we need someone dedicated to this project. if you could do anything besides texturing , you'd also be of a great help to us. besides this position, feel free to apply for any other position that may aid us in our project. also, this is a volunteer position, which means it is initially unpaid, and that whatever the applicant shall get will be a share of the game's profits. if you agree to joining this project, we'll send you an nda and fill you in with all the necessary information as soon as it is signed. we are currently working to get the game's mechanics in place. as soon as that's done , we'll start with the story.

Anywhere 2D Animator for Cutscenes searched at Simails Entertainment

2d animator for cutscenes searched simails entertainment anywhere artists hello, we need soeone, who can animate 2d animations. the animations are like tv shows, like my little pony, or other typical flash animation movies. so, the game is called "mr. crooked crazy 2". and it's a 2d jump and run. but all informations about the game are secret right now. so, basicly the game is a 2d jump and run sidescroller called "mr. crooked crazy 2". in short, its a game about a man, who must save the world before a evil scientist, who want's to to rule the world. for that, he made monsters and robots, who make his will. so, mr. crooked crazy, named "craze", must destroy the 3 bases that the evil scientist made for controlling his subjects. the game is really funny and consists of many flatjokes. and also, it's inspired by many games, just like super mario, rayman origins/legends, shantae and the pirates curse and other game's. the cutscenes are all in a cartoonic style, and for this we need a animator. we can pay you, if you want. but the payment depends on what you want, and what we have. so, if you are interessted please email me or add me on skype. i can tell you details when you message me, because it's currently secret and no one need to know much about it, except for the people who work at it.

Anywhere Concept Artist at Augment Studios

concept artist augment studios anywhere artists we at augment studios, are recruiting multiple members, for a sci-fi role-playing game. right now, we require a concept artist to be able to create environment concepts for a 3d artist to be able to recreate. our team consists of 8 members at the moment, including concept artists , 3d artists , a writer , and a composer. before applying to this, note that we need someone who is sure to stay and can texture quickly. we need someone dedicated to this project. if you could do anything besides concept art, you'd also be of a great help to us. besides this position, feel free to apply for any other position that may aid us in our project. also, this is a volunteer position, which means it is initially unpaid, and that whatever the applicant shall get will be a share of the game's profits. if you agree to joining this project, we'll send you an nda and fill you in with all the necessary information as soon as it is signed. we are currently working to get the game's mechanics in soon as that's done , we'll carry on with the story which we have left undone.

United Kingdom Cold Dawn: Character Modeller at New Reality Studios

cold dawn: character modeller new reality studios united kingdom artists job role: character modeller employer: new reality studios product: cold dawn game engine: blender game engine closing date: 31/07/2015 description: new reality studios is looking for a skilled character modeller to work on the upcoming video game: cold dawn. all applicants must be eligible to work in the uk and must have 2 years experience in character modelling and animation. cold dawn is a science fiction shooter that has been in planning for over 5 years and is now in development stage. to view the game, click in this link here: the candidate must: have knowledge on how to model in blender, autodesk maya and/or daz studio have knowledge on rigging and animating characters in first and third person perspective. able to uv map and texture character models and parts to near professional standard. 2 years experience in designing characters for animated movies, video games or short films. college qualifications of merit or distinction grade in level 3 motion graphics and animation. able to work to a deadline and access to skype for weekly update reports. more information to applicants who are interested.

Anywhere 3D Modelers, Character Artist, Texture Artist, Animators and Coders needed at War Studio

3d modelers, character artist, texture artist, animators and coders needed war studio anywhere artists we are developing projects called command and conquer renegade ii, a mod called bwtfgw and a game on unreal engine 4. you can see them here: the game for unreal engine 4 has not been announced yet. we are looking for: 3d artist 3d character artist texture artist animators coders to apply to join the studio read the following: you must have previous work shown in order to be accepted. you must have quick communication via steam, skype, teamspeak 3. explain why you want to join the studio. you must have also already have played the original command & conquer games and understand the story line of command & conquer. you must have knowledge of autodesk 3ds max and or blender. for coders: you must have knowledge of unreal development kit to apply. we are currently not accepting freelance applications this is a voluntary position only. if your application is accepted you will be given a list of projects that you can choose from to do your work. thank you.

Anywhere Need HUD for Hl2 ep2 sp-mod (Ep3;The Closure) at SPYmaps development

need hud for hl2 ep2 sp-mod (ep3;the closure) spymaps development anywhere artists after 4,5 years of development the half life2 ep2 sp-mod called episode 3: the closure is almost ready for release. there are still a few things missing, from which one is the hud. have you made a hud before and do you want to help out making one for this mod then please contact me. if you want to reply then please know that this is a serious request! to often people contact me in a enthousiastic mode just to never hear from them again. or they promise all kind of things, just to never hear from them again. so please know what you start when you want to deliver content. creating a hud is not something that is done within one hour. also will replying not mean that you can play the mod before release, as some people seem to think. this all does sound very negative, i know. but i have had so many people who dream of working on a mod, till they find out how much work it actualy is, and then quit. and when this happens time after time again, then it does cost me time and effort instead of that it helps me out creating this mod. so please be serious when you think about replying, that is all i am asking. ofcourse will you be credited for all your work in the mod itself and in all promotion material that is published. hope to hear from you. (please only reply when you are serious, and not just enthousiastic for one day.) here you can find info, screenshots and movies about the mod; and here you can find all my hl2 sp-mods; please check out my website for all my other game mods. leon spymaps brinkmann

Anywhere | Skype | Pref Europe Concept Artist For New Project at Unity In Games

concept artist for new project unity in games anywhere | skype | pref europe artists i will start by saying unityingames is about more than just money... it's what indie games truly stand for, we are here to enjoy creating games and of course money is a goal and we can try to grow into a company and one day be able to pay everyone that helped us a wage, but right now it's about just getting together, having fun, and trying skill required are simple... 1. you have to speak english, fluently 2. be able to create art that would draw people in, background for our menus, banners for our pages... images for our ads the game right now it's a basic game that is mainly to test our skills, to make inevitable mistakes and learn from it so we are ready to produce a real game this game will be in unity, the first game will 100% be browser based, it will be an overhead game like boxhead, slightly futuristic in 2055, this all takes place after a war where machines were created that used nature as a weapon and natural disasters destroyed most of civilizations, you fight for a group against terrorists after civilisation was starting to build back up, some things about augmentation, mind control and that pretty much sums up the basics any question feel free to contact me preferably through

Anywhere 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Humanoid Modeling/Animation, and/or Texturing at Gliese Games

3d modeling, 3d animation, humanoid modeling/animation, and/or texturing gliese games anywhere artists necessities: 3d modeling, 3d animation, humanoid modeling/animation, and/or texturing. unity experience is a must for humanoids and any other 3d animation. this is for portfolio purposes only. there is no pay that will be distributed unless, because of the game being extremely well done, we are accepted to distribute the game to something like steam and/or other publishers. so imagine it as a "free internship" unless steam and/or other distributors accept our game. this will provide you with some portfolio work to show that you not only started a project (which no one cares if you start one) but to show that you finished a full project (the key thing employers look for). it also will help you get experience in a team-based environment. we will be using skype for communication, trello for roles and updates in the development process, google drive for design documents, bitbucket for everyone to share the same project in sync, and unity for the actual game. your preferred art program is up to you, as long as you can successfully export to the unity engine and can test your models. the project is expected to start mid to late may and go on for at least 3 months.

Europe [Looking][Multiple Positions] Dark Medieval RPG at RED RIVER DIGITAL

[looking][multiple positions] dark medieval rpg red river digital europe artists the game the game sets the player in the boots of the drifter parcival godrigson; a charlatan, scavenger and hired sword - used and protected from the law by the merchant's guild. tasked with acquiring a deceased nobleman's tournament prize, he will be pulled into the thick of the imminent war he so direly tried to avoid. yet the war, will be the least of his troubles - come nightfall. birmwood is a dark medieval rpg with slavic inspiration. the game offers thoughts on the fate of a hero in fiction, the sacrifices he has to take and their impact, their consequences on his character. birmwood takes place in a fully custom fiction worked on for five years and features an in-depth lore. the game (not the fiction) is inspired by titles such as: gothic (1, 2), witcher (1, 2) and zelda. focusing on exploration and immersing the player in a rich setting. a great focus is laid on the player's interaction with the world and its inhabitants - not everything has to be killed and monsters have a greater reason to exist beyond filling the space. the game will feature: - background information on all npc's and monsters (not only the main character has a life and meaning) - dynamic monster behaviour (monsters have a reason to exist, each acts differently and while small in number, make up in value - sometimes, bypassing them or curing them, is a better choice then slaying) - fear system (keeping away the animals and monsters at night or at dark is the least of parcival's issue) - less cutscenes and more actual gameplay - chapter wise gameplay (telltale games like approach, each chapter further adds to the original map, unlocking the entire region in which the game takes place) our style for the game, we wish to focus on making our own style and tell the story through it. while a realistic approach would further add to our adult focused story, it can also quickly get outdated, thus a rather stylized and with that semi-realistic style comes in order. the style of games such as dishonored, bioshock is really something we take to heart. the current team [spoiler]the following positions are taken by the current team: - 3d modeller (structures) - concept artist (character, structure) - audio (music and sound effects) - voice acting (main characters, monsters) - writer - graphic artist - texture artist what we need to realize this project, we require the following roles: - 3d modeller (environment, props, character) - level designer - monster concept artist - voice actor (various npc's, main characters taken) - programmer if you are interested to join our group or have any questions, you can contact me via skype or e-mail. you may also contact me for a position not listed in the requirement area. join our merry band and let's realize this great idea together! - skype: mrgookles (amadeus birca) - email:

Anywhere NPC/Player Modeler at Deathman Labs Games

npc/player modeler deathman labs games anywhere artists looking for a skilled modeler willing to work for free, to make human models, possibly animating them as well. come with own textures or ask to have them supplied, just send over a uv. can export to .obj or preferably smd. game will be using source engine. game is based off a custom map for the indie game minecraft, called cube incorporated. taking place in an underground billion dollar scientific research and development company titled cube inc., which has monopolized the world, you play as aaron, a man sent on a mysterious mission from a dystopian future to corrupt cube. the only way to save the world, is first to destroy it. deathman labs is a fun place to work. working and communicating mainly electronically, we are a small company with hands in everything from computers to weapons to robotics to film. you can communicate with the boss regularly and have very little restrictions. work at your own pace, but do try to keep up. we can not pay you, so your only reward is publicity. if we do end up getting commercial gain from this game, we can discuss payment.

Anywhere Pixel Artist at Bytecoding

pixel artist bytecoding anywhere artists bytecoding is a small startup based in ticino, the california of switzerland. we are looking for an experienced pixel artist to join our talented and multicultural team working on the next big 2d top down game. what you offer: - proven pixel art experience - 2d portfolio ready to show - ability to create concept art - ability to match our existing game graphics and animations - knowledge of sprite sheets and tile sets - ability to communicate in english - big passion for top down 2d games is a big plus (like zelda, secret of mana, secret of evermore, secret of time, terranigma, chrono trigger). what we offer: - young, dynamic, multicultural team - opportunity to work independently - possibilities for your personal development - a versatile, performance-oriented environment - flexible working hours if this description stimulates you, if you feel the need to create something unique and special, if you feel ready to help us making a change on our and your life take contact at to explore this amazing opportunity. looking forward to meet you.

Anywhere | Skype Concept Artist/Scripter at Unime

concept artist/scripter unime anywhere | skype artists hello everyone, i am the ceo & founder of unime we are currently looking for a pixel artist who can help provide sprites and/or concept art for our website. we currently have have our website still in development. some of the work you'll be doing is creating sprite body parts such as heads,arms,torso, hands and feet for male/female sprites as well as accessories. other things you'll be doing is creating completely original artwork for the website. such as character and monster designs. note : the website is anime based so the artwork supplied should have a anime look and feel to them. i will be 100% honest regarding payment - you will be paid for some of the work you do for us but this is a position that will be switch to full time once the website is 100% up & running. as of right now the work done will be paid depending on its difficulty. if you are looking to let your artwork be known around the globe and would love to join our team, please write me at you can find out more about unime on our intro page as soon as its completed or via skype during your interview. thank you for reading and have a great day ahead! have a nice day, javone @ unime

Anywhere | skype 3D modeler and concept artist needed at Horstad Games

3d modeler and concept artist needed horstad games anywhere | skype artists hello,we are horstad games and we are looking for someone experinced in 3d modeling and texturing but also the ability to make characters is a must for our game,your comunication skills must also be good and the ability to speak fluent english would be nice to have,as for the concept artist we do not ask for a lot. you must work at least 1 or 2 hours per day but we can make exceptions,so far we are a team of 8 people each with experince raging from 2 to 6 years. about the project:this will be a post-apocaliptyc atmospheric horror fps set in soviet russia(1950) in a nuclear nuked city,if you have ever played s.t.a.l.k.e.r or metro it would be a nice thing because we are aiming for something a little similar to that but still original. we are working to make a beautiful post apocaliptyc winter envoierment,our game is slighly linear meaning we can go further with poly count and graphics in general delivering a better experince to the player. this is not a paid project but we will share revenue when we release it and through donations,we hope our project caught your interest and hope to hear from you soon!

Anywhere Character Animator at Pixel Issue

character animator pixel issue anywhere artists the pixel issue are looking for a 3d character animator, experienced with unity 5 and mecanim, for our spy vs spy game, hide and shriek mansion. immediate start, length of contract tbd after discussing the project requirements. expected to be 1-2 months only. our character has been rigged with mixamo and has basic walk/run cycles added, but the character may require to be rigged, and set up from scratch, so we have a clean animation system. we're aiming for luigi's mansion style visuals and animation. a short list of the animations we need: climbing up through a manhole picking a lock on a door picking up items and ground, waist and head level climbing up/down a drainpipe walking along a ledge interacting with a window opening a window climbing through a window sneaking around searching some furniture setting some traps around the environment reaction to triggering a trap safe cracking holding up an item sliding down a pole activating a revolving bookcase falling to the bottom of the stairs please pm us your reel and rates. more details on the game at

Anywhere (ROYALTIES) Environments Concept Artist. at Raven 4 Studios

(royalties) environments concept artist. raven 4 studios anywhere artists raven 4 studios is an indie study to develop high quality video games for pc and xbox platforms. we are looking for a talented environments concept artist to help develop a high quality game. you will be tasked to develop ideas from initial conceptual stages to final artwork production, working closely with the team. this means that you will be responsible for creating the first vision of the environments an impressive manner. [this job offer is based royalties. each member accepted gets a percentage of any profits made] skills & requirements: - create high quality photo-realistic production environments concepts. - iterate on ideas using quick sketches and thumbnails. - work with the game designer and team to create high quality and -consistent visuals. essential skills and experience: - enjoy the video games and have a critical vision as a player. - excellent understanding and use of color and light. - strong sense of design and composition. - a good eye for realistic detail and scale. - good communication skills and ability to work within a team. - good time-management skills and ability to work closely to deadlines. - a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards game development. - strong traditional artistic skills. the development of our game video is based on commitment and the honesty. payment will be based on the work done and time spent as we have reached the point of sale (royalties). we seek artist committed to the success and perseverance and which accept the challenge of creating your future and achieve their dreams.

USA Animator at Picklefeet Games

animator picklefeet games usa artists animator picklefeet games is looking for a skilled remote animator to join our team. we are a new and independent pc game studio launched by the designer, artist, and programmer responsible for the successful steam game adventurer manager. join an ambitious studio on a project we are passionate about! this is a contract job offering royalties to be paid on game release with other possible incentives and the chance to gain some valuable experience in the game industry with proven developers. responsibilities: - animate attacks, idle, movement, and special abilities - animate world items - attend weekly video studio and art team meetings - communicate regularly with lead artist, programmer, and designer - maintain regular email and google chat correspondence when working minimum qualifications: - knowledge of 2d animation techniques - familiarity with keyframe animation programs like flash, after effects, etc. - understanding of skeletal animations in bipedal figures as well as other creatures - familiarity with unity - experience working as a 2d animator - passion for games and the games industry preferred qualifications: - familiarity with spine animation program - familiarity with unity’s mecanim system - familiarity with 3d modeling programs like maya, blender, etc. - ui animation experience - understanding of inverse kinematics - experience with 2d storyboarding and visual storytelling - prior experience working as an animator in the game industry

Anywhere / Skype Concept Artist at Beluga Entertainment

concept artist beluga entertainment anywhere / skype artists we need some concept artists for an unnamed project we'll be starting quite soon. the plot of this project is as follows: it is some year in the 1970's. you are a character, joined with other in the desert camping out for a few weeks. over the course of those weeks, a military base is run over by genetically changed humans, who were tortured in the base. the mutants take over the desert area and you must survive as you make your way towards the base. on the way you encounter other survivors, more mutants, yada, yada, yada. the plot sounds kind of corny, but we're developing it as it goes. we mainly need some environmental artists, working with the landscape of the mojave and/or sonora desert first. more concept art will be needed, so if you want, just send any type of art that coincides with the plot. requirements are: - able to speak english on skype chat - must have some knowledge in art - must keep in contact with the developers we'll be using the udk in this game. if you have any more questions about the game or the team, just email us.

Anywhere Enthusiastic Artist needed at enthusiastic Fallout RP group

enthusiastic artist needed enthusiastic fallout rp group anywhere artists looking for enthusiast artist for interesting role playing / promotional project. art stile we are looking for is something similar to this. but we are willing to consider any tipe of style which could fit fallout world. we are enthusiastic group of players, which makes user generated content for fallout online ( world. and only person we are missing in our team is artist. tasks will include illustrating rp texts and preparing slides for videos. p.s: this style we chose because it fits perfectly, but will consider other types of art with pleasure p.s.s: will consider payment if art is better then anticipated. tho cant promise much, since it is enthusiasm driven project which will not be monetized at any point. we do it for fun, and fun only.

Anywhere Anime style 3D modeler for Blender at Anywhere

anime style 3d modeler for blender anywhere anywhere artists i am in need of a 3d modeler/animator for my horror game thousand souls. this is my first game in 3d and i am not capable of modeling people. you must be able to take a character sketch and turn it into a 3d model (anime style people is a requirement). you don't have to be fast, but also not too slow, as i don't intend on this game being done in a timely fashion. don't expect any payment, this game is going to be free, and this is a volunteer job. plus i'm only a minor. if you can do more than just people, that would be fantastic. but you must be able to do animations. the 3d animation tool you use must be blender, or your models must be sent in the blender format. that way, it makes it easier on me to convert it into a format i can use, since i'm using the jmonkey engine. when you submit your work, you must include the model, textures, a list of the names of animation channels, and a screenshot of what the model is supposed to look like. your models must have a game format skeleton. you are free to suggest any changes to the appearance of the models. your models must also have textures applied, because i also don't know how to paint textures yet.

Anywhere 2D artists at Eastglade Mobile

2d artists eastglade mobile anywhere artists hello, we're an indie group working on an indie game. currently, we're in need of an enviornmental & character artist. our team would like to greet the new member of the team in the field of 2d concepts. yes, our team needs 2d artist to help us finishing the late build of the game. if you are the indie-concept artist we're here to learn more about you, your expectation and your experience. if you are interesting here is the link to our game in greenlight: the art style that we're looking for is a colorful, 2d style, similar to tropico and old movies. if you are interested in working with us, please provide us with some sample art. any details about the level of involvement or questions with the project can be discussed. we are mostly looking artists on voluntary basis. so, if you are interesting to joint us, feel free to contact with us via email and we will describe & explain all core aspects & functionality of our game. also you may see some examples of characters & environment style in our twitter.

Anywhere 3D Character Modeler at Pixel Issue

3d character modeler pixel issue anywhere artists the pixel issue are looking for a 3d character modeler, for our spy vs spy game, hide and shriek mansion. immediate start, length of contract tbd after discussing the project requirements. expected to be 1-2 months only. we're aiming for a low poly, cartoon style, such as in: day of the tentacle: disney’s guilty party: luigi’s mansion: zack & wiki: we would like to have 2-4 playable characters and some optional wearable items so the players can customize their character. characters will include: spy thief guard janitor please pm us your portfolio and rates. more details on the game at hide & shriek mansion is a work in progress multiplayer game in unity 3d, which will combine spy vs spy and hide n' seek. spies and thieves vs guards and janitors, trap setting gameplay, fully navigable environments including climbing drainpipes, through windows, airvents and chimneys!

Anywhere Concept Artist (Character) at Augment Studios

concept artist (character) augment studios anywhere artists we at augment studios, are recruiting multiple members, for a sci-fi role-playing game. right now, we require a concept artist to be able to create character concepts for a 3d artist to be able to recreate. our team consists of 9 members at the moment, including concept artists , 3d artists , a writer , and a composer. before applying to this, note that we need someone who is sure to stay and can texture quickly. we need someone dedicated to this project. if you could do anything besides concept art, you'd also be of a great help to us. besides this position, feel free to apply for any other position that may aid us in our project. also, this is a volunteer position, which means it is initially unpaid, and that whatever the applicant shall get will be a share of the game's profits. if you agree to joining this project, we'll send you an nda and fill you in with all the necessary information as soon as it is signed. we are currently working to get the game's mechanics in soon as that's done , we'll carry on with the story which we have left undone.

Anywhere Scope reticle artist at Cheeki Breeki Bandit Crew

scope reticle artist cheeki breeki bandit crew anywhere artists me and my team are working on a mod for stalker: call of pripyat named radium and we're in need of good scope reticles for the mod. the .dds files need to work on 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 aspect ratios, which can be accomplished by making the scopes 1024x1024 and we can just add black bars to the sides or something for different aspect ratios. or if you feel like doing more work you can create different sizes for different aspect ratios and we could have the user choose their scope ratio via installer options. what i don't want is very large size scope textures, because if you do that certain in-game renders can't display them correctly. we need the following reticles so far: standard pso scope ( in vanilla files) svd scope (pso-1 i believe) 1p59 scope acog 4x32 acog 2x20 binoculars rpg-7 scope gauss rifle scope (just make something up) vpo-134 scope schmidt 1.1-4x shortdot accupoint 3-9x40 mil-dot sniper scope g36 scope fn2000 scope xm8 scope susat scope with illuminated reticle

Anywhere [HOBBY] 2D Game Artist at deeepgames

[hobby] 2d game artist deeepgames anywhere artists we are a team of hobbists and call ourselves "deeep games". our latest game, "flying cavemen", revolves around a caveman that wants to learn how to fly. it's an infinite scroller/launcher game and we're very close to wrapping up the game, for android/web and hopefully ios. we just need a bit more polish in our product before we're happy to ship it. part of the art has already been done by another artist and we expect you to be able to pick up on his style. we are looking for a hobby artist, and are estimating around 1 month of work. [center]---[/center] we are a team of hobbists and call ourselves "deeep games". our latest game, "flying cavemen", revolves around a caveman that wants to learn how to fly. it's an infinite scroller/launcher game and we're very close to wrapping up the game, for android/web and hopefully ios. we just need a bit more polish in our product before we're happy to ship it. part of the art has already been done by another artist and we expect you to be able to pick up on his style. we are looking for a hobby artist, and are estimating around 1 month of work.

Anywhere Looking for Texture Artists, Modelers and Concept Aritsts for HL2: Dark Skies at Spidart Studios

looking for texture artists, modelers and concept aritsts for hl2: dark skies spidart studios anywhere artists dark skies is to be a total conversion source (source 2 in the future) modification recreating the old concepts and storyline of half-life 2 in our own way. plot: 10 tears after the resonance cascade the earth is in a state of peril. destruction is everywhere and the human populace is held captive by a powerful, inter-dimensional force known as the combine. these oppressors hold mankind within fortified cities, forcing them to do hazardous factory work. meanwhile the planet's resources are being stripped and the air polluted with toxic, murky fumes. then gordon arrives, sparking the uprising to end the combine's reign. before applying, please be familiar with half-life 2 and its old concepts. concept artists: we need skilled artists capable of designing characters and/or complex architecture. texture artists: we need artists capable of making hd world textures. modelers: we also need talented 3d modelers to create hd characters and props. for this role, it is preferred that you have previous experience working with the source engine. this is our most needed role as of now.

Anywhere 3D design - Single character at Moraxian Studios

3d design - single character moraxian studios anywhere artists we at moraxian studios are currently looking for a 3d modeler with experience designing mechanical objects and/or characters. for this job, you will be required to make a bipedal mech of < 10,000 polygons for our game, opulentium. although it will not be necessary to texture or rig this model, it would be preferred, but not required, that you unwrap it's uvw maps into at most 4 seperate ids. this is a volunteer position, and as such, you will not be paid for it at the time of completion; if the game makes any money in the future, you will be given a once off payment for your work if you desire. this job should be done on your part for experience or simply because you enjoy designing these types of characters. you will not be required to do anything else beyond this single character. if you are interested in working for us, please contact lead developer david specht via email:, and please show some of your work. this may be an online port-folio or attached images. feel free to also inquire about our game or any aspect of the job.

Anywhere Character Sprite Artist - Project Maelin at Project Maelin Production Group

character sprite artist - project maelin project maelin production group anywhere artists character sprite artist: the character sprite artist would take a piece of concept art and create basic character sprites. would also have major input to the character design and implement. duties: - turning concept art into a character sprite - expanding the initial sprite into various basic animation cycles. - standing, walking, running and jumping, etc. - making minor adjustments to the sprites as needed. project description: project maelin is intended to be a retro influenced platformer along with unique gameplay additions. following the adventures of maelin as she fights against the forces of evil that would burn the world. company: project maelin is the first project for the company, as such, we haven't decided on a name as of yet. we're a small team, focused on the fundamentals of creating a good game, first and foremost. payment: until the demo is up and running, there is no guarantee of payment. contact information: if you do contact me, please have a previous character sprite ready to shown. for any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me directly.

Anywhere 3d Modeler and Programmer needed in team. at BugDev Studios

3d modeler and programmer needed in team. bugdev studios anywhere artists hi, we are working on games since two years have launched some few small games on android and ios. we need a experienced 3d artist, a programmer who has experience with mutliplayer game server. - the project is a multiplayer turn based tower defense type game. - the engine would be unity3d or cocos2d-x(depending on the experience of the programmers of the team). - each member will be given royalities and if we get funding on kickstart they will be get paid accordingly. - artwork would be 2d but may you would have make models in 3d first. it depends on your skills. - the game would be lauched on ios first and then android. the applicants - must have experience in their field. atleast have one completed game online. - should be able to give enough time(at least 20 hours) a week. - should take proud in his work. - must be willing to work long time as this is not a small project. - must attend biweekly meetings - must be availble on skype. the project has very good potential and it would be on going project, so please only serious people apply. if you cannot work on a long project please do not apply. thanks

Skype or Bulgaria [WANTED] Artist for game at Atom Games

[wanted] artist for game atom games skype or bulgaria artists we need an artist to help with the development of a game named "the shapeshifter". the game is a platformer and the main character is a shapeshifting creature. we need concepts for the character, obstacles, items, different forms of the character, enemies, allies. as the team right now (2 people) are beginners in unity and are very bad at drawing (but we do have alot of ideas!) we will also need programmers and other roles. we will have to communicate using skype. most of it has to be text as i and the other developer (who currently is not registered on indiedb) will not be able to talk on skype most of the time. we require you to show us a small concept on email. you need at least to have a good amount of skill in drawing. optionally, we can see something you drew while working on something else or just a drawing you made for fun. if everything goes right, when the game is released you will get money from unity ads. the game that you will be working on will be released on android, ios windows, linux and mac.

Skype or Bulgaria [WANTED] Animator, 3D Modeler, people that have experience with shaders at Atom Games

[wanted] animator, 3d modeler, people that have experience with shaders atom games skype or bulgaria artists we are searching for 3d modelers, animators and people that are experienced with shaders. the game that they will be working on is a platformer and it's main character is a shapeshifting creature. the name of it is "the shapeshifter". it is going to be developed on the unity engine and will be released on ios, android, windows, mac and linux. developers will get money from unity ads (i will also buy unity pro for all the developers if they do not have it already if we get enough money from ads after the game is released). communication will occur through skype. skills required: a good amount of skill using the software for modelling you will be using, animating software you will be using or skill with shaders. previous experiences with game development are optional. a small pitch (model that you have made before, some small demo for unity shaders, an animated model for unity that we can check out to see if we can hire you) that will be sent through email. optionally, if you have experience with other roles that will be hired and some one from that role is having issues, you can take his role and show him what to do for around 5-10 minutes. when the game is finished and gets enough money from unity ads (if possible) you will get a few bucks additionally.

Anywhere 3D Modeler/Rigger/Animator - Story Driven ~Quality~ Horror Game at Anywhere

3d modeler/rigger/animator - story driven ~quality~ horror game anywhere anywhere artists team of two is looking for one 3d modeler/rigger/animator - story driven ~quality~ horror game. we are developing a quality story driven indie horror game and we would like to add a new hard working member to our team. we aim for pc/steam and we have some elements of the project ready, but still it is wip. the new member must have experience with 3d modelling/animation, importing animations in unity 5 (mecanim). personal portfolio that demonstrates your work is important. we need someone who will be dedicated to the team & have the time to deliver quality assets on schedule. the following describes the ideal person that we are looking for: - be able to properly import & setup states of humanoid animations in unity 5 - be ready to work with unity package exports - be able to follow design references accurately and work in a range of styles - be able to create new terrifying monsters/characters - be able to create moderate to complex and organic models - have good understanding of anatomy - have a strong sense of scale, form, weight and volume - have a good understanding of clean polygon modelling - be experienced in skinning - quality uv mapping - have good communication skills in english - have good team-working skills - professional spirit - any concept drawing is welcomed - and most of all be able to deliver on schedule if you feel that the above requirements describe you, please don't hesitate, come join us. members who will be able to accomplish the above and help us will have access to equal revenue when the project finishes.

Anywhere [ROYALTY SHARE] 2D Artist at Little Leds

[royalty share] 2d artist little leds anywhere artists little leds looking for a ilustrator for a wario ware touched like game. -------------------------- before continue, please be advised that the professionals will be paid with the royalties after the release of the game. -------------------------- we are looking for an artist for a wario ware touched like multiplatform game - mobile, tablets, desktop and all in one devices. the artist needs to make some characters and some scenarios so, adobe illustrator kung fu master skills will make all the difference for us. (we are expecting 3 to 4 hours a week for 2 months). the professional you can be a rookie, but must need a professional attitude. we can help you in whatever way we can, but if you are not commited don’t wate your time and please don’t waste ours. if you want to see our other games, please take a look on our site. all of our games where made with volunteer work and royalty share system; if you are interested, please send us an e-mail with your portfolio to

Anywhere Various at Unvanquished Development

various unvanquished development anywhere artists about unvanquished is a free, open-source fps game with rts elements, facing off technologically advanced humans against monstrous aliens. players can choose either team, and must maintain a base while attempting to destroy enemy base structures. humans rely on a broad variety of weapons and futuristic equipment, while aliens utilize claws, poisonous bites, and more. the game itself is under highly active development, with monthly alpha releases made on the first sunday of each month, bringing new artwork, gameplay, and engine features to the community. pre-alpha began september 2011, and our first alpha release was march 2012. we have made more than thirty alpha releases since then, and we expect to reach beta sometime next year. our project receives regular coverage on major sites like phoronix, where we have been praised for the quality of our artwork for an open source project. the team behind unvanquished is an international one, and developers range from experienced hobbyists to professionals contributing their free time, all of whom are centrally coordinated on our irc channel and forums. interface designers (html/css) our new ui system is based off librocket, which allows us to utilize html/css for the in-game interface. designers can easily create new interface elements, such as huds to be used by both teams, new menu designs, and other means of extending in-game functionality. you can create new assets, or work off our pre-existing ones. c++ coders we are in the process of upgrading our engine from c to c++, and have made huge strides in updating our inherited quake 3 codebase. there is plenty of refactoring and optimization work to be done, and an assortment of other projects that can be given to new programmers interested in contributing to our engine development. level designers our game ships with an assortment of maps, and it would be desirable to provide a variety of environments for our players. maps for our game are made in radiant, and we ship seven pre-packaged, shared texture sets that can be used for your work, or you can produce your own textures. third-person animators we presently have several player models that require animation, and further down there will be more, including some base structures. models are provided in the obj format, and are exported to either the md5 or iqm formats. organic modelers there are several alien base structures that must be modeled, and we may also be able to offer alien player models. base structures are stationary, but they will receive a range of animations. you can animate your model if you are familiar with animation, or our animators can do it for you. hard-surface modelers we presently have concept art for multiple weapons that need to be modeled. it would be desirable if you could provide the assets for a firing effect as well, but this is not a requirement. we may also be able to offer hard surface props if you are interested in doing a human base structure or map objects.

Anywhere Concept artist wanted at Virtual Dreams Studio

concept artist wanted virtual dreams studio anywhere artists we are virtual dreams studio and we are working on a project for an unnamed tactical turn based jrpg game. we are a start up dev studio and this is our first game. the concept artist will be designing and creating characters. the style of the game is anime and the setting is a medieval fantasy genre. rough designs are already in the works, the job requires polishing and creating characters both main, villains and npcs. we also started to design some of the weapons and items if you are also specialised in designing objects you can help us polish and design new weapons and items for characters. if you are skilled in character animation that will be a bonus for us. to apply for the project you must send in your resume with you and an art portfolio with all the recent work you have done. more details will come when we send a reply. if you have other skills in animation, please let us know as well. if interested contact the email below. we also included a job advert for a level design if you want to apply for that job also.

Anywhere [ROYALTIES] Artist for Infinite Blocks needed at Indie Developer

[royalties] artist for infinite blocks needed indie developer anywhere artists infinite blocks needs an artist with a good experience in creation of icons (for app store and google play) and screenshots for mobile games. current icon and screenshots of infinite blocks can be found at the app store and google play pages, feel free to visit them or any other link: trailer: website: appstore: google play: facebook: google plus: slide db: requirements: - be able to communicate in english or brazilian portuguese. - all the images must be created in a .psd file using different layers for assets. 2d pixel art drawing skills is very recommended but not necessary. this is an non-paid position, but your name will appear in the game credits section if you want.

Online Logo and Banner Artist for Bakz Entertainment at Bakz Entertainment

logo and banner artist for bakz entertainment bakz entertainment online artists we are looking for a skilled artist that can make logos, banners or other graphical things that could be needed for games, websites and/or videos. you need to be atleast 15 years of age and have skype. this is a non-paid position, but you will be reciving a share of the % we make monthly. more about that can be discussed if you decide to apply. however to recive payments from us you need to be over 16 years of age. this is due to the law in norway where we are located that you need to be 16+ to recive payments for work. the job is a very simple job. make some logos, banner or other graphics that we might request and earn yourself some mmoney whilst doing it. you decide yourself when you work, but you have a deadline of 5 days after the request. if you do well in your job, you might be promoted to lead designer which allows you to hire people to work for us as designers. if you're interested in this job, please do not hesitate to apply. the position will most likely be taken fast so there is no time to lose. requirements - a microphone. - knowledge with programs like photoshop etc. - friendly personality.

Anywhere 3D Vegetation artist at Xylographix

3d vegetation artist xylographix anywhere artists for the first person role-playing shooter game fifth column we are in search for vegetation artists! as a vegetation artist, you will work with the level designer in providing the environments of fifth column with top-notch foilage that is also well optimised for the game. you are skilled in software like speedtree, or alternatives that enable you to deliver comparable output. fifth column is to deliver an experience rarely if ever seen before: an rpg set in an alternate wwii. this is all delivered with the unreal engine 4, so experience in using that engine is a major plus! on you can read more about fifth column. the team currently has 8 active members, 4 of whom are more or less the driving force behind the project, spanning several nationalities including american, british and dutch. while we expect people to have their skills, being genuinely interested in pursuing this project is highly important as well: fifth column should be a game you might want to play yourself! being both skilled and dedicated gives you influence in important design aspects!

Anywhere Looking for Concept Artist at Zarchonis Spire

looking for concept artist zarchonis spire anywhere artists we am looking for concept artist to help bring creative ideas and style to project: larks. you will be creating futuristic environments, characters, and props. you will have clear direction on what to create, but you will have freedom to explore the boundaries of your imagination. the goal is to create the best game possible while having fun doing it. more information will be given when we send our reply. all of the characters, environments, and major props have already have their back story developed are waiting to be given a visual appearance to them. about the game project: larks is a futuristic, fast paced third-person action adventure alien invasion video game. the player will lead the invasion as a alien lark. anyone can apply for the position. if you are interested in doing concept art and working towards completing the game by the end of next year. also, if you have any other skills that would help with the pre-production(level design, story-boarding, etc) process please send an email. here is a link to our page:

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