Funded Startup Looking for an Exceptional Programmer

Remote [PAID] Anywhere

Looking for Talented Individuals

Anywhere [PAID] Avalon Games LLC

Digital/Traditional Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Affinity Pixel

UK developer for indie studio co-founding

UK IAO Games

[Royalties] Chaos Dimension Needs you! (Artists)

Greater London Re-Invention Videogames

Beta Testers Wanted

Europe (West) Ragiva Games

[CLOSED] 3D Modeler

Anywhere Affinity Pixel


Anywhere DB BAHN

URGENT Concept Artist (possibly Generalist)

Anywhere Anywhere

Handpainted Texture Artist - Environment

Anywhere Blight Development Team

[Unpaid]Hollow Robot and Johnny Reboot Seeking All Talent.

Anywhere Hollow Robot

[Royalty] Sound Designer

Anywhere Oh Snap Games

(Closed) [Volunteer - IMDb Credit] UE4 Level Designer

Anywhere Affinity Pixel

Pixel Artist


Seeking programmer and illustrator for our game called the corporation

USA YourGamePrograms

3D Models and Animation

United States GlassClock Software

Lead Animator

Sydney HQ; Remote Work (Anywhere) Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd.

World Artist

Sydney HQ; Remote Work (Anywhere) Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd.

Lead World Designer

Sydney HQ; Remote Work (Anywhere) Reach Game Studios

Associate Quest Designer

Sydney HQ; Remote Work (Anywhere) Reach Game Studios

[Rev-share] Seeking 3D Artists for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games LLC

Upstart Looking For Passionate Artistically Inclined Individuals

Oregon/Washington Upstart


Ontario, Canada LutaEntertainment

Unity Programmer

NYC Juncture Media

Level Designers

Moscow FX Change

2D artist needed for match-3 puzzle game

Germany Android Game Dev. Group


Europe,North America,South America,Russia Fenrir Studios

Talent search

Earth Caras Radioativos

(CLOSED) (Post Payment) Programmer needed for a 2-D Platformer!

Earth Twin Sun Games


Anywhere, Skype GameOrchard

Need a Programmer and a Designer

Anywhere, New York, Florida. Anywhere

Programmers Needed : BRZ Games

Anywhere in the Wstern Hemisphere BRZ Games

Recruiting for Programmers & Artists

Anywhere in the Americas Cup of Tea Games

[Unpaid] Looking for Programmers and 2D artists

Anywhere in the Americas Anywhere

Multiple Jobs

Anywhere (Work trough Internet) MixSoft Programming Macedonia

Concept Artist, and many others

Anywhere Spooky Creations

2D tower defence Spriter/Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Particle Effects Artist

Anywhere Life Virus Games

We are looking for developers to join our team!

Anywhere Procul Games

Fallout Vengance fan game needs team

Anywhere Anywhere

[Artist] Searching for Pixel Artist

Anywhere Infected Box

Rigging/Skinning Artists

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

[Rev-Share] Marketing/PR Specialist All Experience Levels Welcome

Anywhere NeoCrux

Programmers and Animators Wanted for Zombie Project

Anywhere Mythillogical Games

The Lord of the Rings: The Strategy Game - Programmers and Designers

Anywhere Lord of the Rings: The Strategy Game

REV Looking for small short-time C++ coder

Anywhere REV

3D artist [profit share]

Anywhere Black Uhlan Studios

Royalty new fps game over Unreal Engine 4

Anywhere SCOG games

Sprites Artist for Mobile Game

Anywhere coreRocket

Looking for: 2D/3D Artists [Source Mod]

Anywhere Team Abyss

Concept Artist needed for Horror game

Anywhere Anywhere

Visual FX Artists (Unity 3D)

Anywhere Contour Interactive

Animators, 3D Modelers, Texture Artists, Environmental Artist

Anywhere Delinquent Games

You Know UE4 Or Unity5 ? Lets Talk (Horror Game - All Jobs)

Anywhere Anywhere

Project Manager (better with basic programming skills) for a narrative mini-RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

Mapper needed for Source modification

Anywhere Train of Thought Games

Animator, Programer

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Character Animator [intern]

Anywhere Pixel Issue

Environment Artist

Anywhere Cesare Games

Voice Talents

Anywhere Ragiva Games

I need Programmmer

Anywhere RisenPhantom


Anywhere Life Virus Games

C++ Programmer for Maternal Distress

Anywhere Derailed Alliance

W3X/3DSMax Artists and Designers required

Anywhere CCS Command & Conquer MOD group

Talent-Packed, Functional Team Seeking a 3D Animator

Anywhere PhyNXT Interactive

Concept Artist


Programmer, 3D Enviromental Artist, Concept Artist

Anywhere Broken Glass Slipper Games

Concept Artist for Single Player FPS Experience

Anywhere SkyShield Studio

UK-Based Partner & Startup

Anywhere Solitary Peak

Programmer for Mobile Game

Anywhere coreRocket

Character Artists, Environment Artists, Web Developers

Anywhere Total War: Rise of Mordor

Programmer, Artist, Sound Designer, SFM Animator

Anywhere Vonneo Games

Concept Artists For Maternal Distress

Anywhere Derailed Alliance

Additional Mappers

Anywhere Corrupted Studios

3D artists and animators - Fifth Column

Anywhere Xylographix

*ShogunWolfGames Looking for 2d Artist for our latest project!*

Anywhere Shogunwolfgames

C++ Programmer for Unreal 4 engine

Anywhere Miriscus

Concept Artist (and More) for an Online Board Game

Anywhere Amalgam Studios

[Revenue share] 3D Environment modelers. Animators, Texture Artists, 2D artists

Anywhere Rusty Gears

Basic scripter (PAID WHEN DONE 25%)

Anywhere Warlocks Inc.

Music maker/artist (PAID WHEN DONE)

Anywhere Warlocks Inc.

Scener or modeller (PAID WHEN FINISHED)

Anywhere Warlocks Inc.

Programmer wanted

Anywhere Anywhere

All Positions

Anywhere Wicked Interactive™

3d Model designer & Assets designer

Anywhere Game World Studios

Animator needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for Sprite Artists

Anywhere Vonneo Games

UI Artist

Anywhere Augment Studios

[Unpaid Collaboration] Seeking Artists for VR Third-Person Adventure Game

Anywhere Bleating Sheep Productions

C++ Programmer

Anywhere OLR team.

Fallout total conversion mod needs team

Anywhere In The Vault games

Half-Life 1 Horror Mod needs Modelers

Anywhere Heath Games

Installation 01 looking for talent

Anywhere Installation 01

Programmers, Artists

Anywhere WickedStation Studios

2D Animator

Anywhere Blue Orb Studios

[REVENUE SHARING] Make Your Own Kids Games With Zero Programming

Anywhere TutoTOONS

Community Manager

Anywhere Terahard Ltd

AnyOne From Ages: 10-16

Anywhere MartitoastGAMEZ

Programmers of all abilities and specialities

Anywhere Clockwork Studio

Want to make a stand alone game from scratch?

Anywhere Indie production

Looking for Artists

Anywhere Avion Games

Graphic Artist for Engine GUI and Logos

Anywhere Clockwork Studio

Programmers needed!

Anywhere Avion Games

Space survival adventure (Programmer, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Sound)

Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artists and Coders Wanted

Anywhere CINK Entertainment

C# programmers wanted. For Assault Knights: Reign of Steel

Anywhere Dark Realm Game Studios

Intermediate Programmer and Modeler

Anywhere Dabernack

Concept and Sprite Artist

Anywhere coreRocket

Employees Needed For New Indie Game Company

America GamingCast Games

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