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Málaga, Málaga, España Linguistic tester at Triple A Testing, S.L.

linguistic tester triple a testing, s.l. málaga, málaga, españa qa/testers linguistic game tester company description triple a testing specializes in testing and quality assurance services for the videogames industry. we provide localization, functionality, pre-certification and compatibility testing services for xbox 360, ps3, wii u, 3ds, psp, pc and ios games. we are currently hiring localization testers for several projects. additionally, we are building up our tester database, so if you are an experienced tester or an avid gamer who would like to work as a videogames tester, contact us and we will send you additional information. for additional information please visit:, qualifications knows different testing methodologies testing certifications training courses required experience experience in testing role together with the project coordinator, you will deliver the testing objectives on the established timeline according to our quality standards. testers are responsible for the localized cultural and grammatical assets in the game as well as standards checks. testers must have a structured and orderly way of thinking, and be able to work in a multi-cultural environment sharing thoughts and ideas. skills • excellent native language skills (arabic, danish, czech, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, italian, japanese, norwegian, polish, russian, korean, chinese, portuguese (brazil)and swedish) • fluency in english (written and spoken) • good knowledge of game genres and platforms • good teamwork and interpersonal skills • proactive and problem solving attitude additional information • testing is performed in triple a testing's secure testing lab in málaga, spain. • this is an in-house position (relocation is required). • in force work permit or eu citizenship needed. send your cv:

Anywhere Java game testers at FelinicusGames

java game testers felinicusgames anywhere qa/testers hello! i'm currently looking for a few testers for a game i'm developing; winninghand. this is a turn based tactical card game, with a strategic turn based aspect. i'm looking for testers to ensure the game works as expected on different systems, so if you have a pc with linux, mac, or windows installed you can apply providing you meet the following criteria: - you have some understanding of the terminal / command prompt on your system for launching applications (in case of debugging output being required). - you have and can run up to date java. - your graphics card supports opengl 2+ (most computers for the last 7(?) years, excepting some intel chipsets). - you can explain problems, take, compress and email screenshots, and; - you like old school turn-based strategy games and turn based card games! no previous experience is necessary, and i won't require instant feedback. when a new feature comes out or an issue comes to my attention i'll provide you with a small list of things to try, and you can have a few days to get back to me.

Anywhere Alpha tester at Isolated Pixel Games

alpha tester isolated pixel games anywhere qa/testers have a youtube channel and want an exlusive game to present on your channel? we will give a select people a free copy of our game once we hit version 0.1.0! so be one of them! this will be considered pre-alpha and will have at least a demo level. our game is a 2d sidescroller rpg, however instead of using just the keyboard as most generic games do, we also use the mouse in order to give the olayer more freedom with his/her attacks and casts! the game will have a race and job system, which will alsl consist of a skill set aystem! there is already a lot of progress that had been done and you can see it all on our indiedb page or website, moreover,you can feel free to check on our twitter for updates on the go! keep in mind that our news here or on our website are a few versions behind to give us time to write them, therefore you will get the most updated version of the game for absolutely free! there will be items for you to colect and use, customization for character and more! stay tuned! check out project dg on indiedb and our twitter @_isolatedpixel everything located on our website or our indiedb page! again this is free all you need is a youtube account with 100 or more subscribers! thats all! first come first serve basis! help us and we will help you!

Anywhere Social Game Tester at analog digital

social game tester analog digital anywhere qa/testers hi there my name is andy rocket. game producer and leader of analog digital. we are releasing a game pretty soon. it got five levels. each level takes around 3-4 minutes. depending on you make it or not. the game is for android. in your application. tell us what device you got. we want you to go through the game and check if every thing is alright. we have already doe testing. after, you and i will talk on skype. i will ask you a lot of questions. if you are a social person. if you make me understand your experience 100% for example. is something boring or not? or what motivates you and what makes you want to leave the game? how much time did you spend on each level. or how many times did you redo a specific level. how is the music and the sounds to you? what could we do to make it more fun. or make it harder? i think you got an good understanding. if you do a good job. you will be kept in the team. and get paid to play games later on. oh forgot. tell us a little bit about your self. ad a picture.

Anywhere QA Game tester (Android) at Hardcore Technologies

qa game tester (android) hardcore technologies anywhere qa/testers job description we are looking for quality assurance video game testers to work on our next amazing project. responsibilities: you will be responsible for testing pre-release video games and verifying functionality, data content, performance,compliance, usability/playability, and hardware/software compatibility. work well in a team environment to successfully accomplish assigned projects. document testing procedures and writing/editing test cases identify, classify and report bugs via a database verify bug fixes and monitor active issues responsible for the overall quality of products communicate and coordinate activities with team members and other departments requirements: · strong interest in video games · sharp attention to detail · honesty and a strong work ethic · aptitude to learn quickly and effectively · ability to remain focused in a team-oriented environment · basic pc knowledge, as well as being familiar with microsoft programs such as word, excel, and outlook -an android device (2.4 android version or higher) in order to apply please send us a short motivational letter (without a resume)

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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