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Anywhere PR Manager needed [Royalties] at Revelations Studios

pr manager needed [royalties] revelations studios anywhere public relations hey there! do you love to network? are you a wiz at writing? is research your thing? then have we got the job for you! revelations studios is looking for a new pr manager to take over/supplement the position. you will have three basic jobs as our new pr manager. first, you will get the word out! facebook, twitter, tumblr, we don’t care, just get it out there! if you are great at social networking and can use that tool to effectively tell the world about our awesome new game, then we want you. that is our advertising. that is how we will get people interested, that’s how we will get buyers, and that’s how we will become the huge success we can be! it’s all down to you. are you up for the task? second, it will be your creative word explaining to our audience just how awesome their gaming experience is going to be. we write weekly blogs here at revelations studios, and as the new pr manager, you will be taking over that task. they must be engaging, entertaining, and informative. the point of the blogs is two-fold. get people interested, and keep them interested. if you can do that, you are perfect for this job. last but not least, it is down to you to find us a publisher. it will be your job to scourge the internet in search of a company, investors, a single investor strategy, and anything else you can think of to get our game funded. because who doesn’t like money, right? you will be the face of this company. you will be the biggest component to its success. are you up for the challenge? if you are, send your resume, relevant information about you, and a writing example to impress us, and impress the world with what you can do. for more information on our game, please visit: we are a small, close knit team working together electronically to create something extremely special. amazing time management, skilled communication, and enthusiasm to work is essential to all positions on our team. this is a royalties position and has a contract.

Remote [Royalty] PR Representative for Indie game developer at Starboard Games LLC

[royalty] pr representative for indie game developer starboard games llc remote public relations starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated public representative to join us on our projects. you may find out more about us at: -- the pr specialist needs to proactively updating social media and communities regarding our project/s, as well as looking for ways to broaden and solidify our social presence. duties: 1. direct the pr campaign by providing weekly agendas, goals, and assignments. 2. manage newsletters, multiple blogs, forums, and provide outreach to additional communities. 3. manage social media and provide regular updates. 4. collaborate with artists to produce concept-to-product videos. 5. prepare weekly presentation of social media statistics. requirements: 1. hold a communications degree or be able to provide past games you have worked on in a similar position. 2. able to commit 15+ hours per week to starboard games projects. 3. able to accept constructive feedback and improve based on feedbacks. -- we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. currently we are unable to offer up-front payment or wages due to us being an independent developer, your understanding is greatly appreciated. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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