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Skype (Paid) Studio looking for Advertisers at Surface Entertainment LLC

(paid) studio looking for advertisers surface entertainment llc skype public relations hello , we are currently looking for people with good advertisement skills such as redirecting people to our url's etc. to contact us email to and or contact us on skype at surface entertainment ,llc project info : story in late 2001 , strelinkov forms a revolution to bring back the soviet union. after conferences with the russian government , russian executives decide to join the soviet revolution alongside ukraine and siberia. although , air forces of the german army are sent to assault the siberian capitol building as an attempt to kill strelinkov and chinese militants are sent to try and stop the revolution. in early 2002, war is declared between the soviet revolution and germany and china. characters durasov , lukin , vahkitov and pelov fight alongside one another as they will have to stand behind 2.5 million soviet revolutionary soldiers as they fight to defend their country and fight for what they believe in. concept our goal from red valor is to appeal to gamers who enjoy classic games such as call of duty : world at war which it is inspired by and to show how classic games will not be forgotten forever and must be honored and remembered in gaming. gameplay multiplayer gameplay is set to be completely different from most modern shooters.. players will have the option of different soldier classes including tank crewman , fighter pilot , normal infantry , and recon/ or general for online wars. as a tank crewman , players can unlock more tanks depending on their set faction which may be the soviet revolution , germany , or china. fighter pilots , may start off with a light helicopter and move forward onto fighter jets. generals are the leader of armies , they determine where the next fight for players were the online wars are and may spectate battles and reach out to their team mates in their assault team.

Remote [Roaylty] PR rep needed for Indie game developer at Starboard Games LLC

[roaylty] pr rep needed for indie game developer starboard games llc remote public relations starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated public representative to join us on our projects. you may find out more about us at: -- the pr specialist needs to proactively updating social media and communities regarding our project/s, as well as looking for ways to broaden and solidify our social presence. duties: 1. direct the pr campaign by providing weekly agendas, goals, and assignments. 2. manage newsletters, multiple blogs, forums, and provide outreach to additional communities. 3. manage social media and provide regular updates. 4. collaborate with artists to produce concept-to-product videos. 5. prepare weekly presentation of social media statistics. requirements: 1. hold a communications degree or be able to provide past games you have worked on in a similar position. 2. able to commit 15+ hours per week to starboard games projects. 3. able to accept constructive feedback and improve based on feedbacks. -- we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. currently we are unable to offer up-front payment or wages due to us being an independent developer, your understanding is greatly appreciated. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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