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vr editor dbolical anywhere public relations if you're like us and believe that vr isn't just another fad, and live and breathe every announcement, we may have an opportunity for you. our speciality is what you are looking at right now, developer driven community websites. we run, and and are considering bringing a vr community into the fold. while there are some great blogs and editors covering vr today, none are connecting all the dots and linking the headsets with the controllers with the games. our aim is to organize everything going on in the vr world, and give all the hackers and explorers a place to share their hard work. but in order to cover the big announcements from oculus, sony, valve, microsoft, google... we need someone on the ground. someone who can attend all the meetups, try out all the gear and is constantly writing about everything they experience. it won't be too long we believe before the first killer consumer vr/ar experience is released and we want to be ready for it. so if writing is your speciality, you are interested in focusing on vr and you want to work for a network of sites that reaches 5 million readers monthly we want to hear from you. in return you will be paid for your work, we offer a flexible working arrangement which can be as few or as many hours as you desire and we shall do our best to ensure you become a recognized and respected voice in the vr community.

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