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Curriculum Developer - Minecraft

Curriculum Developer - Minecraft

Anywhere at Emagination Computer Camps

curriculum developer - minecraft emagination computer camps anywhere programmers company information: emagination computer camps is a national operator of summer technology camps for children on college campuses. with a summertime staff of bright and motivated young adults we pursue a mission to educate, entertain and help develop healthy kids. to learn more about our company visit emagination minecraft xtreme is a two-week overnight program for teens 13-17. participants learn to code with java and how to use those coding skills to modify minecraft. campers will be immersed in the world of minecraft with daily activities focused on a balance of both computer and outdoor activities. position/timeframe: part time project-based position for an independent contractor. compensation: to be negotiated based upon qualifications, experience and time required. qualifications: position prefers a bachelor’s degree program and/or relevant experience, as well as experience creating mods for minecraft using java and eclipse. qualified candidate has competency to create a 60 hour program curriculum. candidate must have proficiency with the java programming language and the eclipse ide and using mcp and minecraft forge to extract, create, and import code into minecraft. scope of job: responsible for developing course curriculum in java, photoshop, blender and minecraft for emagination minecraft extreme camp. responsibility: develop curriculum for developing java coding skills and using the tools and coding to create various mods for minecraft. duties include: • develop curriculum outlining various coding components of a minecraft mod o extracting minecraft code o setting up an eclipse workspace o explaining various portions of code in minecraft o item code o recipe code o block code • develop curriculum for utilizing mc edit and obj2mc along with blender o use of basic features and functions o installing the plugin o create simple 3d assets o export assets using obj2mc o import using mcedit • develop curriculum for creating new game assets using java and eclipse o how to create new weapons o new blocks  color properties  ingredient properties  quantity properties o character customization  new skins  new hair o new item properties • develop challenge sets for camper o 10 different challenge sets o 5 goals per day • develop progressive content for the course curriculum o develop challenges for experts and beginners o physics and gravity editing o netherworld crafting and materials

Game Design Instructor

Game Design Instructor

Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA at Emagination Computer Camps

game design instructor emagination computer camps atlanta, ga and boston, ma programmers emagination computer camps is a national operator of summer technology camps. with a summertime staff of bright and motivated young adults we pursue a mission to educate, entertain and help develop healthy kids. game design instructors are part of a specialized team that deliver emagination's game design program for teens. the hours are long and you must love working with teens as a positive role model, mentor and leader. visit to learn about our growing company. learn leadership, teaching, presentation skills, team building and time management. join our team for an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals. the position works closely with emagination's game design campers. you provide a safe and fun environment for kids and teens to learn technology skills, make new friends and have a blast in outdoor summer camp activities. proficient to teach one or more of the following topics: 3ds max, maya, photoshop, udk/unreal script. this is a seasonal, residential, full-time position with a competitive salary, housing and meals. the successful candidate works the summer camp season at two of our college campus locations - mercer university and bentley college - and is paid bi-weekly.

Minecraft Lead Coder

Minecraft Lead Coder

Boston, MA at Emagination Computer Camps

minecraft lead coder emagination computer camps boston, ma programmers emagination computer camps is a national operator of summer technology camps. with a summertime staff of bright and motivated young adults we pursue a mission to educate, entertain and help develop healthy kids. lead coders are part of a specialized team that deliver emagination's minecraft xtreme program for teens. the hours are long and you must love working with teens as a positive role model, mentor and leader. visit to learn about our growing company. learn leadership, teaching, presentation skills, team building and time management. join our team for an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals. the position works closely with emagination's minecraft xtreme campers. you provide a safe and fun environment for kids and teens to learn technology skills, make new friends and have a blast in outdoor summer camp activities. successful staff are proficieint to teach one or more of the following topics: java, minecraft, photoshop, blender this is a seasonal, residential, full-time position with a competitive salary, housing and meals. the successful candidate works the summer camp season at our college campus location - bentley college - and is paid bi-weekly.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere Unity programmer at Cardboard Computer

unity programmer cardboard computer anywhere programmers we are looking for an experienced unity programmer to speed up the proces of making a rts game. experience in programming with c# is required. the game we are developing is rogue republic ,an innovative indie rts game. which aims to bring back to the stunning c&c video cutscenes, immersive storyline and the feeling of war, which takes place right behind your window. we plan to develop an rts game series, with each episode acting as a new add-on, with its own storyline, but all storylines making altogether a global narrative story about how the world changed since now to year 2064 after the ww3 and its aftermath.

Anywhere Grand Racing Manager at Anywhere

grand racing manager anywhere anywhere programmers --- what is it about --- i am working on a racing manager (formula 1) right now. the idea was to develop something like grand prix world or grand prix manager 2, the good old ones. for the last 10 years there wasn`t a single one, which satisfied me. so i wanted to make my own one. sounds ambitious and it is. there have been a couple of tries from the community and a few managers were alright, but most of them don`t really hit the core of the game (just my opinion), which for me is the race itself and not developing a car or looking if the staff is doing fine. so i started a few years ago working on the variables, formulas (which calculate lap time, failures, driver mistakes) and so forth. --- what is done --- the design document is almost complete, also (like i said above) the "equations" to calculate everything is going on during the race. right now there is just one track "done" (for testing) and the cars. menus are good enough to work with, of course a lot of finetuning is still ahead. but that`s all i can do right now, because i`m not a programmer at all. i can do some basic, that`s all and not enough, that`s why i need help. i take all the game design, graphic and sound work. --- what must be done --- the missing link for me are programmer, who know what they are doing. so basically everything in that area must still be done. the good message is, that most of the calculations (which is one of the biggest part of a racing manager) and a little bit of the basic code (car driving along the track) is already done. now we have to do a graphical implementation of that stuff, so the player isn`t just seeing a bunch of numbers scrolling the screen up and down, but also cars driving on a track. the main points would be something like: - making menus work (click on that button and the variable "aggressiveness" of driver x changes,...) - racing progress (from start over pit stops, overtaking to the finish line) so for now it`s really about getting the game engine started, keeping it quite simple. stuff like "choose your driver, making contracts" etcetera is another part that may come later. here, just a few screenshots so you get an impression of how "far" it is (of course not much to "see", because most of the work went straight into the calculations and so on. graphics pre-alpha): i hope that we can finish the basic engine in a few weeks, maybe months. the progress we made so far was pretty good and my old programmer did that "waypoint" and "start" function in just a couple of days. i am therefore confident to get a full race working in less than six weeks (with your help of course, most of the work needs to be done by programmer now). --- what`s with 3d --- i just don`t think it would increase the gameplay a lot, but would it make much more complicated for the development. right now the most important part is to get the calculations implemented, graphics are far from done. almost every good racing manager in the past was in 2d (also because most of them are older than 10 years) and so that`s the way i prefer. but if there is still time in the end for a feature like 3d, we can talk about it. --- who the hell am i --- i am a student from berlin. i am basically a game designer, 2d/3d and sound artist. i worked on several projects like tech-demos and games in several functions, most as a kind of artist. here are a few screenshots (most of them pretty old so don`t take them too serious) from game projects or random 3d stuff: --- what i can offer you --- not much i fear. i am realistic enough to say, that it`s unlikely, that this project could get big enough to make win with it. but for me it`s an ambitious project and you can contribute to it as much as you want. for sure we can all learn from that project and may get some appreciation, when it`s finished. but of course, if it would be possible to sell the game one day, everybody gets his part of it. besides of that i don`t have the ressources to pay anybody for his work. i wish i could, it would be much easier to finish the game that way. --- which software --- i don`t really care about the engine. we started the project on basic (with blitz basic) and i think we could finish it with that one. but if you prefer another engine (like unity) i think that should be possible as well (even if i have no knowledge in c at all). i am looking forward to every help offered to me.

London, UK - or UK Programmer and business partner needed at K - productions

programmer and business partner needed k - productions london, uk - or uk programmers i need a programmer and business partner, i cannot afford to pay however the sales will be split 30/30 with 20% going back into the company to expand. i have an immediate project to work on and something that should be on the touch screen interfaces within 6 months. simple and effective the game will be a success. i want someone who can communicate well, someone who is not afraid to take on a task and take risks in order for success. i want any project we work on to make a lot of money and that is the sole purpose but with this we must make great games with great mechanics and art work so please do not think this will be a walk in the park as perfection is key.

Anywhere Lead Programmer at Dead law

lead programmer dead law anywhere programmers i'm currently working on a singleplayer zombie shooter horror game and im in need of a lead programmer. atm most of the game is done but i'm stuck since i don't have anyone to make the classes for weapons,players and zombies. this work wont pay anything i'm afraid but its always something to put in your portfolio and i imagine it will be finished pretty quickly when a good programmer joins the crew. and ofc you will be in the credits of the game. here is a slightly outdated video of some of the level design and 3d models with parts of the games soundtrack playing in the background. (you need to be logged into facebook to see it) i could do with some new zombies as well so if any 3d artists find it interesting just contact me.

Anywhere Game Engine Programmer at Morphadox

game engine programmer morphadox anywhere programmers morphadox is an indie startup game company working on our debut game ashes, a reactive music game targeting mobile phones. we are looking to bring on more people who are passionate about game development and being a part of the indie community. we are looking for programmers specializing in game engine development. our team is working on a cross-platform game engine to be used for the development of current and future morphadox games. as a game engine programmer, you will work with the programming team to design and develop components of the morphadox game engine and ensure portability to multiple desktop and mobile operating systems and devices. requirements knowledge of game development processes and the video game industry able to participate in online collaboration from a secure private environment strong organizational and communication skills legal access to all hardware and software required to complete job for commercial use able to work as an independent contractor and comply with a non-disclosure agreement willingness to learn new tools and technologies required skills component-based game engine architecture knowledge of multiple programming languages and common data structures experience with ubuntu or other debian-based linux distributions desired skills c++11 programming and debugging, clang, lldb, and bash scripting agile development, pair programming, technical design, and software testing practices cross-platform development (linux, osx, windows, android, ios, windows rt) in addition, a programmer must be proficient in at least one of the following areas: android audio graphics ios mac windows this position is paid, but payment details are specific on a case by case basis. if you have any questions, contact me directly at: please fill out an application on our website at: thank you, justin gold ceo | morphadox inc. | linkedin:

Anywhere Unity Programmer / Assets at >9K Softworks

unity programmer / assets >9k softworks anywhere programmers >9k softworks is comprised of two people, who are attempting to make a game out of the series rwby. we have a programmer and a 3d artist, but we are having difficulty with unity and the assets. we are capable of programming the gameplay, but animations are more difficult. we are currently looking for someone to help get the animations to work. rwby is a series by roosterteeth about humanity fighting against the darkness, or the grim. the series has advanced weaponry that fuses guns and blades together to make some devastating weapons. currently, we are working to make a demo out of the trailer for ruby, 'red trailer'. this will show what core mechanics we'll be using for the game. afterwords, we'll release the prototype to see if players like the game. if they do, we'll decide if we want to take this project any further. for the person we're looking for, we would like to have some form of communication outside of email. text/call would work, and skype is our preferred method. follow this link to see what rwby is if you don't already know it.

Anywhere Lead Programmer at Cute Absurd

lead programmer cute absurd anywhere programmers hello programmers, i’m dayvi, and i’m looking for a lead programmer for the game 'hamster, eagle hunter' please, gather round a allow me to tell you about our game. [center][/center] heh is a 3rd person, action rpg, 4 player co-op. you play as a tiny hamster and explore the world looking for eagles. you need their help to save your home. you travel the world by using a network of hamster tubes. [center][/center] you fight against snakes, frogs, and other other nasties using watches, thorns, and cell battery maces (10% chance to shock/stun on hit). [center][/center] we're still at the design stage and are looking for a programmer to help us move forward. we have made some test assets, you can view them and the rest of our art here: money plan: - create prototype - kickstart - create full game - steam release - other devices release revenue shared. up front payment rate negotiable. thanks for reading. please do have a look at our art . if you're interested in working with us please email with your portfolio/experience. [center] [/center]

Anywhere WarHog Productions Programmer at WarHog Productions

warhog productions programmer warhog productions anywhere programmers this the main and easiest role in warhog productions, you can work at your own pace before a deadline, programmers must know at least 1 language which they are experienced in, if not then they will be denied and an email will be sent to the applicant, at warhog our promotion system is different to many other gaming companys the list is as follows programmer level 1 programmer level 2 programmer level 3 team leader( 2-3 programmers in a team excluding the team leader) task leader( the lead programmer for the task/game) programming deputy-director programming director

Anywhere Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere anywhere programmers i'm looking for programmers for an indie game called dead law. the game is a horror free 2 play single player zombie shooter with lots of gore and action. most of the level and game assets are already done, but to proceed i need one or more programmers that can help me finish the game. it uses udk and most of the programming is done in kismet which i've got some knowledge of, but to make the classes for weapons, zombies and players some code needs to be done. the look of the game is far from done but here is a link that shows some of the game assets, level design and music. the game is free 2 play and there is no payment for the work except the experience and some nice stuff to put in your portfolio.

Anywhere **PAID JOB** Game Programmers needed for Unity project, "The Night Shift" at Skydive Industries

**paid job** game programmers needed for unity project, "the night shift" skydive industries anywhere programmers **developer will receive payment after every game purchase for 1 year** skydive industries is a small non-profit indie studio. we specialize in unity3d. "the night shift" lets you live the life of a thief as you launch a heist on a museum. but watch out! if you raise the alarm, it's no quit and restart! you must shoot your way out! test your true stealth skill in this next generation fps. what you will do you, as a programmer, will engage in developing the core game elements such as a stealth system, weapon system, and/or ai characters. what you need there are a few things you need first... 1. you need good communication skills. 2. you need intermediate/advanced experience in programming with unity c# and javascript. ai experience is not required, but eventually we will need someone with these skills. you must be willing to change code if asked by lead developer. faq when will development start? as soon as the proper members are recruited. when will the night shift release? we're not sure. earliest being the end of 2014. what platforms will it release for? windows pc and possibly the xbox one console. will it be free? there may be a free trial. but the game will be retail for an estimated price of $9.99. (may vary) will i get paid? yes! we will split the profit with all developers whenever a purchase is made! the exact payment will be discussed over email with you!

Anywhere Technical Artist at Firestorm Productions

technical artist firestorm productions anywhere programmers tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free, standalone, first-person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are currently in need of someone who can import our models into the unreal development kit (udk) and determine if their poly counts are acceptable. we also need someone who can determine the appropriate size for the texture maps. this position is not paid. however, this is a great opportunity to improve your overall ability and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Anywhere Game Company Available for Contract Work! at Game Company Available for Contract Work!

game company available for contract work! game company available for contract work! anywhere programmers grim panda software is available for contract game work! we are extremely flexible, have experience working with internal and external teams, and demand a high level of quality from our products. we pride ourselves on being on time and delivering an outstanding product! we can provide contract services in the following languages/platforms: html5/javascript (desktop and mobile browser and native android and ios games using cocoonjs) actionscript3 (flash games) haxe (mac, linux, windows desktops and mobile app stores plus ouya) please feel free to contact me anytime! i look forward to hearing from you :)

Anywhere IDYM looking for programmer at I Drink Your Milkshake

idym looking for programmer i drink your milkshake anywhere programmers idym looking for programmer about i drink your milkshake we are new indie team focusing on the development of our first game. since we now have our hands on the finished screenplay, which the game is based on, we are looking for a programmer with original ideas, able to adapt the mechanics required. about the project our project is a first-person game with adventure elements and strong story, currently focusing on singleplayer experience, using an engine like udk, cryengine ect. the game's story is based on the town of bristol in a post-apocolyptic type scenario with a twist to the more conventional idea of video games. after the release of the demo (which will initiate a kickstarter for the full game project funds) work will start on the full game which will be seperated into 2 chapters, the result being the game demo, the 1st full game and its sequel. about the position this is a position for a gameplay/ai programmer, who can work with udk engine. the work can be done remotely, contact being kept using skype, email, phone etc. potential candidate must have previous experience programming with udk or a similar engine. general requirements - high working ethic standards is a must (there is always the time in a day to work on the project, even if it's just couple of hours a day); - being like russel crowe in the movie a beautiful mind. possibly without all the pigeon things. (in other words, someone with original ideas.) - ability to focus and follow directions; - desire to learn new technologies and ability to learn it in a relatively short period of time; - ability to communicate efficiently in english; (you don't have to be a native speaker) - ability to work online (having stable internet connection is required); - strong reasoning, analytic and math skills; - ability to evaluate problems and find working solutions; - knowledge of udk; project's specific requirements required skills: - familiarity with udk engine; - understanding of gameplay systems; compensation credits for the demo and a share in the profits of the full game; to apply please send your resume (no matter how short it might be, pdf format) and links to examples of your previous work if applicable (games, mods you worked on, other projects you participated in, etc.) to

Anywhere Programmer at Something Strange Studios

programmer something strange studios anywhere programmers looking for a programmer talented. i am in the process of designing a largely text based game with very few visual elements. the visual aspects will function much like a menu, although the game itself will include many variables and other assorted game play. speaking of the game, it began as a drug dealing simulator, much like the original drug wars for dos. although it was to be far more complicated, including things like variable prices, different amounts, a fictional economy and events that affected trade. the game eventually evolved into an all out crime syndicate simulator, with various gangs to war with, trade with and make peace with. many other aspects of game play such as underground gambling and weapon trafficking. i even added an option for players to start a fast food chain, turning this into a breaking bad simulator. this game does feature some more disturbing themes, that not all people will appreciate, however any help with programming would be appreciated. if interested, please email me at.

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer at Demigod Studios

unity programmer demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with knowledge of some programming languages, graphic engines and development tools. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following: java, c++, c#, javascript or lua 2) have good knowledge of the unity graphics engine 3) be flexible with priorities that are given desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

France [FR] Skilled Web Programmer (Javascript/Java and PHP/HTML/CSS) at Pinterac

[fr] skilled web programmer (javascript/java and php/html/css) pinterac france programmers développeur javascript/java et php/html/css confirmé vous souhaitez rejoindre une jeune société dynamique et intégrer un projet innovant, ce poste est pour vous ! playattheheart interactive sarl est une jeune entreprise innonvante dans le monde du jeu-vidéo et recherche pour l'un de ses projets : jiun, un moba jouable en ligne, une personne capable de satisfaire des demandes en fournissant une aide ponctuelles et sans lien de surbordination, en terme de développment web depuis chez vous en remplacement de notre développeur web actuellement indisponible. vos missions principales seront : - développement d'un jeu en html5/javascript avec la librairie phaser js. - développement d'un serveur java utilisant spring framework et jdbc. - création de site web en html5/css3/php avec la librairie bootstrap. nécessaire : - compétence solides en javascript (connaissance des librairies en relation avec le domaine du jeu vidéo tel que phaser js) et en websockets. - compétence dans l'utilisation de spring framework, jdbc et bonne maîtrise de java dans un environnement multithread. - très bon niveau en langages html/css et php. - a l'appuis motivations et intêrets et expériences professionnelles et personnelles. - skype + micro obligatoire. - bon niveau en anglais requis. vous souhaitez vous investir dans des projets d'envergure au sein d'une société en pleine croissance ! poste à pourvoir immédiatement, association ultérieure possible. rémunération: aucune, collaboration comme l'ensemble des membres travaillants sur ce projet actuellement. contact : skype : yoh083

Anywhere Lead Programmer at Bio's remnant gaming LLC

lead programmer bio's remnant gaming llc anywhere programmers independent video game developer bio’s remnant is currently seeking a programmer proficient with javascript and c# as well familiarity with cryengine. we need a programmer who is looking to settle in at a permanent position and work closely with the lead game designer in developing new and original ips. applicants must be willing to work on speculation of success and will receive no monetary compensation up front. we have an impressive design team and several game concepts ready to be coded but we are missing this vital piece. we also seek a graphic artist as well as a concept artist also willing to work on speculation. only motivated, passionate professionals need apply.

Anywhere Network programmer at Campfire Games

network programmer campfire games anywhere programmers campfire games is currently looking for a programmer with great skills in java programming and experience in networking to join us creating war of rights. you will be working together with our main programmer, steve and mainly focus on creating the server code needed for the game. you will need at least a few years of experience in order to be able to join. war of rights is a project driven entirely by the desire to get into the video game business with a release someday. we can't pay you for your work - only invite you to become part of the dev team that one day will have a game release.

Anywhere Unreal 4 Experienced Users at Dusklight Studios

unreal 4 experienced users dusklight studios anywhere programmers i am searching for members of a small team on their behalf for anyone with experience coding/animating/designing with games specifically within the unreal 4 engine. the company in question is upstarting team with big ambitions, armed with a license to publish projects made with the unreal 4 engine granted by mainstream company epicgames ( since the team is recently new to the world of development they are looking for people of almost all ability to get in touch regarding their interest in being a part of this experience. pay is going to be on what the team is able to make and cannot be guaranteed at this early stage. we look forward to hearing from you here at dusklight games and hope you see this as just as fine opportunity as we do!

Anywhere Programmer at Firestorm Productions

programmer firestorm productions anywhere programmers tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free, standalone, first-person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are currently in need of people who can create the backbone of the game. applicants must be able to work with unreal script. this position is not paid. however, this is a great opportunity to improve your overall ability and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Anywhere Programmer for Humanity's Descent (Unity3D) at Skydive Industries

programmer for humanity's descent (unity3d) skydive industries anywhere programmers **this is not a paid job. do not expect a payment. if any donations are made during the development, it will be used to pay developers** humanity's descent is a sci-fi fps based off the halo universe. it will include an advanced level editor and many variations of space combat. what you would do you as the programmer, would handle the creation of player movement, runtime editing, ai (if able) and many other needed features to make this game great. what you need to have you must have intermediate experience in either c# or unityscript (javascript). if you plan to create ai's you must have advanced experience. you should have good communications skills and access to skype or facebook. (not needed) humanity's descent has started development for the windows pc and xbox one. all credit goes to microsoft and 343 industries for the creation of halo.

Anywhere Reprocess Programmer at Anywhere

reprocess programmer anywhere anywhere programmers hey all, my name is chris and i am seeking programmers of maturity and prideful persistence to partake in a long-term project which will see compensation after completion (possibly multiple times) here is the description for reprocess, naturally - i'm sure questions will be left after reading - in which case, please contact me . reprocess is a large scale, single player, war simulator where players will combat massive robot armies in an fps taking inspiration from battlefront, rome: total war, and classical rpg elements. players will not only experience intense warfare in first person, but customise their hero, customise their army, manage their army, conquer a tile based map, board enemy war machines, and battle upon beautifully constructed environments of varying seasons and topography. classic rpg elements such as leveling up will be implemented not only for your hero, but squads which survive battles - bringing a whole other level of persistence and familiarity with the npc's you will fight beside and customise. game modes will include classic take and hold scenarios, storming bases, attacking power generators, and fully demolishing the enemy army (with more to be planned) conquered land will also be customisable, with turrets and such that will be noticeable while fighting on that land.

Anywhere Java Programmer at Anywhere

java programmer anywhere anywhere programmers i'm rebuilding an old game of mine that was made in 2009. the gui was horrible and the game consequently had a steep learning curve. the game would average 20 players online at a time and still has a small fan base asking for its return. i'm in the process of building an engine for it (what i had failed to do the first time.) it's my hopes to rebuild the game to be more new user friendly which would in turn increase the player base. more players = more potential revenue. what made the game unique is that there were no npc players except for trainers to teach your character skills. combat could only be done between actual players. there were no npc's to kill and grind for hours. skills also don't increase when you use them 1,000 times over. skills are increased by skill points, which are awarded after a set time of activity in the game with each interval increasing. there are 11 animals to choose from: badger, beaver, ferret, fox, hedgehog, mouse, rabbit, rat, shrew, skunk, squirrel, weasel. each race has it's own benefits to certain stats. such as, the badger has a +7 to the strength stat and +6 to the fortitude stat. the settings takes place in a giant forest. the maps will extend to deserts, swamps, and other types of terrain. in the original version, you could literally walk for 15 minutes in any direction until you would find a dead end. players also had the ability to dig their own "burrows" which they could use as shops. inside their burrow they could design the structure of it: tables, walls, ect. a fair bit of progress has already been made. the server skeleton is built. you can login to the server and walk around and see other players walk around. i'm really looking for someone with at least 2 years of experience with programming, preferably with java.

Anywhere Source Engine Coder/Programmer at Laberynth Games

source engine coder/programmer laberynth games anywhere programmers we are looking for someone with experience programming in the source engine. we are looking to make a source mod that simulates a virtual office that can be used by companies and groups working on projects to better manage their assets. requirements: 1. a good knowledge of the source engine. 2. skype. 3. the ability to work with others.

Anywhere Programmer (General) at neonlightscpu

programmer (general) neonlightscpu anywhere programmers i would like a programmer that is capable of flash action script 3. and can decompile swf files, port them to a os and recompile it. three os's need to be compiled into a standalone or launcher + program files. linux mac windows pay. special boxed version of game credits about page a place in our team please consider, ethan, neonlightscpu

Anywhere Realm Zero - A Sandbox MMO at Realm Zero - Devs

realm zero - a sandbox mmo realm zero - devs anywhere programmers realm zero is looking to add a few new members to the development and production team. the positions available are voluntary (non-paid) and should be viewed as a chance to gain experience in the game industry. mission statement the goal this year is to work towards building a very stable and graphically stunning platform. this include elements such as: network, graphic, sound, combat, crafting and other core improvements to help make this game something that stands out from the crowd. once this has been achieved beginning in january 2015 the game will attempt to make an appearance on kickstarter with the hopes of achieving financial backing. this is currently a project that has been built on spare time and limited resources. however if the project gets funded, it will then become a full-time commitment with the potential to hire full-time and contractual employees. programmer - shader development this position requires knowledge and proficiency with the c++ programming language. you will be responsible for creating and implementing the (hlsl & cg) shaders which will communicate directly with the graphics card. the shaders will implement features like (normal mapping, shadows and alpha transparency). programmer - character development this position requires knowledge and proficiency with the c++ programming language, perl is also a desired skill. you will be working with a program called makehuman and working towards directly integrating the generated characters into the game. this will branch into character customization and properly applying clothing and armor to characters. source code individuals selected for the available positions will be given access to a (trimmed down ) version of the current game engine. this subset version will be managed via a github repository and shared among the developers within the project. this will allow everyone to work together and commit changes as they see fit throughout the development cycle. if feel that you would make a good addition to the team and posses the skills mentioned for the desired position above, please fill out and submit the following application.

Anywhere Programming Job for 3rd year student or freelance. at I Drink Your Milkshake

programming job for 3rd year student or freelance. i drink your milkshake anywhere programmers hi idym here again! we are looking for programmers to start working on our game demo, using a gnu/gpl engine like udk, cryengine ect. the game will be a 3d, first person adventure style game. since we now have our hands on the finished screenplay, which the game is based on, we are looking for someone with original ideas, able to adapt the mechanics required. we are looking for someone with experience, but without a place of their own in a company already. we are offering credits for the demo and a share in the sales of the full game. if you are interested please contact us so that we can conduct an interview via skype, or in person if you live in bristol uk area. send your cv and details to: all the best. idym

Anywhere Virtual Plague Studios - Looking for more talent (UNPAID) at Virtual Plague Studios

virtual plague studios - looking for more talent (unpaid) virtual plague studios anywhere programmers unreal engine 4 unreal engine 4, the game engine technology developed by epic games. virtual plague studios virtual plague studios is an independent game design studio with around 15 people on the staff, this includes graphic designers, web designers, writers, motion graphic artists, 3d modelers, and concept artists. everyone involved are 100% dedicated to making this game happen. what are we looking for? virtual plague studios is looking for more people to fill crucial positions within the company, for our 2.5d sidescrolling platformer johnny reboot - and the legendary upgrade. what can virtual plague studios offer you? virtual plague studios are looking for people who are professional and dedicated to there craft, we would like someone who is social and will be active within the company, skype is a must have for anyone joining the team, and anyone joining must sign an nda (non-disclosure agreement) there will be no exceptions about this if you cannot sign then you will not be able to join us, this is to protect everyone working on the game as well as yourself. here are a few things we would like to see. stay dedicated and passionate to development and commit at least 10 hours a week. always push yourself to be the best that you can. always act in a professional manner. and as always have fun, this is a gaming environment and the team is made up of gamers.3d modeler requirements create high and low poly models based off the concept art to be put into promotional videos and games. create high and low poly models. work closely with game designer / concept artists. use industry standard software unpaid position, 10 hours a week minimal. it is a plus if you are able to rig and animate and are familer with the unreal engine.c++ programmer program anything from game behavior, basic ai, in-house tools to create game play. prototype out both tech and game solutions. use industry standard software. game programming knowledge and design patterns preferred. unreal engine 4 knowledge is a plus. unpaid position, 10 hours a week minimalworld/level concept artist requirements as a concept artist you'll create concept art to be created into 3d models. create level and world concept art work closely with 3d modelers/concept artists. use industry standard software. unpaid position, 10 hours a week minimal.

UK, pref London Unity Programmer needed~ UK only at FinalBossGS

unity programmer needed~ uk only finalbossgs uk, pref london programmers hi there :) i am looking for a talented programmer to join us in forming this small indie studio in london. this posting is for uk applicants only. we have a number of prototypes and design ideas which runs in unity. you must have knowledge of either javascript or c# and some knowledge of using unity. we have aims to release games digitally online and on mobile devices so knowledge in programming for touch functionality is useful but not essential. we are still in the process of starting up and would like a friend with the passion and skills in programming and design to join us and finish the roster. this listing was submitted on: 26/03/2014. david finalbossgs

Anywhere AI Programmer at Space Warfare Developers

ai programmer space warfare developers anywhere programmers game: space warfare: the ultimate war! 2d or 3d?: 3d! genre: sci-fi (space shooter) and action! space ships or like a mass effect game?: space ships! needed skills: 1: knowledge on making ai use different tactics in unity3d 2: knowledgo on making ai to determine if enemy ships are too strong 3: knowledge on making ai to attack either by them self or in big fleets 4: knowledge on making friendly ai to cover the player on command

Anywhere Programmer at Frozen Hell Development team

programmer frozen hell development team anywhere programmers frozen hell development team is currently looking for an experienced programmer. his job would be to get game up and running. get the gameplay mechanics working, and code everything else. frozen hell is a game based on udk engine. we hope to switch to unreal engine 4 soon. requirements: - example of your previous work we would like of you to have some experience. frozen hell is developed currently by a small group, we hope we can make it larger and so finish the game faster.

Anywhere Unity Programmer needed (Java or C#) at Goregaming

unity programmer needed (java or c#) goregaming anywhere programmers note : this is a free job and you will not be paid until project release starting a small fps and a java or c# scripter is needed. the requirements are: the programmer must be able to make a basic raycast, script weapons, running speed, slow speed ect.. the programmer must have evidence of work or will not be accepted into the team. the programmer must be able to work within a given time the programer must be able to attend skype meetings. skype meetings are held once a week. communication is key in this team more project info will be given after application is accepted

Anywhere | Skype Game Programmer at Darktek Softworks

game programmer darktek softworks anywhere | skype programmers what is darktek™? darktek™ is a new opened indie studio who is working on it first videogame. we have a complete and competent team made by more than twenty people actually. we are focused on provide the highest quality on our games, looking and trying to reach always the highest level of quality. is this a paid position? no, it isn't. due we are starting and this is our first project we do not have budget to pay wages or similar. we will offer a net profit between 40 and 60%. we also offer a bonus of 5% of the company profit for this position. what about the project? our first project, called 'fall of times' is a tactical shooter with rpg character evolution. it is based on a post-nuclear world. you can find more information about it on our moddb section alright i'm interested. what are you looking for? below you can find a list of requirements that would be needed for this offer: work with the programming team to drive the implementation of the project’s technical vision. collaborate with art, design and production as needed. provide solutions to technical problems and see best creative option to solve those problems. hands-on coding in c++ and good knowledge of unreal script. mentor junior programmers on the team. requirements: fundamental understanding of all aspects of game engine development: 3d, sound, physics, ai, networking, multi- threading, ui and tools. experience working with udk. good sense of humor and possitive never hurts anyone. no crybabies please.

Anywhere Networking Programmer at Hendecagon Studios

networking programmer hendecagon studios anywhere programmers who are we? hendecagon studios is a young indie game studio. we are working now on one project. hendecagon studio has currently 2 persons but we want to expand. the company is in austria but you can work from all around the world. what are our projects? the name of the first project has the name suprey. it's a survival online and singleplayer game. what is your job in our company? as our network programmer you will manage and make for the multiplayers aspects of our game. you will also be concerned about the security aspects of the connection. you need to be experienced in unity and c# since these will the the environments under which the game will be developed. you will also need a little bit of mysql experiences. how to apply? send your application to submit examples of your previous work by: a link to your portfolio a link to download your files in their format (non compressed ) submit your resume tell us about yourself and why would you like to work with us. we are working on the first game beta and we would like to make then a litte crowd funding on indiegogo or kickstarter but we must show some game features and gameplay to the user and gamers. only volunteer please because we doesn't have much money. i hope you like our presentation and apply now!

Anywhere UDK 4 Programmer at Gladius Studios

udk 4 programmer gladius studios anywhere programmers gladius studios is looking for a programmer, for udk in our new title project ancient slasher, we are looking for a couple of programmers to get the game up and running. so to give a brief about the game. project ancient slasher is a pvp gladiatorial hack and slash set in ancient times, with interesting menus and crowd interactions and character customization, if you have any question or are interested please feel free to contact me or apply to links down below. urgent please need programmer for prototyping thank you.

Anywhere Coder (Source Engine) at Black Phoenix Mod Studio

coder (source engine) black phoenix mod studio anywhere programmers hello, we're currently seeking a source coder / programmer who is capable of doing some basic stuff like adding a new guns, modifying game mechanics, customizing hud etc. aswell as couple more advanced features like loadout menu. the game is set in the hl universe, but it takes place in different part of the world, it have it's own original storyline, including new characters, new weapons and much more. you can currently check the moddb page for teaser trailer and couple of fresh screenshots you can also download the game presentation for developers, which might be more suitable for you our team currently consists of 1 level designer, 2 model artists, 1 animator, 5 voice actors, 2 music composers aswell as 1 sound artists. so, the only person we're really missing is in fact programmer.

The Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico, South America) C++/Lua Programmer (Cry Engine 3) at Digital Pulse Interactive

c++/lua programmer (cry engine 3) digital pulse interactive the americas (canada, usa, mexico, south america) programmers digital pulse interactive is an (international) online indie development studio. we are creating our first experience: a tactical 3rd person action-stealth game, set in a postmodern world. in addition to our innovative gameplay, we are taking story seriously, making a deep and rich world with three-dimensional characters. we will be working in cryengine3, our quality standards are high, and while we are professional with our work, we do encourage a casual and fun working environment. we are looking for a capable programmer, familiar with c++ and lua, or fluent in at least one; familiarity with cryengine will be considered a bonus. prerequisites for application acceptance: - able to contribute 8 hours a week (minimum) - skype account - portfolio, or equivalent - 18+ (or have an outstanding portfolio) if we decide to consider your application, you will be interviewed via skype (video chat is optional). if you have a portfolio or anything else that showcases your capabilities, please have it ready.

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