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Anywhere [PAID] Flash/Scaleform Developer at Gingerbred

flash/scaleform developer gingerbred anywhere programmers we're looking for an experienced flash/scaleform developer to help us build out the front end menus in our udk based multiplayer shooter, exocorps, which has been recently greenlit on steam: we believe the length of involvement might be a couple days worth of consulting work, with the possibility of extended part-time work over a couple weeks/months. since we have near-zero experience with flash/scaleform ourselves, we're specifically looking for an experienced developer to help us understand the potential scope of work required, and who will help us meet our goals as efficiently as possible. we are an indie project on a budget, and we like to run a tight ship. however at the same time everyone on the team is a working professional, and we understand the value of experience. we are happy to pay appropriate wages for professional expertise. required experience: adobe flash and actions script 2.0 or 3.0 preferred: scaleform udk and unrealscript work can be completely remote, but it's a major plus if you're local to the bay area.

Anywhere [PAID] Freelance Unity C# Programmer at Crowbox

freelance unity c# programmer crowbox anywhere programmers crowbox is looking for a unity c# programmer for our current strategy game endciv. we are a small indie developer based in germany and are looking for additional support to finalize the alpha version of our game. endciv: location: worldwide duration: july till the end of 2015 workload: 10-25 hours per week language: english / german payment: up to 25€ per hour – anything above only by revenue share possible tasks: • ai development • implement features from scratch • work on complex systems • usability and user interface • performance and code optimization your profile: • you are able to convince us about your experience • you are a programmer for at least 5 years • basic understanding of unity and c# • able to both “give the beat” and work on guidance pluses • have a commercial record of games or tools (e.g. asset store) • experience with procedural generated content (city or level generator) • experience with graphic and shader programming • you have been working on rts, simulation or rpg games before • based in rhein/main area of germany we offer you to realize and shape important aspects of a quality indie game made by dedicated and skilled people just like you. aside from that you have the chance to be part of endciv from an early stage as well as a growing indie team with a lot of passion for the future. thanks for reading, kevin scheitler - crowbox

Silicon Valley, California, USA [PAID] Funded Startup looking for exceptional programmers and visual artists at Unannounced Project

funded startup looking for exceptional programmers and visual artists unannounced project silicon valley, california, usa programmers consider, for a moment, if you were presented with an opportunity to become one of the founding members of a future multi-million-dollar company. would you be able to recognize the opportunity when it came? or would you just lump it along with all the other opportunities listed here from startups that probably won't really amount to anything? it is a hard question for anyone to answer, and there's probably almost nothing i could write that would convince you that my venture is anything different than the others. let me then provide you with a little background and a way of contacting me if you are interested to learn more. i am long-time gamer and currently a project leader, human factors researcher, and user-experience engineer at nasa. i've been playing and modding games since before i can remember. on top of my ability to work with people, i know how to manage tasks to completion and when i say something will get done, it will get done. despite all that, i am foremost a ux designer — i have trained much of my professional life to know exactly what it takes to bring amazing experiences to people. nasa is great, but it's time to do what i really love. there is ample room in the gaming industry for many more big game studios, especially ones that deliver high-quality content without being saddled by corporate interests. after playing some highly-anticipated yet grossly disappointing titles recently, i decided the world needs a better class of video games, and together we will bring it to them. this idea i have to start something new, it is so fresh i don't even have a name for the company yet. if you join me now, you will be a founding member able to shape the very core of the company from the start, even the very name itself! we have a need for people of all roles from programmers to artists, marketing, and administrative staff. no matter if you are looking to be a lead programmer, an art director, or just an intern looking for experience, we can find a place for you. i have some intricate designs for a game i'd like to create — hopefully in time it will be just one among many — but there's no need to get into the details here. i am merely looking to recruit hard-working individuals who want to share in something big. having a passion for gaming is a must. if you are interested to learn more about the project and want to get involved in this startup venture, leave me a message describing your experience, a link to your portfolio, and a resume/cv at [ ] (sorry for the generic-looking email address, it's not fake; i use it to avoid spambots harvesting my email from this site which i've found they do). i look forward to talking with you. :) cheers! nathan please note: we have initial seed funding of $100k but not enough to provide full-time positions for most people at the onset. prior to any further venture capital investment you must understand that — other than senior programmer roles — i am looking for most people to contribute on individually contracted milestone/asset-based payment plans, or for equity if that is your preference.

USA Unity Programmer - Current and Future Titles at Vigilant Addiction Studios

unity programmer - current and future titles vigilant addiction studios usa programmers vastudios is seeking a unity programmer that can walk into an on-going project and lend their assistance with current and future content; via bug-fixes, patching and re-writes. consideration will be made about moving into a another project once completed with adventurer manager; via either any of the following platforms: consoles / mobile / pc vastudios is based upon a royalty share program within project teams. we're a firm believer that you should be paid, directly, for your hard and outstanding work. there is no base payment cycle, salary, or contracted payment. more detail will be explained to prospective developers with interest in the position. we are an established indie studio with one minor game released on mobile devices; gobbo. along with our staple achievement on steam; "adventurer manager". paychecks have been cut, and we pay our developers/team. position expectations: * work from a remote location/at home with stable and reliable internet connection(s). * ability to communicate on a daily basis with other team members and staff. * excellent leadership ability and strong work ethic. * unity 4 & 5 experience * experience working with git repositories. * able to attend weekly meetings with team members; via google hangouts. * keeps up with communication via tasking website; assigning tasks, tracking, and setting reasonable expectations to other team members. we do not require team members to exclusively develop for vastudios, however you will need to disclose any other projects you are currently working on; along with potential conflicts of interest. potential team members will be asked to attend a casual online interview via google hangout to cover our contract and pay agreements. we feel that it is extremely important for us to make sure you're aware of how, and when, you get compensated for your work/time. you'll be sent an example contract to look over before the interview so you can ask any questions.

Anywhere [ROYALTIES] Unity 2D/3D Coder at SieVor Industries

[royalties] unity 2d/3d coder sievor industries anywhere programmers greetings and salutations! sievor industries, a two person team, is currently looking for experienced unity coders for a paid app. the position will be for a first-time project and any candidates accepted will earn a percentage of the profits (if any). a contract will be drafted upon acceptance so as to ensure that everyone, us included, abide by the terms of the agreement. optimal candidates should have the following: 1. experience developing on the unity engine 2. a portfolio showcasing the game(s) you have worked on 3. possible experience in the fantasy genre would be a huge plus the game is currently in the earliest of stages, the core premise has been completed, the mechanics are being discussed and worked on, and the artist has begun designing concept images. now is the time to get involved, we are at stepping off of square one and into development. requirements for the position: 1. communication will be critical, this involves email/dropbox/and skype. 2. the candidate will preferably be in the u.s. however, we are willing to be flexible if the candidate is willing to work with the cst timezone. 3. honesty and punctuality - always be up front and mean what you say. if you cannot meet at the designated time then inform us soon as you are able. while this project is at its first steps, that does not mean we wish to have to constantly delay or miss development goals. 4. a good eye for improvements is an absolute must. while the core idea has been completed and is ready to be brought to life, that does not mean that we are against hearing new ideas from a different perspective. a perk of small teams no doubt! 5. commitment - just as we are committed to seeing this project through to the end, so should you be. if you find that you are not committed or feel that you cannot meet the criteria, talk to us before jumping ship. it's never good to leave a bad taste or burnt bridges, but if you feel that you can be committed once we have discussed the game idea then we look forward to hearing from you soon! now, all that being said, we certainly won't immediately dismiss new coders to the field. so if you are new, but believe that you meet the criteria we have listed, then please email us as well with examples of your work and we will gladly get back to you as quickly as we can to discuss what you can bring to the table.

Anywhere [Unreal Engine 4] C++ programmer / Blueprint at tendogames

[unreal engine 4] c++ programmer / blueprint tendogames anywhere programmers who we are: tendo games is a indie team currently developing the video game, them & us. we are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art. what we do: game title: them & us genre: survival horror zombie games. gameplay: singleplayer (co-op later, but it will not include storyline) type: third person view / old school camera controller: full support platform: pc, for now engine: ue4 what we are looking for? we recently just moved from udk to the unreal engine 4. we are looking for another programmer to work with us. right now we have lots of stuff ready to be placed in-game like 3d animations, weapons, weapons effects, enemy, sounds and many other. i hope this videos proves it: we have a strong talented team in the 3d art and design field but we could use more help in the programming domain. that is why we need you. last month 3 programmers joined us but only one was enough skilled and dedicated to the game we are making. due to this we opened this position again. right now our current programmer is currently working on the main character code, we have our project setup on server. we need someone new that can take care of the u.i, hud, inventory code. requirements: strong experience in c++ or advanced blueprint experience, enough to create pickups, inventory, hud/menu etc what we need: 1. serious people to work with, developers exited to work for them & us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. all the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making. 2. experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills. 3. individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing. is this a paid job? the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game "will be ready and sold". we will send our project to epic games and also start a kickstarter campaign soon once we will have a good preview of the game, coding ready.

Anywhere Animator/Level Modeller/ UI Programmer/ Java Programmer Needed [royalties] at Anywhere

animator/level modeller/ ui programmer/ java programmer needed [royalties] anywhere anywhere programmers hi everyone! unity game we require some awesome people who are passionate about video games to work on our upcoming game! i can't reveal details yet! (shh, it's a secret!) but it is an open world 3d unity 5 game and we can't do it all on our own! thats why we need people that are in this amazing community to help us! if everything goes according to plan, the game should be on pc, mac and linux and possibly ios in the future, on different sales platforms such as steam too! animator we need an awesome animator familiar with any type of 3d animation software to help us animate and bring to life npc's and player character! if applying do state the job you are applying for first! level modeller what we need is an awesome indivual to help us make a living, breathing town! other details can be discussed through contact! ui programmer here we need someone who knows their way around the new unity ui system and can create awesome stuff! programmer we need a coder to help us really bring our game to life and create amazing experiences! email contact and skype would be good, payment and other details can also be discussed further through contact once applying!

Anywhere (US Time zones preferred) [XML coders] Wanted for C&C3;: Tiberium Wars mod Project at Secret Reality

[xml coders] wanted for c&c3;: tiberium wars mod project secret reality anywhere (us time zones preferred) programmers hello, we're a command & conquer 3 project, who is seeking those with experience or is driven to learn xml coding for the sage engine. owning a copy of c&c3; tiberium wars, is a requirement for this position.(less than $15) "project overview tiberium secrets seeks to introduce three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the command and conquer tiberium universe, complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. players will take command of a mysterious human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creator, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity." the full general ad: (for more details) if you feel qualified for this position, please do consider your commitment seriously. as part of the coding department, you will be the backbone for continued developments, please do not apply if you don't have the time or interest to take up such a responsibility. -you should be familiar, or a quick learner of xml, and will be a key part of getting units in game. -you should be naturally curious as to how the game and code works, both trying to push the boundary of the sage engine, while seeking to understand its limitations. -you will be able to collaborate cross functionally, to solve technical problems. -you should consider the difference of between not knowing how to do it, vs. knowing it's just not possible. weather your new to command & conquer, or a veteran, we are pushing the rts horizon, and we want coders/ programers who want to be there with us. thanks for your time, -jist

Anywhere I'm Spacial at Doodle Studio

i'm spacial doodle studio anywhere programmers greetings! hihi, to all you passionate game makers out there. the doodle studio is very new organization, that was born from art, and friendship. now, we're setting afoot into the direction of making a game. we have an extremely great idea for the game, (you will love it, if you're a space geek!) however, we lack programmers dearly. anyway, enough bullshit! let's shoot some facts. what we're looking for: [!!] -talented programmer -preferably vb6, and/or c++ -good work ethics, dedicated. you have to be a pokemon fan as well! //shot what our team currently consists of: me, erladino.i am the; - creative director - 2d / visual artist - story writer~ - sucky programmer! :b festivo - side-programmer - logo designer - concept artist - composer / voice actor - marketting executive frosty ^ he just funds us. huehue. ________________________________________ what the game is about? i can't tell much...yet! however, it has a female protagonist. it's about a girl, hazel, who has a weird ability, she can warp stuff! the mystery delves deeper into her cosmic powers, and as a sad, and teary story unfolds! we plan to go greenlit on steam soon. we can negotiate what price you want to take. send your application at some pre-reqs - you must have decent english communication skills - have a skype account - your application must be richly coated in your skills. that's all!, thanks. //fleesfromsupersloppy5ampost

Anywhere Character/Player Modeler at rHetorical

character/player modeler rhetorical anywhere programmers seeking a character modeler for portal: alive & kicking. we are a mod group, so we don't have much money, but we can still discuss possible payment options if it's reasonable. it's simply one character model that is needed, and it will be a major part of the mod. rigging and textures can be handled by other members of the team if needed, though handling this yourself would also be appreciated. more details can be provided later, as there are a lot of specifics. experience with the source engine is preferred. most of our communication is done via steam, so make sure you have an account. we're not going to keep you to a schedule, though we absolutely need this character model done before the end of the year. please be able to speak english fluently, so there's no failures in communication. if you haven't shipped a mod or game before, that's not a big deal - we're looking for commitment rather than experience. please include images or videos of your previous work, either by attaching files to the email or by providing a link to your portfolio. also include a link to your steam account.

Anywhere Wanted Programmers, Game designers, Level designers, 3d artist at Kumori Studios

wanted programmers, game designers, level designers, 3d artist kumori studios anywhere programmers about the game: we want to make a beat them up game like the old snes games like comix zone, x-men arcade, last action hero we would like to make a game with anime or cartoon graphic style like 3ds games. synopsis: the human world is being invaded by demons who raised a portal that connects hell to the human world, little by little the human race was being eliminated because of that an organization was founded with the goal of destroying all the demons, they are called abyss! unity 5 we will be using it to make the game. kumori studios we are a studio who was created to make rpg maker games, we have around 7 people on the rpg maker staff, including marketers, screenwirters and artists, we aim to expand our studio by creating another sector in the company focused on making games using unity. what are we looking for? programmers game designers level designers 3d artist environment artist concept artist composer sound designer we don´t require experience, only commitment. working hours we are very flexible with the working hours, we know that people have other compromises in their lives, so people can work at the time that they find is best for them and how many hours they are able per week, our only requirement is for members to meet at least one time a week to discuss the game.

Anywhere Thrive project seeks contributors, especially programmers (Unpaid) at Thrive, Revolutionary Games

thrive project seeks contributors, especially programmers (unpaid) thrive, revolutionary games anywhere programmers thrive is an established game project to build a game about the history of life, right from the current microbe stage into the far future a space stage. the aim is to be as scientifically accurate as possible while remaining fun. the game is open source and always will be so there is no money for anyone involved, the value of it is learning about science and life and building something cool together, that's what i get out of it. this project has been running for several years, we have a large codebase with a continuous history of updates here and a playable release with more information here we currently have an active core team of about 10 people covering all aspects of game making (scientists, programmers, musicians, artists, writers, translators etc). we are looking for more people to contribute to speed up the process of making the game. we are looking for programmers who know c++ and lua. you can find a list of other people we are also here the summer is our most active season so now is a great time to join the project. moreover the project is very relaxed and friendly, you can contribute when you have the time and take breaks whenever you like. we have a lot of scientific expertise so there is a lot that can be learnt while working on the project. i have been contributing to the project for over 9 months myself and i have learnt a huge amount and gained a lot from the experience. i will happily answer any questions you may have about the game. hope to work with you soon!

Anywhere [UNPAID] Unity Programmer - Fantasy RPG at Ultra Wolf (WIP Name)

[unpaid] unity programmer - fantasy rpg ultra wolf (wip name) anywhere programmers the game under the work-in-progress title 'world of v'lynn' or wov abbreviated is in early design stage, however it is evident that early prototypes can help understanding if the intended mechanics work together, or not. which is exactly why our team requires a unity programmer. wov is an instanced fantasy rpg that will aim on strong accessibility features, many customization features for the player and unique experiences with each playthrough in order to make replayability interesting and encouraging. not just different morale decisions, but actually unique quests, family structures, etc. depending on the players species, starting location, and so on. i would love to tell more publically, but due to it's early stage, a lot of the concept is under disclosure. your benefit of joining the project at this early stage among the 7 other volunteers on this project would be to become essentially lead programmer of the project further down the road, plus making revenue post-release, plus the chance to have a significant impact on the overall game. it is my first game as project leader and so-far only game designer, however the team motivation is big and we are all friends over the internet, and i know it works as i am currently also working on 'bionic marine command online' from 'space dwarves entertainment' of which i am part of as game designer. i do not actually expect too much production of a prototype too fast, rather i need a programmer who first understands the unity engine much better than i do, as i am more focusing on the game design and general project progress, leaving me with little to no time to learn more about the unity engine. so your requirements: - understanding unity's limitations & capabilities - capable of making a protoype alone or in a group of up to 3. - teaching the concepts of how unity operates to me (i have basic programming background and am a web designer + have 15+ years of gaming experience on my back, so i will understand 'technical mumbo jumbo', no worries) - staying in touch around every 3-5 days, either via e-mail or chat software (skype or steam) - being able to manage time on your own, follow directions - most importantly: be honest and speak up if something is beyond your capabilities, or if unrealistic milestones/deadlines are planned. if you have any questions please write me an e-mail to

Anywhere [Programmers] Looking for Programmers to join the team at underwraps

[programmers] looking for programmers to join the team underwraps anywhere programmers aloha, i hope this finds you all in great spirits. i am considering taking on team members from the gaming community to play a major role in programming an open world sandbox mmorpg game similar to the popular secondlife in that players can upload their own mesh; however, the rest of the game 'system' is very different. our goal is to create a cohesive virtual world where people can interact easily with virtual environments. other aspects of the game such as soundfx, animations, artwork, modeling, and rigging etc... will be taken care of, and currently we are not in need to fill these positions. we have not started any of the programming process and i would like to come up with a team plan to tackle the game engine. i am looking for: - up to 4 members to take on the task of creating a high quality and structured code layout. i can do the grunt work, tweaking of values, and whatnot. - knowledge of c++ c# and other languages is desired - capable member that can do their portion from start to finish - must be confident in your ability to translate word document specifications to code. - someone able to skype a few hours a week. - ultimately, i am hoping to find team members to stay with the company as we have other games in the works~! future payment can be discussed. i am willing to pay for your time after i have seen some results; however, as team members i would like to share in the overall success of the company as it comes to fruition and am offering a percentage of the company. i believe invested members produce better results, and, are also much happier knowing they receive proper credit for their works. be aware any art, music, logos, etc. sent to you is likely under trademark or copyright law and cannot be used in other works. skype: "xaith."

Anywhere "AI Programmer", "Multiplayer", "Shooting script" at Unitysoldiers

"ai programmer", "multiplayer", "shooting script" unitysoldiers anywhere programmers this is where i need ai with weapon to attack the player. but i also want some to make multiplayer where players can fight. this you will not be payed but, if you do a really good job you can get some money but only if its really good else its unpaid. i cant really make a shooting script. i can make some things but not reallt good. but i'm not proffesional so i need someone to help me. will the game be success i think its success you will get paid. if many peoples it is a success for you most likely extra. remember to contact me we can handle how much you will get, if i think its success and if people think it's success also. unity soldiers is a little group i maked where we make games. i dont even have supporters or anything else but i will get it. i will also get website with own domain and alots of other things. it will be or if i'm lucky i do not want to put so many things into, but some i am lucky and you will. so i hope that in will help me to make it. i will simply be so happy. i am 14 years old and is very soon 15 years. show in will adde me on skype show now i approve you by email so you can help. so my skype name. oliver.christian33.

Anywhere Looking for Java programmers and ascii artists at 2ndCommando

looking for java programmers and ascii artists 2ndcommando anywhere programmers programmer info --- the only requirements are that you know how to program in java. we are making a text based adventure game heavily inspired by sanctuaryrpg. you will need to program the basic game functions like choosing options from monologues, rng loot, and whatever else is decided to be put into the game. ascii artist info --- i am currently looking for a skilled ascii artist that can make monsters, weapons, armour, items such as potion bottles, hats, and so on, treasure chests and coins, characters both human and non-human etc. if you apply i would like to see an example of what you can do or what you have done before. you don't need any past experience but you must be able to show me what you can do in under a days time. currently the game being worked on is an adventure-rpg that is text based and heavily inspired by sanctuaryrpg. the ascii art you provide will be a huge part of the game. currently i am the only one working on it and i am the programmer, though if you can program too that would be appreciated. i don't have any plans to sell this game as it is simple. publishing will be on desura, steam, and gamejolt. this game will be worked on for as long as it takes and i hope you are willing to continue working on it even if it starts to get hard in the long run. if i wind up selling the game i will give you a percentage of the profits. we only have to share equally between 3 people. me, the artist, and the programmer.

Anywhere, Skype [Profit Share] Looking for C# programmers/Artists for PvE survival game at Anywhere

[profit share] looking for c# programmers/artists for pve survival game anywhere anywhere, skype programmers hello! my name is lindsey, and i am looking for an indie team to bring to life an awesome pve survival game! i got really tired of all the survival games out now being either single player, abandoned, or just being really bad. so i wanted to start a team to make a game that rocks! i want this to be a game kind of like 7 days to die but way more advanced. with more advanced crafting, cooking, forging and fighting. i'm not going to give away all of my ideas, but i have tons. the team will share profits, and hopefully get something up on a kickstarter page. i also hope to get this title greenlight and on steam. this will be a part time position, so you do not have to commit tons of time to it everyday. requirements: work well in a team have some experience in the position applying for must have stable internet must have skype if anyone is interested in joining the team, there are available positions. concept artists unity programmers (c#) level designer my position on the team is writer (also helps with ideas), director, community manager. i will also manage the kickstarter page and other things like steam greenlight, websites and official pages. if you have any questions please contact me through a pm on here, or preferably email me

Anywhere [UE4] Skilled Individuals at Avalon Games LLC

[ue4] skilled individuals avalon games llc anywhere programmers hello everyone, we thank you for taking the time to check out our project. we are currently greenlit on steam and partnered with valve corporation and looking for a few more skilled individuals so we have a full game development team. we are mainly looking for character artists and programmers at the moment but there are plenty of other positions open. we are a work first and get paid later via contract. terms will be discussed after a test of abilities as we are looking for those at our level or above. about this project: steam: soundcloud: voice actors: sound track: currently have: (4) 3d environment artists (1) 3d character artist (2) programmer (2) writers (12) voice actors (2) 3d animators looking for: programmer (2) 3d animator (1) 3d character artist (2) vfx artist for ue4 (1) sfx artist (1) scene writer (1) script writer (1) story/lore writer (1) lead writer (1) requirements: - must be familiar with unreal engine 4 or udk - must be able to set up materials inside ue4 - basic blueprint knowledge - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings

Anywhere SFML Game Engine Engineer at RadLab Gaming

sfml game engine engineer radlab gaming anywhere programmers hey everyone! i am currently in the process of developing a simple 2d engine built from scratch using the sfml. i am looking for a partner to help me finish the engine and get it into production level. if you know c++ and sfml (doesn't have to be professional, but the ability to learn) and is interested in working together to create this engine... feel free to email me! i hope to be able to produce games out of the engine quickly as well as release it to the public for use when people don't need a full fledged engine like unity and unreal. like mentioned above i am looking to provide a efficient 2d engine that doesn't not require all the extra crap you won't need that unity and unreal comes with. as when i used unreal and unity in the past there was so much to learn to even understand where to start in making a basic game. my future partner will help me create the foundation of the engine as well as produce templates for simple games they can access. the location does not matter at this point as we will use github to keep all the files and data together and updated. this will prevent any issues from arising when it comes to working remotely. i do ask though if you are interested in working with me that you will have a skype and be willing to use an email when communicating. (just makes things easier to find).

Brazil/Portugal [BR/PT] General Programmer at Sem Nome

[br/pt] general programmer sem nome brazil/portugal programmers estamos procurando programadores que saibam fazer tudo, modelar, animar, etc. eu tratarei do processo criativo e conceito do jogo e posso ajudar na modelação e design do jogo, além de um outro membro que faz um pouco de tudo. possuímos um site que leva update semanalmente com conteúdo relativamente ao jogo, possuímos também uma soundtrack official, e um grupo de skype composto com os criadores e beta testers, o grupo está nas 7 pessoas, mas existem mais algumas interessadas em jogar o jogo oficial, no entanto ainda não realizamos qualquer tipo de publicidade até agora, mas os beta testers estão sempre ativos e dispostos a ajudar e a dar opinião sobre os elementos do jogo! o ambiente geral da "empresa" é de brincadeira e amizade, no entanto quando preciso discutimos assuntos importantes. link do site: como pode verificar no site, o nosso objetivo é criar um mmorpg inspirado no sao, mais especificamente alicization mas adicionando magia, uma história própria e original e também um mapa próprio com paisagens boas, e também, um elemento um pouco como aincrad, um dungeon gigantesco, composto por subdungeons diferentes, cada um mais difícil que o outro, e devem ser completados individualmente um de cada vez, num nível especifico, como aincrad, cada dungeon deve ser completado num nível especifico, e desbloqueará mais lugares e níveis. incluiremos também um sistema de packs de expansões parecido com wow.

Anywhere Coder, animator, partners at FuzzyPause

coder, animator, partners fuzzypause anywhere programmers hello, i have started making atari 2600 games and have decided that it would be a lot of fun to make these with other people, thus starting fuzzypause. through sites like it's possible to make working, and new games for old systems. by making new games my mission is to bring new attention to old systems, while making playable art. if you are someone who loves retro arcade games, who wants practice in coding, game making experience, or would love to know how it feels to pop the cart for the game you made into a console born in the 70's please apply. more and more people are falling back in love with vintage systems, the same systems that paved the way for home gaming today. making these new retro style games is a way to not only appreciate that part of gaming history, but to be a part of it. this is a volunteer opportunity, a unique way to show off your skills, and everyone involved with making any of these games will have their name in the credentials of the art and box art.

Anywhere Looking for several 3D Animators for Natures Wanderer Story based RPG Reqs below at Green Thumb Studios

looking for several 3d animators for natures wanderer story based rpg reqs below green thumb studios anywhere programmers hey guys and gals, one quick side note, read the full thing before you apply. thanks :) we are currently looking for 3d animators, knowledge of rigging is required for changes but using the created rigs is how things will run most of the time. although knowledge of skinning is required when testing. we work at a fast and tough pace although don't expect people available full time at all as everyone has their main focus on bringing in the monthly bacon but we are not looking for anyone that's going to get "bored" or run into problems assisting a team on the side. our goal is to make a game, and a great one at that. having to deal with people being upset with something because they are "bored" is not something we have time for. there is more info below as far as requirements go. this is the games style: is the art style, look further down the gallery to see more for texture and model style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray details of the piece needed when it comes to housing or characters or even props. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colorful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less. what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be 18 years of age or older due to legal contracts, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that is looking to create a new and interesting ui or try new aspects of creating a games ui. concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modelers: this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not that's fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. texture artist: should be used to working in a hand painted / cartoon style as you saw in the links below and above. being able to unwrap your models and very basic knowledge of modelling and fixing them is required! animators/riggers: can efficiently create rigs fit for unity's humanoid system or create fluid animations that look good! you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Anywhere Medivel Titans, All positions at Saint Software

medivel titans, all positions saint software anywhere programmers hi from saintsoftware released the design document for medivel titans, and going to do some improvements. looking for some feedback, help improve the base concept to lunch the project in to the crowd founding platforms. the design document can be found at : game also have some pictures with brief explanation, and lunch a video with also some explanations. about the game: the game is a multiplayer progressive battle arena that is inspired in dota and in old school to develop it's concept. in other words is a mix of old schools elements with new ones. it uses a innovative concept of schools of magic, which are spells grouped by theme, where players progressively develop their in game build. the game have a stand aside map battle to achieve control over resources, they are called patrols which attack opponents buildings or defend base. it uses the old school damage system which is based on raw status, 100 strength, 100 agility, 50 intellect, which translated can say health, stamina and mana. the difference for a dota game is that you need to plan offense and defense it's more like a game of football, when you attack you can't do a "all in" because you are in serious risks of suffering a goal. in this game is a bit like that. there are no pre-build defense buildings is up to players to structure and plan things out. can pay before the crowd founding campaign but the budget is not much. regards saint software

Anywhere Unity Game Developer and Engineer Needed at Indie Startup

unity game developer and engineer needed indie startup anywhere programmers our team is seeking a senior game developer and programmer who has shipped a working title in unity. the project is a story-telling and narrative based game and requires a passionate individual excited to work with our small team. as lead developer, you will need to be comfortable taking leadership of sourcing and integrating a variety of technology solutions to implement our game design. your role will focus on: - game asset implementation and facilitation such as - solid experience in unity game programming - animation, sound and art integration - optimization of in-game media and assets - knowledge and experience with the technical requirements of art implementation - coordination with ddm, drm and other publishers and distributors for quality and version compatibility - bugs and error problem solving the position will be contractual and allow for remote work. regular participation in group meetings and scrums will be required. pay tbd to contact us email

Anywhere Programmer/animator/designer at Ravanna Studios

programmer/animator/designer ravanna studios anywhere programmers hi! glad you are reading this. ravanna studios is an indie development team working on many projects together. some being, a side scroller rpg, a mmo rpg, a chess game, a fps survival zombie game, and flash cartoons. we have many members and need a few core members to join us in the production of these projects. mainly we are in need of programmers and designers who are skilled with unity, and source-code. we have many artists and modelers of every type, and can produce quickly in the right circumstances. we are working with each-other for fun, learning and experience, but ultimately with the goal to make money and to become a working studio. we use facebook and google hangout to work together, and have plenty of plans and material to work from. we do horror, cartoon, and fantasy games. please send me a message @ if you are interested. please get back to me asap, for we are busy generating content for our games, and would love for more people to join!

Anywhere Looking to Build A Indie Team at VisionVault

looking to build a indie team visionvault anywhere programmers i need to build a team for a awesome fighting game. my position in the game is the director,writer, and community manager. position that need to be filled- - programers - animators - 3d artist - graphic designer/artist hopefully awesome talent would like to work with me. lets make the next generation best fighting game.the fighting game will have unique fighting factors that no other fighting game has. the game have amazing characters , stages and awesome story mode. the game will introduce you into a universe were you'll want more of. i will be doing devlogs videos to build a fan base for the game and see feedback from the community. if we build a team of talented people then game will be achieve. for know the team will have to do it for free but when we get a playable game then we will launch a kick starter campaign,were all team will start making a income. so for the beginning it'll have to be for the love of making game then hopefully after the kick starter campaign everybody will be happy. all i can say of the game for know is the title " the 4 elements". so if you want to make this happen and start up this awesome gaming developer & publishing company then help me out. thank you for giving me your time.

Anywhere Project Soldier is looking for new employees. at Project Soldier

project soldier is looking for new employees. project soldier anywhere programmers we are a relatively small team of independent developers with a very flat management structure. our design process consists of iteration combined with a sensible approach to deadlines. we experiment and collaborate with a focus on creating new experiences, and as such we hire people who can help us achieve them. as a part of the team we expect you to define your own work and pursue your own personal goals in collaboration with the group. at project soldier we offer a great wealth of positions in programming, engineering and designing. we are constantly seeking the best and most skilled engineers from across the globe. positions needed: concept artists (design ideas) programmers (c++): game programmers ai programmers engine programmers tools programmers network programmers system programmers we are also looking for: graphic artists (textures, graphics) modelers (game assets) level designer (ue4) voice over actors alpha and beta if any of these positions act to you then please email us.

Anywhere Looking for Advanced C++ and C# users for new game engine development for new te at New Game Engine

looking for advanced c++ and c# users for new game engine development for new te new game engine anywhere programmers hi, i am looking for very advanced programmers from c++ (preferred) to c# for development of a new game engine for our new company. this engine is to have all great features from all the great engines there are in the world already, for the best most realistic aaa quality feel. we plan to use this game engine for all of our games and perhaps make a smaller version that will be released to the public. we would love for anyone with great knowledge on programming and scripting and ui interface to join us to make the greatest game engine. this engine is to have a lot of built-in features that will take a lot of time out of game development, such as ai, great physics and lighting and more. another big feature we plan on adding is an easy to use interface, making it also quicker to develop games. but the greatest feature we plan to add is a great animating and level designing abilities with in the software for easy animating and level design :d it will be for 2 and 3d but its main focus is 3d. if anyone is interested in joining our company and game engine development please contact me at thank you.

Anywhere UE4 Programmer/3D Texture Artist at Infamous Raccoon Studios

ue4 programmer/3d texture artist infamous raccoon studios anywhere programmers right now i am working on civil war era based fps using the unreal engine 4. i am looking for someone who knows they way around ue4 and knows how to use it make a game through the graphical or programming system used in unreal. i am also looking for someone to design 3d assets textures for ue4. for the programmer position i am looking for someone with plenty of experience with ue4, i need someone that knows what their doing and not someone who hasn't even glanced at the tutorials. i also need someone who is dedicated to the work that their doing and that isn't afraid of going beyond their limits. for the 3d artist i defiantly need someone with lots of experience, i don't have any specific preferences to programs but i would appreciate if it was an advanced one and that you have 1-2+ years of expertise with it. also, for this position i need a quick demo of your work, preferably a weapon of some sort, do not use other peoples work, i will know and you will be automatically denied. for both positions i need these requirements: -dedication! i need people who will do their job despite their inclination not too, i understand if school or real jobs get in the way, but that can't stop you all the time. -good team spirit. i need people who will work with others, i will not accept arguments between team members or disrespect of others. -good attitude. if were going to be working together i don't need someone who doesn't like what their doing, this will be an incredible tiring and stressful job, if you can't handle it then don't apply. lastly an essential program is skype, this is how we will convene.

Anywhere [UE4] Programmers Needed for Fantasy MMO Dev at Flickarau Studios

[ue4] programmers needed for fantasy mmo dev flickarau studios anywhere programmers important [read]: this project is 100% volunteer-based, there is no monetary compensation. you benefit from experience gained, portfolio work, and working towards the creation of what will hopefully be a good example for the free-to-play mmo world. our indiedb page is located here. flickarau studios is seeking programmers to assist in the development and creation of our fantasy mmorpg currently in development titled: "the sovereign world project." *programmers* should be proficient in programming concerning unreal engine 4 as well as coding client-side programs, any and all bases of game mechanics (such as character movement, combat, zoning, collision, experience system, item system, inventory system, etc.) if you specialize in a particular area of programming, simply specify which area you specialize in with your application, we will need several programmers, after all!

Anywhere [Profit-Share] All positions at Inferno Games

[profit-share] all positions inferno games anywhere programmers inferno games is a newly started indie game dev team. so far i am the only member. i don't have any degree or certificate for unity. so i don't expect you to. we will be developing this game in unity. i am looking for: [1] person for sound - filled [1] 3d modeler, it will be pretty basic models. we will discuss it more when you apply. [1] 3d animator [1] 2d artist, mainly for icons. [1 or 2] unity c# programers there will be no upfront pay. if the game gets good enough i will post it on kickstarter and probably steam greenlight. all of the profits will be split evenly between the team members. if you are just starting out go ahead and send me an email. the only requirements are: - stable internet - at least 16 years old - know english - hard working and determined obviously if you do the work of two team members you will get 2 times the share of the profits. please noone over the age of 25. i want our team to consist of people around the same age. just send me an email and i will reply as soon as possible. i work nights at a local hotel and don't have stable internet at my house so i will probably be replying from 11pm - 7am gmt -06:00.

Anywhere [LF] Programmer - medieval survival rpg at Silent Horizons Entertainment

[lf] programmer - medieval survival rpg silent horizons entertainment anywhere programmers if you are looking for a team with dedicated people who love making games, look no further. we are currently working on a new project which you can check here on indiedb. it is a medieval survival rpg, focused on story and rich gameplay mechanics. we want to create remarkable experience that wont be forgotten. nothing like those generic survival games out there. we are aiming for kickstarter as soon as we have decent playable alpha version of our game. that is our main goal for now. this is not a paid job atm. but once we successfuly hit the kickstarter, we will share the money accordingly and discuss following development. we use unity 5 for our project. general skills: communication - be communicative and friendly time for the project - atleast few hours a week decent english skill position: programmer - knowledge of c++ and experiences in unity, creation of game mechanics any further possible questions will be asked by our lead programmer. we are looking only for skill and devotion. you dont need any degree from schools.

Anywhere Main Programmer/ Scripting FALLOUT 3 GECK at (No Name)

main programmer/ scripting fallout 3 geck (no name) anywhere programmers i was working on a fallout 3 mod called 'the deep south' (pre alpha mod info on my profile under the mods section) however, i lost my main programmer since we lost contact and he had to get on with life. the mod since remained incomplete since i lack experience in coding, and therefore struggled to make anything good. what i really need is someone with good fallout 3 geck experience to help me program npcs and quests and other things for the mod, so it can be completed in a good quality. you will get full credit in the mod and i will be forever in your debt! also, if you can help with lod mesh generation for the main world space i would be happy to hear that, since i've tried and failed to generate it countless times. furthermore, as lead programmer i will happily listen to all of your ideas so as to make the questing and mod gameplay as fun as it can be. i already have some ideas but i would love to have even more from someone who's really good with these programming tools. hope to hear from you soon!

Anywhere Swift programmer(s) needed. Background in Physics/Chem/Biol/Maths helpful at Novo Genesis

swift programmer(s) needed. background in physics/chem/biol/maths helpful novo genesis anywhere programmers hi, i am the head of novo genesis entertainment (nge: we are currently looking for at least one more swift developer to join our team to get work done fast. obviously we are programming for osx and ios and at this time we are focusing on ios. what you will join: - using xcode - programming in swift - finished concept art (hand drawn images, then digitalised with details along the sides) - prebuilt team (artists, programmers etc) - clearly outlined jobs so you can work hard and fast! what we do: our project is currently top secret. you will only be informed of what we are actually doing once we have received your application. because of this we will have no hard feelings if you decide that this project is not for you. but here is some information so you know what you're in for: we have 3 projects currently being developed. they are: #1 - a game #2 - a medical application #3 - a scientific/math related application #3 - although a background in any of the sciences and maths might help you out, they are not at all necessary for this task and will not hinder you in any way. #2 - obviously a background in human biology is recommended but not essential since we are working with some of the best doctors in australia. #1 - ideas are still being brought forward, we are targeting #3 first and then a branch will head off to work on the game halfway through the project (you'll understand why they leave halfway through once #3 is explained in more detail). so if you're a swift programmer then please send your resume to the both of the emails listed below. we have staff from all around the world so we understand your working hours (i myself am from australia). we look forward to hearing from you! tim petrov, ceo @ novo genesis entertainment w:

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer (Royalties) at Demigod Studios

unity programmer (royalties) demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with good knowledge of the unity engine. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following programming languages: c# or javascript 2) have knowledge of the unity engine 3) be familiar with object oriented programming (oop) 4) be flexible with priorities that are given to you desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere anywhere programmers are you an amateur programmer looking for a project that will help you get on your feet? then you have come to the right place! you'll be the lead programer. we plan to make an rpg similar to final fantasy's battle system(the early ones.). however, the goal will be much different. you will be aiming to collect 200 items. every item gets more and more rare. every item has a certain amount, which each player may own. leading up to the rarest item, which only one player may own. i'd like to have a way for all players to know who has which card, and how many. if a player doesn't log on for a week, all their items are gone. that way, all the other players have a chance to claim the items lost. another idea would be that players could fight each other and ai to raise their level/strength. the stronger you are, the harder it would be for players to attack you or steal your items. we are looking for programmers of any skill, be it amazing, or just starting out. if you are looking for a place to gain more experience, just email us and join our team of amateurs to make something amazing!

San Marcos, CA AI and UI Programmer at Draago Softworks

ai and ui programmer draago softworks san marcos, ca programmers you will be responsible for making the artificial intelligence of any npc or enemies. we will also have building all user interface components. you will need to be flexible as we may need you to do things other than ai and ui programming. we are looking for someone with determination, good work ethic, creativity and strong skills in game development. you need to work well in a diversified team. we would like someone who has worked for other gaming developers to help us create the best environment for you. this is not required. we prefer someone with a degree in software engineering, programming, or computer science. however if you do not have a degree and you can prove yourself as good or better than someone with a degree in the above fields we will consider hiring you. you will need to be confident and comfortable in working with the cryengine 3 and its programming language "lua." we also require that you are comfortable and confident in c, c++, etc. draago is a startup company, employees may have to forgo pay for a short while. please contact for information.

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