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Software Engineer, Game Server

[PAID] Software Engineer, Game Server

San Francisco, CA at DeNA

software engineer, game server dena san francisco, ca programmers at dena our goal is to make the best mobile social games in the world and our game servers are central to that goal. simply put, we're looking for talented and driven server engineers who are interested in building highly scalable game servers for hit titles. our game server engineers build software that juggles the needs of a massive user population. the server engineers we're looking for have a passion for building scalable, performant, maintainable, and beautiful code in a variety of programming languages in a production environment. our engineers take games from concept to live deployment and play a key role at every stage. as a member of the engineering team at dena your responsibilities will include: working with a small team of engineers, artists and producers to build compelling mobile video games of consequence bringing game features to life from the concept stage to live deployment broad technical ownership and oversight of the service portion of one or more of our games constant testing, monitoring and tuning to keep our game services performant and available contribute ideas and technology to a community of like-minded engineers what we're looking for: at least 3 years experience in the game industry shipped at least 2 commercial titles (mobile, console, or pc) a deep understanding and passion for computers and computer programming extensive knowledge of databases of all kinds, with different ways of hooking them up to applications, and with database tools a strong understanding of computer networking and proven experience working with live distributed applications a strong foundation in unix/linux including the ability to diagnose and solve common problems familiarity with the challenges involved in scaling applications from a single machine to a large deployment a commitment to writing testable code and accompanying tests nice to have: experience with asynchronous programming tools and frameworks (esp. javascript/node.js) experience with nosql databases (we use mongodb and others) experience working with virtualized computing environments like amazon’s aws benefits: competitive salaries complete medical/ dental/ vision/ fsa free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks w/ beer on tap company trips, parties (we like to make fun and have fun!) commuter program great office and atmosphere bootcamp classes ..and much more! check us out at for more exciting career opportunities! any unsolicited resumes/candidate profiles submitted through our web site or to personal e-mail accounts of employees of dena west are considered property of dena west and are not subject to payment of agency fees.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere Programming (C/C++) and 3D/Concept Art at Kilroy Studios, Inc.

programming (c/c++) and 3d/concept art kilroy studios, inc. anywhere programmers important [read]: this project is 100% volunteer based, there is no monetary compensation. you benefit from experience gained, portfolio work, networking with other professionals and working towards the creation of an outstanding game. our indiedb page is located here: kilroy studios is currently seeking programmers and artists to assist in the development of our wwii north africa game currently in development titled: "war and valor." programmer(s) needed [programming] c/c++ knowledge is a must. experience with torquescript and php desired. windows dev experience is a must. mac is a real boost, linux desirable, not essential. we are seeking the following artist specialties: [3d artist] you should be able to build a model from scratch, uv it, and texture it to our specifications. triangles very, texture maps include diffuse, specular, normal, gloss. - weapons - characters - hard surfaces (objects, environment, vehicle) [concept artist] help us bring concepts to life! you'll aid the vision of the game with important images that guide our team to develop scenes and important 3d art to expedite production and explanation of our goals. [animator] make the objects come to life! animators will help us create the immersive experience we've set course towards. you'll take 3d art and animate objects in a way that is believable and impressive! current work in progress examples of our work. [center][/center] about kilroy studios, inc. we are a small (growing) group of industry professionals and indie developers who have set voyage to create the next great world war ii game. everyone on our team is passionate about the game building processes and bringing concepts to life, not just talking about it. what to expect if you join? first, you will be challenged - what fun is a project without a challenge? make no mistake this is a challenging project and there's a lot to do. everyone plays their part and we are not interested in wasting your time or that of our team. you can also expect to learn a great deal, network with great people and help build an opportunity to the future. everyone on the project is volunteering their time because they believe in it. our ideal candidate(s) will be able to take direction and constructive criticism well. we have seasoned leaders in place who have a lot of knowledge and care about what you're doing, because it reflects all of us. you'll be interested in gaming with a particular interest in world war ii or wargaming. you will be expected to communicate and get along with others and work in a collaborative team based environment. do you have skills but don't see them listed above? send an e-mail to with your skill set and lets talk. [center] [/center]

Lincoln, NE [PAID] Unity/C# Programmer at Clockwork Demon

unity/c# programmer clockwork demon lincoln, ne programmers clockwork demon is a narrative pc game studio based in lincoln, nebraska. we make games that try to explore subject matter you don’t normally see in games. our current project, adopted, is a first-person exploration game where you play as a boston terrier who influences the choices his humans make at a critical turning point in their lives. -- next february, we’re taking adopted to kickstarter. if our crowdfunding is successful, we’d like to have a full-time developer lined up to join our team in march/april. if you’re a developer and you’re willing to keep your fingers crossed with us during this ridiculous journey, we’d like to talk to you. we’re looking for someone who… …loves to solve problems with code. though you probably were expecting that, since this is an ad for a development position after all. ;) …loves to learn new things. every day, at least one of us finds ourselves working on something we’ve never done before. while that can be scary sometimes, it also means that we are constantly growing and becoming better at what we do. …is a generalist, not a specialist. this goes hand in hand with the point above, but it’s worth repeating. we’re looking for someone who feels comfortable being versatile and writing code that touches all parts of the game, from gameplay logic to menus and designer tools. …isn’t afraid to ask for help. we’re all in this together: one person’s struggles are the whole team’s. if you have a problem, we want to help you, but we can’t do that if we don’t know about it. …is already comfortable coding in an object-oriented language such as c#, java, or c++. we use the unity engine with c# and we’d like to get you coding as soon as possible, so familiarity with the language (or a close relative) is a must. …is willing to work on an existing codebase. we have a prototype of the game coded by our team, and we plan to build the rest of the game by expanding on that. you’ll still get to make the code your own, but we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. …is able to work collaboratively within a cross-discipline team. even though we all have areas we have ownership over, there’s enough overlap between those areas that we end up having to work closely together much of the time. none of us stay in our “silos” for too long. …is able to self-manage. in the beginning, you’ll probably receive a lot of direction from us until you get comfortable with things. but eventually we’d like you to diagnose what needs to be done and do it. …wants to work with people who have diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. we strive to create a compassionate environment where everyone can feel safe and encouraged, and we want to make sure whoever we work with shares these values. …wants to work for a startup. if you work with us, your voice will be heard, and there will be opportunities for your role to grow. but there’s also lots of uncertainty about the future, and we’re looking for someone who’s comfortable with that, for your sake as much as ours. -- in addition to the above, we’ve come up with a few traits we’d really like to see in applicants, but that aren’t dealbreakers for us. we’ll give bonus points to anyone who… …brings a different perspective to the team. at clockwork demon, we strongly believe embracing diversity makes our games and the world a better place. because of this, we’d like to build a team of people from a variety of backgrounds, especially those that are currently underrepresented in the industry, such as women and people of color. …has developed a game before, either professionally or as a hobby. especially if you’ve worked in the unity engine before, this will significantly help speed up your transition onto the team. bonus bonus points if you send us an example of a game you’ve made! …has worked on a team with agile methodologies. if you don’t know agile, we can definitely teach you (leo and caleb hadn’t used it before megan forced them to, either :p), but some of our practices might seem a bit silly at first. …is able to work from our office in lincoln, nebraska. we won’t automatically say no to someone who wants to work remotely, but we believe that working in the same physical space with someone allows us to be more productive and have more fun.

Melbourne, Australia [PAID] Technical Designer at Jomi Entertainmet

technical designer jomi entertainmet melbourne, australia programmers we are looking for a technical designer to help lead a team of programmers to build a hack 'n' slash game for ios with unity3d. the job will be to help create a demo, including menu screens, ui and hud's as well as for game play, in order to raise funds through kickstarter. from there we will raise enough money for our core team, including yourself to put us on full time for 1 year. we have already done a lot, and have started to build the level in unity and it is all coming along nicely. we just need a professional with previous experience in using unity for an ios game from start to finish in order to help achieve our final result. requirements: experience with the c# and other unity languages. knowledge to build a full functioning d-pad and button styled game knowledge on creating a playable demo for ios if you are interested in being apart of an innovative and passionate team, and feel you could fulfill the role, then please email at or text me on 0421 401 776

Anywhere Need Team for Sci-Fi RPG Game at

need team for sci-fi rpg game anywhere programmers edit: this job has been postponed due to the magnitude of the project. you may still apply, though development may not start for a while. looking for: programmers artists 3d modelers animators audio engineers material and texture artists the game is going to be a space pirate rpg. you and your crew will all level up and have different skills. you will be able to switch between characters. it will be a mass effect-like tps, over the shoulder. your ship will also level up and be upgraded. you can fight by ship vs. ship, or send you and your crew as a boarding party. we are going for a ftl-like feel to the game. this game will not include multiplayer yet, but that may be an update in the future. we are hoping to have an early access available in 6 months to a year. this game will be made in ue4. this project is starting without pay, but if money is made from sales, it will be split among the team. previous experience in ue4 required skills needed: good communication passion and dedication teamwork creativity ability to meet deadlines we will be communicating through skype. we will have weekly and monthly deadlines to meet. we hope to have a kickstarter to help fund our game.

Anywhere [Rev share] Project near public demo looking for multiple talents! at Starboard Games LLC

[rev share] project near public demo looking for multiple talents! starboard games llc anywhere programmers starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we love and share our work amongst team members, offer constructive feedback and strive to improve ourselves at personal and organizational levels. the gameplay demo of our main project 'int' is currently under internal testing and nearing public release, then our funding campaigns will follow. more information at: we are looking for an unity engine coder to design, develop, and maintain essential game systems using c#. you will need to be experienced with unity and script writing in c#, and be able to follow explicit instructions from project and department leads. essential requirements 1. strong knowledge of design, implementation, mathematics and data structures. 2. strong knowledge of script writing in c#, and reasonable understanding of object-oriented programming. 3. ability to meet deadlines. 4. willing to learn and be flexible on the team. we are also looking for an animator to design, develop, and implement animations for the game. essential requirements 1. have working knowledge of appropriate animation suites needed to produce files necessary for game engine integration. 2. translate written requirements into visually rich media experiences. 3. able to handle multiple tasks and deliver results in a timely manner. in addition to the above, we are also recruiting for multiple side projects. we are looking for a 2d artist to design and develop icons, logos, promotional images and concept drawings for use on our projects. essential requirements 1. be familiar with image creation software such as adobe photoshop. 2. have knowledge of creating digital 2d work for video and print. 3. able to create intuitive ui icons for interactive games. 4. able to follow instructions and act upon feedback if needed. also we are looking for a comic artist to help complete our initial digital graphic novel, 'tens day', which will be released in six micro instalments to both provide background lore and to generate extra revenue. tens day takes place in the same, neo-colonial universe of int; its narrative tracks the fallout of an attack at a resort hotel, in which the worlds of military, drug cartels, assassins and petty thieves intertwine and clash as interstellar civil war is on the brink of eruption. essential requirements 1. working knowledge of all stages of comic creation process, including coloring. 2. able to adhere to established tens-day concepts and character designs. 3. able and willing to provide consistent progress reports and attend online meetings. 4. able follow instructions and act upon feedback. we offer profit sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate full-time team members, who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet deadlines. compensation models may be discussed during subsequent interviews. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! cheers john s hr director starboard games llc

Anywhere The Year's Biggest Indie Project - EA as a partner at SKYRES

the year's biggest indie project - ea as a partner skyres anywhere programmers the year's biggest indie project is here! we are looking to build a strong team of ideas driven people. who am i? my name is stefan and i am the ceo of a brand new game studio. i am working in this industry as a producer, game designer and as a creative director. about the project: i can't provide any details here in public about the project. what can i tell you is that it will be a third person "infinity falling" 3d mobile game created by our team and distributed by electronic arts. other details will be provided after an nda is signed. payment: according to ea it is not a pre-paid project. we will share the revenue if there will be after it will be published and distributed. we will also create a crowd-funding campaign. partners: - electronic arts - marketing experts we need: - aaa concept artist - aaa developer - aaa 3d artist / level builder - 3d character artist / animator we are not hiring people with other type of skills right now! requirements: - solid skills - a solid portfolio - able to work at least 2-3 hours per day - able to skype on team meetings (usually at 22:00 gmt+2) - able to deliver works before the deadlines - you must be self-motivated, serious, punctual and team player - you must stop all your other free projects (not the paid ones) to focus more on our game - you must have a good english knowledge we are going to finish at least a beta version in 4-5 months! the project is serious! with or without you it will be 100% completed and it will rise! you should write a cover letter including your portfolio and your skype id. a resume too is cool but it is not necessary. you should send your application to the following email address: if you will be not contacted in 2 days then please re-send your application form!

Anywhere Voluntary Command & Conquer 3 MOD programers for C&C5RS; at CCS Command & Conquer MOD group

voluntary command & conquer 3 mod programers for c&c5rs; ccs command & conquer mod group anywhere programmers the important things to know are; this is a voluntary, work from home group. this is for the self gratification, i need outside assistance. any language is acceptable, although i prefer to work with english typing people. if you have sdk and know how to use it effectively, accept this proposal. i need programmers so i can produce a good mod, i can't use sdk myself as my pc can't support it properly. i have many ideas and i can use xml. so, if you want to be credited, just let me know and help me out. any and all programmers will be credited on all work they do, however slight. terms of licence with c&c5; return of the scrin designing and modding: keep within the moddb terms and conditions. be polite (comes without saying) don't publicize any work that is a copy of other work from other producers (as it's plagiarism). this is strictly a non-profit organisation, so don't expect to be paid with real money. if you can, feel free to make suggestions and other types of ideas (any and all ideas will be looked at, however big or small). the ideas and suggestions posting agreement: all ideas and suggestions are for public domain and any ideas can be made by anyone at anytime, do not insult people who make suggestions (however silly it may sound). aim to encourage people to make suggestions, irrelevant of age/gender any and all ideas and suggestions will be looked at; only then will a verdict be made on whether it is a good or unadvised idea.

Anywhere Programmers at Enjoyable Games

programmers enjoyable games anywhere programmers hello everyone, i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. in this post i'll only speak about programmers, if you're a 3d artist, concept artist or an animator please visit our old post about. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. we are in search of programmers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. ue4 programmers: - good knowledge of c++ language - good knowledge of unreal engine 4 bluprints - possession of a ue4 licensed copy or ready to buy one. - passionate about coding - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english language - friendly and ready to work with other programmers and other team members

Global Looking people to help work on 'Wires - A medieval story' Possible Pay at Wired Games

looking people to help work on 'wires - a medieval story' possible pay wired games global programmers i'm a college student from new zealand planning a game called wires - a medieval story it will combine elements from the popular games game of thrones by teltale chivalry medieval warfare by tom banner studios and mount and blade warband by taleworlds it will combine simulation strategy and rpg elements but is completely open world and free to explore i hope that one day it will be sold on steam and i want you to help me make that a reality. if the game is sold on steam each member of the team will receive a portion of the profits. basic plan of 'wires - a medieval story' the start will show a menu like the character creation of mount and blade, and you will decide how you have come into the world of norangoth and all your characters specs, including skills hobby's age and build all proposing different benefits and deficits. the current map is planned to be around the size of the one of gta v hopefully slightly bigger, everywhere will be explorable with no invisible walls there will start off with two factions, the royals a kingdom claiming to be peacekeepers by forcing everyone into slavery and a group of rebels called the cleansers, they hide in the forest growing and getting more powerful slowly overwhelming the royals. a large battle will happen early in the game and the royals will fall, or will they? from then on many people will break into arguments upon whose fault the war was, who won, who gets the land, these will turn into wars and slowly the world will form itself around you, every play is different. a crafting system will be in place as well as a diplomacy and possibly a relationship system.

Telecommute - Looking for: Artists Visionary Modder Seeks Entrepreneurial Partnerships at Spec Projects at Anywhere

visionary modder seeks entrepreneurial partnerships at spec projects anywhere telecommute - looking for: artists programmers in the digital age, i've worked in the entertainment journalism field but have also moonlighted as a modder for sports pc games in the good old days of disk software and social media free hardware before cloud gaming. i've done custom rosters and data file camera angle edits for baseball games as well as designed fantasy courses for golf games. as both a writer and a storyteller with some computer graphic talent, i'm ultimately interested in getting involved in game design. to break the ice and introduce some ideas, i offer a choice of two projects. i wish to attract programmers or modders interested in upgrading pc golf games, and/or i'd like to spearhead the development as lead designer of an erotic movie rpg that i have detailed blueprints for. to my knowledge, there has never been a well made adult rpg and i'd like to change that. depending upon whether you have a taste for individual sports games or an open mind tolerance for off color gaming adventure, mod parties hip to spec gigs feel free to get in touch if any of this interests you.

Anywhere UI Programmer - HTML/JS/CSS, C/C++ a plus at Overhype Studios GbR

ui programmer - html/js/css, c/c++ a plus overhype studios gbr anywhere programmers join us to work on battle brothers - a turn-based strategy rpg mix developed for pc, linux and mac. the gameplay and setting are inspired by such classics as mount & blade, warhammer: shadow of the horned rat and x-com. we are overhype studios, a small indie company based in hamburg, germany. the three of us, an artist, a programmer and a producer, all have previous professional experience in working on games. now, the first game we’re developing as a team is battle brothers. you can find more information, including gameplay videos and a developer’s blog, at battle brothers is close to ready for an early access release, scheduled for the end of february 2015. the game was successfully greenlit on steam back in autumn of 2014 and has received press coverage from several online magazines, including rock, paper, shotgun where it made the best games of 2015 list. we have a fully playable combat demo available at our website which was met with very favourable reviews. what we’re looking for in you is a programmer mainly responsible for the game’s ui. the game is based on our engine written in c++, using squirrel for scripting most of the gameplay and awesomium for a html driven ui. as such, you’d need advanced knowledge of html, javascript and css to create the ui for battle brothers. a good part of the game’s ui is already done, but as our former ui programmer will be unable to continue his work, you’d have to take over and work with an existing code base. further, knowledge of c/c++ would be a huge plus and would allow for possible other programming tasks beyond the ui in the future. we’re interested in a longterm relationship with you, a professional and reliable individual, for the development of the game for the whole early access period and also beyond. although we can not offer much compensation up-front, with the game close to public release, monetary compensation is not just an idle promise. currently, only one of us works fulltime on the game, the other two doing it in their spare time, and we’re flexible in discussing with you how much time you can invest into the game at this point and how best we can compensate you. requirements • advanced knowledge of html, javascript and css • experience in ui design & development • experience in game development • ability to quickly learn new c-style languages • ability to quickly get your bearings in an existing code base • fluency in english and/or german optional skills • advanced knowledge of c/c++ would be a huge plus • knowledge of awesomium is a plus • knowledge of the squirrel scripting language is a plus • knowledge of linux and mac development is a plus what’s in it for you • valuable experience from working with a professional team • the opportunity to work on a great game that actually gets finished • the opportunity to have creative input on the game • money

Anywhere Unity 3d Programmer at R3nders

unity 3d programmer r3nders anywhere programmers hi! my name is jerses v. jimenez i live in mexico and im a environment designer + 3d modeller. im currently making a scene and got an idea for a sort of game...i already tested the game mechanics with the little i know of unity 3d and i know its possible the thing is im not a programmer and will like to invest my time in making a great environment and let someone that know to do im looking right now for a unity 3d programmer to work on a fpp (first person puzzle). do you like gone home? , do you like portal?, do you like the vanishing of ethan carter? do you like the twilight zone? if you like any of this and think you can invest your time in this sort of tech demo it will be great! of course the intention as of this game is to get people to buy it so we can pay all of the people involved making the game possible but the idea is to get funds via kickstarter. sorry for my bad english btw. the idea of the game i think is fun and challenging it does not revolve around traditional puzzle like the witnesses but the idea is to make it as much as open world as possible. what im looking for? 1. time. im starting to invest 3 hours a day on this project maybe i dont want the same kind of time but at least that there is a progress in the week. 2. communication. this does not means that you have to be 100% all the time when im in but that you sit down and add to something to the game 3. no portfolio needed if you have none...i dont have one as of a game designer but i am an architect and a 3d modeller and i know what im doing...i think. so if you know or think that you know how to make a fps with lets say portal elements then excelent, welcome !!! welcome!! or that you can research and get things done then you are also welcome. 4. be open to critics or changes, dont get mad if changes happens in this early stage. its part of the process...this also does not means we will change everything and start over. thats just a friendly reminder. send me an email and tell me about yourself at and also tell me what are you looking for in us. btw the images from the game in my profile are old and the idea has changed into another game with color , its just that i have not upgraded the website in a while until i have something to show that is not just images. have a nice day!!!

Anywhere | Skype {Royalty} Looking for 2D Unity C# Programmer at Prismatic Studios

{royalty} looking for 2d unity c# programmer prismatic studios anywhere | skype programmers looking for a programmer that will program a game for prismatic studios. simple description of the game: the game type is a platform. you have to be able to program everything we want in the game. you have to have expect knowledge of unity, and how to create the game. the idea of the game is that you have to escape the the risking milk, and try not to die. you have to collect yours to not die. when you get high, and higher the game start to become faster, and faster, and you have less platform. while you are jumping on the platform you will be losing hp, from crying so much. this is where the collecting tears come into place. the reason why the character is crying is because of the spilled milk. there will be different level within the game. you will start at the lowest one, which is the basement, and work you way up this will be with the higher, and faster part of the game. the game will have different themes, i have the artist to create the game. what system will this game be on? well, ios, android, and pc. we will talk more about the game in skype. you will receive 5% net royalties from the game.

Anywhere App developer at WordPlayz Productions

app developer wordplayz productions anywhere programmers app developer please answer these questions: 1. do you have experience with google play? 2. can you give the link to a game you have done that is on google play? 3. can you make our game look and run as well as wild bingo (free) and jeopardy ($1.99) [our game contains3 rounds of multiple-choice word puzzles: first round 25 puzzles; second round is 25 puzzles; final round is single puzzle.] 4. can you give our game features similar to those in jeopardy ($1.99) and bingo (free). 5. can you do a video at top of opening screen with a female avatar walking and talking? 6. we have scripted the sequence of screens for our game - can you do the design - graphics - development from that? 7. should we expect if ours is to be a guality game it will cost? $3,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 8. can you give a project quote for the design / graphics and development? (need project price to include alpha - beta testing and post release bug fixes.) 9. are you willing to sign a contract with our company for price and confidentiality. 10. would you like to have a post game release relationship handling updates and user response. (this is not required)

Anywhere Unity programmer [NO EXP] at Enoxe Ltd

unity programmer [no exp] enoxe ltd anywhere programmers first of all, i’m new to the game industry and i’m looking for shipping my (our) first game. i’ve chosen unity3d as the engine for our simple 2d shooter. about the game aiming low: quick develop: 2 months time. simple mechanics: move and shoot. about the team me: i’m dan and i’ve been a c# and java developer for 6 years now, but my other main skills are software designing and project managing what make me a coding machine but nothing else. you: developing anything by your own is often not as fun as having a partner all the way through. as mentioned before, the planning will be scheduled and the hard programming will be performed by me, so your skills could be anything related with game industry plus some programming skills. ideally you will be the one that show to me how to clean code but if that’s not the case do not worry at all. summarizing: junior programming skills. decent english / spanish communication skills. (obvious reasons) if you are a designer, audio engineer or you just like to create awesome stories please don’t hesitate to contact me as well. what do you get in return? same as i do. 50/50. nothing more, nothing less. we'll split the revenue from the game in even parts. what is expected from you? hardwork. i’m looking for a challenge so you better get ready for it. commitment. don’t run away in the middle of it.

Anywhere Unity Coder at Small Team

unity coder small team anywhere programmers hello all, i'm the designer/artist on chesster, a high production value match 3 game. i have just signed a contract with surprise attack who will be publishing and marketing the game on tablets and steam when it launches. however i just had the programmer spot open up so i'm looking for someone with a finished game or two under the belt to join me and finish the game in unity. more info below. type of game: match 3 puzzle game for tablets, pc and mac. work needed: using existing c++ code if needed, build a working version of the game in unity. will also need to work with the designer to implement art, animation, sound and revise gameplay until it is delivered to the publisher. the game will need to optimized for tablets and later for desktop computers. payment: choose your adventure 1) receive payment after the game has begun selling (you bill me, i pay you 100% of developer share every month until the bill is fulfilled). 2) game equity.

Anywhere C++ programmer needed for UE4 pilot project at Xylographix

c++ programmer needed for ue4 pilot project xylographix anywhere programmers for the development of fifth column, an alternate history wwii action-adventure, we could use the help of a programmer who has some skills in c++. expect some use of unreal engine 4 blueprints as well, though experience isn't required, as that should be easy enough to pick up quickly for any c++ programmer. you will have to be able to use ue4, and also be communicatively strong, as you will have to be in touch with the lead programmer often. an extra plus for programmers with experience in ai programming, since ai programming is going to make up a significant aspect of this game's development from this point onward. a groundwork for the gameplay has already been laid down for the most part, so gameplay programming is less of a priority, and will primarily involve polishing instead of adding new features. fifth column is a pilot project with the goal of producing a demo for a kickstarter campaign. therefore, this will be a volunteer position, at least for the time being. we want to make a game with conviction and aim for quality, so we truly like to see passionate people! so if you are capable, and want to participate in a great project, what are you waiting for?

Anywhere Lead and/or Part-time Programmer at Infinity Labs

lead and/or part-time programmer infinity labs anywhere programmers hi, everyone. i am looking for at least 2 programmers(one full-time and one part-time) to work with me on my first project, a story and art-driven game currently called 'the silent ones'. you can view details on the game on infinity labs' group page. we don't have a website as such. responsibilities - to be able to work as part of a team and to share ideas. - to be able to meet deadlines and complete any work set. - to be active and engaged in your work. - to enjoy being part of a team and developing this title. requirements - to be at least a b grade in computer science/programming - to have a portfolio/demos to be shown - to have done commercial work before(in this area) i know the above must seem like a lot, but there are two very good reasons why: firstly, i don't want this title to be 'just another adventure game', i want the audience to truly enjoy it and feel immersed. i want events/choices to be memorable to the player. secondly, if you look at other jobs/sites, you will see that these are, if not less than, the ordinary requirements you need.

Anywhere Programmers Needed for Crime Empire Game at DM Gaming

programmers needed for crime empire game dm gaming anywhere programmers dm gaming is looking for skilled programmers to assist us on our open world crime game! this game will be set in belgium and will have hundreds of ways to play. for this game we need a few more programmers to go forward on this project. why you should join us: we are a large team hoping to increase in size with your help! we want to make incredible games for the gaming community and we are looking for people with the same incredible vision! our group is friendly and ready to work, we want your assistance for this amazing game we want to develop! about belgian underworld: belgian underworld is a game set in belgium. this game is an open world mafia game, where you build the most powerful crime family ever seen in belgium. there will be tons of ways to do this in this free roam game. drawing off of huge successes grand theft auto, this game will have a large amount of ways to play! requirements: - skype - email - skills with lua, c++, and c# coding languages - time to devote to the project - good written and spoken english skills upon completion of the project you will be payed for services rendered.

Anywhere|Skype Programmer for Metalhead Tycoon at Maleficus Studio

programmer for metalhead tycoon maleficus studio anywhere|skype programmers hello everyone, maleficus studio is the studio behind the video game "metalhead tycoon" which is a band management/rythm tycoon game currently on alpha . more information about the game can be found on our official site : the development of the game was postponed on october when the game was on early alpha. the team feels ready to start developing the title once again. our previous programmer needs to take a break from this project and that's why we need your help.we need a programmer who will be here until the project is finished.the game is being developed with gamemaker studio so here is what we are looking for. requirements : 1) you have an advanced knowledge and understanding of gamemaker studio. 2) you have previous experience with programming and video game developing. 3) you are creative and ready to give a lot of time in the project. 4) english speaker and active on skype other skills 1) a finished project you worked on will be a huge boost of consideration. 2) previous experience with another team will also play a role. 3) communicative be sure to understand this is a non-paid job. what makes us special here in indiedb is that we have a very solid game that we only need to expand on and will be paid if the game reaches our expectations which will be explained once you are accepted.good luck on your application. -maleficus studio

Anywhere Programmers for "X-Com: Apocalypse" remake at Anywhere

programmers for "x-com: apocalypse" remake anywhere anywhere programmers following the extremely successful openxcom, which recreates the first two x-com games, openapoc is a fan project that aims to remake the third instalment of the series, "x-com: apocalypse". we aim at a faithful recreation of the old game for the modern systems, only with some small improvements to the interface to bring it up to today's standards (like using a mouse scroll) and better modding capabilities. the project is young, it is lively, and it really needs more people to help with the code. if you think you can help, and if you're interested in joining a likely candidate for the next star team on the remake scene, give it a try! at this point we're still at the stage of decoding and implementing basic mechanisms, so we need primarily need coders, but this will gradually change as the project progresses. since it's a fan remake, we don't expect to make any real money. however, the project is very likely to become highly popular, and i'm sure i don't have to explain how important it is for a young programmer to be a part of something like this. and it's a unique chance to bring this old gem to the modern audience, so it's a noble cause too!

Anywhere Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere anywhere programmers (paid after project) this position is good for people who would like to improve they're skills, add to they're portfolio and gain some experience. the game is a basic linear fps that features a dynamic story that changes relative to players choices. what is special about this project is that it will be sold to a per-established fan base of over 230,000 devoted fans. i need devoted team members who are willing to use skype on an almost daily basis. the platforms we need to develop for are xbox one ps4 and pc. positions needing to be filled: an artist/s will need to be able to create promotional pieces, concept art and high quality textures for objects to be used in the final product. a programmer/s is required to code for the ui, ai, and basic functions and mechanics of the game on the latest udk4 engine. an animator/s will need to be able to rig models, animate basic actions such as crouch, cover, running etc... a sound technician capable of producing a wide range of sounds to match the actions being performed, ambient sound, and any other sounds required to bring the game to life. a asset and character modeler capable of modeling real people and objects and be able to port the models to udk4. and finally a level designer capable of creating scenes and placing assets in the environment to bring the world to life.

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer at Demigod Studios

unity programmer demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with good knowledge of the unity engine. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following programming languages: c# or javascript 2) have knowledge of the unity engine 3) be flexible with priorities that are given to you desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere [Programmer] 2d Game [Payments] at True North

[programmer] 2d game [payments] true north anywhere programmers hello, thank you for taking interest in our project. as of right now there is no official title other then "project honor". we are a newly founded indie team that is starting work on our first game. this game takes place in japan and follows the story of a samurai's who's village is burnt to the ground. in pure revenge and the emotional drive to find the girl that he loves, he embarks on a journey that no sane man would dare to take, a journey to discover and kill the man that brought this pain upon is life. we require a programmer for the game, he will be working with unity or if he is not comfortable with that and knows another engine better with 2d game design then we can utilize that as well this is a paid project by royalty, meaning whatever work you do, you will receive a percentage of the games profits in return, some straight out payments might also happen depending on the situation, but is not guaranteed. if you are interested in applying for a position please add me on skype at: dalen.dugas : and i will try to return to you as quick as possible, thank you and we look forward to seeing you

Anywhere UE4 Programmer at Augment Studios

ue4 programmer augment studios anywhere programmers we at augment studios, are recruiting multiple members, for a sci-fi role-playing game. right now, we require game designers able to create the game's basic functions using unreal engine 4. our team consists of 8 members at the moment, all engaged in different aspects. if you could do anything besides programming or game designing, you'd also be of a great help to us. besides this position, feel free to apply for any other position that may aid us in our project. also, this is a volunteer position, which means it is initially unpaid, and that whatever the applicant shall get will be a share of the game's profits. concerning the programmer position , we'll be providing you with certain documents that will allow you to understand the game's basics. the art and all the models will be provided to you as well , in the forms of mostly .obj files. our game is 3rd person so please keep that in mind considering what you have to be making. we're also looking for coders so once we get some to help us , we'll provide you with the codes too, otherwise some of unity's preset codes can be used. also , you will not be alone working with unity , we will be doing certain parts of the game designing process in unity. if you can do anything else , feel free to apply. zamzua

Anywhere, Hopefully U.S. Need Unity Coders at FireEscape Studios

need unity coders fireescape studios anywhere, hopefully u.s. programmers we would like someone who has some experience in the field, but coders of all levels are appreciated. we need people who are creative as there are many things that are made up as we go along. the only true requirement is to be able to work with the rest of our team. we are in the planning stages of the project right now, and need someone who can do some good coding for 3 different types of play-styles. that would be a side-scroller, a first person shooter and a real time strategy, as our game will have all 3. all coders are appreciated and all skill levels are appreciated as we are a small group on our first project and no-one knows who we are and our project feels quite ambitious to us. there are 5 people (6, including me) which are two 3d modellers, a concept artist, one writer my co-founder, and me, the owner at fireescape right now and hopefully one more, soon!! as i stated, we are still in development stages, but we look forward to having you at fireescape studios! contact me if you are interested.

Anywhere Source Engine Programmer at The Survival Development Team

source engine programmer the survival development team anywhere programmers my name is steve. i am the project leader and a level designer of the survival, a survival horror fps source engine mod. i am currently looking for programmers who love video games, and who also have a strong passion for game design. now as for the mod, the idea is to create a story-driven single-player mod powered on the alien swarm engine. it will feature the gameplay mechanics of half-life 2 and other single-player source engine games/ mods, and the visual aesthetics/ level design of other source games (i.e. left 4 dead 2, cs:go, etc.) this mod will require the assistance of programmers in creating coded weapons, npcs and enemies, an inventory system, and other coded features to create a fun gaming experience. requirements: - you must be experienced with c++ , and ideally the source engine. - good communication skills, creative problem solver, friendly, and willing to work with other team members. - alien swarm & the alien swarm sdk. - you must own a debugging/ coding program (e.g. microsoft visual studio 2010). mod:

Anywhere Looking for Programmers/others - paid work later at Infamous Raccoon Studios

looking for programmers/others - paid work later infamous raccoon studios anywhere programmers hey guys, starting up a small game company and need a large range of staff to manage it. i have a game planned out with most objectives and complexity completed. here is the list of people i am looking for. jobs: multiple 2d programmers, preferably good with 2d game creating tools level designers texture artists and/or other people to throw ideas around with about game design. requirements: -must have a running computer capable of handling semi-intensive programs, if insure talk to me. -must understand a fluently speak english. -mature and sensible. -at least some experience in whatever job type you are applying. -ready to accept instructions. -able to not release info on game or release times. -ready to give up hours of personal time to work on development. -a great work ethic with the ability to keep all team members updated. -enough social skills to communicate with other team members to assist in any problems. -as for age, well preferably someone 13-15+ but mainly it depends on amount of stress and hard work you can endure. -skype is needed for anyone in the group. -for texture artist, hopefully ps. -for programmer, some recommend programs: directx api, visual studio, gamemaker studio ect.. if this game is successfully released and sold, profits will be negotiated according to work level and effort put into project. -patrick

Anywhere Web programmer (html, CSS and JS preferred) at Novo Genesis

web programmer (html, css and js preferred) novo genesis anywhere programmers hi, i'm tim, the ceo of novo genesis we are an organisation specialising in many different areas and have quite a few staff and as we expand it is getting harder to keep everyone organised in their areas, especially since i cannot be everywhere at once so it is down to other managers in certain areas. so i have come up with a solution. we can create our own web based calendar that our staff and visitors too can view and, for managers, edit. we will be able to set reminders up too and i believe this will greatly improve our whole organisation's organisation. novo genesis has many different areas but two of them will certainly relate to you, those being game development and web development, therefore if you do well during this project you may be given a permanent position in our company. along with this you will also be given credit for your work that will hopefully be seen by thousands! we are a welcoming and friendly team who also have marketing professionals working alongside us to make sure that we will never fail in our tasks. so we look forward to hearing from you! we are a flexible team and are able to fit things to your needs too! kind regards, tim ceo @ novo genesis entertainment link:

Anywhere Programmers in UE4 at Anywhere

programmers in ue4 anywhere anywhere programmers i, andre, am currently at the beginnign of startig to build a game. the game is going to be an online mmorpg in middle ages in low poly and be set in a gigantic world with full interactment there will be buildable cities and shops... the world is going to be splitted in stages on which each stage there is a boss room located which has to be found by the players. once the boss has been defeated the players have to find the boss room on the next stage. theres also going to be a story so it wont be so linear but till now i dont have to much of that. and now some info about me. im andre, a 16 year old german motion designer and also an 3d artist. im going to be modeling the 3d models and assets for the game and also coordiante everything from the programming to the sound and visual section of the game. i need: - network programmers - gameplay programmers - ui programmers - tools programmers - scripters the requirements are: - you have to be able to buy or already own a license of ue4 - you have to have great knowledge of programming in ue4`s blueprint and in c++ - you have to be able to work in a team and also to communicate i hope you like what i wrote and message me soon andre

Anywhere A whole team-HeroEngine at No Man's Studios

a whole team-heroengine no man's studios anywhere programmers hi! my silly gandalf, i'm looking for a team that will help me develop a 3d mmo's i have a big experience with level design but my main goal is to make a game in heroengine. it will be a vietnam shooter (3rd person) that has a wide range of multiplayer. for this game, the major focus will be on the guns, detail, and vehicles. this job will not be paid (sorry) upfront, but if we somehow get some money (kickstarter?) i'll be more than happy to pay you. i'm looking for anyone, especially those who are: programmars artists musician modelers level designers the heroengine is 100$ a year so my goal is to have some models in and music and sound and animators work on that stuff then take a break then i hire people for heroengine because its money. if you're interested, then please email me at along with what you can do and maybe some examples. thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon! ps- this will be a long time for this game i hope 3 years until launch

Anywhere Animator and Unity Coder needed for Sci-fi RPG at INT by Starboard Games LLC

animator and unity coder needed for sci-fi rpg int by starboard games llc anywhere programmers starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. each of our departments collaborates extremely well. we love and share our work amongst team members, offer constructive feedback and strive to improve ourselves at personal and organizational levels. we are looking for talented and dedicated artist and programmers to join us on our project int (, a sci-fi rpg with a strong emphasis on exploration, dungeon crawling, character customization and story-telling. if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on! we are looking for an animator to join the development team to design, develop, and implement animations for the game. you will collaborate with fellow members of the dev team, and follow explicit instructions from the project lead and the dev team lead to craft smooth, flowing animations. as an animator for this project you will be required to: 1. have working knowledge of appropriate animation suites needed to produce files necessary for game engine integration. 2. translate written requirements into visually rich media experiences. 3. handle multiple tasks and deliver result in a timely manner. 4. contribute to constructive discussions; at the same time understand feedbacks and be able to change course if needed. 5. in-depth knowledge of the unity engine uma character creation system, or the ability to learn would be a great advantage! we are also looking for an unity engine coder to design, develop, and maintain essential game systems using c#. you will need to be experienced with unity and script writing in c#. you will also be interacting with other members of the project team. you must be able to follow explicit instruction from the project lead and the coding team lead. essential skills: 1. strong knowledge of design, implementation, mathematics and data structures. 2. strong knowledge of script writing in c#, an reasonable understanding of object-oriented programming. 3. ability to work to meet fixed deadlines, and conform to established meeting times. 4. willing to learn additional skills and be a flexible learner on the team. preferred skills or ability to learn: 1. knowledge of unity 3d pro. 2. knowledge of uma character creation system. 3. graphics development (particle system, shaders). we offer profit sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate full-time team members, who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. compensation models may be discussed during subsequent interviews. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john shen hr director starboard games llc

Anywhere Javascript developer at Personal Team

javascript developer personal team anywhere programmers hi there i am looking for developers to help code a life mod into the game arma 3. i am looking for developers who understand and can write in javascript. if you have any experience in writing and scripting mods then please let me know in a comment below. give me your details and experience and i can get back to you. i can pay if you are now willing to do this freely, but if we get the mod up and running that will pay you well in donations. i am willing to discuss further on the matter but i need a development team who can help me to build the mod as it is a lot of work and will take a few months. i will personally fund the server and teamspeak that we will host the game or. again if you are interested in helping please let me know in the comments. thank you. you must have this game and have experience of playing a mod like i am after!!!! you require the skills of having coded and scripted in java before, to have played the game arma 3 and preferably a life mod to give yourself a better understanding of the mod we are trying to create. this will be completely funded by myself and co-partner.

Anywhere Indie game creation team at SkyWielder

indie game creation team skywielder anywhere programmers i love games and have always wanted to make one however i don't have a lot of programming skills nor a lot of time to learn. however i love writing and would love people to make a team with me. i would be in charge of story design and would require programmers and artists! it would hopefully be for more than just one game because i hope to keep the team that is created to work together on games that make people happy to play. requirements are minimal, pretty much if you can code for the game or can make the art needed for the game you are in! i can be reached here by dm or at my email my hope is to get at least 2 programmers and 2 artists in case people are sick or are otherwise unable to help on certain days/times. my biggest rule(s) is going to be, be nice and have a positive attitude. there doesn't really need to be a set schedule we can really just work whenever we want collectively through a skype call that being said we cant just put it off and say "well i don't really want to". but i don't want this to be treated as a job i want us to be a team! :) thank you, sky

Anywhere ASSISTANT UNITY PROGRAMMER for Red March at Bayonet Studios

assistant unity programmer for red march bayonet studios anywhere programmers hey there folks, vengefulnoob from bayonet studios here! we're currently on the look out for unity programmers to assist our lead programmer, ivan muratov (a.k.a. binakot) with coding for our upcoming rts, red march. ivan is currently busy working on the recently kickstarted post-apoc rpg, after reset (, and as such, we could use assistance getting red march itself finished. red march takes several cues from the command and conquer series, and intends to add in new features such as cover systems that have become the recent norms. our game is highly innovative, and will require a great deal of work to get right. if you're up for the task, please do apply, we could use as much help as we can get. payment: none, as yet. provided a successful kickstarter in around 1-2 years time, a wage will be provided. language: we are currently a bi-lingual team, divided between english and russian. knowledge of one of these two languages is recommended. experience: the more the better, but we will consider everyone. you must have spent some time coding unity though. hours: part-time, specifics depend entirely on your availability, but the more time you can spare, the better. project link:

Anywhere Looking for a team! at Anywhere

looking for a team! anywhere anywhere programmers hi! my name's kevin lee. basically, i'm looking for a team that will help me develop a 2d platforming game that has an apocalyptic black/white art design. i have large experience over unity and c#, but i can't do this alone. partially because i can't draw for my life. for this game, the major focus will be on the stunning art design along with excellent music. this job will not be paid (sorry) upfront, but if we somehow get some money (kickstarter?) i'll be more than happy to pay you. i'm looking for anyone, especially those who are: programmars artists musician even if you're not professional or have small experience with unity/ c# or any game developing skills, i still want to hear from you, as long as you have the motivation to work with me. if you're interested, then please email me at along with what you can do and maybe some examples. thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

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