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Anywhere [PAID] Game Development Startup Looking for Exceptional Talent! at Stormy Peak Entertainment

game development startup looking for exceptional talent! stormy peak entertainment anywhere programmers greetings! about two months ago i posted an ad because i had an idea to start a new game development company. you can (and probably should) read that post here: it generated a great deal of interest and now i have a sizeable team of people working with me to create our first game. we are now officially incorporated and hard at work writing our own engine (important for our vision, and we have some great programmers who can do it!). we now just need to fill up a few extra spots on the team to round out the talent a bit. in particular, we could use the following: - experienced programmers, c++/opengl experience preferred but if you are an awesome coder and fast learner we can get you up to speed - talented concept artists, esp. those who do sci-fi work - an experienced human resources person, preferably someone also familiar with business accounting do note that exceptional talent from all areas will still be considered, so don't be afraid to inquire if you are interested. we are working on a 3d, graphically-realistic, futuristic/sci-fi mmo game that has yet to be announced. :) if you are interested to learn more about the project and want to get involved in this startup venture, leave me a message describing your experience, a link to your portfolio, and a resume/cv at: [ ] (sorry for the generic-looking email address, it's not fake; i use it to avoid spambots harvesting my email from this site {which i've found they do}).

Anywhere [PAID] Environment / Prop Artist / Level design at

environment / prop artist / level design anywhere programmers project using unreal engine 4 we are recruiting for the following positions: environment / prop artist / level design knowledge of how ue4 handles art (lighting, art pipelines, render pipelines, post process effects) knowledge of ue4 material editor is required knowledge of world machine and geocontrol knowledge of speedtree experience in lighting and world building with ue4 is required intimacy with pbr workflow we look for people with a medium-high level of expertise the game will be in multiplay the project started from 6 months the team consists of 9 people the company is financed

Anywhere [PAID] Unity3D Programmer at Crytivo Games

unity3d programmer crytivo games anywhere programmers crytivo games is currently looking for a skilled and motivated part-time developer to join our team. the universim is a god-game where players will explore the universe and experience the evolution and hardships of a civilization and is being created by a team of passionate gamers from all around the world. position expectations work on challenging, non-trivial tasks in the game environment work in an environment where code peer review is essential be involved with the whole development life-cycle desired skills & experience team player qualities at least 4 years of working experience with unity3d software design skills including oop experience with source-control concepts and tools graphical programming skills: knowledge of meshes, textures and shaders an understanding of physics and math algorithms strong verbal and written communication skills in english additional pluses ui design audio implementation camera controls

Anywhere [PAID] Looking for Skilled Individuals UE4 at Avalon Games LLC

looking for skilled individuals ue4 avalon games llc anywhere programmers hello everyone at moddb, we are currently looking for some quality members to help speed up development of our game, we have a lot that we haven't shown publicly but will disclose to those that join us and require talented individuals to help us get this game ready asap. steam: sound cloud: social media: requirements for c++ programmers: * 2-10 years of programming experience and at least 1-2 years of experience programming for games. * c++ programming knowledge for video games * ai coding experience * used to coding reusable gameplay systems * fast learner and hard worker * knowledge of ue4 api requirements for 3d artists: * must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 * 1-3 years of experience in your respective field * communicate via skype * must be willing to submit to an art test/programming test. * basic blueprint knowledge what we are looking for: * 3d character artists ---must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 * programmers (c++ or blueprint) --- must be skilled at either/both *3d environment artist/interior artist -- must know proper pbr workflow for ue4 and match quality as our lead environment artist. *lead 3d animator -- as the lead you will be in charge of any new recruits and you must have at least 2-3 years experience animating and experience in ue4 is a plus. *3d animator -- must have at least 1-3 years experience animating and rigging bipedal and quadrupeds and experience in ue4 is a plus. *technical artist -- must have 2-3 years of exp and some knowledge of ue4 *scene writer -- 1-3 years experience writing for games & game design knowledge. you will be specifically writing engaging scenes whilst our other writers handle everything else. *ui artist -- must be able to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. knowledge of setting them up in ue4 via blueprints is a plus but not necessary.

Anywhere [PAID] Game Developer (Artist/Programmer) for Indie Point and Click Game at Great Gold Bird

game developer (artist/programmer) for indie point and click game great gold bird anywhere programmers hello, i'm a playwright/director based in austin, tx, but not in the traditional sense. my work incorporates a lot of digital media, immersive experience, transmedia storytelling, and site-specific locations. you can see some of my past work, as well as reviews on my website my last project, "great gold bird, great dark yawn," was billed as a "wanderplay," but really it was a city-wide, narrative-driven alternate reality game. it's about the fictions we create to make sense of our personal tragedy. it was hugely influenced by point-and-click adventure games like kentucky route zero, gone home, and year walk. so i was thinking...why not adapt it into a feature-length (2-3 hours?) video game. it's an original, emotionally compelling story with interesting plot devices that create a lot of potential for experimentation with time and place, multiple povs, and non-linear storytelling. i think it should be a point-and-click adventure game with puzzles. i've been playing games my whole life on almost every platform (although narrative-driven pc games are currently my favorite), and i understand the mechanics of games and what makes a good one. i just can't program or draw to save my life. i would love to collaborate on this with the right artist. i would be responsible for adapting the play into a game-i just need a strong artist who also codes. i'm looking for an original aesthetic, nothing too cartoonish or minimalistic. the unity engine can leave me cold sometimes, so i'd rather see a unique style, or some kind of mod on the unity engine (like kentucky route zero). to give you an example of what this project was... the play began as a twine game (you can play it here to give you a sense of some of the writing:, led to a mysterious phone menu service, then switched to real-world experiences, including: a tour of the museum of natural and artificial ephemerata, rifling through the drawers, letters, and photographs inside the protagonists' camper, and ending in the found location of an abandoned zoo in the woods with a guided audio tour delivered by the protagonists' dead wife. themes and features of this story are: time travel, conspiracy theories, magical realism, the nature of memory, and regret. it was very well-received. i am attaching a few short trailers that feature the sound design, voice acting, and aesthetic. if you might be a good fit for this project, i'd be happy to send the working script later. i already have a composer attached to the project. he wrote the music for the static speaks my name (kotaku & rock,paper,shotgun) and the tender cut (vice). not to mention incredible voice actors. samples of their work on this project can be heard in the trailers i am attaching. compensation is about $1,000, plus profit shares, an incredible composer, and great voice actors. i wish i could pay more, but alas, i am a poor playwright. position: this position is for one person only. you must be both a strong programmer and designer/artist. trailers 1, 2, and 3: style references: (see kentucky route zero, year walk, three fourths home, and dolly)

Anywhere AI Life Programmer at Fallen Angel Game Studios

ai life programmer fallen angel game studios anywhere programmers we at fallen angel game studios are looking for an artificial intelligence life programmer to work on our game vigilante. the game is about a serial killer who tries to make his city a safer place by killing the criminals that roam the streets. the playable character will have a variety of methods and gadgets at their disposal to carry out the killings and make the city safer. this job will require the following tasks to be carried out: - be able to synthesize life (meaning that you will be able to program an npc to live out a virtual life) - be able to communicate with a team effectively - proficient ability in c#, javascript, and unityscript this job will also require you to have a skype and a portfolio of at least 3 different items made with the required languages. if you are unable to provide one, message anyway and we can discuss terms. we are looking for a dedicated individual who has a drive to make fantastic games and redefine what it means to be an independent game developer. we want you to apply as soon as you can so we can make vigilante the next big thing. this position is currently unpaid, but will be paid based on game release and/or a crowdfunding campaign.

Anywhere Tools Programmer at Sunwell Studios

tools programmer sunwell studios anywhere programmers we are looking for a tools programmer to work with our engine team to develop tools to assist game developers to create the programs of their dreams. your main role within the team will be to create and maintain the game editor for the clockwork game engine. as a tools programmer you will be using either c++ or angelscript (similar to c#) depending on your abilities, within your chosen language you will be designing and creating a gui that allows a fast and natural workflow for all the engines users. the clockwork engine is an upcoming engine based on providing users to current gen technologies in a small and fast package without limiting the users. the tools within the engine should easy to user for all skill levels, including a visual scripting and shaders for the engine, these feature will be co worked with a engine programmer. ideal candidates would have: - confident programmer (preferably c++) - experience with tools programming - ability to create high quality graphics - able to work with git - good working in a team

Anywhere (PAID ON WORK) C++ programmer at DaBestGamez

(paid on work) c++ programmer dabestgamez anywhere programmers dabestgamez indie development team is currently looking for a programmer with great knowledge of c++ (and lua is preferred but c++ is a must have). dabestgamez is currently creating a online fps, the shooter will be unique from most fps, the project will be funded via indiegogo and the funds will be used as payment for your work. you will receive credit in the game and you may be hired as a full time programmer in dabestgamez if all goes well. dabestgamez may be using leadwerks indie edition for the development of this game, leadwerks requires c++ and lua coding, which is why we require a programmer with great knowledge of those two languages. the job doesn't rely on age, but it is preferred that you are 18 or older, your experience is also important, if you're able to get your previous employer to contact us, your chances of getting this job is extremely likely. your job will take place online, meaning you will work at home. although, if you do have any real life activites e.g school, we can work out a schedule. it is preferred you will work for atleast 10 hours a week or submit enough codes we see fit every week. you will be paid depending on your work, (small codes for low prices, large codes for high prices). it is also required that you have previous experience and have the ability to work with others, you also need to have: teamspeak or skype and a gmail account is preferred.

Anywhere Unique 2D RPG needs a graphics artist at Anywhere

unique 2d rpg needs a graphics artist anywhere anywhere programmers i am currently looking for two graphics artist unique skill sets to join me in creating a unique 2d rpg. someone who is talented at creating scenery and another who is talented at creating characters, monsters etc. etc.. even better if you can do both. the rpg is secret of mana style game play with lush, rich tile sets, and a unique skill system. applicants must be familiar with creating tile sets as this is a 2d game and most things will be done in tile sheets and sprite sheets. artwork that needs to be done - scenery (tree's, grass, water, buildings, etc..) - character skills - characters - basic monsters - misc.. (items, chests, etc..) - user interface this position is unpaid, but if we do end up making money from this game, any revenue will be split fairly between the development team. if you are passionate about making 2d artwork and interested in using that artwork to help create an exciting and unique 2d rpg, send me an email along with some of your artwork and i will get back to you.

Anywhere Looking for Skilled Programmers for Royalty at Motivart Studios, LLC

looking for skilled programmers for royalty motivart studios, llc anywhere programmers game: cosmic prophecy developer: motivart studios, llc job description: looking for skilled programmers that can produce quality results from what's been given to them ranging from ai, controls, movement, etc. we will pay a royalty but that will be discussed last of everything. our game is under nda agreement and is top secret to the world until information is released by the ceo of the company. just know, this game is revolutionizing, open world(s), and is based on exploration and discovery as well as combat and focuses on mystery and its' story. this game will be released on steam, playstation 4, and xbox one if we decide not to make the project exclusive. we will be using skype groups to communicate the majority of the time. you must be willing to put your time into this project. you must stay active with our development team, communication is huge. feel free to give your own ideas along the development, we're always open eared and easy to get along with which is as well what we'll be looking for. revolutionizing the basis of creativity, one game at a time. looking forward to hearing from you guys! - andrew swanger (ceo of motivart studios, llc)

Anywhere Looking To Put Together A Dev Team! at 431 Industries

looking to put together a dev team! 431 industries anywhere programmers we here at 431 industries are looking to put together a team for an upcoming game we are working on. it's a simple, side scrolling, maybe mobile based or cross platform. it's an idea a few of us came up with one night hanging out; it's the story of an italian gold fish. he get's flushed down the toilet and ends up in the ocean. being in his nature he tries to get to be the top fish. he makes his way up the totem pole fighting each mob boss. (we have it right now where there are 3 bosses) we haven't set up what each boss will be but we have an idea that he's working his way to the bottom of the sea. so we will base the bosses accordingly to depth. it's still an idea and has a little refining to do but it's almost done. it's going to be mainly a 64 bit game so nothing crazy. as long as you are willing to help us out it'll be greatly appreciated. so we are in need of: a writer lead programmer artist etc. we are working mainly in unity so if you have a background in that it will definitely help you out. anyone is open to try out for the team. just email us:

Anywhere **PAID** Tutor for Unreal 4 C++ programmer at Anywhere

**paid** tutor for unreal 4 c++ programmer anywhere anywhere programmers i have been working in unity for 3 years and i am moving on to unreal. i am in need to fully understand how to use the c++ side of unreal to create classes such as: how to generate classes with parameters, spheres with colors, shapes, components, etc. (this is for procedural generation) how to create visual effects 'post process' for things like depth of field. how to fully understand pointers and when to use them for unreal. (c# has been too good to me when dealing with pointers) full in depth knowledge of why and what to use blueprints in conjunction with c++ classes. more advanced techniques for unreal 4 that i cannot find easy answers for online. this is a paid position by the hour and will be paid out in cad 'canadian' one thing i do ask is that you come prepared with something that could teach me as opposed to just 'winging' it when we are talking. i learn by examples and would appreciate something that could teach me the above questions i have. the rate and how many hours i will need will decide on the candidate after seeing their work and how well they are able to teach. as long as there is something that you can teach me we can work together. the hourly rate will be between $13-$20 canadian so please feel free to email me for more info or if you think this is something you are interested in. wesley,

Anywhere AI Programmer at Anywhere

ai programmer anywhere anywhere programmers do you have the talent to code ai agents that respond to their surroundings, and can execute the right dialogue depending on their defined state variables? the team behind 'to the last breath' is looking for an experienced and talented ai programmer that can write their own ai framework to allow for the needed functionality mentioned above. the job requires: * familiarity with unity engine * dedication * mid-to-advanced knowledge and experience of ai programming to reitirate differently, the ai that is coded will have to be aware of the world state and it's own, act on the knowledge, and be able to execute complex planning behaviors with efficiency to achieve their goals. a big plus if you can implement pathfinding in a procedural game environment. this will be the game you will be developing for with more information about the game itself: candidates must show examples of their past work before applying.the job is temporarily on a volunteer basis, but payments will be made once the game gets funded. this is an exciting project, and i hope we can use your skills to make many of the game's designs technically feasible.

Preferred USA, Canada, or UK C++ Engine Programmers Needed at Sunwell Studios

c++ engine programmers needed sunwell studios preferred usa, canada, or uk programmers sunwell studios is current still looking for people that have knowledge in c++ language and 3d engine. we are looking for people that willing to dedicate time to this project and make it become a great engine. the engine will be an commercial engine, but we cannot pay people right now, since we don't have the money to do so. about the engine: right now the engine is in it's development state, and not pre-alpha. we have been working on the engine for the past 7 month, which we started on the january 27, 2015. in that time we came far with the engine, but right now it slowing down. we are using urho3d for for about 75% of the engine. we been developing working on the engine to remove the engine, but we don't have the people. the engine currently have multi-thread, linux, basic lighting, multi-core, and a editor so far. which most of them are apart of the urho3d engine. we also have a lot of 3-parties addon. more info at and clockwork moddb programmers we currently have only one programmer that is working on the engine and one artist working on the icons (howllo). which he have's been working on the engine for the past 7 month, while artist has been working on the icons for the engine. the type of engine programmers we are looking for: ai programmer ui programmer physics programmer graphics programmer porting programmer sound programmer networking programmer technology programemr talents: working for or have degree in computer and/or mathematics is plus proficient with c++ and object-oriented programming firm gasp on vector and matrix math, quaternion and linear algebra is a plus. development experience in game industry is a plus. strong communication and organization skills be able to work with other people to complete task be motivated to create 3d engine and video gameshow will you be payed? this is main reason why we can't get anyone. right now we do not have the money to pay anyone only to have an website. we have been working on this engine for long time about, 7 months so far, but only one engine programmer haves been doing all the work, expect the art. if we ever come across an the money to pay, we will 100% pay people.

Anywhere Programer Javascript Canvas at analog digital

programer javascript canvas analog digital anywhere programmers dear programmers. my name is andy rocket. game artist/graphic designer. i am currently looking for a programmer with good skills in javascript canvas tag. the idea is to advance the web design, make little games and other stuff. i just got the job keeping two websites. i have full creative freedom. the traffic is good also. it's the perfect place to bring in some new vision into the world. one website is for a record company and the other is for a mobile game. we will use this two websites to advance and experiment. so we can make new great templates to sell to companies. entertainment and the new generation of web-magazines. we form a contract and you keep hours. the material we will be working on is already written up and sketched down. skilled and creative programmers are encouraged to apply. write a little bit about your self. what is your experience, how many years and what kind of experience? the main jobs will be to work with a slider, a promotion slider, and make it more advanced. also there will be some sprites, and images moving in layers. so pretty advanced stuff for a canvas. i am a game developer. i have an expert understanding working with the pixel graphic. we will create some explicitly beautiful things. looking forward to hear from you.

Anywhere Programmer, Anime Character Artist, Modeler for Action RPG (Unreal Engine 4) at Team Reptilia

programmer, anime character artist, modeler for action rpg (unreal engine 4) team reptilia anywhere programmers project reptilia is an anime styled action rpg inspired by classic japanese games such as final fantasy, ys, parasite eve and kingdom hearts. reptilia blends exploration with fast paced action and a thrilling story taking place in a deeply immersive universe.. we are currently a team of 5 members making this game for learning, experience and publicity but a commercial release is most likely possible to happen.. during the development we follow a timeline which we write based on team members' availability to work.. as of now the project is in the pre-production and concept stage but we are also trying to get a playable prototype with an animated character as soon as possible.. c++ programmer position: we're looking for a programmer who is willing to take the responsibility of working on a third person action role playing game with fairly complex systems and gameplay mechanics, the game is being built on the latest version of unreal engine 4. anime character artist: we're looking for an artist who can digitally draw and design anime styled characters similar to this: character modeler position: we're looking for an artist who can create cel shaded/toon shaded anime styled characters similar to this: we are looking for someone enthusiastic about game development and role playing video games and is willing to work for fun and experience.. this position is not paid, it is a royalty based project and you will also be credited for your work.. to apply email: and send a portfolio or samples. or if you don't have a portfolio yet and would like to be tested please let us know..

Anywhere C# programmer Unity3d at Anywhere

c# programmer unity3d anywhere anywhere programmers so this is the game that i am working on . the art is completed, now i just need a programmer to get this done. :) about the game: this game is a first person horror game, i have been working on it for about a year now. and this is my first project ever and i am working on it alone since day 1. gameplay: so you start off in the middle of the forest, you have no idea where you are. you get through a bridge and soon you reach to the waterfall place, you see a signboard called "death valley"(pointing towards the left). you need to get through there and then you reach at the top. you see a bridge but it is protected with some kind of wooden pieces, there is a cabin to the left, you go there , you solve a puzzle and then you get an axe, with the help of the axe , you break the wooden pieces and pass through the bridge. then suddenly you realize that something is chasing you(something invisible) and then you pass out in the town. (rest of the gameplay still needs to be decided) skills required: c# programming programming ai scripting ui scripting animations(and stuff). you can contact me via my email: here's the facebook page of this game: it would mean a lot to me ,if somebody helps me out with this one(since this my first project). note: i can't pay you , however i can credit you in my game! thanks!

Anywhere Third Person Horror Adventure Game (Blueprints) at Red Watch Inc.

third person horror adventure game (blueprints) red watch inc. anywhere programmers our goal is to create the best game that we possibly can. we need your help to do so. we have big goals for this game. it won't be easy. if you are looking for a long term positions, and a challenge you found it. here are some details we're looking for. looking for: - someone that has experience with blueprints 6 months, and up. - can work 15-30 hours a week. - can get the job done. - must have a skype what we can offer: we are planning to launch a kickstater soon, i can pay a little with kickstater. but the rest of the pay will be after the game is made. right now we have a offer for the game. can't say much at the moment. with this game we are looking into consoles as well. but that will be in future. our game/team: our game is a third person horror adventure. we are pretty early in development. looking for a extra pair of hands to help create this amazing experience that we want to bring to the players. we have another programmer. two modeling artist. one person that is handling the music. i am currently the level designer. if this interest you, email me. we can go from there.

Anywhere [PAID] Unity Gameplay Programmer at +AsDesigned Games

unity gameplay programmer +asdesigned games anywhere programmers asdesigned games ltd are an independent games developer focused on creating the very best mobile, tablet, and browser games. we are now looking for a talented unity programmer to join us as we create a brand new quiz game for mobile and tablets. this role is expected to run for around two months, with an immediate start. while we have a limited budget, we may be able to offer some financial compensation in the form of a flat rate and/or revenue share, which will ensure that your work will be rewarded and you will be financially compensated following the game’s success. working with this new ip, you will be using unity to implement new and exciting gameplay features and create the best player experience possible. this dynamic role will cover a range of coding skills so would be suited to someone with a good understanding of ui, sound and tools. the idea is to create a framework from which new quizzes can be created quickly and easily. the majority of design work has already been completed so you’ll be able to hit the ground running. this is an amazing opportunity to be at the heart of an exciting start up studio, where you can have a real impact on the development and growth of the company, and requires a sharp and keen individual with a passion for mobile games. it would also be a great portfolio builder for a current student, recent graduate, or someone looking to enter the games industry. key duties include: • writing and maintaining solid and robust code to strict deadlines • evaluate the feasibility of design direction for difficulty of implementation, time, and priority • taking part in the design process essential requirements: • experience in using unity • ability to work efficiently as part of a small team or individually • have your own equipment from which to work on • hard working and pro-active desirable requirements: • be easily contactable during regular uk office hours (09:00-17:30 bst) • experience of mobile games development (particularly ios and android) • knowledge of agile/scrum methodologies to apply for this position, please send your cv, cover letter, and any supporting materials (links to portfolio, demos etc.) to no later than 16th september 2015. please also look at our previous work, created with the help of the indiedb community! impatient squirrel: godsweeper:

Anywhere UI/Gameplay Programmer at Shunless

ui/gameplay programmer shunless anywhere programmers about the game: it is an action/racing game for mobile devices, such as ios, android etc. here is a brief description: the goal of the game is to collect illegal packages as fast as you can without been caught by the police. the game has a lot of levels, beginning with easy tasks in deserted towns collecting the stuff with you bare hands and ending collecting packages worth of millions in overcrowded cities with a little help from your gang.if you get caught by the police all your daily earnings will be seized and additional penalties may be applied depending on your wanted level. this is not final though, a lot of stuff may change before we start the project. responsibilities · builds, with the lead programmer, to accomplish the project mandate. · gives regular feedback to the team members, in the shape of regular one on ones. · in collaboration with the graphic designer, integrate designs and animation (timeline or code); skills and knowledge: · excellent javascript/c# programming skills, with excellent knowledge of object oriented development; · experience with commonly used development tools such as git; · excellent oral and written communication skills; · strong debugging skills

Anywhere|Skype Crew needed for Zombie survival game at Beare Games

crew needed for zombie survival game beare games anywhere|skype programmers hello, i am making a game which i believe could get very famous. synopsis- the game is going to be a multiplayer game and is going to be very complex meaning we need to have people who are dedicated to making a game. there will be 10 players who each have different skills from when they have made there character, for example if your occupation before the outbreak was a builder then you can craft stuff quicker and if you were a doctor you can revive people quicker. also if you get killed you are immediately kicked from the session meaning that teamwork is necessary. jobs- lead programmer (0/1) you will be the person who is in charge with all the programming aspects of the game you will be guiding the other programmers by telling them what to do. programmer (0/4) you will need to know c# fluently and be able to make scripts quickly and efficiently. lead 3d modeler (0/1) you will be the person who will make and design the multiplayer maps an example is a shopping mall. you will also work with the programmer so then you will know what to make. 3d modeler (0/4) you will make the high poly models that the programmers will use. you will need to know blender or any other modelling software fluently this is not a paid job until we create a kickstarter campaign and then when we have finished the game we will greenlight it and put it on desura and everyone will get a share.

Anywhere Various for The Swedish Rhapsody at WindozeNT Software

various for the swedish rhapsody windozent software anywhere programmers the swedish rhapsody is a free and open-source (gpl v2) 3d first-person open-world adventure/puzzle espionage game that will be made in unity3d 5. it is planned to be released on windows, linux, and mac os x, with releases on consoles being considered. the game takes place in cold war-era europe. you are a spy working for a mysterious agency. your only line of communication with them is through encrypted messages they send to you over shortwave radio from their numbers station, run by an equally-if-not-even-more unknown entity known as miss shortwave. you are to receive and decode the messages and instructions sent to you in the form of sequences of numbers transmitted by voice (the most common), fsk data, or morse by miss shortwave (what is done with the messages and what they will exactly contain haven't been decided yet), using a collection of one-time pads that contain the keys required to decrypt anything sent to you. however, it won't be easy; there will be various things that can get in the way of your transcribing of the messages, such as weak signals, atmospheric/environmental interference, drop-outs/distortions/quiet volumes and other technical difficulties at the transmitting station, jamming of the signal or taking over of the frequency by opposing forces, errors in the transmitted message, and other various radio issues. there will probably be more radio-related problems you'll have to deal with as development progresses. you will also occasionally need to decode or listen to stations (numbers station or otherwise) originating from other sources independent of your agency's stations, with some even broadcasting in foreign languages (exactly what languages will be used and other details regarding this haven't been decided yet). you'll also need to locate the transmitting locations of these stations to obtain the one-time pads needed to decode them, if necessary. the swedish rhapsody is a largely audio-based game given its heavy usage of radio transmissions in the core gameplay. positions we are especially needing for this project are composers for music for the overall game and for the different stations (there will be many -- including misc ones not involved in the plot), sound designers for creating different kinds of sounds that will be broadcast (like for morse/fsk data stations) and other stuff, voice actors and actresses to provide voices for the various numbers stations and other broadcasts going on, and story/dialogue writers to write scripts for the game and to probably help with gameplay ideas. some radio researchers will also be needed to help with the accuracy of the portrayal of various radio conditions. voice actors/actresses: add me on skype at windoze96 or send me a message at and i will send you excerpts of recordings of various voice-format numbers stations, taken from the conet project (released under cc). we need: 3d modelers and animators, concept artists, composers, cryptographers, game designers, graphic designers, level designers, programmers (c# and potentially unityscript), researchers (radio), sound designers, story/dialogue writers, translators, voice actors/actresses we greatly prefer programmers with decent experience with unity and c#. more info on numbers stations: thank you and i look forward to working with you. - windozent

Anywhere Network Programmer in Unity C# at Life Virus Games

network programmer in unity c# life virus games anywhere programmers we are an independent developing group called "life virus games" and search a new member that is able to produce qualitative code concerning network interfaces and sockets. the game we develop is called "reaction", which is a moba containing chemistry and redefined gameplay ideas. requirements: - experience with low level sockets - c#/.net skills - knowledge of tcp/udp - comprehension of authoritative networks - knowledge of unity3d a plus as a network programmer you will work together with me, niklas, on the communication between the unity client and simulation server. we are currently 5 people: 1 designer, 2 modelers, 1 animator and me the coder. for the game we created a new network containing simulation servers to bring a full authoritative environment into the game. as we plan to obtain high player counts this will eradicate cheating on all levels for normal users. this job is not a fix hourly wage. after our crowdfunding campaign we will be paying you for your hard work for everything you created to the project and we hope for you to stay with us as a long time member were all in this for the long haul.

Anywhere Scripting, 3D Modeling, Animators Needed at Nerds RPG - an Arma 3 Mod

scripting, 3d modeling, animators needed nerds rpg - an arma 3 mod anywhere programmers nerds rpg is an mod for arma 3 made by bohemia interactive which is currently seeking to add more talented individuals to their development team. were looking for individuals that likes working with others and a team player that's interested in expanding their portfolio. scripters: looking for individuals skilled in sqf to assist with making custom features and interactions within arma 3. 3d modeling: looking for individuals that are skilled in making medium to low poly custom buildings/vehicles. 3ds max, blender or object builder (arma) is preferred. animators: looking for individuals that are skilled in animations utilizing any 3d modeling tool of your preference. more information about nerds rpg: nerds rpg is an arma 3 community that is focused on developing a life mod within arma 3 made by bohemia interactive. nerdsrpg focuses on custom development of environment mapping, custom vehicles and player characters. whether it be from custom fire scripts, legal and prison systems, custom crafting system and manufactoring to player ran businesses and organizations. for those looking to steal from others, nerdsrpg has a lot to offer on the criminal side as well. visit our moddb page at and also visit our website at http://www.nerdsrpg.comto learn more about who we are and currently offer.

Germany (Writer searches) Innovative Horror Game needs a development team! at Anywhere

(writer searches) innovative horror game needs a development team! anywhere germany programmers my name is tim schuerlein and i have started a project called project 'yoy'. >>i am looking for a german development team, that i can actually work with!

Anywhere [Revshare] GameMaker Programmer for Dark Magic at Team Pizza

[revshare] gamemaker programmer for dark magic team pizza anywhere programmers let me start off by saying that placing this under "hobbyist projects" is terribly misleading. i'm just cheap right now. i am seeking individuals who are interested in gamedev on a professional level, those that believe they have what it takes to succeed in the indie scene with their current set of experience and talents. me: my name is jake schweihs and i've been focusing on a career in game development for the last three years. i'm also in my last year at full sail for a bachelors in game art. before this, i co-owned a web advertising company where my duties were to promote the site and attract customers. i also grew up with a background in computer science and music. what i'm getting at is i believe i have what it takes to produce some quality indie game titles. however, some help from some equally talented and motivated designers would only help, right? the game: in dark magic, you play as the heir to the dark throne, moonshine, with the intent to take down the system of corrupted mages in place. you will fight through each realm and take down the lord in order to save this magical world from further corruptions. exploring these new areas will lead to new abilities, even some other elementals, that will assist the player both in battle and in further exploration, all packaged in some fancy pixel art. the plan: the end goal at this point is creating enough content to get going on kickstarter. this means all of the necessary graphics, gameplay, and music to compose a trailer. additional features like dialogue, promotional content, concept art, etc will be needed as well. promotion will be a very important aspect to this project. the goal is to have this phase complete before 2016, but additional help can hopefully push that forward. an llc will be established prior to any official releases. you: - professional, dedicated, and experienced - available 30+ hours per week - proficient in gamemaker - experience in programming basic physics, ai, data management, and game design principles. i've put these ads up before but the 'team' fizzles out and i'm left to conclude that if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. please prove me wrong and show me that teamwork is the most powerful force there is! get more information at:

Anywhere Modeler at Combat Interactive

modeler combat interactive anywhere programmers dear, arma iii community we are looking for modelers/textures/config creators and scripters to join the arma life online team. now you might be wondering "hey connor, i want to join the alo team! how do i join?" great question! you need the following things to be looked at for the position: 1. some type of portfolio 2. must be at least 16 years of age 3. mic is preferred but not required ***disclaimer** all positions within the alo team are non paid. all work being done to help us and the arma community in delivering what they've been waiting for. "moving gaming forward" -connor caskey, founder of combat interactive

United States. Great Britain. Unity Developer with PC, Mac, or Android Experience at BRZ Games

unity developer with pc, mac, or android experience brz games united states. great britain. programmers introduction: create unique and fresh games that are open to all audiences. give new founding and especially fun engaging experiences to anyone that steps in and play. any game type is open and any applicant willing to try their hand in the development is very much welcome here. 5 years ago brz software was a small developer that was focused on making windows programs that intended to change the user experience. now it has migrated to game development and is now looking for anyone that would like to make games just for the fun of it. of course any ideas and discussions are open in order to create the best game possible. platforms which we work on: pc, mac, and mobile(android) game engines: currently unity is the one that's being used. other game engines are also considered to be worked on. if you're a person new to the development world or just want to join in to see what can be created in group then everyone is welcome here. in order to join you must have one or more of the following skills: - programming javascript or c# - game design - 3d /2d art - composing - concept art - other (please explain in resume) commitment is one thing that will be strongly considered. if you're dedicated to making games than the only thing required is the love of making games. games: ah yes, the games. recently brz game has released "the impossible platformer" for pc, mac, and playstation vita. which as a starting to publish games. right now there's a window to create a brand new game and thus explains the reason why this job opening is open. so if you're interested then all you have to do is send an e-mail to the address provided below explaining what are your talents and purpose.

Anywhere Nearly finished project seeks a skilled coder to help prepare product for launch at Warpforged Games

nearly finished project seeks a skilled coder to help prepare product for launch warpforged games anywhere programmers we are a small indie team of industry professionals working after hours on a turn based strategy game for the past year or so. the vast majority of the game is complete at this point but we need some additional help from a skilled coder to wrap things up. we already have unit spawning, deployment, combat, shooting, panic, magic, heroes, and much more done. what we need help with is some polish work, bug fixing, and networking assistance (we intend to integrate and use the photon tools). specifically we are looking for someone who is familiar with unity and can sync up to the build and get started right away. we intend to launch the product in the next 2 to 3 months. we already have several coders both junior and senior on the project who will be able to provide all the information needed to get up to speed very quickly and help with all tool installation. if you are a skilled coder and looking to quickly get another game under your belt and also have the chance to make some serious money this is the project for you. please contact us with your resume and information and we will be happy to discuss further details.

Remote [Royalty] Programmer and Artists needed for Indie game developer at Starboard Games LLC

[royalty] programmer and artists needed for indie game developer starboard games llc remote programmers starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated artists and programmers to join us on our projects. you may find out more about us at: if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on!! -- we are looking for an unity engine coder to design, develop, and maintain essential game systems using c#. you will need to be experienced with unity and script writing in c#. you will also be interacting with other members of the project team. you must be able to follow explicit instructions from project lead and coding team lead. essential skills: 1. strong knowledge of design, implementation, mathematics and data structures. 2. strong knowledge of script writing in c#, and reasonable understanding of 3. object-oriented programming. 4. willing to learn additional skills and be a flexible learner on the team, preferred skills or ability to learn: 1. knowledge of unity 3d pro, 2. graphics development (particle system, shaders) -- we are looking for an animator to join the development team to design, develop, and implement animations for the game. you will collaborate with fellow members of the dev team, and follow explicit instructions from the project lead and the dev team lead to craft smooth, flowing animations. as an animator for this project you will be required to: 1. have working knowledge of appropriate animation suites needed to produce files necessary for game engine integration. 2. translate written requirements into visually rich media experiences. 3. handle multiple tasks and deliver results in a timely manner. 4. contribute to constructive discussions; at the same time understand feedbacks and be able to change course if needed. 5. in-depth knowledge of the unity engine uma character creation system, or the ability to learn would be a great advantage! -- we are looking for a 3d character modeller to produce realistic character models for our project. essential requirements: 1. able to produce 3d character models from 2d concept images. 2. able to produce both high-poly and low-poly models. 3. able to follow instructions from department and project leads, understand feedback and make adjustments as needed. -- lastly but not the least, we are looking for a 3d hard surface modeller to implement and refine 3d models for the game. you will be collaborating with others on the team to come up with 3d objects that meet polygon count requirements as well as high texturing quality. you will also be able to understand feedback, and enact on explicit instructions from the dev team lead and the project lead. you responsibilities are: 1. create 3d models both high and low poly. 2. skinning, un-wrapping and texturing of models created. 3. be able to follow instructions and meet deadlines. -- we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. currently we are unable to offer up-front payment or wages due to us being an independent developer, your understanding is greatly appreciated. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Anywhere Looking for any teen developers for founding a indie studio at Anywhere

looking for any teen developers for founding a indie studio anywhere anywhere programmers hello there! my name is justus and i am 13 years old. i started to develop and make games and programs when i was 9 or something and i am searching for any teen developers who are interested to found a small indie game studio with me. requirements: [programmers] unity engine good at c# at least 13 years old smart always free like developing games creative [modellers] blender/cinema 4d/3ds max/other 3d modelling programs 1 year experience of modelling good at modelling at least 13 years old smart always free creative well this is a volunteer job, and only for hobby, killing spare time, and having some fun. i don't really care about your grades or career, or anything. only if you enjoy making games, i am welcome. also if you are texturer, animator or artist, also try to apply! i am welcome to any person who likes developing games. sorry for my bad english... my mother tongue is not english. to apply: send a email to ***also if you have skype, please put your username into the email so i can contact you.*** ps my dream is to make triple a games... hope my dream will come true one day.

Anywhere Unreal Engine 4 | Programmers Needed | Molotov Industries at Anywhere

unreal engine 4 | programmers needed | molotov industries anywhere anywhere programmers hello everyone, i am currently in the process of expanding my team for the development of our unreal engine 4 game. while we are quickly filling many roles, we are still in need of skilled c++ game programmers. we are starting the game code base from scratch, with ue4's base c++ third person game as our starting point. we will need several programmers to develop all of the game's core functionalities, as well as some intricate systems central to our game's 'hook' feature, which should prove exciting and challenging to develop. moving forward, here are a few details about the game: - 3rd person action rpg - medieval fantasy setting - colorful, simplistic art style - dark souls / legend of zelda style gameplay - rogue-like elements furthermore, here are a few details about the team: - we are currently a team of 13 members; all of us are students, hobbyists, or professionals working in our free time - we are currently in pre-alpha stage of development and we are just beginning to build the game (heavy recruitment now) - i am keeping the scope of the project at a manageable level throughout the development cycle; i am quite aware of the risks of being over ambitious - our ultimate goal is a commercial release of our game; if we reach a point in development at which this possibility becomes certain, we will create royalty agreements for all team members - we expect all team members to work out of intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic given the uncertainty of the project’s future at this point thank-you for the read, and if you are interested, please feel free to contact me here :

Anywhere Looking to found an Indie Company at Anywhere

looking to found an indie company anywhere anywhere programmers hi everybody! my name is manel, i'm from spain and currently i'm searching for people interested on founding an indie game company to develop games and have fun. i love retro games, but also i love good designed 3d games. i'm just searching for good ones, and i'm not searching for people that just have started and say that they are game developers. also i don't search for people that work with drag and drop engines such as construct2 or gamesalad. requeriments: - unity or unreal engine - 2 years of experience at least in game development - a great portfolio - be a good person - at least 16 years old actually i'm the only person in this company, and it will be a volunteer job. also, i don't care if you have a career or good titles, i'm just looking for people that love game development and want to create games. if you are a story developer or a model designer don't dude to apply too, cuz we are looking for all the kinds of people. to apply send an email to: or add to skype: manel-alonso pd: sorry for my bad english, i'm from spain

New South Wales, Australia Urgent!! Animator wanted at Virtual Dreams Studio

urgent!! animator wanted virtual dreams studio new south wales, australia programmers we are virtual dreams studio and we are working on a project for an unnamed tactical turn based jrpg game. we are a start up dev studio and this is our first game. the animator's job is to animate the characters and creatures that are already designed. the style of the game is anime and the setting is a medieval fantasy genre. we have people already working on the characters, creatures and the level background and design, the only thing left is to animate the remaining characters and creatures. the whole project will be animated in 2d and will also need cut scenes animated in sort of a moving comic/manga style. it's a lengthy project so be sure that you are ready to commit when applying for the position. to apply for the project you must send in your resume with you and an art portfolio with all the recent work you have done. more details will come when we send a reply. if you have other skills in animation, please let us know as well. if interested contact the email below. we also included a job advert for a level design if you want to apply for that job also.

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