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Unity Developer with iOS Experience

[PAID] Unity Developer with iOS Experience

San Rafael, CA at Morphonix, LLC

unity developer with ios experience morphonix, llc san rafael, ca programmers create exciting neuroscience apps that engage children in problem solving, creativity, and more. help kids learn to appreciate and nurture their amazing brains so they'll grow up and transform the world. morphonix, llc is an award winning developer of groundbreaking neuroscience educational games. we are looking for a developer to work with our dynamic, creative group building mobile apps for the ios and android platforms using unity. minimal android development is required although more-than-minimal would certainly be welcome. this will be the only technical role on our small team. work on-site in a relaxed, creative, collaborative environment on our latest federally funded neuroscience project: a suite of apps that teach 5-7 year olds how their brain works. working with our team will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to grow and learn. _____________ about the job responsibilities: developing and optimizing ios and android apps using unity. • debug and troubleshoot user issues • work with a small, collaborative team to develop a suite of neuroscience apps (games, music and stories) for 5-7 year olds * update morphonix content and e-commerce websites qualifications, knowledge, and skills *bachelor's in computer science, or equivalent experience. * 2+ years of production experience with the unity game engine, targeting a mobile platform * at least one title shipped to production using the unity engine, targeting a mobile platform * strong design skills * highly creative thinker and problem solver * strong analytical skills * excellent written and verbal communication skills * excellent debugging and optimization skills * strong team player who will be committed to our project * a passion for science and the human brain and an interest in educational gaming for kids a plus minimum technical requirements: *unity *java *xcode *mobile software development (ios, android) desired but not required technical requirements: * experience writing shaders for unity * html * css *wordpress *object oriented design this is a fulltime salaried position with health and vacation benefits. work on site in our marin based office. about us: morphonix, llc is an award-winning educational game company in marin county ca. we are currently developing a suite of neuroscience apps (games music, and stories) that make the abstract concepts of brain science fun and comprehensible to young children. our small team is a creative group of artists, writers, designers and scientists. this is the forth in our series of award-winning brain games for children and teens. at morphonix we are committed to finding new ways to capture children's natural interest in learning, and to engage them more actively in the learning process. our games combine captivating stories, music and gameplay. for more information about our company, please visit .

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Anywhere [PAID] Gameplay programmer - Multiplayer action horror FPS at Anywhere

gameplay programmer - multiplayer action horror fps anywhere anywhere programmers we are a funded indie team behind last year, a 5 vs 1 asymmetrical multiplayer game that that pits 5 survivors against one killer. this is a fully paid position for a talented gameplay programmer. our team is comprised of a very small core group that previously worked at companies including ubisoft and crytek. games we've individually worked on include assassin's creed, far cry, crysis, hitman and a bunch of others. if you are passionate about games similar in style to left 4 dead this is what you can expect you will create. reveal trailer: platform: pc/steam engine: undisclosed players: 6 player multiplayer. no ai. what we are looking for: - relentless passion to create innovative games and contribute to the entire process. there are no game designers on this team because everyone is considered a designer. - raw skill. we don't care if you are 20 years or 50 years old. if you have raw talent and a intrinsic motivation to coding multiplayer fps games then this is the right fit for you. - autonomous. be expected to work independently and know how to take things into your own hands and get things done. what we are not looking for: - executors. we can't tell you every task to do or hold your hand. if you need constant guidance and someone telling you what to do then this is not the right position for you. what we offer: this is a fully paid position. if you are looking for equity we can look at it. contact with your information if you think you are the right fit.

Boulder,CO [PAID] C/C++ Game Programmer - CUDA at BlazingDB

c/c++ game programmer - cuda blazingdb boulder,co programmers blazing ( is building a next generation query engine through the use of video graphics cards (gpus). our mission is to make big data easy to manage, manipulate, and analyze, regardless of skillset. our datastore engine is currently powers a hyper fast sql datastore that connects directly into r, the most widely used statistical and advanced modeling tools for data scientists. we are looking for an engineer who wants to work on a challenging, collaborative team trying to push the bounds of current analytical tools available to business, and we’re doing that by leveraging the untapped power locked inside video game technology. we are four people in a dynamic, challenging environment, which allows for tremendous room for growth and impact on the business. this is an opportunity to lead a once-in-a-lifetime revolution in the data science market. we are delivering our alpha software to customers right now, but we need to move much, much faster, so we need a collaborative, diligent, and sophisticated software engineer to join the team and lead up different development initiatives. key facts: we’re part of the techstars boulder 2015 class. that brings validation, some cash in the bank, and if you join soon you can come to boulder and rub shoulders with top tech talent and vcs. we’re a young company and are willing to share equity with the right person. bring value and we’ll align incentives. work directly with the ceo and cto to develop key components of our platform (you’ll have plenty of autonomy, we promise). requirements: technical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to develop and debug software in c/c++ cuda/opencl experience a huge plus (hint, we develop in cuda) enthusiasm for learning new languages and technologies ability to work in a collaborative and close-knit team ability to solve challenging systems problems an entrepreneurial mindset - we like for our team members to take ownership of their work

Anywhere [PAID] Funded startup looking for exceptional talent! at Stormy Peak Entertainment

funded startup looking for exceptional talent! stormy peak entertainment anywhere programmers greetings! about a month ago i posted an ad because i had an idea to start a new game development company. you can read that post here: it generated a great deal of interest and now i have a sizeable team of people working with me to create our first game. we are now officially incorporated and hard at work writing our own engine (important for our vision, and we have some great programmers who can do it!). we now just need to fill up a few extra spots on the team to round out the talent a bit. in particular, we could use another talented concept artist to join the team. in addition, programmers with c++/opengl experience are encouraged to apply. do note that exceptional talent from all areas will still be considered, so don't be afraid to inquire if you are interested. we are working on a 3d, graphically-realistic, futuristic/sci-fi mmo game that has yet to be announced. :) if you are interested to learn more about the project and want to get involved in this startup venture, leave me a message describing your experience, a link to your portfolio, and a resume/cv at: [ ] (sorry for the generic-looking email address, it's not fake; i use it to avoid spambots harvesting my email from this site {which i've found they do}).

Anywhere [UE4] Looking for Skilled/Dedicated Individuals [Multiple Positions Open] at Avalon Games LLC

[ue4] looking for skilled/dedicated individuals [multiple positions open] avalon games llc anywhere programmers hello everyone, we thank you for taking the time to check out our project. we are currently greenlit on steam and partnered with valve corporation and looking for a few more skilled individuals so we have a full game development team. we are mainly looking for 3d character artists capable of reaching ff15 quality and professional c++ programmers at the moment but there are plenty of other positions open. we are a work first and get paid later via contract. terms will be discussed after a test of abilities as we are looking for those at our level or above. applications are open until 8/5/15 as at that time all tests will be done and we will have decided who will be accepted and should have all positions filled. about this project: steam: soundcloud: voice actors: sound track: currently have: (4) 3d environment artists (2) 3d character artist (2) programmer (2) writers (12) voice actors (2) 3d animators looking for: programmer (4) 3d animator (3) 3d character artist (2) 3d environment artist (2) technical artist for ue4 (2) scene writer/script writer (2) general requirements: - resume of past work - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings requirements for writers: - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings - 3+ years of game design experience. - proven experience with crafting and editing intertwined narrative and design. requirements for programmers: - c++ knowledge for programmers for ue4 api - must be familiar with unreal engine 4 - must be able to set up materials inside ue4 - basic blueprint knowledge - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings requirements for 3d artists: - pbr texturing for ue4 - 2-3 years experience in 3d modeling or relative experience - must be familiar with unreal engine 4 - must be able to set up materials inside ue4 - basic blueprint knowledge (not required but is a plus) - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings requirements for 3d animators: - anim graph knowledge and matinee knowledge for animators or willingness to learn - able to rig and animate bipeds and quadrupeds - basic blueprint knowledge (not required but is a plus) - good worker/dedicated - team player and highly motivated - must be able to text via skype chat and participate in group meetings

New South Wales, Australia Urgent!! Animator wanted at Virtual Dreams Studio

urgent!! animator wanted virtual dreams studio new south wales, australia programmers we are virtual dreams studio and we are working on a project for an unnamed tactical turn based jrpg game. we are a start up dev studio and this is our first game. the animator's job is to animate the characters and creatures that are already designed. the style of the game is anime and the setting is a medieval fantasy genre. we have people already working on the characters, creatures and the level background and design, the only thing left is to animate the remaining characters and creatures. the whole project will be animated in 2d and will also need cut scenes animated in sort of a moving comic/manga style. it's a lengthy project so be sure that you are ready to commit when applying for the position. to apply for the project you must send in your resume with you and an art portfolio with all the recent work you have done. more details will come when we send a reply. if you have other skills in animation, please let us know as well. if interested contact the email below. we also included a job advert for a level design if you want to apply for that job also.

Anywhere [LF] New programmer, medieval story driven rpg at Silent Horizons Entertainment

[lf] new programmer, medieval story driven rpg silent horizons entertainment anywhere programmers hello programmers! we are team silent horizons. at the moment we are a few months into development for our title, “stray”, and we are searching for additional programmers to help assist us. the game we are constructing is an ambitious one- outside of creating an amazing experience for players we also hope to give anyone working on this project an amazing and impressive credit to show to any future employer. our list of requirements - c++ - unity experience - capable of assuming multiple programming roles such as ui, leveling systems, interactions, etc. - responsive with the team and capable of dedicating time to the project - moderate to good english skills so, lets clarify some things. do you meet all of these requirements? if not, we still may have a place for you on the team. we are fishing around for people to help us set up our webpage and we do have smaller programming tasks we can assign if you want to be involved but aren’t up to our requirements on the high end. if english isn’t your first language but you can understand this post, congratulations! you’re most likely completely fine to work with us. we have a very culturally diverse team, with members spread across four continents so you certainly wouldn’t be the first non-native english speaker to join our crew. this is a completely revenue share project for the time being and likely until release nobody will receive a cent. we have a kickstarter planned and are in talks to receive grants. any money we take from this will likely be pushed into development costs. i understand the negative stigma usually associated with revenue share, so let me address it here and now. this game is not a small undertaking. it’s not a glorified flash game. it probably won’t even look much like any typical indie title. we have extremely skilled art designers, musicians, sound techs, and level designers all joined under a wonderful game that we will stop at nothing to see made. so what do you get out of this? a percentage of sales on release, your name credited, and if you’re a hard/skilled worker, a high recommendation from us should you ever need it in future applications. -about the game- “stray” is a wide open sandbox game stressing on non linear progress and crafting. the setting is low fantasy, akin to medieval europe. magic does not exist in the game, though alchemy loosely follows some minor magical tropes. you play a soldier assigned to hunt down your former commanding officer, laine, who deserted after the end of a war. she was an important figure in the protagonist’s life and his internal anguish over the order and distaste for the cruel class system set up by the hierarchy’s in the land is explored. in tracking her, mysteries begin to rise. it’s up to the player to unravel the mysteries and find laine. we look forward to hearing from you. - team silent horizons

Anywhere Coders for Unreal Engine 4 Volunteers at War Studio

coders for unreal engine 4 volunteers war studio anywhere programmers we are looking for people that know how to code on unreal engine 4. war studio is looking for people that are experienced with coding on unreal engine 4. currently we are developing a game called command & conquer renegade ii for unreal engine 4 it is set in the command & conquer universe. you must be: experienced with coding on unreal engine 4. experienced with c++ blueprint you can view the project here: to apply you must show prior work. explain why you want to join us. we only take volunteers only. why join? this is a great opportunity to improve your port folio and to enhance your experience in game development. thank you.

Anywhere Experienced programmer - Unity at TwoDogs

experienced programmer - unity twodogs anywhere programmers hello world! i'm a game/level designer, wanting to build a indie team. i'll give it to you a brief background: as a game/level designer i don't have much coding experience, so, all my "all by myself" games have many bugs or are not finished. i would like to build a team to create fun, cool, engaging games, with a fun, cool team members to work with. the main difference from many others projects are: - possible to make, aka, won't have multiple servers, with thousands of characters, real time strategy, aaa graphics, characters customization. the word is: keep it simple, keep it fun! - deadlines. i don't want to make a game for years and years, the team will never see the end. the plan is to make games in a just few months. - compact team. i don't want thousands of members, i just wan't the right persons. coding on your free time: i like to work on free time, usually i create my games after work, and, sometimes i work on weekends. (hey, we all need a break) but, to keep it organized, i'll create "card tasks" on with a deadline on each task, so you will know your priorities and you decide when and how much you will code (respecting the deadline). requirements: - portfolio. have created games before. - organized. - experience with unity. is a big plus. - experience creating mobile games. is a plus. - have worked with trello. is a plus. - plugins for unity, as: tiled2unity. is a plus. about the team: so, the name "twodogs" it's just a suggestion, we can work it out. the main goal is a compact, experienced team, to make cool games. maybe just three members, a game/level designer (o/), a programmer (you), and an artist. the plan is to make mobile games and standalone games (steam, about the first project: we can work on it too. we all can suggest ideas. but i have a first concept. it's a mobile game, a runner (but not infinite). the references are: "geometry dash" and "cannobalt". i'll give extra information when the team is formed. about me: my name is viktor, 24, from brazil, graduated in game design. i work on a full time job as a game/level designer, in a company that makes business/serious games. on my free time i like to create, explore games and new mechanics. portfolio (in portuguese only, sorry):

Anywhere Blueprint Programer For A Third Person Horror Game at Red Watch Inc.

blueprint programer for a third person horror game red watch inc. anywhere programmers creating a third person, horror game called "the forsakens" by the ad you can tell that i am using unreal 4. creating a horror game, but also creating an amazing horror experience. needing someone that is good with blueprints. we are looking for the following: looking for: looking for someone that is really good with blueprints. right now needing someone that is good at hud designs/heath. we already have the basic movements. requirements: looking for someone that can work about 20-30 hours a week. have to have a skype at least. someone that is over all dedicated to this project. has experience in blueprints explain to us, why you loving making games? this is volunteer work, but the work will pay after the game is made. our goal is to create not just a horror game, but to create a horror experience, that hasn't been done before in third person. if you love third person, horror, or games in general come work with us. if you think you can do it, email us. we will go from there. thank you

Anywhere Programmer needed, online survival game, core team member at Silent Horizons Entertainment

programmer needed, online survival game, core team member silent horizons entertainment anywhere programmers greetings guys. i would like to find enthusiastic and skilled unity programmer who could help me to bring my vision to life. i myself am a graphic artist and apart from creative direction i will of course take care of graphics side of this project. what is the project i am talking about? apart from fundamental features common for almost all survival games nowadays (pvp/pve, raiding, building, crafting, survival mechanics, online gameplay), is this going to be completely different experience. whole environment is going to be really distinctive with different gameplay aspects. there is quite a lot of survival games out there, some are great, some not so much. but what i am still missing is something with different approach to gameplay and overall feeling. and that is something i would love to create. more precisely it is a niche project. main points: - non-linear crafting - free movement - water - real achievments if needed i will provide you with more information during our personal conversations. requirements: . microphone and advanced english language knowledge . optionally czech language knowledge . time zone gtm+2 or any other that is decently close - we will need to communicate online and possibly quite often . advanced programming skills - multiplayer solutions, ingame mechanics / interactions, basic uis . critical and logical thinking . drive and time to dedicate yourself to the project (although i more than understand free time limitations) . communicative the most important requirement is this though. you must be 100% you want to do this. there wont be any tries. either you are in, or you are out. if you are not trully sure about this decision you are probably not the person i am looking for. i am not trying to be unfriendly or anything like that, but unfortunately this is reality. this is not something you can do halfheartedly and it certainly is not anything you will be able to leave in two weeks just because you have found out that you dont like to work. so please, only serious applications. the goal for now is to make playable multiplayer core. more precisely a dedicated server utility where the two of us will be able to test all mechanics and finished features online. we wont focus on anything else as for now than on creating fully functional basis. after that i will look for more members to take care of another needed roles. at this point there are no money involved in this project. but as the programmer is a core member possition, you will get a fair share once we are possibly successful on kickstarter and furthermore on steam (which is also the final goal). in case i fired up your curiosity, please do send me an email and i will get back to you as soon as i can. cvs or any other information you can or want to provide me with are more than welcome. have a great day guys!

Anywhere 3D Animator Experienced with Unity 5 pipeline at Quarter Circles "The Peterson Case"

3d animator experienced with unity 5 pipeline quarter circles "the peterson case" anywhere programmers quarter circle is currently looking for a 3d animator to join our small team of passionate and motivated developers to work on our upcoming title "the peterson case" coming to xbox one and steam, this is a fantastic opportunity for portfolio work to break into the games industry.(this is a free position). we will require you to create a number of animations for the characters inside of unity. requirements to create compelling, realistic and dynamic animation that enhance the games experience. fully understand the unity 3d animation pipeline. to be able to meet deadlines in a timely fashion. can work well as part of a team, have great communication skills and can take direction and respond positively to feedback. unity 5 experience very favorable. be able to be online around the hours of 5pm till 11pm gmt. no real industry experience required but will need to see a strong portfolio and resume. if this is of interest to you please email your cv and portfolio to

Anywhere [Unpaid]Night Wolf Studio - Looking for Environment concept artists at Night Wolf Studio

[unpaid]night wolf studio - looking for environment concept artists night wolf studio anywhere programmers unreal engine 4 unreal engine 4, the game engine technology developed by epic games. night wolf studio night wolf studio is an independent game design studio with around 6 people on the staff, this includes graphic designers, web designers, writers, cinematic director, 3d modelers, and composers. everyone involved are 100% dedicated to making this game happen. what are we looking for? night wolf studio is looking for more people to fill crucial positions within the company, for our 2.5d sidescrolling platformer johnny reboot. what can night wolf studio offer you? night wolf studio are looking for people who are professional and dedicated to there craft, we would like someone who is social and will be active within the company, skype is a must have for anyone joining the team, and anyone joining must sign an nda (non-disclosure agreement) there will be no exceptions about this if you cannot sign then you will not be able to join us, this is to protect everyone working on the game as well as yourself. here are a few things we would like to see. stay dedicated and passionate to development. always push yourself to be the best that you can. always act in a professional manner. and as always have fun, this is a gaming environment and the team is made up of gamers. world/level concept artist requirements as a concept artist you'll create concept art to be created into 3d models. create level and world concept art work closely with 3d modelers/concept artists. use industry standard software. unpaid position with the possibility of payment from kickstarter. we are also seeking the following. 3d modeler requirements create high and low poly models based off the concept art to be put into promotional videos and games. create high and low poly models. work closely with game designer / concept artists. use industry standard software unpaid position with the possibility of payment from kickstarter. it is a plus if you are able to rig and animate and are familer with the unreal engine. c++ programmer program anything from game behavior, basic ai, in-house tools to create game play. prototype out both tech and game solutions. use industry standard software. game programming knowledge and design patterns preferred. unreal engine 4 knowledge is a plus. unpaid position with the possibility of payment from indiegogo.

Anywhere Unity Developer - all levels at Inkfish Studios

unity developer - all levels inkfish studios anywhere programmers hello we are a small design studio based in north london and have been working on our innovative, realtime/ turn-based strategy party game for over a year now. we have 2 well known publishers waiting for us to complete our game slice demo, where they'll make a decision to fund the game outright... they have already expressed an interest! sadly we have very little budget left and are now looking for a developer that can help us finish the demo with as little funding as possible, and in return we will offer you royalties on game sales and hopefully a full-time work position once we're funded. there is no more than 100 hours of work that needs to be done, maybe even less. you can work either remotely from home or come into our studio and work beside us (we will pay your travel and lunch), either way you will have full support from the team whenever you need it. we absolutely love our game eon war, its super easy to play, aimed at the local multiplayer market, is infinitely scalable and attempts a few industry firsts. if this game sounds like something you cannot wait to play yourself and you can offer us some help, please get in touch and we can show you how, plus all the cool work to date. hope to hear from you soon!

Anywhere SERVER side programmer wanted at Anywhere

server side programmer wanted anywhere anywhere programmers aloha, i hope this finds you all in great spirits. i am considering taking on team members from the gaming community to play a major role in programming an open world sandbox mmorpg game. i have a team of people including programmers that are knowledgeable with code but, don’t know much about setting up the “universe”. we are looking for someone with knowledge of server lines, grids and such. our goal is to create a cohesive virtual world where people can interact easily with virtual environments. other aspects of the game such as soundfx, animations, artwork, modeling, and rigging etc... will be taken care of, and currently we are not in need to fill these positions. we have not started any of the programming process and i would like to come up with a team plan to tackle the game engine. - future payment can be discussed. i am willing to pay for your time after i have seen some results; however, as team members i would like to share in the overall success of the company as it comes to fruition and am offering a percentage of the company. i believe invested members produce better results, and, are also much happier knowing they receive proper credit for their works. ultimately, i am hoping to find team members to stay with the company as we have other games in the works~! be aware any art, music, logos, etc. sent to you is likely under trademark or copyright law and cannot be used in other works. skype: " xaith. "

Anywhere Developer needed to sci-fi Tower Defence Game at Refinery Productions

developer needed to sci-fi tower defence game refinery productions anywhere programmers hello everybody! my name is james and i’m leading the development of an upcoming tower defence game which will be made available on mobile devices. unfortunately our developer who is a good friend of mine has experienced changes in his personal life and which has meant he can no longer contribute to the project. i have made it my ultimate quest to make sure this project gets completed! i am now looking for someone to replace our developer and get the game built. currently we are a team of 6. we have some very talented and highly skill folks working on this. we are well into the development which has been running for nearly 2 years. concept art is at 90%, creative content is at 70% and we even have a test map currently in operation with working game assets and functions. we've just finished a brand new website and teaser trailer which is not yet available to the public. once a developer is secured and we are back on track these will be launch and promoted. we are looking for someone who; is a friendly, passionate, dedicated team player is either familiar working with corona sdk or another sdk package capable of optimising and exporting applications for mobile platforms including ios, android and windows mobile is familiar with the general tower defence genre features and functions. is familiar working on 2d projects using still images and sprite sheets can contribute one day a week to the project (spread out as they wish) is able to to communicate via email, skype and has dropbox for data sharing. speaks fluent english non-essentials but what would be great; a developer who could also create a pc version for steam in the future. a developer who lives in the u.k (ideally in or near yorkshire). we're looking to create something with a command and conquer / kknd / starcraft feel. we have focused heavily on making this game look fantastic, thinking about every detail we can cram in to make it look cool and feel immersive. you can view our concepts and work in progress materials here: a bit more time might need to be put in during the initial stages to get up to speed with what has already been created. our previous developer will be available to offer advice. the current build is very basic, hence why i am happy for a different developer to start from scratch if this is easier or merge a new build with the existing one. i imagine that this is a relatively straight forward project for an experienced developer. this is a profit share project so the development is relatively relaxed and shouldn’t eat into much of your time. (we’ve all got bills to pay!). we also have plans for future titles should this be successful and if so some of the revenue will be used for reinvestment. if you are interested or would like to know more then please contact me on cheers, james

USA Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere usa programmers *this is volunteer work* this is for a possible chance to work on a newly conceived game idea, one that is still without a name. in this, the plan itself is even still in development, although it is imagined to be a few different things. you will be involved in every aspect of this project, and we are willing to pay, perhaps, in steam or for a slice of profits of the games. please contact, as we need every available person! this is a great opportunity for people wanting to get into game dev without the hardships of deadlines etc. thank you for your time! no professional experience is ever required, but there are things necessary, such as the ability to work in groups, or to be able to program in an engine regarding the specific project. the team: the team is not assembled 100% yet and you are joining a wip project. it is not a project to expect to join and rake in cash, but rather a project for up and coming peoples or maybe even peoples in their free time just doing some freelance programming. you will not be paid at all, until the game is in a releasable state (greenlight or otherwise), and can be sold. once it is released or in a playable state, we will talk about payment then regarding the amount of hype, projected sales, and other important things.

United States Unity Developer with PC, Mac, or Android Experience at BRZ Games

unity developer with pc, mac, or android experience brz games united states programmers introduction: create unique and fresh games that are open to all audiences. give new founding and especially fun engaging experiences to anyone that steps in and play. any game type is open and any applicant willing to try their hand in the development is very much welcome here. 5 years ago brz software was a small developer that was focused on making windows programs that intended to change the user experience. now it has migrated to game development and is now looking for anyone that would like to make games just for the fun of it. of course any ideas and discussions are open in order to create the best game possible. platforms which we work on: pc, mac, and mobile(android) game engines: currently unity is the one that's being used. other game engines are also considered to be worked on. if you're a person new to the development world or just want to join in to see what can be created in group then everyone is welcome here. in order to join you must have one or more of the following skills: - programming javascript or c# - game design - 3d /2d art - composing - concept art - other (please explain in resume) commitment is one thing that will be strongly considered. if you're dedicated to making games than the only thing required is the love of making games. games: ah yes, the games. recently brz game has released "the impossible platformer" for pc, mac, and playstation vita. which as a starting to publish games. right now there's a window to create a brand new game and thus explains the reason why this job opening is open. so if you're interested than all you have to do is send an e-mail to the address provided below explainig what are your talents and purpose.

Anywhere AI programmer and General Programmer at Vonneo Games

ai programmer and general programmer vonneo games anywhere programmers hello, my name is sky, i lead vonneo, a simple indie ''company'' if you could say. we are currently working on a game called royal fighters crossover or rfc for short, it is a simple 2d sprite fighting game. it will have stages with one looping song, and will have many characters. we need someone who can make a long term commitment to the game because we plan to keep adding new content and fixing any bugs. we need someone who can program ai cpus so people can play by themselves and someone who can program the character animations to the controls and put the music in the stages. ps you must have experience in this kind of field and must be able to work with the other programmers as a team. we are trying to reach 5 programmers, and so far, we only have 1 if you have any skill at any of the things listed below, we need you! ai cpu creation sound editor (program the sounds into the game) creating menu screens and programming them i hope you can help us out on this big project of ours, this is a very big game to us and we want it to happen more than anything, check out our pages and profiles here: g+ community youtube channel steam group

Anywhere General programmer required at GameOrchard

general programmer required gameorchard anywhere programmers game: slender: a new darkness mode : story, arcade engine: unity hi there, we here at gameorchard are recruiting for a third programmer for slender: a new darkness, which is being build in unity. your work will be credited. some examples of tasks will be to help program a level unlock system and help program a achievement system. you will work with me and b0d0h. we communicate through skype. we are still working on a version control sever and if you can help set it up with us it would be very helpful. the requirements are: > must be up for the job. > must have experience with programming. > must be around alot of the time. more details will be given to you on verification. there is no payment as this game is to be released as a free game and any money received will go back into development. as i mentioned earlier, you will be credited. thanks, cliff, gameorchard

Anywhere Programmer at Jule Gaming

programmer jule gaming anywhere programmers hello, i am working on planning a survival game. i know what your thinking. another survival game. but before you close the email, give me another 2 minutes to explain. so far this is what we have. there will be 4 continent like islands. the only way to get off the islands will be by helicopter or by boat. now instead of creating vehicles for players to use, we want to let players design cars, helicopters, airplanes and boats. people will be able to design roads and set up currency. we also want to create computers people can use and an internet-like network within the game. all resources will be required. we have thought about power plants, power lines, oil wells, oil lines, nuclear reactors and water lines. we want to make this game as realistic as possible down to the point. we need programmers to make our dream game, and a lot of other people's happen. what we currently need is a demo like game to present on our funding page. we have not decided on an engine or anything but we know that game will need to be massively multiplayer and engage the hardware to run the servers on. until we get funding from our page we will not be able to pay our developers, but you will see money asap. so what do you say? wanna make the mother of all survival games?

Anywhere Programmer wanted for a Card Game "CatFight" at Anywhere

programmer wanted for a card game "catfight" anywhere anywhere programmers looking for experience? looking to get a well-made and great-looking game under your belt quickly to boost that resume? well, catfight may be for you. with 90% of the artwork done, music and sfx done, and a playable game in beta, we are looking for a programmer to iron out the final bugs and add a few extra features such as "tournament" , "improved ai" and "multiplayer". if you're interested in this project or have any questions let me know by email or here. catfight: catfight is a card game based on gluttony, thievery, and revenge. it's simple to play for young players, but it's also a great strategic challenge for advanced adult players too as playing cards becomes a matter of timing and planning to make that final push for victory. however, unlike most card games where players take their turns in safety, in catfight players can intervene at any stage. thus a planned move for victory could ultimately be stopped, even backfire, as other players join forces to keep you from reaching your goal. and with janken battles throughout the game the tides of victory can change in a moment, making catfight wild, unpredictable and fun! current game build below: website below: note: we are looking for a hard working person with experience and who can commit to getting things done.

Anywhere Lead Programmer at Jule Gaming

lead programmer jule gaming anywhere programmers we are working on a survival game and are recruiting developers/programmers. this survival game is not like others. so far, we have decided that there will be 4 large continent like land structures that a player will spawn in randomly. getting to different islands will only be possible via boat, helicopter or plane. we want players to be able to design there own aircraft and other vehicles. we also have plans to create computers and even an internet-like network within the game. we want wiring to be required for all electronics and power generators or power plants. we have plans for a very large variety of weapons as well. we need your help with the programming. our main goal is to make a demo for our funding page. we want to chat with you and work out the technical aspect of the game. currently we have purchased 2 physical servers that are reserved for the sole purpose of running these game servers once they are developed. please contact me today. we will not be able to pay you until the project is funded.

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer needed (Royalties) at Demigod Studios

unity programmer needed (royalties) demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with good knowledge of the unity engine. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following programming languages: c# or javascript 2) have knowledge of the unity engine 3) be familiar with object oriented programming (oop) 4) be flexible with priorities that are given to you desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere *UNITY*Programer, Project Manager, and GFX People needed at Nebuloid Games

*unity*programer, project manager, and gfx people needed nebuloid games anywhere programmers unity coders: here in jupiter games, we make apps on a daily basis and we need both skilled and beginners who can code in unity. unity coders we need to be able to manager their time and finish codes in time, and will have to work based on the required work. if you are willing to apply, apply here >> project manager: project managers are in charge of handling projects, and making sure the team gets everything in on time, to ensure best work. project managers as individuals; have to be very responsible, as this is an important job. if you think you have what it takes then apply here > gfx/animation : jupiter games likes everything to do nicely, and freshly done, which is why we are looking for the best gfx/animation designers. if you would like to join make sure you put your portfolio link in the application,

Anywhere Game Maker Programmer For 2d Survival Game at Anywhere

game maker programmer for 2d survival game anywhere anywhere programmers hi, i'm looking for a programmer that has experienced or has used game maker before. my idea of the game is a top-down survival game, along the lines of unveil. hunt, drink, sleep, eat, and surviving against the natural elements as well as animals. being able to upgrade weapons with loot that is found throughout the world. example: upgrading a wooden makeshift hatch into a stronger fenced hatchet by the player finding a broken down fence near a barn or somewhere. personally, i have no experience with coding or being an artist/animator. that's why i'm looking for a programmer and if i find one, i'll be looking for a artist/animator. my job would be a project manager. i would give ideas, help out with anything i can, look for resources and keep everything running smoothly. my dream is for a team of just two(not including myself). a programmer and a artist. i plan once everything gets going to do a kickstarter, and see how well that goes. then put it up on desura for a bit until it can be greenlite on steam. for right now this would just be volunteer, but if everything goes as planned, it will be a paid job.

Anywhere (Preferably London,UK) Programmer for social game at Ka-Mez

programmer for social game ka-mez anywhere (preferably london,uk) programmers seeking a programmer who can include network play into video games and is confident that they can produce a game that can allows players to compete via scoreboards and 'find players' according to statics created through play. an understanding of uploading games to a server/ftp and enabling the world to play and retain their play information. i do not know what is fully required to make this work but hopefully you do... the game social games by far reach the most amount of people and if we can tap into this market it can be very lucrative for us developers. i want a piece of that cake and i want an advantage over other candidates who want to be video game designers also. i have majored in social games and believe i have the formula to make an addictive experience that will keep players coming back, generate a huge hype and gain attention from the industry. if you want to be a part of this please get in contact, there is nothing set in stone as of yet but i am looking for a dream team who is committed to seeing the project through and having something on the market they can be proud of. all creative input will be taken into consideration and all members will be given an equal share of the profits made from the game. thank you and i look forward to hearing from you. about me: i have just finished a degree in video games design and want to get into the industry but require more experience. the experience i want is to have a game on the market that i can walk into an interview and say 'download my game', and not 'go to my website'. which in my opinion is tedious when it needs to be professional, efficient and it needs to work. being able to do this will put us at an advantage over other candidates who only have their websites.

Anywhere C++ Programmer [UnrealEngine4, RPG] at Magmaflow Creations

c++ programmer [unrealengine4, rpg] magmaflow creations anywhere programmers do you want to be a crucial part of something big? are you a skilled programmer looking for a grand project? then this is for you! magmaflow creations is looking for a dedicated programmer, experienced in making games in unreal engine 4, and capable of working with a team. requirements - experienced in making games in unreal engine 4 - experienced in c++ - capable of working in a team, and being an active part of it. don't just take orders, throw yourself in the project and discuss what's good and what's bad. - previously released games (not necessary, but it helps a lot) game the scorth rituals: broken blood, an open world rpg/strategy. the player is thrown into an immersive and in-depth low-fantasy universe. you have to lead a village in the aftermath of a draugar invasion. build, manage and recruit. main features include a realistic village system. villagers have needs, relationships, personal skills. intense combat and a razed world filled with dangers. for more information on the game project, check

Anywhere 2D Environmental Artist for a comic book visual novel [profit share] at Anywhere

2d environmental artist for a comic book visual novel [profit share] anywhere anywhere programmers project: we are making a visual novel/adventure game (talltale like) in comic book style – 2d with some moving elements. the project is currently in concept phase. joining now means that you will have a crucial impact on the shape of the game. the action takes place on earth around 2050 in a big city. it will be a story about decadent, rotten world packed as a nubile present and coiled with a shiny ribbon. the futuristic world will be drawn in noir style. team: for now, the team consists of two storywriters/game designers. each of us has over ten years of experience in story design. we are currently meeting with programmers. we seek to strengthen our ranks with two 2d artists. it doesn’t matter where you are placed, as we plan to discuss everything via skype. profit: each of the developers (from the starting team) will receive equal share of profit generated by the game on steam as well as other, future platforms. as soon as we create a good quality, working “episode,” we plan to lunch a kickstarter campaign as well as try to look for other funding. 2d environmental artist as environmental artist, you should be able to draw sceneries and enrich them with moving objects. you need a good imagination, as the game takes place in a dark, futuristic city, which you will design visually from scratch. we are creating a new ip, so you will have a lot of opportunities to show your talent and grow as an artist.

Anywhere Preferably Skype Indie Detective Game at Great Games

indie detective game great games anywhere preferably skype programmers greatgames presents *spectrum:the beginning* our game takes place in the dark world of a rundown city filled with underground activities and other misfits. our story begins with tom callaghan, a lead detective good at his job. derived from a tragic backstory comes this game. this is also a openworld game filled with absolute detail. this story is powered by the great unity5. we are looking for the following: character/enviorment designer: - needs prior experience - needs to have proper workflow - must have an understanding of game feel - strong eye for detail in architecture and natural environments animator/trailer editor - must have experience from animating strong workflows - must make the trailer look boss - needs to understand the game feel - must know how to work with others programmer - needs to have strong background with unity 5 - needs to know how to work with custom requests - can't loose the game feel - must have experience from programming strong workflows - must know how to work with others our goal is to apply our game to steam and make it massively multiplayer with a small price to pay. remember this is a volunteer job.

Anywhere, Barcelona Game Programmer at WKND

game programmer wknd anywhere, barcelona programmers thanks for having your attention we are an audiovisual production company based in barcelona, spain, we have been working in advertising, tv programs and feature films in the last five years. and right now we are planing open a digital game division and we are looking for game programers. we have some intricate designs for a game we'd like to create — hopefully in time it will be just one among many — but there's no need to get into the details here. i am merely looking to recruit hard-working individuals. having a passion for gaming is a must. if you are interested to learn more about the project and want to get involved in this startup venture, leave me a message describing your experience, a link to your portfolio, and a resume/cv at ] (sorry for the generic-looking email address, it's not fake; i use it to avoid spambots harvesting my email from this site which i've found they do). the job will be paid and we are thinking it will take about three months to get it done. i look forward to talking with you. :)

Anywhere Building a team for a Zombie survival game at Mythillogical Games

building a team for a zombie survival game mythillogical games anywhere programmers we are currently in the early development stages of are first game “undead” which will be designed on the unreal engine. this will be a wave based, action rpg style, co-op survival shooter. think call of duty: zombies, mixed with borderlands, minis the fps view. this will have a top/down perspective. the player(s) well progress through waves of zombies to gain experience, skills, and better gear to hold out longer in the fight. what separates this game from others like it? well, there is more of a focus on progression, and teamwork. that and a bunch of other features that we don’t want to spoil for you. as of now this is strictly a pve experience, however a pvp concept may be introduced in the future. we are currently looking for help developing this title. these positions include… programmer(s) 3d animator experience is good, but not required. the gameplay is not overly complex, and the idea makes for a relatively simple game to make (or at least i think). this is an unpaid position, however all employees will recieve some form of compensation after game launches, and will be getting in on the ground floor of something special!!!

Anywhere Game Development Job at Game Development

game development job game development anywhere programmers hello my name is joel i have a dream of starting the biggest and best gaming company there ever was, so good i can make my own console and it'll be competing against ps4 and xbone. but what i'm here to talk about is a opportunity to make the best damn app for android and iphone there ever was unfortunately you will not be getting paid unless the app does good but if it does you're guaranteed a spot on this team but you got to start small so i'm looking for coders, programmers, 3d art designers, map designers, texture, and mesh designers whatever your the best at. this can also be a learning experience for you and it will look good on your resume if you apply for a game development job im looking for anyone even if you have the smallest experience whatever you can do to benefit this team will help and i thank you so much for that. so if you're interested in joining my team and making an app that will benefit us in the long run hit me up with what you can do my email is

Anywhere Unity Network Programmer at Dragon Zephyr

unity network programmer dragon zephyr anywhere programmers we are a small team of 2 looking for a programmer who can create simple networking for our game. this job will only be paid if the game has profit.we are looking for someone who wants to work as a team, do portfolio and acquire experience. about the game: the main goal is to create a very competitive, simple and fun game. everything is taking place on an alien planet where racing for crystals became very common. there are several types of ships, players can choose whichever matches their game-play style. since there isn't any rule related to game-play, players can do anything to win the race, may that be destroying the opponents, leaving all the opponents without any resources or simply arriving to the finish portal first. requirements: be able to communicate with the team at least once a week. medium unity and networking knowledge. be able to express a programmers point of view on the game. be creative and don't hesitate to share your ideas with the team. there is no age or location requirement.

Anywhere Vector Artist at 4:8 Games

vector artist 4:8 games anywhere programmers at 4:8 games were a game studio that focuses on wholesome games in general (read philippians 4:8). as such we avoid anything extremely dark, demonic, bloody or gory. my focus is on creating unique original game ideas for multiple platforms (ios, android, pc, xbox and playstation) that the whole family can enjoy. we are currently working on a top down 2d racing game design. our top down racing game features fun and challenging levels a unique art style, plenty of bonus material and 3 modes of gameplay. it will be our first game and we hope it will help get our company on the indie gaming map. game title: paper car target platform: playstation, xbox and mobile target audience: 8 and up the games perspective will be a topdown 2d racing game i am currently looking for a vector artist. the position at this time is a volunteer basis only! i am willing to write up a contract to back pay any logged hours the volunteer spends on the game and share ten percent of any revenue from game sales. this of course can be negotiable if these terms are not satisfactory. the duration of the job with the proper team members is estimated to take 6-12 months to complete. at the moment there is a music composer working on the game with me. we keep in contact periodically through email usually sending updates and exchanging ideas and information every week or every other week. as a programmer you will be expected to have/purchased the latest version of unity. we will keep in contact via email, skype or phone which ever is your preference. to apply for this position or if you have any other questions for me you can email me at please send your resume and or your information, work background and specific skill set in the email. thanks.

Anywhere C# Programmer at 4:8 Games

c# programmer 4:8 games anywhere programmers at 4:8 games were a game studio that focuses on wholesome games in general (read philippians 4:8). as such we avoid anything extremely dark, demonic, bloody or gory. my focus is on creating unique original game ideas for multiple platforms (ios, android, pc, xbox and playstation) that the whole family can enjoy. we are currently working on a top down 2d racing game design. our top down racing game features fun and challenging levels a unique art style, plenty of bonus material and 3 modes of gameplay. it will be our first game and we hope it will help get our company on the indie gaming map. game title: paper car target platform: playstation, xbox and mobile target audience: 8 and up the games perspective will be a topdown 2d racing game i am currently looking for a programmer who is skilled in unity and coding in the c# programming language. the position, at this time is a volunteer basis only! i am willing to write up a contract to back pay any logged hours the volunteer spends on the game and share ten percent of any revenue from game sales. this of course can be negotiable if these terms are not satisfactory. at the moment there is a music composer working on the game with me. we keep in contact periodically through email usually sending updates and exchanging ideas and information every week or every other week. as a programmer you will be expected to have/purchased the latest version of unity. we will keep in contact via email, skype or phone which ever is your preference. to apply for this position or if you have any other questions for me you can email me at please send your resume and or your information, work background and specific skill set in the email. thanks.

USA/Canada and Europe 3D Game Engine Programmers and UI Artist at Sunwell Studios

3d game engine programmers and ui artist sunwell studios usa/canada and europe programmers sunwell studios is looking for talented individuals to help program clockwork engine. clockwork engine is a engine that is merging the gap between simple-to-use engine and very powerful 2d/3d engine. we are creating an engine that will use technology that have not been used yet, and we will create technology in our engine that will be usable on both amd and nvidia gpu without one-siding stuff. the type of engine programmers we are looking for: ai programmer ui programmer physics programmer graphics programmer porting programmer sound programmer networking programmer technology programemr talents: engine programmer: working for or have degree in computer and/or mathematics proficient with c++ and object-oriented programming firm gasp on vector and matrix math, quaternion and linear algebra is plus. development experience in game industry is a plus. strong communication and organization skills be able to work with other people to complete task be motivated to create 3d engine and video games we will also need a ui artist to create all the icons on the engine and client for the engine and games. ui artist: experience with vector image. able to create any type of image that we will need in the client and engine.

Portugal/Worldwide Programmer - 2D Mobile Game at Lovely Gran

programmer - 2d mobile game lovely gran portugal/worldwide programmers lovely gran is looking for a c# unity programmer to become part of a project called beetle’s land (2d videogame for mobile platforms). if you want to know more about this project go to warning: this job will only be paid if the game has profit. we don’t want to fool anyone. we are looking for people like us that wants to work as a team, do portfolio and acquire experience. people will be paid trough royalties. responsibilities:  code a 2d videogame in unity (mobile platforms);  optimize the game performance;  integrate spine animations;  finish interface\ui;  develop a few mechanics based on what have been done;  implement a game store and other components with internet connection like leaderboards; must have:  experience with unity 3d using 2d features;  good knowledge of c#;  good communication and team work skills;  passion for games and this project;  be proactive;  ability to judge their own work;  be responsible and able to respect deadlines;  willing to learn;  available for regular skype meetings;  available to sign ndas and a job agreement;  good knowledge of english; plus:  speak portuguese;  developed a game from start to finish;  be able to work fulltime;  previews experience on online stores for mobile games;  previews experience working for android, ios and windows phone.

Anywhere General 2D programmer for Unity at Independent team

general 2d programmer for unity independent team anywhere programmers do you want to join a team of indie developers creating a mobile game? do you want to work for a small startup and take part in crafting its future? if so, then consider joining our team. this unnamed indie mobile gaming company is focused on making free-to-play games. we expect you to: • write understandable, clean code. • be able to effectively debug code, be it yours or someone else’s. • have an understanding of technologies used in games. • be self-motivated. • be resourceful and able to come up with good solutions (but not be afraid to ask when you don’t know!). • be able to estimate tasks and communicate progress to the rest of the team. • have experience specifically with unity development. • we would appreciate if you could work or at least be in touch with our development team with our finnish time zone (gmt + 2-3) we’d appreciate previous industry experience, but showing off some personal work is fine as well. released games, free time projects and any other portfolio pieces are a huge plus. we offer revenue share from any published games, as well as stimulating work and skilled teammates. interested? apply by sending an e-mail to our project leader thomas nurmi at please include a cv, and if you have a portfolio, feel free to share, we’d really appreciate it. what is our newest project about and what would you be working on? executive summary pcp is a 2d, side-scrolling shoot ‘em up mobile game built around fun action where you blast away everything that comes in your way. our games objective is to clear missions and gain exp to make wacky weapons level up. only few types of gameplay will be presented in the game due missions. all of them still include making things go kaboom! the player will have to defeat a large number of enemies using tree different weapons chosen by him/herself. it’s a challenge to choose the perfect match for your playstyle. the missions will be built to meet two objectives. a growing difficulty curve and the regular introduction of novelties. (new weapons and game objectives). given the games target audience, it will not display blood or gratuitous violence.

Anywhere [Unreal Engine 4] C++ programmer / Blueprint at tendogames

[unreal engine 4] c++ programmer / blueprint tendogames anywhere programmers who we are: tendo games is a indie team currently developing the video game, them & us. we are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art. what we do: game title: them & us genre: survival horror zombie games. gameplay: singleplayer (co-op later, but it will not include storyline) type: third person view / old school camera controller: full support platform: pc, for now engine: ue4 what we are looking for? we recently just moved from udk to the unreal engine 4. we are looking for another programmer to work with us. right now we have lots of stuff ready to be placed in-game like 3d animations, weapons, weapons effects, enemy, sounds and many other. i hope this videos proves it: we have a strong talented team in the 3d art and design field but we could use more help in the programming domain. that is why we need you. last month 3 programmers joined us but only one was enough skilled and dedicated to the game we are making. due to this we opened this position again. right now our current programmer is currently working on the main character code, we have our project setup on server. we need someone new that can take care of the u.i, hud, inventory code. requirements: strong experience in c++ or advanced blueprint experience, enough to create pickups, inventory, hud/menu etc what we need: 1. serious people to work with, developers exited to work for them & us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. all the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making. 2. experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills. 3. individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing. is this a paid job? the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game "will be ready and sold". we will send our project to epic games and also start a kickstarter campaign soon once we will have a good preview of the game, coding ready.

Anywhere Animator/Level Modeller/ UI Programmer/ Java Programmer Needed [royalties] at Anywhere

animator/level modeller/ ui programmer/ java programmer needed [royalties] anywhere anywhere programmers hi everyone! unity game we require some awesome people who are passionate about video games to work on our upcoming game! i can't reveal details yet! (shh, it's a secret!) but it is an open world 3d unity 5 game and we can't do it all on our own! thats why we need people that are in this amazing community to help us! if everything goes according to plan, the game should be on pc, mac and linux and possibly ios in the future, on different sales platforms such as steam too! animator we need an awesome animator familiar with any type of 3d animation software to help us animate and bring to life npc's and player character! if applying do state the job you are applying for first! level modeller what we need is an awesome indivual to help us make a living, breathing town! other details can be discussed through contact! ui programmer here we need someone who knows their way around the new unity ui system and can create awesome stuff! programmer we need a coder to help us really bring our game to life and create amazing experiences! email contact and skype would be good, payment and other details can also be discussed further through contact once applying!

Anywhere (US Time zones preferred) [XML coders] Wanted for C&C3;: Tiberium Wars mod Project at Secret Reality

[xml coders] wanted for c&c3;: tiberium wars mod project secret reality anywhere (us time zones preferred) programmers hello, we're a command & conquer 3 project, who is seeking those with experience or is driven to learn xml coding for the sage engine. owning a copy of c&c3; tiberium wars, is a requirement for this position.(less than $15) "project overview tiberium secrets seeks to introduce three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the command and conquer tiberium universe, complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. players will take command of a mysterious human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creator, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity." the full general ad: (for more details) if you feel qualified for this position, please do consider your commitment seriously. as part of the coding department, you will be the backbone for continued developments, please do not apply if you don't have the time or interest to take up such a responsibility. -you should be familiar, or a quick learner of xml, and will be a key part of getting units in game. -you should be naturally curious as to how the game and code works, both trying to push the boundary of the sage engine, while seeking to understand its limitations. -you will be able to collaborate cross functionally, to solve technical problems. -you should consider the difference of between not knowing how to do it, vs. knowing it's just not possible. weather your new to command & conquer, or a veteran, we are pushing the rts horizon, and we want coders/ programers who want to be there with us. thanks for your time, -jist

Anywhere I'm Spacial at Doodle Studio

i'm spacial doodle studio anywhere programmers greetings! hihi, to all you passionate game makers out there. the doodle studio is very new organization, that was born from art, and friendship. now, we're setting afoot into the direction of making a game. we have an extremely great idea for the game, (you will love it, if you're a space geek!) however, we lack programmers dearly. anyway, enough bullshit! let's shoot some facts. what we're looking for: [!!] -talented programmer -preferably vb6, and/or c++ -good work ethics, dedicated. you have to be a pokemon fan as well! //shot what our team currently consists of: me, erladino.i am the; - creative director - 2d / visual artist - story writer~ - sucky programmer! :b festivo - side-programmer - logo designer - concept artist - composer / voice actor - marketting executive frosty ^ he just funds us. huehue. ________________________________________ what the game is about? i can't tell much...yet! however, it has a female protagonist. it's about a girl, hazel, who has a weird ability, she can warp stuff! the mystery delves deeper into her cosmic powers, and as a sad, and teary story unfolds! we plan to go greenlit on steam soon. we can negotiate what price you want to take. send your application at some pre-reqs - you must have decent english communication skills - have a skype account - your application must be richly coated in your skills. that's all!, thanks. //fleesfromsupersloppy5ampost

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