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Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Anywhere at Gaming Grids, Inc.

source engine mod & development engineer gaming grids, inc. anywhere programmers experience: 2+ years work hours: 40+ hours a week compensation: hourly / wage negotiable contract: independent contractor with opportunity for hire description: gaming grids, inc. is looking for an extremely dedicated source engine mod specialist interested in creating competitive game modifications for source games such as cs:go, team fortress 2 and dota2. we have partnered with one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry to bring the world a next-generation casual and competitive tournaments and challenges platform and are seeking talented professionals to fill positions in our expanding company. your tasks would include: * creating a “pro mod” with established feature sets for the games mentioned above * report daily and directly to the it & engineering team leaders * document all processes and methodologies used to create the mod * generate weekly status reports * assist in drafting and execution of quality assurance for developed systems * adhering to strict deadlines and hitting set milestones required qualifications: * experience creating mods for the source engine (sourcemod / sourcepawn) and/or c++ experience with interactions within source engine * ability to complete your work in a timely manner and adhere to specified deadlines * willingness to utilize proprietary in-house time tracking systems * communicate clearly and effectively and to work well with others in a production environment bonus qualifications: * proficiency in microsoft .net framework (specifically c#), and/or experience in native c/c++ development * experience working with development team members in a scrum environment * experience utilizing microsoft visual studio and team foundation services * knowledge of any other game engines such as the unity engine, cryengine, unreal engine, iw engine, id tech 6, etc.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
North America New Projects // Development Leads & Programming at Vigilant Addiction Studios

new projects // development leads & programming vigilant addiction studios north america programmers vigilant addiction studios is putting together two new project teams for 2015 releases. our first successful indie game "adventurer manager" was greenlit on steam, currently in early access, and releasing on december 4th, 2014. --/ quick project/studio info: // unity & unreal engines // // remote positions // - everyone is located remotely and works from their home office. anyone across the pacific to east coast time-zones is what we're looking for and will fit into current timelines. // shared profits // - everyone is given a percentage profit of the game earnings that they work on. these percentages are determined across three stages of the development process; guaranteed, established, and raised (explained in the interview). // it's a hobby // - our work ethic is strong, loyal, and committed. most of us are gamers and we create games as a hobby and therefore our time commitments are only expected of that, a hobby. weekly/monthly goals are presented and you work at your own pace to achieve those goals set for you and the project. if you can apply 40+ hours a week to the project; that's excellent, and the project will complete earlier than expected, resulting in a quicker timeline to early access which is generally your first pay-check. (note: be able to attend one weekly meeting, via google hangout.) // you'll earn what you put in // - due to our profit sharing methods and more 'laid-back' commitment; you can expect to get what you put into the project. the more active and available you are... the quicker the project can complete, or get into early access phases, and the faster everyone will begin earning a deposit. (note: please have an available bank account setup for direct deposit) --/ what we're looking for we seek individuals that have a passion to create and be in control of their work. teams are generally small (5-8 people) with everyone being their own 'lead' and two people tagged as the game designer/producer and acting lead of the project. it's also very common for everyone to assist each other outside of their roles as you will have the opportunity to shape the game as you work on it, regardless of your main role/talents. we currently have one project that needs a few roles filled: unreal/unity programmer(s) & character animation specialist we have two game projects in the design phase. you may end up working on these; or pitching your own project. if you have a game design that you want complete; we can help you with that. before you share/discuss your game project, we will sign documentation that will protect you and your game project if we don't pick you up. if you have any questions for us; please send them to

Anywhere Programmer at PRESTO Games

programmer presto games anywhere programmers we're looking for people to code our first game! this is a new indie group, and we need the best people for the job to help build our first project! programmers must be able to code: procedurally generated platfromer terrain artificial intelligence in game menus and huds networking in addition, programmers should also: have a strong work ethic be able to make readable code for any other potential programmers have an open dialogue with the team about issues in programming have a good track record with previous teams (if applicable) programmers should also be flexible, and willing to reiterate game builds while keeping a high quality product. while previous game development experience is not required, it is preferred because of the rate that this project will be moving and the frequent changes. we also would ask for a way to keep in touch. a skype is preferred. payment is a cut from the game profit. depending on how well the game does, and how many people we end up having on the team, we'll determine the amount of cut you'll get from the end game profit.

Anywhere, prefferred holland. Programmers needed at Block-Smash! at # Block-Smash!

programmers needed at block-smash! # block-smash! anywhere, prefferred holland. programmers about block-smash!: block-smash! is a community which started off hosting some gameservers and webservices. later on we quite stopped doing these and stopped with the community for a while, now i want to restart the entire idea starting off by creating our own game, and the community fitting to that. however i, sme4gle am dutch, i don't mind working with people all across the globe, so don't be affraid if you are from an entire different country. however speaking english is a key factor for being able to join our team. the job: block-smash! is designing a pirate themed rpg game featuring shipbattles, swordfighting, gunfighting and alot more. are you interested in building a game like this with us, feel free to apply by sending an email to or check our website for more information. we do not really have any requirements other than some experience with unity, speaking english and being able to work in a team. and ofcourse experience with programming languages like java and c#. feel free to send me an email for more information. or to apply for the job.

Anywhere (Skype required) C# Programmer for Unity game (Pirate genre) at Miriscus

c# programmer for unity game (pirate genre) miriscus anywhere (skype required) programmers the project is an fps/tps multiplayer combat game that is themed in 18th century piracy; the game features melee combat (with a parry system), ranged combat, explosives, poisons/misc, ship combat, objective gamemodes, customisable characters, dx11 optimisations and graphical features, scalable graphics, multi-os support, and more. further details about the game can be found on our official indiedb page here: we are using the latest version of the unity engine and c# language for the code. we are an existing team, comprised of three coders, three artists, and additional talent (music, voice, etc). we had a fourth coder, but he has become too busy with school full-time and work part-time. since he couldn't continue with us, we are seeking to fill his position with a new coder. your location may be anywhere, but you must have skype so that myself and the team may easily communicate with you. the position will be fully paid upon sale of the game. pay prior to the sale will also occur from fund-raising/donations as an incentive.

Anywhere | Skype Programmer UE4 (C++, Blueprint) at Reminiscent Echoes

programmer ue4 (c++, blueprint) reminiscent echoes anywhere | skype programmers the shell ∴ we are an indie team located in france and presently developping our first game on unreal engine 4. we want our pilot game the shell to set the bases of a survival and storytelling oriented saga (see more information here). the current step of this ambitious project is to develop a prototype in order to get funding. thus, we would need a few expert hands able to work with the rest of the team and who would have the talents listed below: programmer - familiar with ue4 (c++, blueprints) - knowledge of ai - creative and productive - able to communicate regularly with the rest of the core team - able to work independently - keen and ambitious - knows places to hide the bodies of former employees even though the job is unpaid first, our collaboration might end up with a real contract.

Anywhere 3D Environment Modelers at Derailed Games

3d environment modelers derailed games anywhere programmers team: derailed games project codename: project md about the project: md is a beautiful visually stunning episodic third person survival horror game which focuses on delivering deep exploration and a rich atmosphere, the game is heavy on storytelling and we are aiming to deliver the classic survival horror experience of classic survival horror games.. about us: we are a team working remotely together since april 2013 to create the game we all want to play, we're currently about 15 people and our first game demo is near completion.. position: environment modeler we are looking for someone to model environments based on concept art, most of what you'll model will be indoors and furniture, we'll be showing you a reference model to show you the quality we need, this should be a great team work experience and a perfect addition to your portfolio! payment: payments will be royalty based, it will be further discussed when we speak.. applying: we need to see something you've done before, send it to us at email with some info about you.. email: 

Anywhere Mobile Game Developer (Anime JRPG) at SwordSharp

mobile game developer (anime jrpg) swordsharp anywhere programmers swordsharp is a group of industry veteran indie christian mobile game devs looking to build the chronicles of narnia of the japanese anime-rpg world! looking for talented and experienced indie game developers to join us in any capacity. this is *not* an educational game, a children's game or a bible story app. this is a fun, top quality, mid-core jrpg development project that just happens to get people the gospel of jesus christ (if they want it). make games that matter. come change the world with us! requirements: * 2+ years cross platform mobile game development experience * proven experience developing polished games with some form of web connectivity * must have a passion to reach the world with fun, non-condescending gospel action games * must be personable, and a courteous team player * must be able to develop remotely and be promptly available for web conferenced team meetings bonus: * experienced front end *and* back end developer * loves playing and making mid-core mobile games

Anywhere Unreal 4 AI Programmer - Blueprint or C++ at Oldsports Game Studios

unreal 4 ai programmer - blueprint or c++ oldsports game studios anywhere programmers hello people, we are working in a fps game, and we need people to work on our ai; we work on unreal 4, and we use the basic fps project. electroshift is a indie project designed on unreal 4, based in a apocaliptic paris, with a very complex and well-made story and a creative gameplay mechanics. - the plot 46 years since the world went to hell, and the end of the second world war were surprised by the apocalypse, humanity could not end like this, something had to be done. in 1953, one year after the nuclear disaster two great men at the time, will unite to create the only hope, to create an oasis in the chaos, paris became the last city on the planet habitable, aton tesla created an anti-matter generator, energized to keep the city forever, and zackenstein created a process that removed all the radiation site, and doubled life expectancy, for 45 years the city has become a heaven for people of that time who came from all corners of the world until one day something happened. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - we are working on it since july, and we have much already made, but now we need to focus on end the gameplay mechanics, because we would like to launch a simple gameplay demo at the next year. + more info about the project: + skype - luiz gustavo project lead: lgsant + requirements: - report at least twice on week - some experience with unreal 4 or 3 - work with blueprints or in c++ - develop a behavior tree - communicate by skype - develop a basic shooter ai, with cover, and idle state, and shoot with different weapons. many thanks for your time!

Anywhere Programmer/Coder at ShijonGamesDevelopments

programmer/coder shijongamesdevelopments anywhere programmers you will need to be able to use javascript and c# within unity and worked with unity before you will also be needed to work in a team. you will be required to code in game items and attach them to prefabs within unity. you will receive a discussed share of the game we are making. the game we will be making is a 2d story driven game about space this will have strategic elements like ftl and will include many planets to explore and a main story to complete after the story we aim too add an infinite generating universe for the player to explore and upgrade their ship and their character. we already have an artist and animator on board and hope to hear form any good programmers who will be willing to work with our company on this upcoming game. also before we finish this will open you up to our games in the future which we are already starting a story for this game will have a large budget and will be medieval based with other aspects of strategy. hope to hear form you soon! email or

Anywhere Coder(s), Programmer(s) needed at Roadhouse Games

coder(s), programmer(s) needed roadhouse games anywhere programmers we at roadhouse games are a group of dedicated gamers working to make games they want to play. we are currently working on a fanmade, not for profit sequel to the critically acclaimed shooter "spec ops: the line". if any of you have been in the mod community long enough, i'm sure you've seen projects that started out promisingly go to hell after a few months due to everything from bickering and emotional drama among team members to people simply lacking the time and energy to continue on, and giving up on something that seemed so important to them a few months hence. with roadhouse games and "spec ops: the road back" i hope to buck this trend. as i'm sure many of you know, one of the hardest jobs to get filled in indie/mod development is programmers. but all in all, there was a great response to our last job posting, so i'm trying my luck. as our project is a not-for-profit fangame, it goes without saying that this is an unpaid position. of particular interest are applicants with experience with unreal engine 4 and blueprint, as our game will ideally be built using that engine, but it is not a requirement. anyone without the paid version of ue4 will eventually need to buy the software, but not until development starts in earnest (we are currently in pre-production). in short, i'm not going to ask you to spend money until i do. i know it's a long shot, coming on here and asking for programmers, but if you take a chance on roadhouse, i can promise you this: wether it takes a few months or a few years, there will be a game made. if that's enough, then welcome to the roadhouse, ladies and gentlemen. we're gonna make a great team.

UK/Europe Freelance programmers needed at Mindset Games Limited

freelance programmers needed mindset games limited uk/europe programmers hello, we are mindset games, a newly registered uk company formed by a group of game design graduates. art, design, sound, 3d and animation are what we specialise in. we are looking for hardworking and skilled programmers to join us. we currently have a number of exciting projects in the works. this will be a freelance position but once the game is released and revenue is gained, we will set up a contractual agreement for revenue share which will be transferred via paypal. what we are looking for in a programmer: 1. knowledge in either javascript/c# 2. keep to deadlines and be regularly online 3. have skype 4. have dropbox 5. live close to our timezone (gmt+0)-only because some of our partners live in japan so a us time zone may be difficult to maintain communications. preferred but not essential: 1. knowledge in unity and its tools 2. knowledge of version control 3. knowledge of putting games onto the app store, android and pc platforms most of our projects will take no longer than 3 months to complete, others should be faster due to us having prototypes already. if accepted, you will be put into our pool of contractors/freelancers where we will notify you if we have any projects for you to work on. obviously an nda agreement will have to be signed. hopefully it will be a fun learning experience for everyone and be useful for people hoping to build a stronger portfolio. :) we are still fresh to the industry. please check us out on: fb: twitter: and indiedb: thanks for reading. david (posted 13/11/2014)

Anywhere Unity Programmer at Avalon Mods

unity programmer avalon mods anywhere programmers hello everyone at moddb. we are currently looking for new members for our upcoming project eincraft. concept: luke fornsworth is an average 21 year old guy who has inadvertently found himself locked into a game of death. he has been summoned by louise ventaile, a young aristocrat living in the mysterious world of eincraft, who has forcefully inducted luke into her service. the two of them together embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. here is a playable demo link: we have purchased the assets in the demo from the unity store and our character artist has finished modeling the main character. we still need environment artists to work on the environment and character artists to make the npc's and main characters. we also need unity programmers for the project. programmers job: coding the battle system, inventory system, user interface. anyone interested can email me or add me via skype: rance1992. i am looking forward to working with you positions filled: lead character artist/character concept artist writer programmer positions wanted: animator/modeler environment artist unity programmer concept artist note: we cannot afford to pay anyone at this time, once the prototype is finished we will be doing a kickstarter and everyone on the team will receive compensation at that time.

Anywhere Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere anywhere programmers insert catchy logo here studios is currently working on the development of the dragonwars of nardan, an epic-fantasy, upgrade-heavy, semi-bullet-hell shmup for pc (and potentially consoles as well) where you play as the last free dragon fighting to save your people and destroy those who enslaved them as living weapons of mass destruction. the only two members of the team are both primarily designers and artists, with little to no experience programming. up ‘til now, we’ve been using stencyl, an excellent and versatile coding-free game making tool, but it has some severe limitations with the bullet-hell genre (lots of objects on screen can really eat up the frame rate, so it’s not ideal) and still is a lot of work for people who don’t easily think like programmers (such as either of us). so we are currently looking for a programmer(s) to help us build the actual game. to this end we are preparing a kickstarter to fund the hiring of additional team members, so we can only promise payment in the event of a successful campaign. (but being interested or willing to join even if the ks doesn’t succeed is a major plus, as it means we’d at least still be able to make the game). being a pixel-art bullet-hell game, it needs to support hundreds of bullets on screen at once without any lag/slowdown with pixel precise collision detection at high speeds, it requires some moderately complicated animation systems, and some online features like leaderboards. experience and ability with unity would be very good for the potential console versions (particularly the wii u, as that is the main priority among them) if the kickstarter allows. additional pixel-art skills (particularly working with color and texture) or music/sound design skills would be helpful, but not at all a requirement. thanks for your time, nathan megill, insert catchy logo here studios.

Anywhere Japanese Role Playing Game looking for programmer: S.K.Y at Edge Entertainment

japanese role playing game looking for programmer: s.k.y edge entertainment anywhere programmers codename s.k.y project is a japanese roleplaying game in development by edge entertainment a small development team. beginning it's existence as a hobby project, s.k.y has since piqued the interest of gamers across the world inciting ee to take the project to the next level. s.k.y project is in need of a programmer who has the ability to structure a traditional 2d japanese role playing game in the mold of chrono trigger and final fantasy 6. original seiken-densetsu 3 style graphics, an original soundtrack, and professional voice acting are already the main draws to the game. s.k.y project aims to deliver a degree of role playing nostalgia not seen since the golden age of the genre and blending that with modern conventions. with the recent boom in indie gaming and the demand for old school role playing games, s.k.y will not dissapoint. immerse yourself in a world where the intricacies of magic and it's unknown properties have divided the world into factions. you may hold the key that will unite them together to face a common enemy that threatens worlds beyond even your own. wintess great voiced storytelling and beautiful graphics . engage in an innovative battle-system learning abilities and making strategic decisions to best your foes. enjoy the captivating original soundtrack as you journey throughout a world full of nostalgia. if you were ridiculed your entire life by your own people because of abilities they didn't understand, would you still rise to protect them against all odds? this is your story.

Anywhere Programmer and artist at Anywhere

programmer and artist anywhere anywhere programmers we are currently a team of 3 guys. we have programmed a unique chess game where pieces traverse the board over time rather than jumping immediately to their destination. once a piece moves, there is a short delay before the piece can move again. there is also different game mode type, like for example: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. we are looking to modify, update and enhance the game, for that we are looking for programmers and artists to join and help our team. the game is currently coded in c#, fully functional and active. we might be changing it to c++ but that is still to discuss. we have some very nice features we are looking to implement where we could already start generating a little income. we average around 20-30 players a day and we haven't even advertised the game much. as of advertising, we have a very nice plan and always open for ideas and guidance. hoping to find long term people to join our team but it is not required. please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. thank you

Anywhere Unity Programmer at Dragon Zephyr

unity programmer dragon zephyr anywhere programmers we are looking for unity programmers for our game. requirements: medium unity programming skills be online/talk with the team at least twice a week.(daily would be the best) be creative and contribute with ideas from a programmers point of view. about the game: the 5 races( aqueyos, skyriders, elves, humans and lynx) live on a planet called xenorth. this mysterious planet filled with magic is attacked by an evil dragon who will constantly try to dominate the planet. defeating him will require a lot of teamwork and experience which you can gain by adventuring all around xenorth. (all around, get it? its a planet, its round.....) our main goal is to build a fantasy mmorpg in a creative way which includes: combat system based on mouse controlled attacks and regular animation skills.(some skills may be activated by a rare item ) accurate gathering. crafting will be almost like a mini-game(with steps like melting iron, shaping the iron then sharpening). hidden quests to promote a unique story for each player.

Anywhere Programmer at Forever Interactive

programmer forever interactive anywhere programmers project summary: visions of zosimos (voz) is a massively multiplayer online collectible card game built for pc using the heroengine. it is a combination of a card game with tactical tabletop gameplay along with an mmo social aspect. based around hermetic alchemy and gnosticism, voz takes players through a journey as a student of alchemy, discovering hidden secrets of the world while battling for the fate of the universe. voz is a scrum managed agile project under forever interactive llc that offer an impressive profit sharing compensation model. we are currently building a minimum viable product of the game, while doing early customer engagement in order to give players and investors the product they want. basic team member requirements: - able to work in a virtual environment - excellent communication skills - able to express valuable criticisms in an effective manner - attend weekly meetings over ventrilo - able to meet individual and project deadlines - self motivated and confident in skills - passionate about interactive entertainment - work based around iterations - use scrum tracking software programmer qualifications - understanding of oop and procedural programming - artificial intelligence programming - database and analytics - gameplay implementation - user interface coding - experience with test driven development programmer responsibilities - adhere to test driven and lean development practices - work with others as a paired programmer - develop tools to quicken production - develop code for game functionality, graphic user interface and game analytics additional qualifications - knowledge of agile development - knowledge of lean development - team leadership experience *forever interactive llc has a loose nda in order to allow members to work with other companies as long as there are no direct conflicts of interest.

Anywhere Programmer at Orbital Studios

programmer orbital studios anywhere programmers looking for programmers to help with a game we are working on. we are looking for two types of programmers. senior programmers - more experienced programmers who are comfortable directing a team of programmers and helping less experienced programmers. programmers - less experienced programmers who are willing to learn requirements - no previous experience necessary, however if you have any, please show us! bonus points - knowledge of java/unity and/or git/cvs are big pluses. about us - we are a small indie developer called orbital studios. we started up back in 2012 but due to certain members' lack of commitment among other issues we stopped development on our game. we have recently reformed earlier this summer with a new team and are now looking for help with a new project. we are looking for people in all areas of development so don't hesitate to contact us. the project we are working on now is very simple, we do this intentionally so we can learn how to work best as a team and gain initial experience as a team. we have other ideas for future games that i think you will like. about me - i myself am a 2d/3d artist, i've worked on several indie titles in the past and have 5 years of 3d modeling experience and 2 years as a game designer. please contact me on skype or by e-mail if you wish to apply. skype - jguidac e-mail -

Anywhere Unity Programmers at Greenlight Games

unity programmers greenlight games anywhere programmers project: gombies position: programmer salary: unpaid(royalties) job description: greenlight games are working on a project titled gombies, which is a 3rd person comedy/horror title viewed at 60 degrees. created in the unity engine, gombies will be a 3 player co-op game available on pc. gombies is currently being considered for a publishing deal with a major publisher. we are looking for very dedicated and passionate people to make this dream come true. right now, we are making great progress within 3d character modelling and level design/creation, plus some awesome concept art but really need to get some functionality put into the game. that’s where you come in, for this job we need a unity engine programmer to help bring our game alive. in a sketched comic style, our characters of geeky nature aren’t your usual subjects and are definitely not the right guys for the job; but they’re all we’ve got! if you’re interested in helping us create gombies, please get in touch for more information on the job; we’re happy to discuss our ideas and requirements but only under a disclosed nda to keep our background work hush-hush. we’re looking for someone fun, with great communication skills and the ability to deliver an amazing 3rd person multiplayer experience using the unity engine. ideally you will have a good internet connection and enough time to complete tasks assigned to you. english-speaking is a must, please send us previous work or a portfolio. as we’re an independent games studio, we don’t have the aaa budget so there is no payment involved for this position. if you work for geenlight games on this project, a royalty agreement will be made which will return a payout of x percent from any profit we make distributing gombies.

Anywhere Musician Composer looking for work at indie / mod Jobs

musician composer looking for work indie / mod jobs anywhere programmers i am looking for game developers who need soundtracks for there new projects or videos to promote there ideas and games. i'm looking to start a carrier in music/soundtracks for games. i am a long time musician/composer who is creative in the music/sounds field. i write many genres of music styles from metal/rock to ambient sounds dark disturbed sounds and also melodic futuristic spacey sounds/ also cyberpunk /jungle, orchestrated sounds, whatever the project needs, i have the tools. i will help the game with the music it needs. if your looking for that certain sound please feel free to drop me a line. you can also check out my webpage for samples of my music, please feel free to check it out. thank you future game developers and good luck in your endeavors, hope to hear from you please drop me and email or go to my webpage thank you hope to hear from ya

Anywhere Animator and Programmer at Anywhere

animator and programmer anywhere anywhere programmers we are a small team of two programmers, three concept artist, two writers, one 3d modeler and two idea guys. the programmers are fairly new to game programming. we are all working for free and most of us have full-time jobs. we have been working on conceptualizing the game for the past four months, and are looking to get more serious about getting things done. if the game goes on to make money you will be compensated for your time within the limitations of the budget. we will be having monthly meetings and i will be requiring a weekly update of personal progress. i will be assigning projects to each area of game design and it will be up to the people in that group to determine who fulfills which assignment. the game is a fantasy, open-world, tactical squad-based, rpg. feel free to ask me anything about the position at the email below. the goal of this game is to make something that nobody else has done and to do it well. this is a combination of two of my most-played games: xcom: enemy unknown and the elder scrolls v: skyrim. it takes place in a fictional universe that i came up with several years ago and have been taking the time to build the world in more detail over the last year or so. i have a list of features that i would like to implement but to start with i want a rather decent-sized world to explore with interesting squad-based combat. anything past that and the main story are secondary objectives. my goal is to have a pre-alpha build within a year and get it onto kickstarter and various other community-based funding programs to get more help and hopefully get it published on consoles as well as on steam. if you have experience with unreal engine 4 that is a plus but not necessary.

Anywhere Programmer at Firestorm Productions

programmer firestorm productions anywhere programmers tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free first and third person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are looking for individuals who can help create the backbone of our game. our game is going to be on unreal engine 3 so experience with unrealscript is preferred. please keep in mind that we are not accepting freelance applications. this is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your overall skill and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. you will be given appropriate credit for your work. if your application is accepted you will be provided with a list of available projects to choose from and given all the time that you deem necessary to complete your project. a weekly check-in is required unless an acceptable reason is given. help make our dream a reality and bring a true tiberian dawn experience to the fps world! thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Anywhere Looking for C# Programmers, Natures Wanderer - Open world game at Green Thumb Studios

looking for c# programmers, natures wanderer - open world game green thumb studios anywhere programmers hey guys and gals, we are looking for c# programmers have a look further down for details! this is the games style: (this is the art style, look further down the gallery to see the game style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray what we are looking for. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colourful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less. what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be over 21 years of age, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter seeing as almost all assets just for the demo are almost done. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that can create a clean, innovative and colourful ui and does not mind sketching out before designing it and someone that is keen to re-do work when the game changes to always make it look best :) concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modellers, this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not that's fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. texture artist: should be able to create cartoon textures that match the style above in links and have access to a program that can generate normals based off a texture. you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Anywhere [unpaid] C++ programmer (any level) at Bleach Zanpukto Senshi Development Team

[unpaid] c++ programmer (any level) bleach zanpukto senshi development team anywhere programmers [this job is unpaid] bzsmod is a tps-mod for hl1 based on the anime bleach. the team consist of people who want to work on game development and have chosen to work on bzsmod in their free time. some are studying and others are educated in their work. location: anywhere. your gain: learning + portfolio. ------------------ platform: windows as programmer your task will be to implement game features and aid as tech artist (implementation of assets: ex: animation calls, sound calls, 2d sprites). you will be working with: melee fighting system kido / weapon selection system (ui integration) radar system game modes the code is written in c and c++. we keep third party libraries to a minimum. you will get your hands dirty with pointers, singleton classes, network messages and gui. you will perform informal acceptance tests. qa will test features and critical bug fixes. you will be working with 2 programmers who both are studying their master in computer science. we use svn for version control and ”the bug genie” for project management. application notes: we expect that you have experienced coding in c++. furthermore it will be beneficial that you have knowledge of object oriented analysis and design + reading / writing uml or utilize a software to do it. it is required that you can and are willing to work with pointers. 2 – 5 hours work per week is expected, more is welcome. we will read and respond to every application. if you have any questions, mail

Anywhere | Skype Noshrac Studios looking for a Unity3D Programmer (C#) language at Noshrac Studios

noshrac studios looking for a unity3d programmer (c#) language noshrac studios anywhere | skype programmers we're starting a project called "magenda" it's a mmo rpg fantasy game, we need at least 2 programmers, a lead programmer and a side programmer, the game will be built in unity3d using c# (csharp) there are currently 6 people working on the project including me. a programmer, game designer /level designer, 2 artists, story writer and a sound engineer. we already have a few concept arts of the characters and basic environment terrain built in unity3d. the game will be similar to wow(world of warcraft), though we will possibly create single-player and online mode, but that depends on the time and resources we have. once we start with the game development, we will setup a professional website and forums, where we will be able to share our work and progress with the whole team, we're going to be in contact in skype or team speak servers. we're planning to add a lot of features, i already started working a bit on the gui we will be using for the game. hopefully, if everything goes as planned, and we get the whole team, the development will launch in december 2014, if not then in january 2015. thank you for reading. - nejc

USA Unity Programmer at Anywhere

unity programmer anywhere usa programmers calling any and all unity programmers! my indie team is looking for a programmer with unity experience to help us knock our (3d) project out in about six months. our mechanics are basically done, and we're looking to focus on content addition. payment is revenue share once the project is complete (most likely by the beginning of next summer!), or one-time lump sum if you wish to leave at that point. responsibilities: level/event scripting implementation (ui, etc.) gameplay mechanics note: as stated, our gameplay foundation is pretty much in place. the main things that would need to be done in terms of your work on gameplay mechanics would consist of building off of the existing systems. so, it's not like you're making mechanics from scratch or anything like that. requirements: experience in unity & c# portfolio pluses: any level design experience any experience with oculus rift implementation any experience with creating enemies and their ai we are all students, so our schedule is flexible. the bulk of your work will come from refining mechanics, optimizing code, and scripting for levels. we are all laid back, but general tasks for level scripting/design will be clearly outlined, so never fear! also, as we wish to complete the project in about six months, be prepared for a solid amount of work. again -- we are students, so we understand having other obligations, but we do commit very strongly to our work.

Anywhere (Preferred California, USA) Lead Gameplay Programmer / Lead Character Animation at Gearshift Media Productions

lead gameplay programmer / lead character animation gearshift media productions anywhere (preferred california, usa) programmers we are looking for a lead gameplay programmer to work in unity 3d. also looking for a lead character animator. this game is for profit, but we cannot pay the designers. but, when the game is released all designers will be given a percent of profit. the game, project liane, is a heavily story based stealth game. you can learn more by sending us an email or visiting our website. but the game has been going through intense development shifts and some content may no longer be valid. for more info, feel free to email us. project liane has mixed first impression reviews as of now, but the game is in it's beginning stages. every week we will review the progression you have made. the goal is to finish within 1-2 years. a detailed design doc and schedule will be provided. work will begin in unity free then in later stages begin in unity pro. programming languages are javascript andd c#. at the current time, the game length is roughly about 2-3 hours long. as lead gameplay programmer, you will work with the directors to extend the game to about 4-6 hours. to learn more about the game, visit: thanks.

Melbourne C# javascript Boo Programmer at Jomi Entertainment

c# javascript boo programmer jomi entertainment melbourne programmers job title: unity3d programmer what it is about: we are a small team building an innovative ios / android hack 'n' slash game. we are looking for a few programmers who can work with the unity3d engine. we are all passionate creators who want to bring our own ideas to life and we all have day jobs. so check out our stuff at and if this is a project you want to be apart of, then drop us a line. what we are after: we are after people who want to be part of a creative and innovative team to build a game that will help start up a company to lead the gaming world in australia. your skills: we intend to use the unity3d engine but are open for more ideas. we want you to be part of the development team and not just a worker. unity3d use c#, javascript and boo languages. our game: we are building a d-pad and button styled hack 'n' slash game where you play as rah a powerful beast on a mission to set order to a corrupted world. if you want to be apart of the team or wish to see more of our work head to and tell us what you think.

Anywhere IDYM looking for Unity Programmer at I Drink Your Milkshake

idym looking for unity programmer i drink your milkshake anywhere programmers hello, chloe here from idym. we are a new indie game company based in bristol, beginning work on our first demo and we are looking for a programmer to join our team. i have shared a synopsis of the demo screenplay below. synopsis: "it's a stormy night when the small town of hillville, georgia is shaken by a series of disappearings. a small town with every-day problems now becomes the unusual scenerio for a horrific summer. eli, a local policeman, will start to investigate the mysteries and the crimes in a journey that will force him to look after the victims and to look back at his own past.his job, his faith, all his life will have to be reviewed after his discoveries. no more black and white, no more right or wrong: choices and consequences.the free demo is based on the chapter "lori's summer". we will spend the night at the darmon house, where the story of the first victim begins." with our demo 'shadow on earth' we will start to interact with the "d.o.g" technology. a new, innovative way to experience videogames that idym is finally proud to release. we are on a low budget and are offering credits for the demo and a share in the sales of the full game. the game will be a 3d 1st person thriller/horror game, the project is open to members input and creativity. in fact we prefer that. we are looking for a hard working, enthusiastic individual, ready to commit, excited about making something new and 'impacting' the industry. experience is necessary, we are going to work with unity and work would start immediately on game mechanics, building the level and vfx. please check our website for further info: if your think you are suitable please contact chloe - thank you for your time. idym

Anywhere A team with experience for an sao game! at Chocolate Chip Games

a team with experience for an sao game! chocolate chip games anywhere programmers hello, i am currently thinking about making a sword art online game. i know there are already sao games but i want to make one the way i would see one as. please respond asap i am almost always online and am happy to let you join if you meet my requirements. the requirements are: you must be experienced with this job you would be applying for, you must show some past work, and tell me why you want to join this project. we will be needing: 1) a skilled programmer that knows multiple languages. 2) a modeler that is able to texture. 3) a rigger, this will be very important 4) an animator, with past experience 5) a concept artist 6) a web designer (when we need a webpage, you need experience with web building!) 7) a game designer, for the pause menu, main menu etc. if you would like to join you can contact me on skype, my username is dragonsoul32. hope you can help me make a promising game! :p your help would be greatly appreciated and i will treat you with the utmost respect! :) if you get confused as to which one is me on skype then it's the one with the pic of eren jaeger.

Anywhere Programmer at Infinity Interactive

programmer infinity interactive anywhere programmers hi, we are looking for an experienced c++ or c# programmer for our project war of the servers. we will be using unreal engine 4 for our project so it helps if you have an understanding of unreal 4's programming + documentation or an earlier version of unreal. for this, you will need to have an unreal 4 license to be able to legally view and edit the source project and being working so it is a necessary that you have an unreal 4 license. finally, there is a lot of documentation with unreal 4 so if you are new to it, that is fine. --more information-- - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for infinity interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thankyou!

Anywhere Programmers, Network Programmers at Enjoyable Games

programmers, network programmers enjoyable games anywhere programmers i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. in this post i'll only speak about programemers, if you're a 3d artist, concept artist or an animator please visit our old post about. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. we are in search of programmers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. ue4 programmers: - good knowledge of c++ language - good knowledge of unreal engine 4 bluprints - possession of a ue4 licensed copy or ready to buy one. - passionate about coding - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english leanguage - friendly and ready to work with other programmers and other team members

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