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San Francisco, CA [PAID] Software Developer, Senior Unity3D at Super Lucky Casino

software developer, senior unity3d super lucky casino san francisco, ca programmers role: you will be working on mobile/web games played by millions of people. specifically, you will be building casino-style games in unity. requirements: -- you must love to implement high-quality designs in unity -- you must love to learn new things and expand your skills as an engineer -- you must love games -- you care if an element is even a little bit off -- you own the code you write optional -- knowledge of ruby, coffeescript (if not, we’ll be happy to teach you) experience: we’re looking for an accomplished unity developer. so, some unity experience is a must. ultimately, we’re looking for someone who knows tricks & shortcuts to cut load time, improve animations, and more. and in reverse, someone who knows the pitfalls that will keep us from quickly improving. passion: you must love what you do. if you are doing it just for the money, or rather do something else, then we are not the right place for you. culture: we work as a team. everyone helps everyone else. everyone is a teacher. everyone is a student. sometimes we pair-program. sometimes we don’t. depends on the situation. overall, our goal is to make everyone on our team better at what they do. if that sounds like your kind of place to work, then say hello -

Anywhere [PAID] [On site, Full time] Experienced server engineer wanted at Think Gate

[on site, full time] experienced server engineer wanted think gate anywhere programmers - full time. - location: dubai. - compensation: competitive salary, accommodation close to the office. company profile: a two month old venture backed start-up, aiming to make the next big hit on the mobile/tablet free-to-play market, working on our first title to be soft-launched dec-2015, ambitious team, very high game quality standards, casual and goal focused work environment. if you are looking for a place that strives to be the best at what we do, then we are the place for you. job description: we are looking for an experienced server engineer to handle the entire back-end needs of our game which relies heavily on online and semi real time play features, tasks range from designing, implementing and maintaining the servers. · bs in computer science or equivalent · 5+ years of industry experience. · experience building scalable infrastructure software or distributed systems for commercial online services. · experience with aws services ec2, ebs, rds, swf, etc · unity experience or general game programming experience. · a high standard to what you produce/develop. a huge plus if you: - have a passion for games, and have a gamer’s eye, since we have a small team and everyone on the team contributes to all elements of the game design, features and art. contact me:

Anywhere [PAID] HTML based application development with ANT+ support at WebRacing, Inc.

html based application development with ant+ support webracing, inc. anywhere programmers we have a project that should be relatively simple. this will be a 2d, html based application to run on common devices (desktop, mobile). this will not be a game, it will be more like a simple data management program. ideally, the right person will have ant+ experience, although it is not necessary as the protocol is open source and based off c++ and c#. all api's are available from ant. we use ant+ in our current product (see website). willing to share our existing code if it would help write the new driver. this application will also include streaming video, such as embedded videos from youtube or ustream. this will not require any 3d graphics or complex features, however 3d qualified applicants may apply. it will be a real-time data page with embedded videos on the side. we will help with the menu layout and artistic design. we will be working closely with the programmer on this project to make everything flow as smooth as possible. compensation is negotiable, as we are looking for a polished and reliable product. this will be a one-time project, however there is a possibility of more work if the end result is satisfactory.

Anywhere - remote work [PAID] iOS Programmer at Little Red Chimp indie

ios programmer little red chimp indie anywhere - remote work programmers we are looking for a freelance programmer to work on our small ios pet simulation game. it is an exciting niche and new concept for ios with great 2d artwork and some fantastic music and sfx. the game is packed with humour and fun. a good example of features/functionality we are try to create are expressed in the ios game pou. you will be able to work remotely so applicants from any location are welcome to apply. passion, intelligence and teamwork are key. the ability to solve problems while adhering to deadlines. strong communication skils are also important, as is the ability to work on your own. all programming and consultancy on programming. implementing features to create a fun and intuitive game. experience in c++, unity and cocos2d solving complex technical problems that occur within the game's production familiarity with collaboration tools such as dropbox, basecamp useful. testing and quality assurance implementing the sound effects and music performing effectively under pressure and meeting deadlines to ensure the game is completed on time brining the artwork to life. small fixed price budget $2000-$5000

Anywhere [Unpaid] Need Programmers & 3D Modelers at N/A

[unpaid] need programmers & 3d modelers n/a anywhere programmers what i'm working on: i'm working on a free to play (obviously) fan game of five night's at freddy's that i'm calling "five night's at freddy's -1" (negative one). if you know the storyline you know that there were four locations. (fredbears's family diner, the first freddy fazbear's pizza, fnaf 2 location, & fnaf 1 location.) fnaf -1 will take place in the location after fredbear's family diner, but before the fnaf 2 location. the year will be 1983. i'm doing almost everything from scratch. all i'll be borrowing really is the camera gui's (the white border and the red recording dot), the font, and the battery gui for the flashlight in fnaf 2. i need a programmer who knows how to use clickteam fusion to help me out and a 3d modeler who can make the animatronics and the pizzeria (i.e the areas, the office, etc.) skills required: for the programmer- you need to know clickteam fusion pretty well. in other words, you need to know how to create the proper events to make everything run properly. for 3d modler- you need to be good at what you do. you will be making the animatronics and the entire pizzeria. remember: this is an unpaid job. simply to be done for the love of fnaf.

Anywhere {Royalty} Looking To Expand The Team at Avalon Games LLC

{royalty} looking to expand the team avalon games llc anywhere programmers hello everyone at moddb. we are avalon games, and we’re currently looking for new members to join our team and help with our developing project, shi no gemu. shi no gemu is a fantasy action/adventure magical survival game set in the floating city of tubonte, on which the legendary death games takes place in order to dictate the next ruler. the death games, built up of 12 powerful mages, is a brutal and violent tournament, writhe with death and destruction, but ultimately the reward seems worth it. each mage summons a familiar to battle for them, a great, mystical creature of immense power. which proves a surprise to mage louise, when she summons a human mortal from earth to her side. luke is equally as perplexed, but by the death games contract, must fight against the 12 opponents in his way. together, luke and louise must find a way to battle and survive through the danger of the games and embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. we are currently looking for skilled and dedicated programmers that are fast and hard working individuals who are ready to take that first step into an ambitious project that is near ready to get funding. for a closer look, here is our current status of our main character and an old demo from unity which we are no longer using.; also check out our facebook page for more screens on characters: jobs available: 3d artists (generalists are preferred but we accept anyone who can do what they are tasked to do and meet deadlines.) 3d animators unreal engine c++ programmers vfx artist general skills required: *a good teammate with a positive attitude. *able to accept criticism and be able to improve yourself and your work. *be able to communicate through skype with the team. (send skype name in email) *ability to meet deadlines and adjust your workflow to meet the teams requirements. requirements for writers: *must submit at least two writing samples. *five years of disciplined writing, either in a professional capacity or as a burgeoning writer with a large body of spec work. *college degree in screenwriting, creative writing, film making, narrative design, or similar; or equivalent professional experience. *knowledge of games and interactivity from storytelling, character development, and user engagement perspectives. you must not only play video games, but understand them as a dramatic form. for programmers: *knowledge in c++ for unreal engine 4 * skilled programmer in c++ for at least 3 years minimum for 3d artists: * capable of creating 3d models and preparing 3d models for texturing and animation. * proficient at creating high or low polygon models. * proficient at creating static/hard edged meshes or organic meshes. * proficient at creating textures and maps for the meshes (mainly diffuse, specular, normals). optional skills: *css3, html5, php, java, jquery, photoshop, after effects, ui design note: we are currently looking for more environment artists and character artists to work with our current staff and also will be needing those skilled at rigging and animation who do not mind working first and being paid once the project makes money and we are also needing voice actors/actresses to join the team and also script writers. shi no gemu is nearly ready to be marketed and we are posting this ad to fill a position which will get us where we need to be for the second cgi film we are doing which will be a game-play one. payments will be discussed but this is a position that has potential to become full-time if the game is a success. we have a team of voice actors and actresses that have starred in various indie games and animations etc. and a ton of skilled individuals on the team. we are serious and will make this game with or without you, but don't you want to be with us?? if so contact information on how to apply is below and we look forward to hearing from all of you.

Anywhere C++ Engine Developer at Altered Cat Entertainment

c++ engine developer altered cat entertainment anywhere programmers [center] [/center]empowered creation kitempowered creation kit is a non general purpose engine for the rpg "edict: empowered".    it is an isometric (ok actually dimetric) tile-engine for creating open worlds, and is to support  creating npcs, adding sounds and music, dungeon style levels, quests, etc. for a fun rpg.  [center][/center] skills:solid c++ some level of experience with 2d game programming git source control decent math skills you'll need to learn to use sfml if you do not already know it.  lack of prior knowledge with the library is not a problem however.    while this job is posted for the engine, this is certainly a good gateway if you'd like to be involved with the game itself as well. 

Anywhere Animator | Texture Artist | Programmer at Grey Smoke

animator | texture artist | programmer grey smoke anywhere programmers we are looking for people for hire or for permanent work. who are we? grey smoke is an independent game development. our members are from various countries and work for own pleasure. we have not studio or place for development. because we are working on a distance. our projects use various genres like survival horror, quest, stealth and etc. the main part in the projects is story and game features. what is the project? some story: january 11: from the station "motherland" came a distress signal to the organisation "uprising order", but whilst en route, the helicopter has crashed. the protagonist wakes up in the station motherland where monsters roam. the protagonist is uprising order's member; he must survive and escape from the station. but what lurks within...? so the game is the first person survival horror. the protagonist must fight for life, because monsters are everywhere. you cannot hide from the monsters. they will found you anyway. yeah, it's hard game like resident evil, where you need to solve problems and look for ammo. the protagonist will not be only in the station. he should look for somethings on alaska's natural locations. other information: - the game uses unity 3d v.4. - the game will be on windows and linux. - the game will be published in steam. what do we need from you? --animator-- to work with animation of faces, to work with animation of characters and enemies' motion. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message. --texture artist-- to make textures for walls, game's subjects and etc. to make textures for characters and enemies. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message. --programmer-- to work with unity 3d and have experience with c++. you should write codes also. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message.

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer at Demigod Studios

unity programmer demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with good knowledge of the unity engine. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following programming languages: c# or javascript 2) have knowledge of the unity engine 3) be flexible with priorities that are given to you desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere Looking for programmers // PVP Dungeon Crawler at Anywhere

looking for programmers // pvp dungeon crawler anywhere anywhere programmers hello! we're looking for programmers to help with the project (for the game here:;= ) please message if interested! ( ) we're using unity, c#, and the game will be in 3d. the game is primarily multiplayer based. additional project info: (from project above) summary: bassetune reapers is a player-verus-player, competitive dungeon crawler. this basically takes on aspects of dungeon crawling, but with a more aggressive setting. players will have the option to play as the "dungeon-crawlers" (called the 'knights', or "knight class", in-game) or as the "dungeon" itself (literally called the 'bosses', or "boss class", in-game). what this means is that players can choose to play as the people invading the dungeon, or as the dungeon-holders themselves. key features: - intense, fast-paced combat - multiple skills, weapons, and ways to play the game - tons of different bosses, minibosses, creatures and traps to utilize throughout the dungeon - multiple unique environments - interesting, detailed lore behind both the game and world - intricate rpg system - ladder and ranking system - lots of customization for both classes

Anywhere Unity Programmer & New Team assembly at MAD UNICORN GAMES

unity programmer & new team assembly mad unicorn games anywhere programmers hello, my name is noah co-owner of mad unicorn games & designer of radical heroes. as the focus of radical heroes shifts off of my shoulders i will be branching off and forming a new development team focused on a new innovative retro sandbox game. the project is full of vibrant color and is meant to be enjoyed by all, single player, co-op and multiplayer modes all planed. i'm going for a teen rated level. more will be discussed upon acceptance to the team. i am looking for a few talented people who are interested in working on a midsize project and starting a new company from scratch. there is already a solid base for the new project and with my first game green lit things are looking up! must be able to provide samples of your work preferably you best retro stuff. this is a non-paid position "for now" there are plans for a kick starter as well as other media and press avenues. all goes even sorta right we will all do just fine. the programmer selected must be able to port the project to many different mediums pc, mac, linux, consoles, ios you get it! the project should port with out any size or graphics problems therefore looking the same on all mediums. i do not see the need for more then one programmer for this project. sound design must blend retro and current styles to create something magical! think chip-tones and happy dub-stepish light techno! persons needed: programmer: preferably well versed in unity! sound engineer: with a heart for retro! 2d/3d artist / animator (3ds max low poly skills & photoshop pixel skills) must have skype: think you want to take this journey with me? send me your resume at:

Anywhere|Skype Unity Programmer for Tycoon game at Maleficus Studio

unity programmer for tycoon game maleficus studio anywhere|skype programmers maleficus studio here and we are recruiting willing programmers for metalhead tycoon once more. the game on greenlight ,even though lately has been a bit inactive, managed to get plenty votes which placed it in a pretty good spot on the list. so we are back redeveloping everything from scratch code-wise and we will have some major graphic updates. requirements 1) you have a good understanding on how video games are developed 2) you are creative and ready to give a lot of time in the project 3) you have the skills it takes to write the code in unity for a more in-depth tycoon game. 4) english speaker and active on skype desired skills 1) previous experience in video games 2) basic knowledge of game engines 3) communicative be sure to also understand that this is the first project we are working on. that means this position is not paid and if the game reaches the goals we currently have,you will be attributed with a percentage from the sales.we do believe this will be a successful title and with your help we can accomplish that -maleficus studio

Anywhere C++ UE4 Programmer at Derailed Games

c++ ue4 programmer derailed games anywhere programmers project title: project md (working title) description: an episodic classic styled third person survival horror game with a rich cinematic storyline.. features: - deep exploration. - tense atmosphere  - rich cinematic storytelling. - satisfying yet challenging combat. - private features that will spoil the announcement if listed. the story and idea of the game are private, we'd like to make a big announcement instead of writing it in forums, we'd just like you to know that we're working hard to make sure that our game is unique and non-cliched, we will however tell you about it when you join the team.. team name: derailed games team structure: - game designer, writer, director - level designer - character modeler - 2 animators - 5 environment modelers - ui artist - sound designer - music composer - 4 concept artists - inactive programmer (that's why we need someone to replace him)previous work:((cancelled 2d horror game (25% complete)) _____________________________________ programmer responsibilities: - making gameplay mechanics based on design doc (third person shooter gameplay but less agile). - scripted events and puzzles. - coding ui using art assets provided by the ui designer. - enemy ai creation. - integration and blending of animations. - optimization. please email us for more information or for inquiries:

Anywhere Game design partner at Newage studios

game design partner newage studios anywhere programmers i am looking for a programmer who is great with either javascript or c# some one who has and can use unity 3d well,and wants to partner up with someone who is very artistic and experience with 3d modeling. please like games genres such as survival, horror, sandbox, crafting, co-op, open world, game inspirations: the forest don't starve rust minecraft salt my skills: over a years experience with blender. more then 5 years experience in sound design. over a years experience with photoshop and gimp. a years experience with cry engine and unreal engine. less then a year experience with unity 3d. great time commitment. your skills: you must have over a years experience with unity 3d. you must have great time commitment. you must be able to find errors in code and fix. you must be friendly and great at communicating ideas. extra: if you have any other skills such as animation or concept artist ect, please add in your resume. how we will work together: we will organize game ideas and produce them to the best of are ability.and make money of those games, late night skypes and or emails will be used to communicate these ideas. compensation: there will be no pay for now but any game we make and sell we will split profits 50/50.

Anywhere Programmer, graphics, sound artists at Stardog

programmer, graphics, sound artists stardog anywhere programmers as the game stardog is growing we could use people that are willing to help with the game. needed: python programmers or programmers that want to learn python with git knowledge graphic people sound people people with love for opensource and pygame games ! if you want to know how to develop games in pygame or python or want to know more about making games. if you would love to make a space shooter a trading game and make it opensource or multiplayer and have programming, graphics or sound skills don't hesitate to contact me. the game is a python space game that for now rest heavily on pygame to render scenes. features particle engines, plug and play ship parts like radars, cargobays, weapons, etc, planet with gravity, enemy ai, story telling events, and much more with the growth of the game the todo list grew even quicker, and although the tasks on the lists are lots of easy ones they still had to be done. rewards for participating: credits in game, perhaps with photo and or link. name in pilot name register freedom in what to make and how to make it i hope to find people that have some programming experience and want to try their hand a python for a bit of game development.

Anywhere Programmer (C++) at Ricochet: Source Mod

programmer (c++) ricochet: source mod anywhere programmers looking for a programmer to code the core gameplay features for the ricochet: source mod. anyone applying will become a full member of the mod team and receive access to the svn and source. the immediate goals are as followed: coding of core gameplay features. there isn't too much to do here, just a few brush and model based entities. all features are currently documented so they should already be well explained as to what each entity will do. once those features are coded in, the game is pretty much done already. most of the art content still exists from the original project, there is already an extensive frame to build off of. we just need to implement the core gameplay features once again. i would estimate to work load to be about a few days worth, it really isn't much. the game is being developed on the sdk 2013 engine, and will be a free product so there is no guaranteed paid. however if anything changes you will be first in line to be apart of that experience. if you chose to, you may remain apart of the team to continue building new features. knowledge and experience with the source engine is a must!!!! any comments/questions can be sent to me here via a pm. best, young

Anywhere Programmers(C++), Voice Actors, Animators & 3D Texture Design at N/A

programmers(c++), voice actors, animators & 3d texture design n/a anywhere programmers a friend and i are working on a game that we're gonna put on pc and on ps4 (we wanted to put it on xbox as well but that's a bit too expensive for us currently). we're not too experienced with programming so we could use some assistance. we're going to be using the unity 3d engine. we're not exactly rich so we can't afford to pay very much during. we will be more than willing to negotiate pay after the fact, once profit starts rolling in. required skills: skills required are any of the following; knowledge on c++, 3d animation, voice acting (must be able to do at least 1-2 voices bare minimum), 3d texturing. with programming we're breaking it down to 2 branches, ai programming and game logic (meaning money system, physics, anything that doesn't have to do with the enemy entities). you're not limited to just one branch so if you have knowledge that falls into both than you're more than welcome to work in both. about the game: overall, it's a very borderlands/ ratchet: deadlocked style game. the concept; by the year 2168, prisoners in prison space stations across the galaxy are forced to fight for their lives as they are grouped into teams of 4 in a gladiator style tournament where they'll have to go planet to planet to complete these "deathcourses" (that usually contain 4-6 challenges) to come out of alive. the team that makes it out at the end is promised pardons for all the crimes that landed them in incarceration. another thing: the whole thing is legal and is aired across the galaxy publicly!

Anywhere Programmer C++ at Reminiscent Echoes

programmer c++ reminiscent echoes anywhere programmers the shell ∴ game description we are an indie team located in france and presently developing our game on unreal engine 4. the shell is a narrative 3d game with gameplay elements based on survival, light and the management of two playable characters. the current step of this ambitious project is to build a prototype in order to get funding. find more information on the game here. thus, we would need a few expert hands able to work with the rest of the team and who would have the talents listed below: job description & responsibilities as a programmer, you will have to work on different aspects of the game such as gameplay, ai, tools and more, depending on the team’s needs. you will also have to: - develop in a structured way, easily maintainable, scalable and with a focus on performance - propose to the team new ideas and solutions when needed - work with the team members to integrate your work - document and support your work when needed - do other related tasks - keen and ambitious job skills - expert c++ level - experience with unreal engine 4 - good understanding of the blueprint system - good understanding of mathematics and physics concepts - comfortable with the agile development - able to work in a team - able to work with deadlines - passion for video games - knows places to hide the bodies of former employees payment even though the job is unpaid first, our collaboration might end up with a real contract.

Anywhere Unity Programmer [mid-level] at Programmer

unity programmer [mid-level] programmer anywhere programmers i'm looking for unity programmer for our indie game based around tabletop wargaming. the game outline has been in development for about 1 month. this is to outline the gdd and gameplay mechanics. there are currently 2 team members 2d/3d graphics, and (myself) music, project management, and web. >>> medium unity programming skills means i'd expect you to know your stuff. the programmer needs to be active in development and dedicate time to the project. this simply means keep talking, always try to keep us to date with what you're doing. this is a remote role so we just need to know you're working and not hanging out in a cafe sipping latte's and chatting up girls ;) i drive the project relatively hard as i really want this game to be produced. so just please keep that in mind. if we all dedicate at least one month to the project we can easily produce a working demo, or at the very least a working concept. >>> without giving too much away the game involves several mechanics. genre : 'sea-based' tabletop skirmish game 2d / 3d : we're currently undecided, so let's say 2.5d - with an overhead view. single player / multiplayer : multiplayer. 2 players head to head. play style : turn based with multiple actions per turn. ai : currently we're focusing on 2 player only, but of course we'd like to add single later. so ai coding is needed. the programmer should have at least 1 year experience with unity engine, should know c# and networked gameplay. if you have some experience with tabletop games such as warhammer, flames of war, warmachine etc then that's great but not entirely necessary. programmer must agree to: 1. dedicate time. please don't tell me 'i'm busy on other projects and you have to wait'. 2. upload end of week progress to an ftp server - for backup and review purposes. 3. be in contact daily (or every other day) to ensure they're on track with requirements. 4. treat this as a remote employment position, not something to do when you have a bit of time. in return you get 2 individuals you can trust, rely on, and will provide the same dedication in return. >>> aim the first aim is to build a working prototype demo. it can be achieved in one month, maybe two. so all i'm asking is for a programmer to focus for one month on this to really push the concept forward. once we have a working model and we can prove the concept we can discuss the next steps together as a team. this may included changes to the way the game works, the art style, the viewpoint etc. this is a team game after all! >>> if we do make any profit from this project it will be shared with everyone based on their individual input. put more effort and time and dedication in and in return i feel it's entirely fair to provide more % return. there will only ever be three people involved in this so at very least it's a 3 way split. the programmer needs to be 17+, speak good english, and be willing to positively contribute to the project with knowledge, skill, and creative input. >>> kickstarter? indigogo?? the end result of this demo is to produce something that will enable us to push the game onto platforms such as steamgreen light, kickstarter, indigogo etc. for that we need a working demonstration of ability and passion. please get in touch if you'd like to get involved. i really believe the game we have outlined will work well, be enjoyable, and ultimately profitable. thanks for reading this far.

Barcelona The Last Man at CharlyKate

the last man charlykate barcelona programmers i am spanish, my english is not very good sorry. the game is about the last man of the world, he collects, survives. etc. you can kill animals and enemies yo have one axe, you can cut trees and all that you want. the game was developed for letiskate and carles, carles do the scripts and part of map and models, and letis do the artistic part. the models are created with blender and we gonna do better in the “pas” of the time, and do other animals enemies and other things. if do you like the game please support them. for the moment we don’t have a playable alpha for you and we are creating new characters and objects, for the moment we have a rabbit, pig, deer and birds. we gona create a different trees, different landscapes for the game: like a desert, enchanted wood, abandoned city, underground map. etc. the plan is han git on steam wen it is a playable game and almost finished. the objective are: you have a funny time. sorry if you don’t understand me, my english is not very good. thanks for your attention guys

Anywhere Unity Programmer needed at Programmer

unity programmer needed programmer anywhere programmers we are looking for unity programmer for our game. currently our game have been in development for about 1 month. there havint been much improvement there is only 2 team members in our team now and we like to improve the number of team members in our game

Anywhere Programmer at Infinitus Designs

programmer infinitus designs anywhere programmers infinitus designs, a small development team working on 'yonder mmo' are currently seeking a programmer to add to our existing team! yonder is a sandbox mmo about players working together to hone skills and overcome the natural dangers of a 17th-19th century world through crafting, building and fighting. more info on the game can be found here: at the moment the team is comprised of two 3d artists, 1 programmer, the lead-designer (covering pr, project-management and design-planning) and an sfx artist. as such, we are currently looking to add a new programmer to our team to help bolster the work rate. many of us operate around the gmt timezone or within 2-3 hours of it. as such, we often talk to one another and discuss progress and tasks in gmt-evenings. we are looking for programmers who have experience with c# and, preferably, the unity engine. on top of this, they may involve coding server-related mechanics and as such, a small understanding of networking is a bonus, but not required.

Anywhere [Unity3D] Programmer/Scripter, and Concept Artist Needed at Clever Mystery Studios

[unity3d] programmer/scripter, and concept artist needed clever mystery studios anywhere programmers currently we (just me) have been in development for about 2-3 months,and there is another person apart of this team and it is our 3d modeler. our 3d modeler is looking for a concept artist to draw up some models as he creates them better with a good reference image. although i have accomplished quite a bit by myself we really need a programmer/scripter to help create scripts that i am unable to create as i am just a texture artist that knows very little about scripting. what is our game about? well as of now we are still deciding as our game is a fps we want to be different than all of the other games in the fps genre. but our general idea is a story mode set in the year 2025 at a time were the us government has made the wrong decision (the decision is still being thought of) and has caused country's such as russia,china,india,and north korea to turn against them and start a war. since the us is outnumbered to increase there man power they have changed the age required to join the military to the age of 16. which means that almost any man above the age of 16 is required to go to war or will be sent to prison. and all other allies of the us did not want to be involved with the war so they did not offer to help the us. voice acting? yes we will need voice acting but more than likely we will be looking for voice actors once we have at least half of the game done. but for now if you want to apply to voice act you need to be 16 or older and just send us an email. to much? honestly there's no such thing as to much because once it is complete it will be worth it. more positions? currently we are only looking for scripters and concept artist as all the other positions are not need at this time. for example character artist will be needed at some point. if you still would like to apply for another position just email us. estimated development time? since this is a rather large game it could take anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the size of our development team. payed or volunteer? right now we don't have any money to pay as if this was a job so we will give you a percentage of royalties depending on your position whenever we get money from sales or donations. kickstarter/crowd funding? although we would love to give it a try and see what happens right now we don't plan on doing this unless we get alot of feedback from our videos on youtube. more info will be given if your application is accepted

Anywhere Level Designer | Mapper at Grey Smoke

level designer | mapper grey smoke anywhere programmers we are looking for people for hire or for permanent work. who are we? grey smoke is an independent game development. our members are from various countries and work for own pleasure. we have not studio or place for development. because we are working on a distance. our projects use various genres like survival horror, quest, stealth and etc. the main part in the projects is story and game features. what is the project? some story: january 11: from the station "motherland" came a distress signal to the organisation "uprising order", but whilst en route, the helicopter has crashed. the protagonist wakes up in the station motherland where monsters roam. the protagonist is uprising order's member; he must survive and escape from the station. but what lurks within...? so the game is the first person survival horror. the protagonist must fight for life, because monsters are everywhere. you cannot hide from the monsters. they will found you anyway. yeah, it's hard game like resident evil, where you need to solve problems and look for ammo. the protagonist will not be only in the station. he should look for somethings on alaska's natural locations. other information: - the game uses unrealengine4 - the game will be on windows and linux. - the game will be published in steam. what do we need from you? --level designer | mapper-- to work with unrealengine4 and make various locations. before make locations you need make map of it. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message.

Anywhere Wanted: Programmers & Game Designers at Anywhere

wanted: programmers & game designers anywhere anywhere programmers hi everyone, we're in the concept phase of a 3d scifi zelda-style pirate game. it's been in design for a few months now and we're looking for programmers and game designers to set up the game. we're planning to build the game in unity so any c# or javascript knowledge would be useful. nevertheless anyone with any skill can join, as long as you have enough motivation for the project. we might use blender as well, for the 3d models. as a game designer, you're responsible for designing the gameplay, weapons, puzzles and levels. as a programmer, you will input art in the engine, from characters, to items to enemies, all the interaction. you will work together closely with the game designer, or you could do both. the game will be divided in small episodes, the pilot episode will be free to gain publicity. the game will be released for pc, and will be aimed to be released on a lot of media on this platform, such as steam. a mac and linux version will also be taken into consideration when the game proves to be popular. sequel episodes will be released for profit, which will be shared.

Anywhere Unity Developer with Turn-based experience at tabletop-gaming-net

unity developer with turn-based experience tabletop-gaming-net anywhere programmers i'm looking for an experienced unity dev to work on an interesting turn-based, multiplayer, tabletop-style game for pc and mac (with ios and android to follow later). the game is an ocean orientated 'virtual tabletop' style, with two players playing against each other. the programmer needs skills in multiplayer, turn-based, stat based battles, a little creative flair in implementation, and above all dedication to at least producing a working demo within a reasonable time. please do not get in touch if you think that you'd just like to have a stab at this and in 2 months just stop working on it and ignore the emails. i really want dedication, and in return you'll have an artist and a graphics guy with equal or greater dedication in return. i have a great artist working on unit types. i myself am providing project management, writing, music, and sound effects. i'd really like to drive this to a solid result so be prepared to be driven hard :) our aim is to produce a working model for the game, move toward kickstarter, indigogo, steam green light etc, and hopefully get the backing to move forward. anything monetary that the work gets us is equally shared. if we all produce something great then we all share that. this will be our first game, and although it will mostly be made for love - love doesn't pay the bills so the ultimate goal is to produce a fully functional, buy it on steam, game.

Anywhere Level Designer at Infinity Interactive

level designer infinity interactive anywhere programmers hello, we at infinity interactive are looking for talented level designers who have preferably had experience with unreal engine 4 or 3. there are some requirements, those being experience with the unreal engine, for example have the ability to at least make a functional level. you will also have to have an unreal engine 4 license to legally edit the game and so on. if you are working with another team please let us know before hand so that we are aware of this. requirements: - experience with unreal engine 4 (or 3). - good knowledge of lods, optimization, importing meshes & textures and material creation in engine. - good knowledge of all the tools that unreal engine 4 offers. - good at working in a small team and keep communication. preferences: - good knowledge of blueprints system. - good knowledge of geometry tools (landscaping and such). thankyou for reading, we hope you consider us! -notes- - jobs at infinity are currently unpaid however we do eventually aim to make a profit. - communication is key here at infinity, if anyone is inactive they may be dropped from the team (don't worry, if you're not going to be around due to something please let us know before hand).

Anywhere Programmer at Infinity Interactive

programmer infinity interactive anywhere programmers hi, we are looking for an experienced c++ or c# programmer for our project war of the servers. we will be using unreal engine 4 for our project so it helps if you have an understanding of unreal 4's programming + documentation or an earlier version of unreal. for this, you will need to have an unreal 4 license to be able to legally view and edit the source project and being working so it is a necessary that you have an unreal 4 license. finally, there is a lot of documentation with unreal 4 so if you are new to it, that is fine. --more information-- - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for infinity interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thankyou!

Anywhere Modders at Black Lions Interactive

modders black lions interactive anywhere programmers any person who have the skills of animator, ai programmer or player modeller can join my company we have to make mods for mount and blade warband. and any person who have some knowledge about modding can send request to join or company black lions interactive.we are soon starting or first project.(or first project will be making mod for mount and blade warband). if you have good management skills or you think that you are capable for writing articles and forums you also join. but you should tell us that what are you capable of or what you can do. if you have any of the skills you are capable to join or company. but we will recruit limited number of people who have management skill or are only capable of writing forums and articles for the company. but if you are a modder, programmer etc then there is no problem we can recruit unlimited. if your request is not accepted then we will tell you the reason. our company has a good environment and the member who will do more hardwork then other member will be rewarded with new post such as public relation manager etc.

Anywhere C++ Programmer badly for GldSrc needed at REV Game

c++ programmer badly for gldsrc needed rev game anywhere programmers hello... we have a team of 2 people (organizer/mapper and coder) working on a game called "resident evil valiant" a mod about a zombie apocalypse set today, wich is codingwise already mostly finished, and needs some changes described below or by contacting us. the game features a whole set of new features and hd effects/textures/models/sprites aswell as new exciting gameplay like a time-survival system for maps. what do we need? we are looking for a coder experienced with the goldsource engine that likes to find or help with some small but complicated changes. the code is about 60-80% finhshed depending on the size of the codechanges, which include a small iff system, a new weapon, a timecounter and a textsystem to display textfiles apart some smaller stuff but thats up to the coder to decide how long it would take or how much he could do :) we offer a place in the game-credits, the website and the credits.txt as well as our thanks for the great work provided for our game. contact? mail me on moddb :)

Anywhere Website Programmer at DuoCore Studios

website programmer duocore studios anywhere programmers duocore studios is looking for web programmers fluent in js, html, php, css, and mysql to design us a website. we need to have a login and registration page, and the ability to create a personalized users area. this is an unpaid voluntary job, however, if we take off, and receive considerable amounts of profit, we will begin to pay anyone we accept. requirements: javascript html php css sql networking knowledge projects: user interactive website game inventory system this will be unpaid, however, you will be paid a royalty of the final profit from all of our projects! personal requirements: good people skills ability to work with a team good work ethic deadline: the project will need to be completed by late february. location: you can complete the project from anywhere. it is not locked down to a particular region, but you must have skype. we will be selecting anywhere from 1 to 12 web developers for the project. you can leave anytime, but your work will remain property of duocore studios and affiliates. so, apply, show off your skills, and good luck!

Anywhere Engine Developers C++ at Sunwell Studios

engine developers c++ sunwell studios anywhere programmers well, sunwell studios is looking for a lot of programmer. we are currently trying to build an engine for an game, as of right now we only have one person on the project for building it. we need a lot of people help with the project, since it extremely hard to create what we want the engine to be like, so i'll to the jobs. requirements to join: at lease experience in c++ engine programming. self-motivated able to work without pay until right fund are met, and sunwell studios is able to hire you as full-time. dedicated to creating the engine, and able to spend a lot of time working on the engine. be able to work in a team. how will i be payed? right now i cannot afford to pay anyone, our first game is in royalty, but i won't go over 50%, since the company needs a lot of money so i can make people into full-time jobs. our first game will hopefully generate enough money to at lease hire my current time. if we get very successful kickstart/crownfunding for the future mmorpg, than i will most likely hire everyone, but i don't have millions of dollar at my disposal, and probably won't anytime soon. about the team we are group of 9 people. 3d artist/artist/level designer/creative director composer graphics programmer character artist level designer/art director unity c# programmer unity c# ui programmer website programmer/java concept artist/gui artist this is my current team, there are 4 freelancers, that will only say until the current project is finished. others we are also looking for c++ low level access programmer, requested by the graphics programmer.

UK/Europe Freelance programmers needed. Online position at Mindset Games Limited

freelance programmers needed. online position mindset games limited uk/europe programmers hello, we are mindset games, a registered uk company formed by a group of game design graduates. art, design, sound, 3d and animation are what we specialise in. we are looking for hardworking and skilled programmers to join us. we are currently focusing on a mobile game project, hopefully releasing it in the coming month. this will be a freelance position but once the game is released and revenue is gained, we will set up a contractual agreement for revenue share which will be transferred via paypal. what we are looking for in a programmer: 1. knowledge in either javascript/c# 2. keep to deadlines and be regularly online 3. have skype 4. have dropbox 5. live close to our timezone (gmt+0)-only because some of our partners live in japan so a us time zone may be difficult to maintain communications. preferred but not essential: 1. knowledge in unity and its tools 2. knowledge of version control 3. knowledge of putting games onto the app store, android and pc platforms most of our projects will take no longer than 3 months to complete, others should be faster due to us having prototypes already. if accepted, you will be put into our pool of contractors/freelancers where we will notify you if we have any projects for you to work on. obviously an nda agreement will have to be signed. hopefully it will be a fun learning experience for everyone and be useful for people hoping to build a stronger portfolio. :) we are still fresh to the industry. please check us out on: fb: twitter: and indiedb: thanks for reading. david (posted 16/02/2015)

Anywhere C#/C++ Programmer at Survival Island

c#/c++ programmer survival island anywhere programmers survival island is a top-down 2d adventure survival game. it has a quirky and simplistic feel and features pixel art. the game has a resource collection system aswell as a crafting system. there will be ai such as dears and bears that can be killed for food. there will be a thirst, hunger and health bar. the game will have a big emphasis on story and will feature a daily multiple choice interactive story of the character's past. based on your choices your character might have increased or decreased skills. the characters skills are customizable at the character creation screen. they are skills such as agility, intellect and strength. also on the character creation screen you can choose a special ability which could be something like faster regenerating health or bigger stomach to go longer without food. there will also be personality trait. this is changed by the interactive story choices and will determine what actions will make you happy or sad. for example if you are sadistic then you get joy from killing animals whereas if you are creative then you get joy from crafting things. the programmer must know how to script basic ai aswell as everything mentioned above. the game will be built for single player although we may expand into multiplayer in the future. the game will be either coded in c# or c++ depending on the programmers choice. i live in britain and so ideally i'd like to have a programmer in a similar time zone although it is not a necessity. we already have a writer, artist (myself) and composer.

Anywhere General Programmer for simple 2D Smartphone/Steam Indie Game at Anywhere

general programmer for simple 2d smartphone/steam indie game anywhere anywhere programmers my name is sven rehbronn and i thank you for considering this job. i am a vector artist and currently practice simple animation. i wish to create a very simple game for which i require a programmer. the game will be 2d pixel-side-scrolling-tower-defense game with simple level progression through ever increasing diffculty. this game would motivate to use efficiency to reach the next stages. (a leaderboard would be appreciated to keep motivation) if you have interest in creating this game and wish to potentially earn a lot of money, then feel free to contact me. in case of success, further cooperation would be great, maybe even leading to creating our own simple developer group. requirements: - general programming for windows or smartphones (example work) - purposefulness, speed, dedication and free time for this project - cooperation with a development beginner (e.g telling me what file format you require the assets to be) potential results (earnings): - 50% of all sales income - further development with me

Anywhere New development team at development group

new development team development group anywhere programmers looking for a time killer? need projects? well you came to the right place. i need a skilled team of developers who can work together. i'm looking for: 1. programmers (that know c++ java html) 2. skilled 2d artist 3. 2d concept artist 4. composer to make game music 5. level editor 6. creative director to apply for this job you will need to: 1. be responsible 2. turn work in on time 3. have a good attitude 4. must have skype 5. be respectful 6. love what you do you will be paid after the publishing of the game. we also will be publishing more games. the game: the game will be a pvp based game. you have 15 minutes to gather resources. after the timer you will fight a boss. if you beat the boss you can gather more resources then fight another boss. repeat this process until the final boss, which is a dragon. we will have a crafting system. a hunger system. a heart system. lots of different weapons and armor. to apply email: me skype: craftyjames2002 steam: tga blitzstudios hope we can be in touch.

Anywhere [ROYALTY] The Vale- Multiple Positions at 99 BIT

[royalty] the vale- multiple positions 99 bit anywhere programmers hey guys! we (a small team of 4 persons) have recently started work on the alpha version of a first person horror game project in unreal engine 4 however, there are several positions that need to be filled. character modeller - we are looking for someone who is good at creating a character for the game. there will be a very limited amount of work (merely one model) and a very large deadline. however, we expect pretty detailed model. we will also need you to texture this character.keep in mind, our concept art calls for a fairly difficult and twisted character. *ability to use zbrush or mudbox is a plus *ability to rig your model is a phenomenal advantage animator - we need an animator for the game. no prior experience is needed professionally, however if you have any previous work that you have done in your free time or as a hobby it will definitely help. *ability to rig models is very helpful programmer(x2) - we need programmers for the project. keep in mind that we are in ue4, so if you know how to use the blueprint system it would be pretty convenient. c++ is also an option. one programmer will be an event programmer, while the other will handle ai programming. keep in mind ai programming will be fairly complex. please contact us at my personal email(provided below)if you are interested. please remember that we are looking for serious candidates. if you need leave there are no issues, however we expect you not to disappear and cut contact for days and weeks on end without prior notification. we are on a fixed schedule; we plan to release the alpha by may, at which point we will launch kickstarter and greenlight. i hope to hear from you guys soon!

Anywhere Looking for Modelers and Programmers at Bad Ass Elephant [BAE]

looking for modelers and programmers bad ass elephant [bae] anywhere programmers hi, my name's vez figo and i am a programmer. i'm looking for members that who take part in my big project. first of all, i want to say that i don't know if your work will be paid now; certainly it's will paid with the relase of the game. i shall leave you a much higher percentage of profit. but i prefer members that help me for hobby not for money. skills required for modelers: - be available for the team. - able to make a 3d object in cartoon style. - creativity. - be able to communicate through in chat with the team. - and other things that one modeler must be able to make. skills required for programmers: - be available for the team. - knowledge of javascript and c++. - creativity. - be able to communicate through in chat with the team. - and other things that one programmer must be able to make. i want that this job is more fun than frustrating ^-^ so do your part of work when you want to do and do it in a less frustrating (for example: listening music). also, for take off the weight of the work we will a team match in some games. it's fun ^-^ if you want to join in the project, send me an email with one your little work :) i'm waiting for you! ;) if you have any questions contact me at: - steam: - desura: - gmail: best regards, p.s.: this is a greate project and i'm sure that there are already fans that are waiting for it. p.s.s.: who take part in this project is coll

Anywhere Programmers For (GTAV RPG mod) at Grey's Late Night Studios

programmers for (gtav rpg mod) grey's late night studios anywhere programmers requirements: - be over the age of 15 - be able to communicate in english and over teamspeak - have a creative mind - the ability—or willingness to learn—to program in one or more of the following languages: o html, css, php o javascript o c++ o mysql about the project: los santos life is an upcoming rpg modification for the highly-anticipated gta v on pc. heavily-inspired by the popular arma 3 game-mode ‘altis life’, los santos life will boast rp scenarios and features never-before thought possible! currently, we are in the process of compiling a team of loyal members to help develop the forum and community’s operations. in the coming weeks, we will continue to post more in-depth information regarding the goals of los santos life, and where exactly glnd would like to take it. benefits: - stake share in decisions regarding this and future projects - increased experience in developing a game to add to your portfolio - the involvement in a growing team of creative individuals

Anywhere Extra HTML or JS (JavaScript) programmer at Fungo-Games

extra html or js (javascript) programmer fungo-games anywhere programmers hello, my name is hunter and i am the creator of fungo-games. i need more (extra) programmers to assist me in ether or both javascript and html. i don't have a site right now but am working on putting the site up as soon as possible and will be putting it in the url space soon. in the meantime i will be posting this ad for volunteers. if you would like to volunteer keep reading. most of my games will be ether sandbox based or mmo/rpg based 2d online games. if you intend to see 3d games i recommend we get the 2d down first so that i can get the hang of javascript and html and then we can maybe work on unity or something in that nature. the first game i would like to finish would be the sandbox game. i have several ideas for the sandbox game: survival sandbox, sandbox shooter, or even a sandbox mmo. i would like to mention that i live in colorado and you can be any where in the world as long as you speak english fluently and know about 85% of the english words i would speak. i would also like to mention that the games (for now) will be free-to-play until further planning of finishing the game(s). i would like to also say that i am only 15 and will like to see you be trust worthy of the html code and no stealing the ideas!! requirements: 1. you need to be an intermediate/advanced html or js (javasript) programmer. 2. you need to give out positivity and respect to the whole team. 3. a good dedication to the project. (no stopping half-way through) what's in it for you? 1. an experience with working with other people on coding. 2. credit towards the project.

Anywhere Unity programmer at Dragon Zephyr

unity programmer dragon zephyr anywhere programmers we are looking for unity programmer for our game. requirements: medium unity programming skills be online/talk with the team at least twice a week.(daily would be the best) be creative and contribute with ideas from a programmers point of view we will always accept help from friends/team even if they are not willing to stay till the release of a demo/full release. about the game: the 5 races( aqueyos, skyriders, elves, humans and lynx) live on a planet called xenorth. this mysterious planet filled with magic is attacked by an evil dragon who will constantly try to dominate the planet. defeating him will require a lot of teamwork and experience which you can gain by adventuring all around xenorth. (all around, get it? its a planet, its round.....) our main goal is to build a fantasy mmorpg in a creative way. before releasing the mmorpg we will create small demos like a mine or a city or a racial territory. any profit from this project will be shared with the developers based on contribution.

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