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Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Anywhere at Gaming Grids, Inc.

source engine mod & development engineer gaming grids, inc. anywhere programmers experience: 2+ years work hours: 40+ hours a week compensation: hourly / wage negotiable contract: independent contractor with opportunity for hire description: gaming grids, inc. is looking for an extremely dedicated source engine mod specialist interested in creating competitive game modifications for source games such as cs:go, team fortress 2 and dota2. we have partnered with one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry to bring the world a next-generation casual and competitive tournaments and challenges platform and are seeking talented professionals to fill positions in our expanding company. your tasks would include: * creating a “pro mod” with established feature sets for the games mentioned above * report daily and directly to the it & engineering team leaders * document all processes and methodologies used to create the mod * generate weekly status reports * assist in drafting and execution of quality assurance for developed systems * adhering to strict deadlines and hitting set milestones required qualifications: * experience creating mods for the source engine (sourcemod / sourcepawn) and/or c++ experience with interactions within source engine * ability to complete your work in a timely manner and adhere to specified deadlines * willingness to utilize proprietary in-house time tracking systems * communicate clearly and effectively and to work well with others in a production environment bonus qualifications: * proficiency in microsoft .net framework (specifically c#), and/or experience in native c/c++ development * experience working with development team members in a scrum environment * experience utilizing microsoft visual studio and team foundation services * knowledge of any other game engines such as the unity engine, cryengine, unreal engine, iw engine, id tech 6, etc.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere C++ Programmer at Cheeki Breeki Bandit Crew

c++ programmer cheeki breeki bandit crew anywhere programmers looking for any c++ programmer interested in working on stalker: call of pripyat for cheeki breeki bandit crew's "ultimate weapon renewal". your task would be engine related modifications like the following (working source code will be provided): *proper sun altitude and longitude read from weather configs *sun mask effect that works in dx10 and 11 and also follows the used cloud texture (the above two things may play a role in whether or not we see an atmosfear 4 ;) ) *abakan that fires 2 shots at 1800rpm every beginning two shots of a cycle *smoother transition/falloff for weapons using grenade launcher attachments *ability to swap out different scope models and eotech's/kobra's without having to swap models *3d shell casings *3d scope overlays anything else that you personally feel would add to the game. we could add multi-threading, convert to 64-bit, add more engine features, etc. it's entirely up to you. we also don't have to have all the features above, just some of them would be nice to have. also don't worry about any legal trouble: many mod teams have gsc's unofficial blessing to do what we are doing. we really need you for our mod to continue, so if a weapon related mod interests you, or you're just a stalker fan, please apply.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Unity Programmers Wanted at Iron 27

unity programmers wanted iron 27 baton rouge, louisiana programmers iron 27 is an independent game development studio in baton rouge, louisiana. with an office in the corporate atrium, iron 27 enjoys a professional and pleasant community in the surrounding area with a wide variety of cuisines and cultured locations. within the studio is a team of hard-working professionals and friends with a love for games and perfecting their craft. iron 27 prides itself in cooperation and transparency on all levels. iron 27 is looking for unity programmers to join its close-knit development team. we want candidates with talent, drive, and punctuality to work on the studio's hot debut title 'heroes of shadow guard'. the ideal candidate will be hard working and possess drive with all tasks assigned while maintaining pride and quality in their work. they will have great communication skills and be able to cooperate with their fellow programmers, artists, and designers to produce a high quality title. the candidate must also be punctual and strive to meet deadlines. do you have what it takes? requirements college degree in computer science or certification in c#. demonstrable proficiency with unity 3d. great communication and people skills. sense of urgency. willing to commute or relocate. avid gamer. familiarity with mobile and portable gaming. preferred prior experience in game development with at least 1 year's experience or 1 shipped title on the market. local area candidate (willing to assist in relocation for the right candidate). full-time availability.

North America UDK Programmer Needed at Rocket Launcher Interactive

udk programmer needed rocket launcher interactive north america programmers hello everyone rocket launcher interactive is looking an additional programmer willing to work on our survival horror game nightfall (check the indie db page for game details). we are looking for someone with experience in unreal script, and knowledge with actionscript, c++, kismet, and more is always a plus. you’ll also need to be living in north america so you can make it to our weekly online meetings, and can communicate easily within a regular time frame. this game is a project we work on in our spare time that we are extremely passionate about. payment will be in form of royalties once the game is completed and released. basic requirements: - ability to communicate and work with others over the internet. - experience with unreal development kit. - ability to create materials within a timely manner. - work closely with our lead programmer to find solutions and create under his guidance. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anywhere Source Engine Programmer/Coder (C++) at The Hunted Dev Team

source engine programmer/coder (c++) the hunted dev team anywhere programmers the hunted, a half-life 2 survival horror multiplayer modification, is currently looking for programmers/coders with experience in source engine and/or c++ programming. this game is unique in that it features no weapons and no combat, tasking players instead to survive by avoiding detection and capture all together. core gameplay is essentially a modified version of tag where one team (the "hunters") are charged with finding and attacking members of the other team (the "scientists"). attacked scientists are killed and then turn into hunters themselves, joining the hunt for the remaining scientists until all players have been captured and turned. additional information regarding the specifics of the project can be made available upon request. this mod is actually a graduate school thesis project -- it is not just a hobby project -- and it is on track to be finished by q3/q4 of 2015. the hunted development team already features a full roster of artists and designers and the game itself is in full production mode (complete with pseudo-code and gameplay backlog in tow). we are looking for talented programmers/coders to join our team and help bring this project to completion. team members will receive full credit on a finished game that we are planning to hopefully release in some form via steam or other digital distribution methods. interested parties should apply at the link below. we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team as we build this unique project together.

Anywhere Programmers, Network Programmers at Enjoyable Games

programmers, network programmers enjoyable games anywhere programmers i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. in this post i'll only speak about programemers, if you're a 3d artist, concept artist or an animator please visit our old post about. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. we are in search of programmers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. ue4 programmers: - good knowledge of c++ language - good knowledge of unreal engine 4 bluprints - possession of a ue4 licensed copy or ready to buy one. - passionate about coding - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english leanguage - friendly and ready to work with other programmers and other team members

Anywhere Map Designer at DreamWalker Studios

map designer dreamwalker studios anywhere programmers we have an immense passion for games and gaming, we always have. ever since the days legend of dragoon and xenogears i've grown to learn that video games weren't merely digital board games, but way to break out of reality and experience the creativity and dedication creators put into their masterpieces; because every game is a masterpiece in its own way. the insindious project is an initiative of mine to create a fun, engaging and lovable game. like most game projects, this one requires time and dedication, which i have no problem putting in. when creating a game, it shouldn't feel like a chore, right?. we should feel refreshed and accomplished upon completing each task needed to complete the project. - what's insindious all about? - insindious is my first game project, as i've said above, and i see it as an amazing opportunity for voice actors, programmers, artists and musicians to take take part in a project that would portray their skills to the world. insindious is going to be set at a low price because i believe that is the best way to present it to as wide an audience as possible. we have, and when i say 'we' i'm talking about me and the few other developers we have, laid out the main themes, story, characters, art style, and map, battle system and game mechanics. for those interested in knowing; insindious is a turn-based rpg with a 2-dimensional art style that allows free movement. the insindious team has gathered many open source resources and worked into putting them together to make insindious what we'd like it to be. - sketches and character reveals - - music samples - - map samples - -position information- ~map creators (2)~ you'll be tasks with uniquely designing and constructing vast, detailed, lush and vibrant maps. you'll be provided with all the tilesets necessary to create your maps, but you're free to edit and modify them to your liking. we'll be using a parallax method of mapping, meaning you'll be designing the base of your map in the engine, but heavily modifying it using a photo manipulation program to finely tune and enhance your map using multiple layers and absolute placement control. you'll also be required to create a battleback (the area in which the 2 dimensional battle takes place) for your map (if applicable). preferably we'll be using dynamic battlebacks which involve one still layer (the ground) and one or more moving layers (water/sky). to see samples of what we have so far, check the information section and look under 'map samples' tools require: adobe photoshop or gimp what 'style' we're looking for: maps: battleback: ~map tuner/texture artist (1)~ you'll be required to enhance and perfect existing maps. this includes fixing placement issues, properly adjusting object allignment, blending ground textures to give a rich and realistic feel, adding decorations to maps as deemed necessary and recolouring/modifying structures of objects to properly suit the atmosphere of the map region. for samples of some maps that have been tuned well, please check above. ~tileset creator (1)~ if you have a steady hand and the ability to craft lovely custom tiles in which we could use in our mapping, this position is definitely for you. the key to making beautiful maps is not only making properly using tiles, but using tiles that are original and well crafted. this will give out maps their own sense of character and charm. what 'style' we're looking for: - thank you! - thank you all for reading! we look forward to your applications and i hope we can all work together to make insindious a truly great game! if you like the project and feel like supporting or following us socially. check out the links below! - questions? - 1. payment?: all payments are negotiable. 2. when is the game to be released?: sometime next year hopefully. i was planning on releasing it by summer, but due to some complications i've been set back a while. it will most likely be released in winter. i encourage you to apply as soon as possible however. 3. is there any other information i should know of?: that's it for the basics. once you've become a member i'll grant you with the resources, information and details not covered in this ad.

Anywhere Recruiting at Brume Studios! Come and join us at Brume Studios

recruiting at brume studios! come and join us brume studios anywhere programmers hello, we here at brume studios are looking for talented individuals who'd be interested in joining our team. we are currently working on our first project: bemoan, a diablo-style hack-and-slash game set on a post-apocalyptic earth. our aim is to make the game hardcore, with punishing difficulty and a cone of vision. we also aim to evolve the genre by making a strong emotional story with detailed lore. but more than anything, we want the game to be tons of fun. interested? then don't hesitate and contact us! we're looking for anyone who thinks he/she can offer something to the team. we will be updating the post as positions fill up. all members will be paid once the game comes out, and, if everything works out, we're hoping to establish a company that can provide wages for its employees. your payment will depend on amount of work done and on how many team members we end up recruiting. if you're interested, contact us with a few samples of your work and a it about yourself. we will always respond! should you be accepted, you will be filled in on the project. no qualifications required so long as you think you have the talent.

Anywhere Programmer at 26th Dimension

programmer 26th dimension anywhere programmers are you a programmer, do you have experience unity and a passion for developing games? so, this is is job for you! 26th dimension is an indie studio that develops mobile and pc games focusing on innovation and creativity. currently, i'm in the concept phase of a 2d puzzle mobile game. open positions: - programmers responsibilities: - work directly with the designer in defining the creative vision for the game - knowledge of implementing gameplay features and user interface - maintain a high standard of quality of work throughout the development process requirements: - experience with c++, c# or any other scripting language that would help in the development process of a mobile game - good knowledge of the unity engine, specially 2d games for mobile platforms - experience with implementing audio, ui and game mechanics (one of the game mechanics is really similar to the android unlock pattern (look for it on google images), so, if you think you are capable of reproducing something similar to that, you are more then welcome!) - knowledge of in-app adds implementation is a plus - must know english or portuguese - have a skype account - passion for developing games contact: if you are interested, please send an email to

Anywhere GLSL Programer at Unspell

glsl programer unspell anywhere programmers hello, i am looking for someone who knows how to write glsl programs. the shaders would be used in a indie game that is currently in development. this game is an open-world, cube based render, first person, sandbox game. the game is based off of the idea that anything is possible, and in this game you will be able to do just that. for those who do not know what shaders are, shaders are effects that are added to something before the graphics card sends them to the screen. the can add effects like: real time shadows, "glowing" lights, reflections, etc. they can really make a game look good. glsl is a low level shader language the is used by the graphics library opengl. the game is rendered using opengl, so knowing how to write glsl shaders is essential. so far the team of people working on it has no one who can write glsl shaders that add effects to the world. so we are looking for someone who can write glsl shaders that are light weight and can add different effects to the world to make it look better. if you have time, know glsl, and would like to apply please send and example of a past work of yours. if you do not have any past work and are looking for you first project send a message telling what you know how to do.

Anywhere (US Time zone preferred) Looking for XML Coders/ programers for C&C3; mod to release Alpha at Secret Reality

looking for xml coders/ programers for c&c3; mod to release alpha secret reality anywhere (us time zone preferred) programmers greetings, i'm jist, the project coordinator of a command & conquer3 mod called tiberium secrets. we're technically classified as a mod, but have a look at the scope of our content and documentation, and it's on the fringe. we've been in development for some time, and are at the development threshold of an alpha. we need a solid coding and programming staff to cross this benchmark, which we currently lack, thus the project has been put officially on hold for the time being. all coders will need to invest ~$15-$20 on the base game from steam or on origin (c&c the ultimate collection) we use skype, dropbox & google docs to share files and communicate. microphone required we're looking for people that are willing to learn the game, engine, and work in modifying existing source code. a standard moding manual is included to help you get acquainted. applicants need to be able to work well in small groups, as well as individually. self starter attitude and initiative will also go a long way. if you also have the skills to set up and manage websites, this is a strong bonus, which may be utilized in the future. we are looking for long term members, not short time contributors. thank you for your time, -jist

Anywhere | Skype Unity Programmer at Demigod Studios

unity programmer demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with good knowledge of the unity engine. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of some of the following programming languages: c# or javascript 2) have knowledge of the unity engine 3) be flexible with priorities that are given to you desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere | Skype Corona Programmer at Demigod Studios

corona programmer demigod studios anywhere | skype programmers demigod studios is looking for a skilled programmer with knowledge of lua and the corona sdk. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to gather all assets and turn them into a playable form 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to learn new engines and apis depending on the situation 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) have knowledge of the lua programming language 2) have knowledge of the corona sdk development tools (android) 3) be flexible with priorities that are given desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have previous experience with game development 2) have shipped 1 commercial title tasks: the game we are making is a real time management game called biolab with nice 2d cartoonish graphics. most of the assets and game design are complete and we need a programmer to take the position of lead programmer in order to continue from where the previous programmer left and finish development. compensation: this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet. for more information on the game you can check our website

New Jersey/NYC Metro; Anywhere. Lead Gameplay Programmer at Reborn Interactive Studios

lead gameplay programmer reborn interactive studios new jersey/nyc metro; anywhere. programmers hello! reborn interactive studios is a small independent game studio based out of northern new jersey/nyc metro. we are currently in need of a lead gameplay programmer. skill requirements: - proficient in c++ with at least a basic understanding of opengl/directx. - able to build upon someone else's code; strong collaborative skills. - strong knowledge of at least (1) 3d game engine. - must be a team player! at reborn interactive, we get things done by working with eachother. experience requirements: - at least 2+ years of programming experience. - at least 1+ year(s) of game programming experience. - if neither of the first two experience requirements are met but you feel you are capable of handling this position, be prepared to show a strong portfolio demonstrating your previous work. - experience with idtech or similar gameplay modding is a huge plus. primary roles: - be in constant communication with the rest of the team. - work with the lead engine programmer. - make small tweaks to the engine as needed. - make scripts for gameplay, models, textures, cut-scenes, etc. - work with 2d and 3d art teams. - be able to take assets from art teams and script them for use in game. - be able to work within reasonable deadlines tailored to your personal schedule. why should you be interested in this job? at reborn interactive studios, we are more than just a team - we are a family. we work together to meet our deadlines. we are also very flexible. we prefer people in northern nj/nyc, but we can make accommodations for people with relocation restrictions.

Anywhere C++ programmers at Unvanquished Development

c++ programmers unvanquished development anywhere programmers about unvanquished is a free, open-source fps game with rts elements, facing off technologically advanced humans against monstrous aliens. players can choose either team, and must maintain a base while attempting to destroy enemy base structures. humans rely on a broad variety of weapons and futuristic equipment, while aliens utilize claws, poisonous bites, and more. the game itself is under highly active development, with monthly alpha releases made on the first sunday of each month, bringing new artwork, gameplay, and engine features to the community. pre-alpha began september 2011, and our first alpha release was march 2012. we have made more than thirty alpha releases since then, and we expect to reach beta sometime next year. our project receives regular coverage on major sites like phoronix, where we have been praised for the quality of our artwork for an open source project. the team behind unvanquished is an international one, and developers range from experienced hobbyists to professionals contributing their free time, all of whom are centrally coordinated on our irc channel and forums. position we are in the process of upgrading our engine from c to c++, and have made huge strides in updating our inherited quake 3 codebase. there is plenty of refactoring work to be done, and an assortment of other projects that can be given to new programmers interested in contributing to our engine development.

Anywhere UI designers (HTML/CSS) at Unvanquished Development

ui designers (html/css) unvanquished development anywhere programmers about unvanquished is a free, open-source fps game with rts elements, facing off technologically advanced humans against monstrous aliens. players can choose either team, and must maintain a base while attempting to destroy enemy base structures. humans rely on a broad variety of weapons and futuristic equipment, while aliens utilize claws, poisonous bites, and more. the game itself is under highly active development, with monthly alpha releases made on the first sunday of each month, bringing new artwork, gameplay, and engine features to the community. pre-alpha began september 2011, and our first alpha release was march 2012. we have made more than thirty alpha releases since then, and we expect to reach beta sometime next year. our project receives regular coverage on major sites like phoronix, where we have been praised for the quality of our artwork for an open source project. the team behind unvanquished is an international one, and developers range from experienced hobbyists to professionals contributing their free time, all of whom are centrally coordinated on our irc channel and forums. position our new ui system is based off librocket, which allows us to utilize html/css for the in-game interface. designers can easily create new interface elements, such as huds to be used by both teams, new menu designs, and other means of extending in-game functionality. you can create new assets, or work off our pre-existing ones.

Anywhere Programmer (SOURCE SDK) at MaxDev Studios

programmer (source sdk) maxdev studios anywhere programmers project title: revature laboratories -=- goals -=- this source engine mod will be focusing very much on story, gameplay, and level design. this mod will be too hard for only one person and i'm seeking for people who can help me pick up the mod development's pace and perfection! if you are interested, please contact me by my e-mail! -=- open roles -=- - general programmer - ui designer - texture artist - concept artist. these are the only positions i need at the moment! all we ask guys is that when you get accepted into the team, please give your best effort, and never give up, because at the end, you wouldn't regret a single thing! now for those who have friends who can do the following roles above, please let me know, as we could sure use the help! :d the mod will also feature in-game cut scenes, enhanced graphics (sort of), modified game mechanics, an actual story and probably more soon! thanks again to everyone who has supported the mod from the beginning! thanks, maxdev studios and the revature team

Anywhere 3D Modeler/UV Mapper at Seizure Salid

3d modeler/uv mapper seizure salid anywhere programmers hello! we here at seizurous salid are in dire need of a new 3d modeler/uv mapper! our projects, beyond the lines robotic rebellion (psp, pc, ios/android) and others (see links below) has been at a massive standstill due to our only modeler not having the time to show up. project- btl: rr d:rttw quartal- slender files we are very far behind schedule, and we need a temporary replacement modeler (who can uv map) that is skilled in blender/3dsmax. required skills- 1. skilled/decent at blender/3ds max 2. skilled/decent at uv mapping the models 3. good at hitting a low poly yet realistic mark with the models optional skills- 1. a sample model that may/may not have something to do with out game 2. a resume or example of your previous work must be shown 3. manners and seriousness we have a lot of concept art (picture below) that has been on the table for almost 3 months, and we cannot truly move on without them being brought into creation. any help is greatly appreciated, and we know we can trust the good community which all of us are apart of. note: this is not a paid position. please, do contact us at

Anywhere | Skype Programmer UE4 (C++, Blueprint) at Reminiscent Echoes

programmer ue4 (c++, blueprint) reminiscent echoes anywhere | skype programmers the shell ∴ we are an indie team located in france and presently developping our first game on unreal engine 4. we want our pilot game the shell to set the bases of a survival and storytelling oriented saga (see more information here). the current step of this ambitious project is to develop a prototype in order to get funding. thus, we would need a few expert hands able to work with the rest of the team and who would have the talents listed below: programmer - familiar with ue4 (c++, blueprints) - knowledge of ai - creative and productive - able to communicate regularly with the rest of the core team - able to work independently - keen and ambitious - knows places to hide the bodies of former employees even though the job is unpaid first, our collaboration might end up with a real contract.

USA Diverse Programmers for Large project at Indie.Code Name:Novo Project

diverse programmers for large project indie.code name:novo project usa programmers we are looking for a programmer/s who want to be part of something big who are experienced with but do not require to know all, c++, c#, js. also have experience with unity game engine. the project is going to be a mmorpg all the details and story are drawn out, the races and classes are drawn out, weapons etc. we are really looking for programmers who are willing to push the limits on what a mmorpg means. examples of areas: ex. 1 player01 is driving a vehicle, player02 is on the deck of the vehicle and wants to be able to walk around on the deck without sliding all over player03 wants to shoot a gun from the deck and not slide all over the place. ex. 2 player01 is being attacked by a giant creature the giant creature tries to eat player01, while player02 and player03 are attacking the creature, player01 must button mash to escape the jaws of the creature. ex. 3 inventory layout, attribute layout, crafting layouts. code name: novo project, believe that programmers are the back bone to games so they deserve respect, also once the game has a proper amount done, it will be put up on kickstarter and when there are funds to have you will be paid, more information on the game will be given, and any questions will be answered on contact

Anywhere Unity Coder and 3D modeler needed for Sci-fi RPG at Starboard Games LLC

unity coder and 3d modeler needed for sci-fi rpg starboard games llc anywhere programmers starboard games is an indie studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people from all over the globe. each of our departments collaborate extremely well thanks to our transparent feedback system. we love and share our work amongst team members, offer constructive feedback and always striving to improve ourselves both at personal and organizational levels. we are looking for talented and dedicated artists and programmers to join us on our project int (, a rogue-like turn-based sci-fi rpg with a strong emphasis on exploration, dungeon crawling, character customization and story-telling. if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on!! we are looking for unity engine coders to design, develop, and maintain essential game systems using c#. must be experienced with unity and script writing in c#. you will also be interacting with other members of the project team including 2d artists, 3d artists, other coders, and must be able to follow explicit instructions from project lead and coding team lead at all times. essential skills: •strong knowledge of design, implementation, mathematics and data structures, •strong knowledge c# and script writing in c#, an reasonable understanding of object-oriented programming. •ability to work to meet fixed deadlines, and conform to established meeting times. •willing to learn additional skills and be a flexible learner on the team, preferred skills or ability to learn: •knowledge of unity 3d pro, •knowledge of uma character creation system, •graphics development (particle system, shaders) we are also looking for a 3d modeller to implement and refine 3d models for the game. you will be collaborating with others on the team to come up with 3d objects that meet polygon count requirements as well as high texturing quality. you will also be able to understand feedback, and enact on explicit instructions from the dev team lead and the project lead. you responsibilities are: 1. create 3d models both high and low poly. 2. skinning, un-wrapping and texturing of models created. 3. be able to follow instructions and meet deadlines. if you would like to join the game development industry, and/or would like to help us along but you skills and desired roles are not listed, feel free to contact us through the email address provided! we offer equal profit sharing from fundraising and sales revenue amongst all full-time team members upon successful completion of the fundraising campaign! to be considered 'full-time', you will be expect to work 15-20 hours per week on the project and be able to meet deadlines. we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck! john shen hr director starboard games llc

Anywhere WEB Programmer PHP/MYSQL + Modeler at Saint Software

web programmer php/mysql + modeler saint software anywhere programmers hi graduated in multimedia after finished it did a game design specialization, i'm working in 4 projects or game documents. 1 battle arena, 1 fps, 2 browser games. at the moment focus in only one project the browser game, if i find more people to join can start to produce the others. but my main focus is to have a active project. the main project is the browser game called "tides of time", is becoming a stable project. show the project to some people and they like it. its not payed positions but most of the work in the browser game is done, the position, is more a progression and to help out with some tasks. since i do : programming, 2d, game design, etc... you can check out my curriculum at my web page : positions: web browser programmer if it have c/c++ knowledge may be a plus the positions will be to further develop other projects. a 3d modeller to work in the models. animator to work with the 3d models or also work in them. map editor mount things up, or continue with previous work positions.

Anywhere Programmer Needed at D.B.A Studios

programmer needed d.b.a studios anywhere programmers we are now looking for programmers that have experiance with udk and/or ue4. the main work will be creating classes for players, zombies, weapons and maybe creating inventorys and a damage system that reminds of dayz/warz that has factors of pain, bleeding, hunger, thirds and infection. every aspect that we can not make in kismet/blueprints will be done by the programmer. you do not need to know all of these things before we start but the less you know the more spare time you will need to learn it, i can take any level of programmer as long as you have the time and dedication to learn and get things done. the game is a open world zombie horror survivor game with much more work put into looting, you will actually have to break down doors and drill open safes to get into the loot inside. you could say that it is like a combination of dayz, last of us and payday. right now we are a team of about 8 people but really need more programmers if you are interested or want to know more just send me a mail.

Anywhere 3D modeler [VERY URGENT AS 10/17/2014!!] at RoKkO's development team

3d modeler [very urgent as 10/17/2014!!] rokko's development team anywhere programmers hello everyone, i'm _-rokko-_ and i'm creating a mod for s.t.a.l.k.e.r. call of pripyat ( my mod tries to add primarly that "abandoned" feeling that a post-apocalyptic world gives you. so, some of my projects for the mod requires some "skilled" manpower, like a 3d modeler, that is the most needed role in the mod. if any of you is interested here are the requirements: requirements: 1) maya with x-ray plugins installed and capable of exporting (i can provide the plugins to you if you haven't them), or just maya, so when you ended you send me the done model so i can export it 2) no time requirements: no need of hours and hours of work, only some hours per week 3) capability to model only by watching some photos 4) perseverance-potential 5) optional - knowledge of texture work. all the work that you need to do is only some static objects for map's better graphical look. obviously you will be credited. communication: skype-hangout primarly, but even ts if you are a "gamer" guy. edit 6/10: i'm sorry but this is a free job.

Anywhere Programmer at Firestorm Productions

programmer firestorm productions anywhere programmers tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free first and third person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are currently in need of individuals who can create the backbone of this game. applicants must be able to work with unreal script. this is a volunteer-only position and you will therefore not be given any monetary compensation for your work. however, this is a great opportunity to improve your overall ability and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. if your application is accepted, you will be given all the time that you deem necessary to complete your project, but a weekly check-in is required unless an acceptable reason is given. failure to read and understand the conditions specified in this job description prior to your application without a justifiable reason will result in the immediate rejection of said application. thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Anywhere Unity Programer's and 2D/3D Animator/Moddler at Serenity Studios

unity programer's and 2d/3d animator/moddler serenity studios anywhere programmers hi, i am looking for a couple of programers and artists to help me with a post-apoc style game set in the future surrounding a virus outbreak. currently the only work done has been notes/gdd started, and their was some concept art but this has somehow been lost as it was done a few years ago and i can not find the backup disc it is on, it's somewhere. the game will primarily be aimed at the pc market, but we may also port to xbox and playstation if the team feel this would be a good move. this game will aim to go via steam greenlight so may eventually be rev share. their is also a possibilty if we get the game to good standard of it going on kickstarter to get funded production and released to stores. if another designer wants to come aboard i would welcome this as two heads are much better than one, and it helps get things done faster. i look forward to working with some nice people very soon, so come join me in this fun project about me: 29 games designer, with a semi finished match 3 game, team abandoned me so project got put into storage, could possibly be finished alongside this if the team felt they wanted to. i have been gaming since about the age of 5 and started out with a specturm in 1988/9 and been hooked every since.

Canada, USA I Need A Programmer For a Flash Game at Anywhere

i need a programmer for a flash game anywhere canada, usa programmers i am starting up a project called codespace which will be like codecombat(if you don't know whatcodecombat is look it up, its sweet). the whole idea is that to play the game you have to code your way through. code your classes. you want to be the strongest play? you have to be the strongest coder first. the game will be a sci-fi space theme kinds game to. but before this i need to bring a team together. at the moment i got a concept artist on the team waiting for a coder. the first project you will be working on is a flash game, thats like risk. it will be called due or die(subject to change) . you will be working along side the concept artist to develop a full game that will be put up on armour games. i will be also pulling together more team members. you will not be getting paid. you have to be at least 17 years old. you also have to have examples of your work. i am looking forward to hearing from you, come join me on this epic journey of creating a game :) a little about myself: i am 17 years old. i have been coding and doing art for the past 5 years :) with the game i am concerning myself with making sure the work load is good and not to much, getting more team members, and i general planing and helping.

Anywhere Programmers Needed at D.B.A Studios

programmers needed d.b.a studios anywhere programmers we need programmers to assist our team in the development of dead by association. our plan is to firstly make a small "practice" game that will hold a lot of models and functions that we will later use for d.b.a. what i’m hoping to do with this is gather a team, get all use to the engine and create a good base before starting the big project d.b.a. i can also take 3d/2d artists and animators and it is a big bonus if you come in groups so that you already know each other but ofc not a demand. my only demand is that you have some experience with writing code and that you have decent communication skill(english), mostly we use skype and facebook for contact and meetings. the engine we use is unreal development kit. the game is about a zombie virus outbreak on a peninsula in the northern part of spain and will be about either breaking out of a quarantine zone or abusing the new world by being a scavenger or even a bandit. if you are interested i contact me at my email address that

Anywhere Game Designer at Orbital Studios

game designer orbital studios anywhere programmers looking for a game designer to create a game. to create the game design document (gdd) and revise the design as the game develops we are also looking for programmers. preferably you would know c#, however any language is ok if you are willing to learn. we are in the process of creating a programming team so you will not be working alone. requirements - no previous experience necessary, however if you have any, please show us! about us - we are a small indie developer called orbital studios. we started up back in 2012 but due to certain members' lack of commitment among other issues we stopped development on our game. we have recently reformed earlier this summer and are now looking for help with a new project. we are looking for people in all areas of development so don't hesitate to contact us. about me - i myself am a 2d/3d artist, i've worked on several indie titles in the past and have 5 years of 3d modeling experience and 2 years as a game designer. you can check out my 2d and 3d artwork here please contact me on skype or by e-mail if you wish to apply. skype - jguidac e-mail -

Anywhere C++ Coder wanted experienced with GoldSource at REV

c++ coder wanted experienced with goldsource rev anywhere programmers hello, we have a team of 2 people (organizer/mapper and coder) working on a game called "resident evil valiant" a mod about a zombie apocalypse set today, wich is codingwise already mostly finished, and needs some changes described below or by contacting us. the game features a whole set of new features and hd effects/textures/models/sprites aswell as new exciting gameplay like a time-survival system for maps. what do we need? we are looking for a coder experienced with the goldsource engine that likes to find or help with some small but complicated changes the code is about 60-80% finhshed depending on the size of the codechanges, wich include a small iff system, a new weapon, a time-counter and a textsystem to display textfiles apart some smaller stuff but thats up to the coder to decide how long it would take or how much he could do :) we offer a place in the game-credits, the website and the credits.txt aswell as our thanks for the great work provided for our game. contact? mail me on moddb :)

Anywhere Needing a Programmer for a unity game I am working on at PokoGames

needing a programmer for a unity game i am working on pokogames anywhere programmers -experience/money- you wont need any qualifications to work with me on this project, just be able to program well in the unity engine & to have a skype account for contact while in development. we are planning to put the game on kickstarter after we have made a good enough demo that shows off the core features of the game, if this does happen and we raise enough money then we will talk about getting some money involved in development. -concept- the game is about a guy who lives in a small town and has to get money from dungeons, once he has completed these dungeons he has to go back to the town to customize the players house, clothes & even weapons. once you are at the village there will be npc's to hire to help you in dungeons and even sell you rare items, unobtainable in the shopping mall. i have plans to make the dungeons randomly generated but that will depend on how far we get and how much backing we will get from our kickstarter page. -requirements- we will require times to speak on skype, atleast once a week to catch up on how you are doing developing the game and you will have times to ask questions about the game. you also require to work in unity 3d and preferably javascript (although other languages are allowed)

Anywhere Unity Programmer at I Drink Your Milkshake

unity programmer i drink your milkshake anywhere programmers hello, chloe here from idym. we are a new indie game company based in bristol, beginning work on our first demo and we are looking for a programmer to join our team. i have shared a synopsis of the demo screenplay below. synopsis: "it's a stormy night when the small town of hillville, georgia is shaken by a series of disappearings. a small town with every-day problems now becomes the unusual scenerio for a horrific summer. eli, a local policeman, will start to investigate the mysteries and the crimes in a journey that will force him to look after the victims and to look back at his own past.his job, his faith, all his life will have to be reviewed after his discoveries. no more black and white, no more right or wrong: choices and consequences.the free demo is based on the chapter "lori's summer". we will spend the night at the darmon house, where the story of the first victim begins." with our demo 'shadow on earth' we will start to interact with the "d.o.g" technology. a new, innovative way to experience videogames that idym is finally proud to release. we are on a low budget and are offering credits for the demo and a share in the sales of the full game. the game will be a 3d 1st person thriller/horror game, the project is open to members input and creativity. in fact we prefer that. we are looking for a hard working, enthusiastic individual, ready to commit, excited about making something new and 'impacting' the industry. experience is necessary, we are going to work with unity and work would start immediately on game mechanics and vfx. if your think you are suitable please contact chloe - thank you for your time. idym

Anywhere Multiple housing(exterior) and props modellers wanted! Base models, no textures. at Green Thumb Studios

multiple housing(exterior) and props modellers wanted! base models, no textures. green thumb studios anywhere programmers hi there, we are from green thumb studio's! hey guys and gals, we are looking for 3d modellers that can work on housing / props / maybe some enviroment (doesnt have to be all of them it can just be one of them :) ) this will only be base models and not any textures, if you can texture that is a big plus. this is the games style: (this is the art style, look further down the gallery to see the game style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray what we are looking for. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an, open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player will have to work it will not be left up to the system! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colourful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less… what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be over 21 years of age, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and also can handle a project in their spare time also only working on one project not multiple and can use git. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that can create a clean, innovative and colourful ui and does not mind sketching out before designing it, someone that has worked on games before or has unity experience and can deliver high quality work. concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modellers, this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not thats fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Generally Anywhere or even better Australia Looking for Visual Novel/Renpy Enthusiasts!!! at Anywhere

looking for visual novel/renpy enthusiasts!!! anywhere generally anywhere or even better australia programmers are you looking to release a visual novel game on steam with a team? i currently need people to collaborate with on a visual novel. this is not a paid job, yet! but you will be apart of a indie development team. requirements: - i will need a person that is capable at using renpy (handling assets/art and programming the storyline) - someone who is willing to stick by the team and work with the team - someone who is, above all loyal you don't have to be the best even if you are just starting out, this is a 'casual thing', but if you decide then stick with me and we will see it to the end. (keep in mind that i take copyrights very seriously)

online Looking for a 3D modeler, animator, 3D level designer at Icey games

looking for a 3d modeler, animator, 3d level designer icey games online programmers in 2015 we here at icey games hope to launch our first console game on the wii u however we are lacking the support in some of the main areas of the game that we essentially need in order to actually begin developing anything visually. the game is a 3d beat'em rpg, now your probably thinking we'll how is this going to work well i assure you i've been able going testing out a few ways the game would work by creating a few diagram examples of how things would look in the final version of the game. we have our sound guys and i will be doing the everything else such as the storyboarding, concept art, character design, etc... what we lack is 3d modelers, animators, and the one thing to tie it all together is a programmer for unity. we're not saying you have to have years of experience with the stuff that we're asking for but so long as you can present a portfolio or some of your past/or new works then you will most likely get the part. i plan to get a kickstarter/indiegogo going next year and if we can at least something small to show by on indiegogo we could win the chance to get the game funded by square enix. either way, if your looking to be paid then rest assured that we will definitely be able to pay you right after the ks/indiegogo sessions in march of next year. we at least need need you to contact us as of now just to let us know that your good to go as of now or next year. but we'd still like for you to mainly help us get a few things done now (a few character models, a sample small level) just so we can throw things around in their with different positions so we can show it off as screen shots on the ks/indiegogo pages.

Anywhere Unity Programmer at Anywhere

unity programmer anywhere anywhere programmers hello, my name is harry brockley. i decided to create a game idea last summer in between my university years with a friend and we produced a product that has sold over 2500 copies. we want you to be part of our next project. our company is based in the united kingdom so speaking english is a must for communication purposes. to be viable for this job you must be skilled with c# or javascript to use in conjunction with unity 4. your job will include the following: - designing scripts for the game - troubleshooting errors and providing updates in good time - a good personality and respect for people - confidence in your scripting language you don't need to have the experience of bringing a game to market but we would like to see your work to see if your skills will cover the work we have set out. it is a small arcade game for mobile devices. you will work from home and communicate with both of us on a weekly basis to ensure that the work load is fair and you understand everything. please get in touch about the position. harry brockley

Portland, Oregon (Possibly Remote) Unity Programmer at The Forking Path

unity programmer the forking path portland, oregon (possibly remote) programmers seeking programmers with experience in unity to assist in adapting our board games to mobile devices, pc/mac/linux and possibly browser based versions. would prefer a programmer in the portland, oregon area to work on-site part time, but am open to remote work with the right people. all pay is based on completed milestones established together beforehand. we would like to release early and often, starting with a basic version and improving it as we go along, taking user feedback into consideration. our site features information about our first board game, the doom that came to atlantic city, but this ad is for future projects not yet announced to the public. must be fluent in english and have demonstrable experience.

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