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Anywhere Junior Producer / Junior Product Manager available at

junior producer / junior product manager available anywhere management hello, my name is maxime lutin and i'm a london goldsmiths msc management of innovation student. i am about to finish my master in 3 weeks and i am looking for a junior producer or junior brand manager position in ideally a indie gaming orientated business (studio, publisher & creative agency) i've been interning intensively over the past 3 years while doing a ba in business marketing and management. i have focused on innovation, business management and creative use of marketing. my final year msc subject is a research on independent video games impact on growth, sustainability and innovation in the global gaming market. my last internship saw me act as marketing executive for gamar, a british indie gaming startup that specialises in augmented reality with some of london most prestigious institution (british museum, victoria & albert museum...). however, i have also interned for other places such as startups, a high fashion house as well as tech businesses. recently i created umoga (, a skill funded platform for indie games. in simple words, it's a platform helping indie game creatives to network and work on live game concepts. so far the project is doing good and we have over achieved on our metrics. our community grows steadily with a wide range of projects . i have approximately 1 year and 7 months of experiences interning. i speak french, english and i understand a moderate level of spanish. i can work remotely but i would happily accept to relocate, after all i'm just 22 :) businesses that i've interned for [gamar] [peter jensen ] [knot theory] [tech baker] projects i've created [umoga]( [urbamen]( contact info contact email: [cv] [linkedin profile] portfolio & case studies available on request.

Anywhere Need a World Builder? at Personal

need a world builder? personal anywhere management i've had experience with multiple projects writing lore, dialogue, flavor text, down to the very bones of the game. i've done work with concepts and have done extensive writing on every level of world building. i had to come up with description for fifty different plants for a zone of a game. regardless of the scale of your project, i am willing to give advice or write up an entire plot and world for you. the best part? it's completely free. i can follow your project for as long as you would like and only ask for recognition for the work (as stated above i work for free but the ability to have projects on resumes would be highly appreciated.) in the past, i have written for: a score of personal projects including a medieval, voodoo/jungle theme, science fiction point and clicks, and zany cult-classic style themes. my work for other consist of: realistic medieval, fantasy, b movie style science fiction, noir, and some minor flavor text for various items/lore and design of said items. simply email me with where your project is at/what level of aid you need, and give me a general idea what you'd like to have and we can figure out the rest.

Anywhere Are you looking for a Game Writer/Designer? at Anywhere

are you looking for a game writer/designer? anywhere anywhere management hi, i'm zedric. 16 years old. a game designer from the philippines, i have only made a single game design document (i could send it to you if you want me to) for a game that was trashed a year ago. my friends and i originally planned on making a game during summer but things happened resulting to the game being trashed. i'm still a college student but it's currently summer here in the philippines so i can focus on the work here. i can devote myself in assisting the team with all i have. i have little experience with programming and game engines and hope to learn more as i progress. i plan on starting with small scaled projects, nothing stressful. i hope that we can get along and that i could be of help to you and your games. i'm working for experience for i have little to none. i'm looking forward to working with you guys.

Anywhere SciFi Game Designer at OMECRON

scifi game designer omecron anywhere management about the project: martoria is going to be a new and unique multiplayer sandbox rpg taking place on planets and in space and is based on cryengine. we focus on realism and a second life like gameplay to allow the player to play his role in the history of a universe. the player will be able to travel the universe and discover new systems and technologies, explore and live on planets, or fight for his race to help it rule the universe. explore, trade, research, craft, claim, fight, decide what to do and choose your role or design your own one. check out the website for more information: (due to the early stage if the project the website may lack some information or media) what we offer you: design and realize the unique martoria experience with your ideas and concepts and help organizing the whole development. details: the game designers are the ones who plan and design the unique experience we want to create. you will document and describe your ideas to the team and help to make decisions as well as assisting in writing the design documents. we offer you the full freedom to bring your own style and ideas into martoria and let the team decide to create a unique and immense experience. maybe check the basic requirements on our project page too: requirements: - communication and documentation skills - creativity and an affinity to scifi - the ability to contribute your ideas and thoughts to the project - experience with cryengine 3(optional)

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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