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Anywhere [PAID] SciFi Game Designer at OMECRON

scifi game designer omecron anywhere management about the project: martoria is going to be a new and unique space simulation sandbox mmo based on cryengine. we focus on realism and a second life like gameplay to allow the player to play his role in the history of a universe. the player will be able to travel the universe and discover new systems and technologies, explore and live on planets, or fight for his race to help it rule the universe. explore, trade, research, craft, claim, fight, decide what to do and choose your role or design your own one. check out the website for more information: what we offer you: design and realize the unique martoria experience with your ideas and concepts and help organizing the whole development. details: the game designers are the ones who plan and design the unique experience we want to create. you will document and describe your ideas to the team and help to make decisions as well as assisting in writing the design documents. we offer you the full freedom to bring your own style and ideas into martoria and let the team decide to create a unique and immense experience. maybe check the basic requirements on our project page too: requirements: - communication and documentation skills - creativity and an affinity to scifi - the ability to contribute your ideas and thoughts to the project - experience with cryengine 3(optional)

Anywhere *Seeking* Development Partner/Manager at FolkloreGames

*seeking* development partner/manager folkloregames anywhere management folkloregames is looking for someone to work with the designer as far as helping to contain the game project within a reasonable, workable scale given current/hopefully future staff. must be: *able to create a production plan *able to communicate *familiar with gdrive *able to take an idea and current work and advise on what is needed to scale back project this is for the teams first project, and has had a rocky start due to life events of various team members. we would like to get it up and going and need assistance managing certain aspects. below is a game description: “legend of the peach girl” is a game based on japanese folklore in which an elderly couple discovers a baby girl in the middle of a large peach. upon her fifteenth birthday, a band of fierce ogres invaded the surrounding mountain villages, subjecting them to pillaging. momoko, knowing that these farmers were not her birth parents, decided that in order to properly show her thanks to these people who raised her so well; she would force the ogres to leave the villages, making it safe for the elderly couple to continue their trades. with the help of three mischievous animal spirits, the player takes the role of momoko as she travels through the mountains to find the ogre king and restore the mountainside back to its ordinary, peaceful self. this is to be a spin off of a japanese folklore with in-depth play and story. if you have any questions, feel free to email us at:

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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