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London, UK Looking for Team Members! Artist, Coders, Audio, the Works ! at NoName Team

looking for team members! artist, coders, audio, the works ! noname team london, uk management a bit about myself: hi, i'm 22 years old and a 3d artist. currently working on a project as a weapon artist. prior to that i have graduated and sucessfully developed 4 games during my time at university. these games consist of a board game, sandbox game and 2, 2.5d platformer games. my roles during this time were team leader, lighting artist, game designer, level creator and lead 3d artist. what am i looking for: i made this company as a for front of something new. i have been roaming around indiedb but havent found any project that were really innovative. i want to form a team where we can possibly create the next big thing on either gaming platform and hopefully stay together for many years to come and make a full fledge studio. openings: im looking for founding members, currently it is me and my buddy that i have known for 4 years during uni. we are both 3d artist and would like to spread our wings and find passionate and daring people that would like to successfully break into the industry. the roles that we are seeking for founding members are: 2x coders (c#, javascript and c++ with knowledge of unity or ue4) 2x audio 1x 3d artist (characters, props, vehicles and environment) 3x concept artist (all sorts of designs and speciality) 2x gameplay designers (will need knowledge of coding languages. experience with unity or ue4) if you have 1 or more skills please mention and i can fill them out. *please note that if you are given 2 jobs roles you will need to balance a lot more tasks.* **i am also opened to members that would like to work with us as normal members** funding & work environment: once we have establish our team my idea was to go to kickstarter and gain a funding to develop our projects for steam and the console market but i think we will start small first before we start on more lavish projects. sadly i can not personally pay you but all team members will get profit shares of the total amount earned from our game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- as mentioned, this opening is preferably opened to the people to the uk as i prefer to work with people in the same time zone and would like a close nit team for meet ups and social gatherings (making a family for future grounding). however that doesnt go without saying i am willing to allow people from abroad join in case i am not getting the applications from uk. so i hope to hear from you soon! p.s if you are a team player, family orientated and not afraid to take risk and have a passion and skill in your trade then do apply!

Anywhere Manager needed at FrostCloudInteractive

manager needed frostcloudinteractive anywhere management we need a manager here at frostcloud interactive. as our manager you will need to: sign any contracts offered by publishers that i, the company owner, accept. contact and find publishers. make sure publishers transfer the correct amount of funds to our company paypal. calculate how much each employee, including yourself and me, will get from the overall amount. you need to be 18 or over for this job, so you can sign nda's, and anything else a publisher may need. everyone in our small team will get a pay share of the game's overall profits, including you. we communicate mostly through skype chat, but we can communicate over email if you prefer it. thanks, devon

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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