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Anywhere Level Designer at DeuXality Games

level designer deuxality games anywhere level designers hello everyone, i'm nicola valcasara, the programmer at deuxality games, an indie company born april 2014 that so far released 5 games on the mobile market. in the last couple of months we have been working on a bigger project and we will soon be ready to show a playable alpha of the concept. we are planning to start a kickstarter campaign, with a professional video and amazing music, to see if there is interest from the net and, success or not, release the game at the beginning of 2015. all the art and the mechanics of the game are in place, we are now searching someone that can help us to build interesting and challenging levels. we have so far 30 puzzle levels, with 6 boss fight between them, but we are planning to have at least another 60 levels on the final product. we are seaking someone that loves mazes and pitfalls, and has a basic knowledge of adobe flash or the free software tiled (but its not essential). we actually have no money to hire a paid employee, but we believe in this product and we are more than happy to share any future earning that this game will give us.

Anywhere Level Designer at Mythic

level designer mythic anywhere level designers mythic is looking for experienced level designers to work on an unannounced game on steam utilizing unreal engine 4. applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge of both basic and advanced level design techniques in addition to a profound sense of artistic initiative and design. applicants must have experience in: - unreal engine 4 editor - unreal engine 4 material editor + addition design tools in the editor - an understanding of how to import and implement textures and models into the editor *clear understanding of and capability to express abstract 3d objects and characters in a game designed around horror* you will need to remain in contact at least 2 times a week. payment works on a royalty basis and depending on contribution to the project. all work is credited to you. good things to have : active email skype understanding of gdocs *note* be prepared to provide examples of your work!! *do not apply if you cannot meet the above criteria* thank you for your time.

Anywhere Unity Level Designer at Greenlight Games

unity level designer greenlight games anywhere level designers project: gombies position: level designer salary: unpaid(royalties) job description: greenlight games are working on a project titled gombies, which is a 3rd person comedy/horror title viewed at 60 degrees. created in the unity engine, gombies will be a 3 player co-op game available on pc and xbox one. gombies is currently being considered for a publishing deal with a major publisher. we are looking for very dedicated and passionate people to make this dream come true. right now, we are making great progress within 3d character modelling and level design, plus some awesome concept art. at the moment, we are looking for another level designer to join the team. if you get chosen, you'll be working under our lead level designer. as a level designer, you'll be designing new levels for gombies. each level must first be designed on paper and submitted for a review, before actual work on it can proceed. you will be given basic information of each level on which you'll have free hands to design the new levels. if you’re interested in helping us create gombies, please get in touch for more information on the job; we’re happy to discuss our ideas and requirements but only under a disclosed nda to keep our background work hush-hush. we’re looking for someone fun, with great communication skills and the ability to deliver an amazing 3rd person multiplayer experience using the unity engine. ideally you will have a good internet connection and enough time to complete tasks assigned to you. english-speaking is a must, please send us previous work or a portfolio. you must have created levels using the unity engine before. basic understanding of a 3d modeling software is required. as we’re an independent games studio, we don’t have the aaa budget so there is no payment involved for this position. if you work for geenlight games on this project, a royalty agreement will be made which will return a payout of x percent from any profit we make distributing gombies.

Anywhere Level Designer required for an historical project at Anywhere

level designer required for an historical project anywhere anywhere level designers i am looking for someone who can create unreal 4.0 level which will be output to the oculus rift. we will provide the 3d assets including building models and characters. we need a level designer to bring them inside the game, light them, add trees in predesignated areas and some particle effects. we are a small animation studio working on our first game ( we have 3d artists who have created the assets including buildings, rigged and skinned characters and a 3d animator is working on the animation. it is a historical educational project and will require a creation of two levels. one interior and one exterior. this would be a paid position and i am hoping that if you are interested we can perhaps discuss the project via skype . services required: integration of 3d assets into a level. lighting insertion of trees post effects, dust , fire torches. cinematic intro import character animation into scene. if you interested you can discuss the project and figure out the time required to deliver the project and go from there thank you,

Anywhere Level Designer at Enjoyable Games

level designer enjoyable games anywhere level designers hello everyone! i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo, on which we've just started to work on, that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. right now we're in search of a level designers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. don't worry we accept application even from student or less experienced artist since we want to help the younger level designer to grow in the industry. of course the ideal would have been to have at least one experience level designer in the team but i promise we will consider each application we will receive. now let me tell you more about the requirements for this open position. requirements: - have already created levels in unreal engine 4. - experience with optimization techniques and material creation. - have a licensed version of unreal 4. - high level of commitment. - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english language. - friendly and ready to cooperate with other team members. - ability to show some of his previous work. more details will be discussed and disclosed later.

Anywhere Environment Designer at Gladius Studios

environment designer gladius studios anywhere level designers hi we at gladius studios are looking for a level designer for our upcoming title. we are looking for a big world map to be created, we are looking for a recreated world of the ancient world more information will be discussed about this. at this stage where are looking for someone to shape out islands of roma greece macedonia egypt and some other country's. we are using unity game engine for this project as its easy to use. we have giving a short description of the game down below not to much but just a little bit. the game is a open world sandbox style fps ancient sim you choose the story and how to play the game weather you want to be a soldier or you want to be a gladiator this is a first person hack and slash or 3rd person both have unique style of playing, you can be either roman or greek or egyption gather your troops from local villages and take on the mass troops around the world. please feel free to contact us about more information on this project or any other positions. again thank you for your time in reading this.

Anywhere Game Designer at Dayo Studios

game designer dayo studios anywhere level designers dayo studios is seeking a talented designer to help round out the final design components of our upcoming puzzle game. the designer will be primarily involved in creating levels, with additional work centered on integrating social and gameplay features. the ideal designer will have: ▪ demonstrated level design experience ▪ baseline skill in gameplay and systems design ▪ a keen eye for integrating ui and appreciation for interface design ▪ an aptitude for collaborating with others to help refine player experience ▪ an effective ability to test and balance implemented features what can we offer you? • a chance to join a strong, dedicated team determined to be at the forefront of the mobile game industry • flexibility. we don’t have an office so we need programmers willing to work remotely. • the freedom and opportunity to work across multiple areas and contribute to all aspects of the game • easy-going, dynamic environment (even if its remote) to apply, please contact us at, with a link to your design portfolio. we are ready and rearing to bring a new designer onboard, so get in touch!

Anywhere [Royalty] UDK Level Designer / 3D Animators at tendogames

[royalty] udk level designer / 3d animators tendogames anywhere level designers tendogames is a company build of talented developers with many years in there field. we are currently developing an survivor third person horror game called them & us. our company is going to try hard to bring you a new and scary game full of terror and gore, hungry monsters and lots of slow but realistic deadly zombies that will grab you, throw you, and eat the guts out of you. for more info about our company and game you can find here on the indiedb: we are looking for people like us that can create levels using the unreal development kit (udk). if you love old haunted houses, mansions, castles, cemetery, tombs, farms, rooms of gore and blood, slow zombies and mutated creatures. your the one we are looking for. requirements: ♦ good knowledge about the udk. ♦ working ability to visualize entire levels and detail with minimal concept art and direction. ♦ passion for making levels. ♦ modelling skills is a plus. we are also looking for 3d animators, if you know how to rig, or animate and like our game please don't hesitate to check us, and contact us. requirements:. ♦ in depth experience about maya, 3d studio max. ♦ strong understanding on how to rig the characters and animate them. ♦ knowledge about udk is a plus.

Anywhere Looking For Level Designer (Unreal Engine 4) at Derailed Games

looking for level designer (unreal engine 4) derailed games anywhere level designers team: derailed games project codename: project md about the project: md is a beautiful visually stunning episodic third person survival horror game which focuses on delivering deep exploration and a rich atmosphere, the game is heavy on storytelling and we are aiming to deliver the classic survival horror experience of classic survival horror games.. about us: we are a team working remotely together since april 2013 to create the game we all want to play, we're currently about 15 people and our first game demo is near completion.. position: level designer we are looking for someone to structure, design and polish levels based on plans, maps and concept art, you will not create any assets and you won't be the only level designer in a team, our current requirements are being available when we need you (at least to talk us back and update us within 1-2 days) and knowing what you're doing, we're not looking for a pro but we're also looking for someone who can polish levels and make them stunning.. payment: payments will be royalty based, it will be further discussed when we speak.. applying: we need to see something you've done before, send it to us at email with some info about you.. email:

Anywhere Level/Game Designer at The Reps

level/game designer the reps anywhere level designers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - who we are - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "the manipulators" is an rts under development in which you take over a town with alien mind-controlling parasites. the strengths of our team: * solid, on-demand, concept art * sizable twitter following (currently 5,200+) * a team of programmers * a team of ~25 contributors (animators, musicians, 3d artists, etc) all of these put us in a good position to publish a successful project. read more about us here: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the position - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - we're currently looking for dedicated game designers to join our team. you'll be working closely with the project lead on: - using our sizeable library of assets to create and design the game environment. - flesh out game processes, variable interactions and mechanics for the programming team. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - requirements - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - great work ethic and determination to produce a successful project. - understanding of problem-solving through programming. - familiarity with the unity game engine. - applicant must be 18 years of age or older. please note that we're all working together under a profit sharing agreement, so unfortunately profits are not guaranteed.

Anywhere Mapper, Player Modeler, Modeler, AI Tweaker, Animator at Outback Studios

mapper, player modeler, modeler, ai tweaker, animator outback studios anywhere level designers we need quite a bit of help making a new battlefield 2 mod called battlefield 2: world at war. we need a mapper most of all, but, we do need modelers, ai tweakers, and an animator or two. we're a friendly group of modders who work hard to deliver the best to the players. we like to have fun while doing what we do, but, while finishing projects in a timely manner. we're pretty laid back with due dates for projects, so you don't need to worry about me needing a map done in one week. it'll be more like a month to a month and a half. you can find even more information about us by visiting the mod page: or by sending a message to xythos the only requirements for this job are that you know how to mod in battlefield 2 and that you do the best you possibly can. please consider and join! also, here is the group page. here you access battlefield 2: world at war, our arma cold war assault mod, another battlefield 2 mod called no mans island, and our first indie game, underground racing which is inspired by need for speed.

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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