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Anywhere *UNITY* Level Designer Needed and Others at Nebuloid Games

*unity* level designer needed and others nebuloid games anywhere level designers nebuloid games is currently in need for a experienced level designer to help us design the level of our new game. read below for more detail. we are currently working on a game, which takes place in many different setting, each with different level. what we need is a level designer who can work multiple hours and help us design of level in unity. we need a person who has more than 3 months of experienced in this job. also these people are needed to be able to write information down about the level design, and if possible be able to create it in unity. if you are interested in other read below. coders! we make apps on a daily basis and we need both skilled and beginners who can code in unity. unity coders we need to be able to manager their time and finish codes in time, and will have to work based on the required work project managers are in charge of handling projects, and making sure the team gets everything in on time, to ensure best work. project managers as individuals; have to be very responsible, as this is an important job. if you think you qualify please apply here : >>

Anywhere Volunteers Mappers, Source Engine. (Portal 2) at Team Abyss

volunteers mappers, source engine. (portal 2) team abyss anywhere level designers hi, i am francis racicot, aka pac0master, the lead developer of a fan base mod known as: portal 2: abyss. we are team abyss, and we are looking for talented mappers that are used with source engine by valve. however, this project have no budget what so ever, it will be impossible to pay for any work. we are looking for generous people who wants to contribute to the modding community and expand their portfolio. you can find the project's page here: we are looking for 2 level designers with the possibility of other mappers. please, apply if you: - have at least 1-2 years of experience or practice with hammer editor - are used with portal 2 design - own portal 2 on steam. - are ok that some of your work could be altered in the future. - can optimize your maps to reduce compile time and improve game performance. you will keep all the credit for your work you will be free to work at your speed and have no time restriction. you are free to add your personal touch to any maps you will be working on. (must be approved) you will also be granted a copy of the development documentation in a pdf form

Anywhere Mappers at Corrupted Studios

mappers corrupted studios anywhere level designers we're looking for experienced half-life or portal mappers who would be interested in working on a mod. mapping would include simple puzzles as well as complex story driven sequences. applicants should be able to use half-life 2's lighting and entities to their fullest and give off a sense of isolation within their maps. if you're unfamiliar with punt, it's located here: all textures / materials you desire can be made at request of our current graphic designer. however, it may be necessary to show multiple images as reference so that the concept can be conveyed properly. as far as models, we're also currently looking for a modeler. after obtaining one, all models you desire can also be made at the request of the modeler. this is a volunteer position. as an independent developer, we are unable to make this a paid position. therefore, this position is optimal for someone who aspires to be involved in the games industry or just wants to help the project. we here at corrupted studios look forward to working with you.

Anywhere Looking For Designers For Apocalyptic War Game at Thou Curator

looking for designers for apocalyptic war game thou curator anywhere level designers we are a game development studio looking for game designers, 2d and 3d artist hobbyist to create a game. • must be a creative person with the ability to draw concept art and/or must be able to create digital artwork using photoshop • must be able to take other people’s ideas and bring them to life on paper and/or digital format • must have a portfolio for review meta title: the last stand is a third person shooter action game for the pc that uses proven game engine technology to thrust players into the role of a commander of a machine caught up in the epic saga of galaxies wars to find peace on other planet in the thirty seventh century. key features advanced artificial intelligence (ai): player will engage in combat that will be scripted to play as real person making decisions based on events in game store: in game skins and bonus will be available extreme customizable machine: each player will be able to customize their combat style to their own without worrying about duplicate on the battlefield coop and single player: players are able to join on a team of pvp or pve in different scenarios game modes: players will enjoy numerous hours of fun with the many different game mode including death match (team), mission (objectives), recon, capture the flag tactical advanced team work: players will have to make many decision on how to operate as a team to achieve a victory new content: new content being created by the team everyday arcade game play: players will be able to join and leave as needed so they are not tied down, your able to play for 5 minute or 5 hours. genre modern futuristic action strategy platform multiplayer pc game to start out but we plan on exporting this to as many other platform as possible including cell phone and tablets.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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