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Anywhere Game Designer [paid] at Cute Absurd

game designer [paid] cute absurd anywhere level designers hey folks, i'm dayvi, i run a webcomic called 'scandinavia and the world' we're looking for a game designer to help us build a game based on the comic (not specifically that strip above :p). a 2d game that matches our existing art style. you'd be designing gameplay, mechanics, playing prototypes, and suggesting changes to make them more fun. we already have an artist/animator (spine) and a programmer (libgdx), now we need you to design the gameplay! we've recently had success with a kickstarter already for animated versions of the comic, thanks to our large fan base. this will be paid; either up-front or share of profits (or both), it's up to you. to apply: send a link to your portfolio (or relevant info) and a self introduction to

Anywhere "Kronology" Looking for Talents! at Anywhere

"kronology" looking for talents! anywhere anywhere level designers recruitment sheet for upcoming game title "kronology" first of all if you're going to ask about payment (budget), there'll be stages, pre-alpha

Anywhere Creative Developer at Anywhere

creative developer anywhere anywhere level designers we are a new indie game team looking for members and ideas for a new game. we are right now searching for creative developers (preferably experienced) who can help out with some game concepts and such. about our team: we are a bunch of young hooligans who are hoping to make a game that will create a great atmosphere and in general alot of fun! job requirements: we are looking for some one who is experienced and has a bunch of great ideas to offer. we need someone who can help create a good concept and has a flexible schedule. we do expect full devotion to this job. note that we are just starting up and we are not in full development yet. we also want you to known that this is a job that will take alot of time and effort so if you do not have a flexible schedule this may not be the job for you. we will let you know that we are a hard working group and do not expect people to slack off. if you cant keep up with us then this is not the right team for you. my contact info is below, please contact me if you want the job. thanks!

Anywhere 2D Map Designer at DreamWalker Studios

2d map designer dreamwalker studios anywhere level designers we have an immense passion for games and gaming, we always have. ever since the days legend of dragoon and xenogears i've grown to learn that video games weren't merely digital board games, but way to break out of reality and experience the creativity and dedication creators put into their masterpieces; because every game is a masterpiece in its own way. the insindious project is an initiative of mine to create a fun, engaging and lovable game. like most game projects, this one requires time and dedication, which i have no problem putting in. when creating a game, it shouldn't feel like a chore, right?. we should feel refreshed and accomplished upon completing each task needed to complete the project. but let me not go on for too long. insindious is the name of the game, which i'm anticipating on consisting of: - plenty of colorful, lovable and respectable characters. - a deep storyline featuring characters with detailed backstories. - deep, lush and vast areas for the player to explore. - fun and deeply emotional majesty that can keep the player engaged every single moment. - a visual and musical experience with art and music from many artists. - fast, strategic, flashy and engaging battles so grinding isn't a chore. - fresh and bright user interfaces. - balanced gameplay, playable characters and enemies. - an abundance of treasures and side content. - robust dialogue and heavy emphasis on character development (i mean, if you're going to go on a journey, you're going to want to enjoy spending time with your team members, correct?). i have a lot of hopes and plans for insindious and i'd kneel in gratitude to all those who are willing to put their own soul (don't worry, i'll give it back later) into taking part in our development. - what's insindious all about? - insindious is my first game project, as i've said above, and i see it as an amazing opportunity for voice actors, programmers, artists and musicians to take take part in a project that would portray their skills to the world. insindious is going to be set at a low price because i believe that is the best way to present it to as wide an audience as possible. we have, and when i say 'we' i'm talking about me and the few other developers we have, laid out the main themes, story, characters, art style, and map, battle system and game mechanics. for those interested in knowing; insindious is a turn-based rpg with a 2-dimensional art style that allows free movement. the insindious team has gathered many open source resources and worked into putting them together to make insindious what we'd like it to be. we have the foundation ready, however if there is anyone or any people here that are interested in helping out then i'd be more than happy to consider you! while we do have the fundamentals, we're currently looking for people who are skilled at visual arts, programming (especially in the ruby coding language) and musical arts. i believe that we can use our individual skills to polish insindious into something we, and this time i mean as a community, can be proud of! below is a story synopsis of the world within insindious, to give you a slight feel for the atmosphere. - simple plot basics of insindious: - during the day we look to the sky to see a gleaming, orange light as it gracefully crawls its way to the center of the sky. the same can be said for our companions in another world. however, to the people of that universe, their light isn't a mere sphere of hot gas, but the warmth of the goddess, insindia. insindia, the goddess of space, is said to be the reason to all life on their earth-like planet and the one who balances the 8 elements which, together, compose all existence. upon this planet are countries and boundaries, much like ours; conflicts and despair, much like ours; happiness and grief, much like ours; and people who hope to see the world shaped in a certain way and those who oppose their views, much like everyone of us. four knights, four partners, four best friends see themselves being caught up in the works of those who oppose the will of insindia, and as knights, they have moral obligation to maintain order in their country of matsuria. however, their path leads them far beyond the boundaries of matsuria and upon the soil of every single country on the planet. join ace delacroix, matsurian knight, as he and his companions circumnavigate the globe, learning about the very core of the world and foundation of their society, using their pasts to open doors to the future, gathering a team of over 8 party members from completely different walks of life and protecting those from lands even their country opposes. however, in these times, the true war isn't between one country and the next. it's this world versus the new world. -position information- we'll be providing an abundance of resources you can use to design the maps. however, if you have your own resources you'd like to add i'd gladly welcome it as long as it doesn't interfere with the flow of the art style. it's all about being creative and detailed. we want to ensure that the maps in insindious are vast, beautiful and easy to navigate. you will have to have knowledge of image manipulation, colouring, blending, grid placement and eventing which are key to making a great map. you are responsible, however, for obtaining a image manipulation program to process your work (we recommend using abobe photoshop or gimp). we appreciate those who have an eye for detail and style. show us how creative you can be! if possible, send us a copy of some of your work in the application. note: your designs will have to be as proportional as possible to the interior of buildings and the alignment of areas in the world map (which has already been drafted). here are some samples of the map style we'd like to use: here are some maps we've done ourselves: here are some references from other projects: - questions? - 1. payment?: all payments are negotiable. 2. when is the game to be released?: sometime next year hopefully. i was planning on releasing it by summer, but due to some complications i've been set back a while. it will most likely be released in winter. i encourage you to apply as soon as possible however. 3. is there any other information i should know of?: that's it for the basics. once you've become a member i'll grant you with the resources, information and details not covered in this thread.

Anywhere UE4 Level Designer at Infinity Interactive

ue4 level designer infinity interactive anywhere level designers hi! infinity interactive are currently working on war of the servers a very different fps game, for more information, feel free to check it out here on indiedb. if you have any further questions with the project, feel free to ask. we are looking for mappers that can create realistic scenes as well as unrealistic, someone who has had experience with mapping in unreal engine 3/4 and is looking to be part of a team and is enthusiastic. you will need to have experience with using unreal engine 4's tools such as landscape tools to create mountains and such. as well as being able to import textures and models correctly and understand how to change them and also how to create materials from textures. you must also have good knowledge of optimization techniques! you will need to have had experience with importing models into games, understanding normal's and lod (not a requirement however). requirements: - good understanding of level design and having a basic workflow. - experience with level design in unreal 4. - experience with optimization techniques. - have a licensed version of unreal 4. good things to have: - experience with unreal's blueprint system. - experience importing models to unreal engine. - being able to create your own materials and make them importable to unreal engine 4. - good team working skills. --more information-- - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for infinity interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. thankyou and good luck!

Anywhere Source Level Designer at Signal Variance

source level designer signal variance anywhere level designers in need of an experienced source level designer for an online community map. needs to have knowledge of complex interior design and subways. payment cannot be guaranteed, but accommodations can be made depending on the quality of work. applicants who enjoy level design, have an outgoing personality, possess a level of creativity and someone who can appreciate story writing and development is a plus. applicants will have free reign on their own level of involvement during map production. time is not an important factor in this case, and applicants will not be asked to dedicate a specified amount of hours to map production, but applicants should expect weekly to monthly check-ups via email or instant messaging. a constant level of contact isn't required, but interaction with staff members isn't restricted. applicants will be designing a large detailed subway station map located in moscow, russia; and will closely reflect upon 4a games' metro 2033/ metro last light setting. it would be appreciated if applicants responded as soon as possible.

Anywhere Main Level Designer and Building Level Designer at Revelations Studios

main level designer and building level designer revelations studios anywhere level designers currently one of each type of level designer is needed. for both, knowledge of unity3d, blender3d, and photoshop is required. ability to code in c# is preferred. no experience is required. main level designer - this person will create the over-all layout of the world map. they will create the layout of the cities, hills, caves, where dungeons go, etc. they will also work with the other artists to place npc's and help the programmers with random encounters, and to set up where some npc's can and cannot go, and where they spawn. the main level designer must also be able to make their own textures for use in the game such as for the grass, sand, etc. must be able to work well with the building level designer to integrate the other scenes into the main map. building level designer - this designer will fully model the interior and exterior of buildings and dungeons. they must be able to import and export models from blender into unity. on top of this, they must also be able to make their own textures and apply them to the models.

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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