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Anywhere Game Designer [Cryengine] at west hangar games

game designer [cryengine] west hangar games anywhere level designers we are looking for a game designer to join our development team. what is the project about?: creating the next gen horror game on a next gen engine, cryengine is a engine who has the capacity to create mind blowing environments, what makes the game immersive and fun [and scary] for the audience to play. company background: west hangar games started on august 24 2010, starting with creating a mod for san andreas, called shadow rider, west hangar games, has a continiously growing community, and over 1300 followers on twitter alone. west hangar games, has a big growing community. how with and what will you work?: you will be working with an international team of developers whom share a passion for gaming. communication will be held over skype and/or email. requirements: - experienced with cryengine 3 - able to construct project plans/documents - knowledge of flowgraph - able to design, implement, setup pathfinding and behaviour for ai. - a passion for gaming what we expect from you: - clearly communicate with the rest of the team - allocate tasks to each team member - design and implement new features - construct flowgraphs - create & implement ai - direct the design of the project

Anywhere Level Designer/Modeler at Drixy TM

level designer/modeler drixy tm anywhere level designers hello, we're currently developing a unique 3d fps. we're happy at the progress so far and the way the game is improving day after day. now, we need a skilled and experienced level designer who will help us create levels and design them. you won't be paid with a wage, but the profits from the game will be split equaly to the amount of effort put in the game. we're looking forward to put this game on multiple platforms and we hope that you could help us by joining our team. some information about the game : it has some unique features and it's focused on its looks and gameplay. the level design has to be simple and cartoony-looking type. the gameplay is fun and exciting according to our testers. we're putting a lot of effort in this game as we think that this is gonna be a real success and it will become really popular and enjoyable by everyone. above we mentioned that this game will be on multiple platforms. currently we're developing it for pc/mac/linux. also, we plan on releasing it on steam, origin, desura and humble bundle store. only with your help we can make this happen, we're counting on you. thank you for your time. regards , drixy tm.

Anywhere UE4 Level Designer at Anvil Drop

ue4 level designer anvil drop anywhere level designers anvil drop is a small indie studio working on it's first title, anomaly 1729. in anomaly 1729 the player is placed in a completely alien & abstract environment, where the player is challenged with solving 3d spatial puzzles by having control over rotating the entire world on all three axis. imagine yourself trapped inside a rubik's cube and you have to solve it from the inside out. we are looking for a level designer that can create unrealistic scenes within a very abstract art style, someone who has had experience with designing in unreal engine 4 and is looking to be part of a team that is hard working and enthusiastic. you will need to have experience with using unreal engine 4's tools. as well as being able to import textures and models correctly and understand how to change them and also how to create materials from textures. you will need to have had experience with importing models into games, understanding normals and lod. requirements: - good understanding of level design and having a basic workflow. - experience with level design in unreal 4. - experience with unreal's blueprint system. - experience importing models to unreal engine. - being able to create your own materials and make them importable to unreal engine 4. - good team working skills. --more information-- if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for anvil drop applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. anvil drop will provide ue4 engine access via our team project license. --preferences— here at infinity, we mostly communicate via skype we'd much prefer it if you had these methods of communication, if you do please let us know in your application. --note-- please note: the position will begin as unpaid/intern, and could change to a paid position upon the successful completion of fundraising. must be willing to sign nda and independent contractor agreements. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thank you and good luck!

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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