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Anywhere Level Designers at Anywhere

level designers anywhere anywhere level designers look for 1-3 individuals who have an understanding of level design and lighting, as well as knowledge in building and implementing then in unity 5.0 for our upcoming rpg anathon. anathon features a unquie event driven story system based on a unquie timeline algorythem. as well as highly detailed characters awith new races and monsters. we do not want to produce the same old rpg, but give the players something that they will remember and emerse them into our world. i am looking for someone who is creative, and work well with a team, and by themselves. they must be able to follow written and verbal direction. these individuals must have the ability to work without supervision, and handle strict deadlines for us to meet our crowd funding goal of september. all resources needed will be sent to you on completion of the nda. information about the project role playing game with focus on character development and story. documentation about the project can be found here target aim: pc, xbox, ps4 compensation: royalty based website (under construction) if you are interested in joining our team please email me at thank you for your time.

Anywhere [Free] [Horror] Looking for Level Designer at Indie Team

[free] [horror] looking for level designer indie team anywhere level designers hello, everybody. i won't waste your time with long description and keep it simple. we are looking for level designer for upcoming psychological horror game. unlike most horror games which narrow down to running 'n gunning through levels filled with monsters. we will focus on real horrors that we experience everyday mixed with a bit of unnatural. after all this is what every horror game should bring - horror. in perfect - horror that will linger even after you finish the game. our game engine: unity in our project in short you will work this way: we give you the idea of what the level should be like. what we want to introduce in it and key features of it. often even a schematic of approximately how the level layout itself should look like. you will tell us what you need. like what models etc. after a bit of time we give it to you. you put it all together and voila. this is how i imagine our workflow. if you have suggestions i'm sure we'll come to an agreement. oh and another thing: if we manage to get profit from the project you'll also get money. so it's win-win in either cases. if you are interested or know someone who might interested contact us.

Anywhere Level Designer for the final touch! at analog digital

level designer for the final touch! analog digital anywhere level designers hi there! my name is andy rocket. i'm currently looking for level designers in my team analog digital. we need level designers for two of the projects. the games are literally finished. they just need the final touch from a talented and mindful game developer. we are burned out from these projects. the projects look great!. and you will have a lot of fun working with them. in analog digital we make 2d platformer/arcade puzzle games. cartoon style. analog digital is the sister company of a record company. the music is no joke! i write about the projects. and you can ad in your resume witch one you would be most interested in working on. 1. the ferry. this is a casual game. a pong game with a very funny concept. you will be working with this one script for the pong routine. and ad points as you go. 2. joe the crow. we have worked on this 2d cartoon game for almost a year. the game is a bit like sonic the hedge hodge only that you are a flying bird. but working with the game contains working with many pieces of asset in fairly large levels. every thing is finished. we just need some one else then our self to play through the levels. pick out/add one or two things on each level to give it flow and a smooth final touch. it is a fun job. every level in joe the crow have a amount of points witch you have to collects with in a certain time. you will be working mostly with this: setting the relation ship between points and time to reach a higher entertainment factor. we are looking for some one witch is mindful in their actions. but on the same time.. not afraid to change things around and make it as you want it. yes.. first of all: you need to know what you want. what makes a game cool. what makes a game fun. if you don't know that. pleas don't apply. but if you do know. if you are allergic to bad games. and start itching in your fingers when you are not working on a game. then please apply. you will have a lot of fun here. this is a prefect time to enter our team. the ground work are done and big things is about to start. looking forward to hear from you cheers mr. rocket

Anywhere Level Designer at ES3D

level designer es3d anywhere level designers hello everyone, we gladly announce our video game project call "the hollow earth" a 3rd person shooter with a touch of survival/horror adventure. the game is about a rescue team heading to a secret underground facility operated by the government which has been dead for several weeks. as the team arrives for the mission, they discover the place is deserted and that something really wrong has happened. as they continue with the ongoing investigation they realized clever and agile dinosaurs are after them, which makes the team wonder how that is possible. they continue through the deepest area of the place until they manage to discover that the theory of the hollow earth is real, which explained they dinosaurs company. later in the story they gather more evidence and purpose of this secret place, and this is to capture fierce dinosaurs and use them as weapons of war. that was just a brief part of the story. our goal here is to take the game and presented on kickstarter, so we are working on a video presentation for it.. but we need at least one more person to finish the levels for the trailer video, and the initial demo of the game. if you think you could become part of our team, please leave us your response down there and send us a message or email.. many thanks in advance..

Anywhere 3D Modeler Wanted at TripleSlash Games

3d modeler wanted tripleslash games anywhere level designers (please note that this offer is for royalties only. each member accepted gets a percentage of any profits made) hi, my name is robin vervuurt and i'm a intermediate games developer. i am a secondary school student and i learn to make games i am also the lead developer for tripleslash games. i am a single game developer who is looking for people to form a team with. a team to make some great games i have intermediate skills in coding but low skills in 3d modeling so thats why i am looking for talented 3d modellers and animators to join our group. if you are selected you will mainly do work with 3d modelling, character rigging and animation for our game. the game is a first person horror survival game. where you have to survive you school trip. at the trip you are taken hostage and killed, but you have escaped. you have to find your way out. its a bit like outlast if you have any of the following experience, please feel free to contact me via the email address below. 3d modeling 3d uv and texturing 3d animation unity 3d

Anywhere 3D Modeler at Prototype Studios

3d modeler prototype studios anywhere level designers we at prototype studios are now searching for a volunteer modeler to work with our upcoming game based on the popular tv series, csi:cyber. the project will be made in unreal engine, which we believe would provide very stunning visuals and great gameplay to gamers. [center]------- your role -------[/center] your role as a 3d modeler would be as below :- * modeling environmental assets (trees, rocks, roads) * modeling architectural assets (buildings, props, furniture) [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]---- skills required ----[/center] * experienced in 3d modelling * have experience in either cinema4d, maya, 3dsmax or sketchup * capability to texture the models with programs like photoshop or zbrush. [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]-------- planned --------[/center] we're planning to release the project on steam in the the timeline of december, 2016 -> january, 2017. if the project succeeds and is greenlit by the community, a sum will be payed to you upon the first sales. [center]-------------------------[/center] [center]-- working environment --[/center] you are free to work in any part of the world, your models can be sent to us by email or using any file or cloud sharing services. you don't have a specific deadline for every task, a new task will be given once the previous was done. [center]-------------------------[/center]

Anywhere UE4 Level designer at Fenrir Studios

ue4 level designer fenrir studios anywhere level designers dark storm is a stealth action game in which players need to use their cunning and quick wit to give them the upper hand. in dark storm you take control of amber kinsly, a security officer at the irving dynamics alaskan research facility. irving dynamics has been the pioneer in aeronautical advancements for decades. their newest research has made them the target of many attacks, from the outside and within. amber is one of the many security personnel hired to combat these threats. however, when the base comes under attack by an unknown enemy, it's clear that your new mission is to evade and survive. requirement for level designers: - need to have at least 6 months+ exp in udk/ue4/cryengine or unity - spend 6-8 hours a week working on project - must attend our weekly meetings and active on skype almost daily - the willingness to manage and assign tasks to modelers under you - must attend our weekly meetings - basic knowledge of blueprints - positive attitude - willing to take and give positive criticism optional requirements - modeling/texturing is a plus payment: payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. we plan to release on steam and any other services that will allow. everyone is required to sign an initial royalty contract and a final upon release. leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent.

Anywhere [Free Job] 3D modeller/Animator - (Source Engine) at Team Abyss

[free job] 3d modeller/animator - (source engine) team abyss anywhere level designers hi, my name is francis racicot aka pac0master. i am the lead developer of the free mod: portal 2 abyss. i am looking for people who would like to volunteer to help me out with modelling and animating different aspects of the game i am working on. project's page: the mod is based on a 0$ budget thus it is impossible for me to pay any services. however i will be very happy for your kindness. here is a list of tasks that have to be filled. - character modelling & animation - gun modelling & animation - statics objects ( trussing, beams, crates, and many more) - re-texturing existing models. [requirement] i work with source engine. ( portal 2 authoring tool ) to apply, you must: - own a steam copy of portal 2 - have experience in modelling for source engine all your works will be credited and it would be a great chance to add some creation in your portfolio. since it is a free job, i do not give any time restriction, you can work as you please. as long it is reasonable.

Anywhere - Environment Artist and Level Designer - Dinosaur hunting game at Ascendence Studios

- environment artist and level designer - dinosaur hunting game ascendence studios anywhere level designers ascendence studios is looking to expand it's team, below is some info on our current project, wogd. |link| wogd indiedb page wrath of the goliaths : dinosaurs has been in progress for 2 years now, it was re-booted in january of 2014. we have many dinosaurs ready, a character and weapons finished. we are a friendly team and are very willing to make agreements and fulfill them. at the moment, this isn't a paid position. the reason being is we haven't set up the kickstarter yet. wrath of the goliaths: dinosaurs or wotgd, is a dinosaur hunting simulator, set in a 'futuristic' time, and you play as a hunting who will be hunting dinosaurs. the game is very similar to the game series carnivores, where you hunt dinosaurs. the game will feature many huntable dinosaurs, and the goal of the game is less about hunting, but more of experiencing what it would be like to walk an environment full of dinosaurs and many more creatures. there will be an observer mode, where you can experience the dinosaurs battle, walk around and behave like actual animals. the game is ready for a demo, but is silent, and in need of more animations, well animations to replace the place holding animations. you will be in the comfort of your own home, become a moderator for the facebook page, and skype with the team if you'd like. requirement for position: must meet deadlines behave reasonably if a conflict occurs, talk it out, rather than fighting it out no plagiarism no stealing no withholding information keep things legal no tampering with the project that makes the progress or project slow down, halt or degrade the quality of work must have at least 1 year of level design experience and or modeling experience. must be able to make both urban/industrial and nature levels. must be able to work in ue4 ~end of requirements art of the game: carnotaurus reveal teaser: [center]wogd | carnotaurus skin teaser | pre-alpha | - indie db carnotaurus high-res: facebook: ascendence studios[/center]

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Creative and Driven 2D Level Designer at Cloud Runner Studios

[royalty] creative and driven 2d level designer cloud runner studios anywhere level designers cloud runner studios is in the early development of an ambitious fantasy, story driven game. we are on track to get funded on kickstarter and websites such as siliconera and shacknews have featured our game. we are seeking a hard working and driven individual to help with planning and creating the levels required. our game is a beautiful but simple 2d game world. you would be required to be an integral part of the team to help lead and build the maps required. the levels are a key feature of our game, our vision and promise is to create beautiful levels made with care and detail just like classic 16 bit jrpg games. some of our maps can be seen here along with footage, info and press we have received. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate regularly and clearly with the lead designer. 2) have the skill to visualize levels and plan them before making them. 3) be able to build locations in photoshop with existing art, textures and be able to blend simple pixel assets together. 4) be a motivated full member of the team with a focus on helping the game to release. 5) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself. 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype. 7) high level of commitment. 8) ability to show some of his/hers previous work. required skills: 1) prepare basic sketches and maps for new locations. 2) have some knowledge of fantasy cities and level design. 3) knowledge of photoshop or any other leading picture editor software. 4) knowledge of rpg maker software. 5) creative ideas and and eye for detail. desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have experience making beautiful 2d levels before. if you are looking to be heavily involved with a project that will be released commercially and create a large chunk of the game's levels then please apply. this position is with royalties and a successful applicant who is driven to work on the game would be a core member of the team through the map making process and share title in the credits as a lead level designer.

Anywhere Half-Life 2/Source Level Designer at Raising the Bar Development Team

half-life 2/source level designer raising the bar development team anywhere level designers the raising the bar mod team is looking for help in the level design department. we are looking for designers who are experienced in making single-player maps for source games, more specifically those for half-life 2. some requirements are that any volunteer should be experienced in mapping using valve hammer editor, as well as being well-versed in english. a large emphasis is being placed on cooperation and communication between team members, and any mapper should be willing to listen to constructive criticism and feedback. we appreciate any work done for us, but we have internal standards that need to be met whenever new content is made. also, a very helpful trait would be knowing at least a decent amount of information about the half-life 2 leak and concepts centered around its early development stages, as we are heavily influencing our mod's design around these ideas. if one wants to learn more about this before applying, there is a half-life 2 wiki page that gives a brief (relatively speaking) overview of some of the cut concepts. it can be found here: last but not least, we need any volunteers to be available on the weekends for our weekly developer meetings. we mainly use skype, google drive, and dropbox.

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