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Game Analytics and Design

[PAID] Game Analytics and Design

San Francisco, CA at DeNA

game analytics and design dena san francisco, ca level designers are you analytically driven, have an affinity for numbers, and love games? we have perfect role for you! we are looking for a like minded individual to get their hands dirty with raw data and make data driven recommendations on fun & engaging game design. you will work closely with the game design group members and lead cross-games analysis to provide key insights that can be applied to all games. responsibilities: lead cross-games analysis (e.g., user retention improvement, purchase flow improvement, etc.) collaborate with it / infrastructure team to provide fast and stable analytics environment (e.g., database, bi tool, job control system, etc.) build and maintain common tools (e.g., common queries, udfs, wrappers, libraries) build and maintain intermediary tables build and maintain cross-games dashboards collect, document and share analytics-related knowledge research and develop advanced analytics method qualifications: must be a logical thinker passionate about games and geek out about numbers and data technically proficiency across sql, bash script, python, excel and linux/unix ability to prioritise based on business needs must be able to see the bigger picture and design with your customer (players, engineers, producers) in mind nice to have: languages: javascript, vba google bigquery jenkins tableau background in computer science or mathematics benefits: competitive salaries complete medical/ dental/ vision/ fsa free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks w/ beer on tap company trips, parties (we like to make fun and have fun!) commuter program great office and atmosphere bootcamp classes ..and much more! check us out at for more exciting career opportunities! any unsolicited resumes/candidate profiles submitted through our web site or to personal e-mail accounts of employees of dena west are considered property of dena west and are not subject to payment of agency fees.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere [PAID] Looking for Experienced Game Designer at Anywhere

looking for experienced game designer anywhere anywhere level designers we're a small, cloud-based team, new to mobile game development. we've successfully created and launched software previously, but not in this field, so we're looking to partner with an game and level designer with a proven track record of releasing mobile games (android preferred). we already have the marketing channels in place, as well as artists, software coders, and developers. the game is as of yet an unspecified 'mass appeal' game targeted at a younger, social media audience (per the specifications provided by our marketer). contract terms are negotiable; we will handle all contractor, marketing, and development costs. monetary incentives will be provided at pre-agreed development benchmarks, and are also negotiable. given the cloud nature of the project, monthly salary will not be provided. revenue from the game release will be shared. please have some knowledge and experience with unity, and we will only consider applicants who have experience releasing games for mobile platforms. all other interested applicants (those without direct experience in the field specified above) can also apply; financial terms may differ depending on experience and skillset.

Germany [Ger] Scripter oder Level Designer gesucht at OneBiteGames

[ger] scripter oder level designer gesucht onebitegames germany level designers wir suchen scripter und/oder level designer. wir suchen eine nette person die spaß am programmieren hat und uns bei unserm spiel shadowfall unterstützen möchte. du bist hobby programmierer und möchtest bei onebitegames mitmachen ? du möchtest entwickler bei onebitegames werden und gemeinsam mit uns spiele zu entwickeln? schreib uns eine e-mail, in der du uns erzählst, was kannst du? was erwartest du von onebitegames und natürlich eine kleine vorstellung zu deiner person. wie du dich bewerben kannst ? ganz einfach, hier bewerben: wen du fragen hast kannst du uns auch über skype erreichen unter: onebitegames. ebenfalls, kannst du uns auch optional über youtube erreichen (bitte nur fragen, bewerbung bitter per e-mail) unser youtube kanal wenn wir interesse an dir haben, werden wir dich zu einem kleinen gespräch einladen. danach wirst du erstmal auf probe zeit bei uns sein. wen wir zurieden mit dir sind, wirst du auch zugangsdaten und weiteres bekommen.(archiv etc) liebe grüße das onebitegames team

Beijing, China Game Design Internship at Substantial Games

game design internship substantial games beijing, china level designers want to get some real, technical game design experience? come join us at substantial games as an intern! we're looking for someone who is: eager to learn – someone who is hungry to grow both technically and professionally. understands games – someone who can see the systems and reasons behind a game. "why?" and "because..." are favored words. a great communicator – someone who can get us excited about what they want to do, and give/take constructive criticism. a team player – someone we can trust to get things done, and who can add valuable feedback. loves games – someone with an undying passion for games and interactive experiences! what you'll get with this opportunity: learn – dive right into creating pvp and pve content. great chance to get hands-on experience. collaborate – work with intelligent and capable teammates who will respect your craft (as you will with theirs!) responsiblity – get assigned real work, have real decision-making power and responsibility, get real credit. beijing – experience one of the fastest-moving cities in the world. to apply, send an email to with your resume and a short description of who you are and what you are looking for.

Anywhere Unity Level Designer/3D Modeler (PAID) at Hero Games

unity level designer/3d modeler (paid) hero games anywhere level designers hey! hero games currently needs a 3d artist to create some awesome levels and models for a new upcoming game (to be revelealed when position is taken), this will be a payed job and will be initiated over skype or other instant message services. although professionalism may be needed, you dont need 10 years experience in aaa games to take up this job! payment can be discussed around the time however payment will be around 30-65 dollars depending on amount of work and time. our project does not as of yet have a designated release date, so no one needs to be working on a huge deadline, but of course it dictates how money will be paid. there is no designated 3d modeling system needed but of course you will supply any software you need to create models and import and arrange them into unity. the newest version of unity is needed. scenes needed are a pharmacy, full town scene and an apartment. if these are along the lines that you could work for the payment, then by all means apply! this will be a great position to put on a resume for any future jobs!

Anywhere Looking for Game Designers at Freakout Games

looking for game designers freakout games anywhere level designers hi, freakout games is an indie development studio and we are basically into mobile game development. we are very flexible and every member have the freedom to pitch there ideas and views about the game. our team members consist of game industry professionals. as a start up we have already released two android games and its available in many stores like google play store, amazon, slideme etc. talent needed: game / level designers we are looking for candidate who can: - understand the latest market trend - visualize the game scenarios properly - come up with unique ideas - understand the monetization techniques - make short and precise documents - passionate about games - interested in joining a start up - spare few hours from there daily job - stick to there task and deadline - good team player its a non-paid job at present but the scenario will get changed in future. it's a non-paid job at present but the scenario will get changed in future. indie with limited resources, so have to be optimistic :) interested candidates must send there resume/cv showcasing there previous work.

Anywhere Looking For Developers To Help Make A Game at Rockbottom Games

looking for developers to help make a game rockbottom games anywhere level designers i need some developers to help make a horror game coming out next year. some of our developers have left and we need people to temporalily replace them. you have to be able to code for us and be able to work with the rest of the team and share ideas. if you go we with us our boss may ask you to stay with us but if you are a solo developer then you will be free to leave. this game should take a year but the date could be changed to a later or earlier date. so far we have 2 developers, a tester/ voice actor and a artist. it would really help us if you would help out. so far we are using unity free since we have no funding in the team. you will have to work on the game for a min of 5 hours to as much as you want a week. you can ask to change on what part of the job you do after a month and you may have to develop to game by yourself at the very start since our head developer is having some hardware problems but they should be fixed soon. the day this is posted is 16/1/15 so if you see it on a later date the fix might have been made. one of our developers is josh who is head of team/boss and the other is ryan who is a mod aswell, he sorts out the website and josh mostly sorts out the twitter. our email is you can contact us there.

Anywhere Recruiting New Develepor Team at Anywhere

recruiting new develepor team anywhere anywhere level designers hi there! my name is norbert gardonyi, i'm an independent creative director, and i'm currently looking for talented people to create a game developer team. about me: i learned directing and composing, cinematography, screenwriting, and design. i also have a small amount of knowledge in adobe products, 3ds max, zbrush, realflow etc. i also know a few things about pr marketing, and managing. who i'm looking for: everyone. if you know a few things about video games, you already can be part of the team. most important parts are coding and programming (c++, c#), modeling, texturing, animating, scripting. i'm also looking for artists (artwork painters), music composers etc. i would like to use unreal engine 4, so knowledge in it is a big "advantage". what my goal is: to create a successful team and to make profit of course. now, since this a "voluntary" work, i can't afford paying full-time (also, you have flexible working times anyway), but what i would like, is to divide the profit into same amount of portions for everyone. which might not seems so promising, i know, but let's be honest - we all need to start somewhere. so, if you are interested, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail about your skills, questions, remarks, anything. thanks for reading, and have a nice day! norbert gardonyi, hsc

Anywhere Game Design & Level Design (Revenue Share) at Dayo Studios

game design & level design (revenue share) dayo studios anywhere level designers hey there! we are a small indie team working on our first mobile game-a match puzzle game with fun game play and features. we are seeking talented game and level designers to join our team. this is a remote based position. all positions offer revenue share, with some offering additional payment. what can we offer you? • a chance to join a strong, dedicated team determined to be at the forefront of the mobile game industry • flexibility. we don't have an office so we need designers willing to work remotely. • the freedom and opportunity to work across multiple areas and contribute to all aspects of the game • easy-going, dynamic environment (even if its remote) the ideal designer will have: ▪ deep knowledge of modern puzzle games for the mobile ▪ demonstrated game (or level) design experience ▪ baseline skill in gameplay and systems design ▪ a keen eye for integrating ui and appreciation for interface design ▪ an aptitude for collaborating with others to help refine player experience ▪ an effective ability to test and balance implemented features to apply, please contact us at if you are interested, regardless of your level of expertise please contact us. if your role is not listed here and you believe you would be a great asset to the team, feel free to contact us! thanks.

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