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Anywhere {Royalty} Multiplayer Level Designer at Oh Snap Games at Oh Snap Games

{royalty} multiplayer level designer at oh snap games oh snap games anywhere level designers oh snap games is looking for a talented level designer to join our team. the perfect applicant would be adept at communicating via the internet, and could be available for online meetings at least once a week. displaying both a collaborative capacity and personal initiative, and have worked previously on other projects specifically dealing in multiplayer layouts. they like outdoor urban based levels, and strive to add strategy when possible. since this is royalty based, they have a consistent income elsewhere that will financially enable them to see the project through release. prerequisites: - understands lighting and how it effects mood. - used to blockout work methodology. - ability to work closely with concept and environmental artists to help create a consistent look. - experience in any 3d game engine with creating levels. (we use mit torque 3d) - scripting knowledge sufficient to create level based events. - can create basic assets to fill in spots if artists are otherwise occupied. - ability to communicate and work over the net. - works well independently with a work flow concept. about us: we are a small indie company who work with one another on our freetime over the web. our members are a mix of past professionals, indies, and fresh graduates. we strive to keep our working relationship relaxed with one another since it is volunteer at this time. we want people who can be passionate, but not to the point of exhaustion, or vice versa can't add anything other than enthusiasm.

Anywhere Concept Artists needed URGENTLY [Royalty upon Sales] at ACRON - Production Group

concept artists needed urgently [royalty upon sales] acron - production group anywhere level designers needing artists for a scifi 3d animated web series and tie-in games projects. episodic form animation with parallel storyline video games. urgently needed: character designers environment designers concept artists others required: character animators riggers fx animators lighters voice actors 3d modelers ( both character and environment ) assets: knowledge of maya, 3dsmax, unreal engine, zbrush, adobe cs5+ if interested in being involved with a project that is a brand new from-scratch production, please apply by writing a short email with some questions you have or any demo work you'd like to show off. the primary production goal is to put together a short teaser and use that, along with concept art to start a kickstarter to fund further production. about the project(s): acron ordinary people are abducted by aliens and taken to a far away deserted world. their memories are wiped and they are left defenceless at the mercy of an evil alien. but their situation changes when they start to discover who they are, and what they are meant to be. their future lies in becoming a crew and fighting to get back home. dolomite (acron prequel) a look into what drives a boy who wants nothing but to save his people and be a hero, to become the most evil creature in all the cosmos. from innocence to malevolence. volera (acron prequel) when the last vampyrus princess is exiled to an alternate world, she must fight to survive the horrors of warlords and brutal savages to reclaim her rightful place at the throne of her kingdom.

Anywhere Environmental Designer (With End Payment) at Prototype Games

environmental designer (with end payment) prototype games anywhere level designers we are looking for a talented individual who can create clean and elegant environments (similar to mirror's edge) for our upcoming title. the game is a multiplayer fps (with parkour elements) and you will be expected to make a large variety of maps, adhere to logical layouts and to strive to make the best levels you can. you will be given creative freedom and of course a reward, once the game is released on steam. prerequisites: - understands how to create clean and stylish city environments. - can replicate real world locations. - experience in any modelling software. - can create basic assets to fill in spots if artists are otherwise occupied. - ability to communicate and work over the net. - works well independently with a work flow concept. about us: we are a small indie company who work with one another on our freetime over the web. our members are a mix of past professionals, and indies. we have many experienced people working on this game including people who have worked on aa titles, we are relatively new in the industry but we would love to have talented people who have the passion and skill necessary to make a great game. we are looking forward to seeing some of your work.

Anywhere Looking for level designers, concept artists and housing/prop modelers! ~ Nature at Green Thumb Studios

looking for level designers, concept artists and housing/prop modelers! ~ nature green thumb studios anywhere level designers hey guys and gals, one quick side note, read the full thing before you apply. thanks :) we are currently looking for level designers and concept artists / housing and prop modelers. there is more info below as far as requirements go. this is the games style: (this is the art style, look further down the gallery to see more for texture and model style) the art style does not have to be the same as seen in the art it can be what ever you wish but your art should be able to portray details of the piece needed when it comes to housing or characters or even props. intro: “your gateway to another world populated by knights, monsters, kings and princesses... with science. honestly, yes,science. well a faction of which is science, the rest is your dull medieval age. no, no, it's a matter of opinion. don't judge me. look, it's a game based off your rpg fantasies. you have your typical character, he or she will be able to explore this new land of which you have been recruited to fight for a specific faction of which there are two main ones. no, whatever you are thinking do not dare say it is cliché. wow, you just did. fine. i see how it is, then we will throw in a moral compass twist to see which is really morally right, for your likes anyway, and see who is the evil ones or good. again... just throwing out that it is your opinion to whom you wish to side and choose what you want to do. enjoy in your little reading and ogling at the pictures.” – sincerely the voice inside your head!?!? story: a world drowned in darkness, kingdoms lie in ruin, while others prosper from evil deeds. where experimentation has gone very very wrong and created even darker abominations. the woods are thick the desert empty. it needs help. that is where you come in, the wanderer. will you make this land a wonder, will you drag it down even deeper or will you work for yourself while you survive this nightmare? craft your way to the top, make potions that will murder or heal! mine and gather the toughest materials for the toughest armour. hunt the rare and mythical creatures that lurk in the world. cook magnificent meals to survive or just buy take outs… treat yourself to some outdoor camping with your player built tents and equipment. become a hero of the people by helping them. become the wanted man by harming them. purchase kingdoms and rule over your people, be just or be the tyrant. much more awaits you, in nature’s wanderer! about the game: nature’s wanderer is an open world / survival / adventure / rpg. what is special about this game you ask? we will have no magic in the game it is based on player skill and the different professions, the player has to work around a reputation system that will decide how much gold he makes form quests based on how well he did something or who he decided to help in the quest or how much was destroyed while guarding something, you will also have to choose which side of this world you believe is correct, the philanthians who strive for freedom and righteousness but are conquers and work in the shadows or the donsmoke who do anything they want while torturing people but also trying to take back their home land! artwork style: cartoony, stylized, and very colorful. game system: based on a player block and dodge system, there is no auto-parrying and blocking everything is manual. if you miss an attack it will not do damage, also if you just graze an enemy it will not do the same amount of damage it will do less. what we look for from people: basic requirements: must be 18 years of age or older due to legal contracts, send in your cv / resume when applying for the fields wanted, should be fluent in english as well as accustomed to using skype and dropbox. c# programmers: knowledge of unity commands for c# is required we are looking for people that have worked with unity before and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter seeing as almost all assets just for the demo are almost done. 2d ui and hud artist: someone that is looking to create a new and interesting ui or try new aspects of creating a games ui. concept artist: can do concept art for either environment and housing or monsters and npc's 3d modelers: this is very flexible. if you can texture your work cool... if not that's fine. we are looking for people in all 3d modelling areas. texture artist: should be used to working in a hand painted / cartoon style as you saw in the links below and above. being able to unwrap your models and very basic knowledge of modelling and fixing them is required! animators/riggers: can efficiently create rigs fit for unity's humanoid system or create fluid animations that look good! you can find art and screen shots of the game here:

Hunter Valley, NSW Australia Level Designer at Virtual Dreams Studios

level designer virtual dreams studios hunter valley, nsw australia level designers we are virtual dreams studio and we are working on a project for an unnamed tactical turn based jrpg game. we are a start up dev studio and this is our first game. all level must be designed in 2d and background is need for certain stages. the kind of style is similar to rayman and the setting of the levels are medieval fantasy, you must know all types of landscape designs from grassland terrains to castle interior, all levels are overhead displayed and backgrounds are need for combat sequences. there is also cut scenes backdrops, menus background to design. if you can do background animation for the levels or backdrops, that will be a bonus for us. to apply for the project you must send in your resume with you and an art portfolio with all the recent work you have done. more details will come when we send a reply. if you have other skills in animation, please let us know as well. if interested contact the email below. we also included a job advert for a concept artist for characters design if you want to apply for that job also.

Anywhere [Royalty] Level Designers Wanted! [Unity] at PhyNXT Interactive

[royalty] level designers wanted! [unity] phynxt interactive anywhere level designers project in brief: our current project is a fantasy rpg with steampunk-y dwarves, haughty elves, and tons of other uniquely characterized races (including plans for some ‘ayyyy lmao’ aliens, somewhere down the line!). the game is planned to span seven diverse worlds, so this will be a project spanning several years of development. i don’t want to give away too much of what we have planned, but the aim of the game is to avoid the standard fetch quest rpgs i’m sure we’ve all had the pleasure of playing. we want to accomplish this by developing very immersive, lore-heavy quests and sadistic boss battles that have players fearing for their lives well into the endgame. needed: unfortunately for our current team, none of us really possess the artistic skills necessary to pull off such a grandiose game concept, that’s where you guys (hopefully) come in! let’s be privy here, we need artists, 3d environmental designers, 3d character modelers/rigging gurus, and honestly a few more programmer code monkeys wouldn’t hurt either. we don’t care about lack of experience or anything like that, honestly, if you’re willing to give us your best, learn when you need to, and effectively communicate with the team, we’re willing to work with you. we’re working with unity 5, so clearly foreknowledge of unity is useful, although not strictly required for artists and designers. assets: · ability to effectively communicate and cooperate with team members · general knowledge of your area of expertise/interest · willingness and ability to learn on the fly and from mistakes · dependability and ability to meet strict deadlines · ability to come up with crazy over-the-top ideas and run with them · confidence in your creative ability to implement aforementioned ideas game status: as of today, we have a working character/camera controller and we’re working on implementing our combat system and developing an easily scalable set of questing scripts. we also have one team member working on some basic environmental designs. character creation and a weapon customization system are next up, but a ways off from our current dev schedule. about the team: i’m aj, i’ve been mainly handling team management and i’ve also been contributing significantly to development as a programmer. i have more than 6 years programming experience across several languages and am currently juggling this project while earning my degrees in physics and mathematics. walker is our lead programmer and currently studying game design in university. last, but certainly not least, our resident japanese guy, hiro, is our current environmental designer and an avid youtube personality. we all came together once again this march to try to put together something great that we could all be proud of and put years of effort into. we ultimately want to design a game we would want to play that avoids the pitfall of monotony offered by other titles. we had all previously worked together several times before and have learned from experience how to effectively work together as a team – hence

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Level Designer [UE4] at Oldsports Game Studios

[royalty] level designer [ue4] oldsports game studios anywhere level designers hey friends we are looking for some good level designers with some experience with unreal 3 or unreal 4 for our first person shooter with a very dark and detailed story. if you are amateur but have a professional attitude, please contact us. *our level desinger lead designed a full level (demo), made to be a example of the next levels. about the game: electroshift™ is a first person shooter set in an post apocaliptic world, inside the city of paris while maintaining a noir/retro atmosphere. when one of the most brilliant men, aton tesla, had the bright idea to protect the city from the rest of the world, the definition of justice lost its meaning while the noble forces took over control with an alternative power source. compensation: royalties team structure: project lead: luiz gustavo creative director: alexander nestoratos sound designer: thomas frost we are expecting 2 or 3 hours a week for 10 months. we have all the documentation very especific, including the schedule. + requirements: - good english communication - report at least twice on week - some experience with unreal 4 or 3 - design full levels using our asset library - create stunning urban scenes using unreal engine 4 - communicate by skype + studio:

Anywhere | Skype [Urgent] Source Engine Level Designer at Reperio Studios

[urgent] source engine level designer reperio studios anywhere | skype level designers job info: brainbread 2 is needed of level designer, and we would appreciate the help from experienced, and active members. creating the playfield of the game, making sure to meet important requirements such as balance, gameplay, layout and detailed world environments inwhich the players will be immersed into. mod info: brainbread 2 is a spiritual successor of the half-life 1 modification brainbread that was released in 2006 by ironoak studios. brainbread 2 is not a simple 'remake' or a source version of the mod. brainbread 2 will bring you back the classic gamemode that all bb fans loved and also more gamemodes that will make the mod more fun to play. visit our site for more information: before posting applicaton read please "application guidelines" requirements: -knowing source sdk's hammer editor inside out -ability to craft visually appealing environments -good gameplay planning and layouting skills -mastering all necessary optimization techniques -healthy working relationship within teams, an open mind (within reason)

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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