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Anywhere Game Designer [paid] at Cute Absurd

game designer [paid] cute absurd anywhere level designers hey folks, i'm dayvi, i run a webcomic called 'scandinavia and the world' we're looking for a game designer to help us build a game based on the comic (not specifically that strip above :p). a 2d game that matches our existing art style. you'd be designing gameplay, mechanics, playing prototypes, and suggesting changes to make them more fun. we already have an artist/animator (spine) and a programmer (libgdx), now we need you to design the gameplay! we've recently had success with a kickstarter already for animated versions of the comic, thanks to our large fan base. this will be paid; either up-front or share of profits (or both), it's up to you. to apply: send a link to your portfolio (or relevant info) and a self introduction to

Anywhere Unreal Engine 4 Co-Level Designer at Derailed Games

unreal engine 4 co-level designer derailed games anywhere level designers we are looking for an experienced unreal engine 4 level designer with a big passion for game development and survival horror games, the game we are working on is a third person survival horror game and we are in need of a second level designer to design level structure and help make materials or import and prepare assets.. the job is not paid but we are launching a crowdfunding campaign later this year and the state of the project may change.. the game is supposed to be a visual blast with great focus on detail requirements: *good experience with unreal engine 4... *an impressive portfolio... *great ue4 material editor skills... *great communication, collaboration and english skills... *being online and responsive almost everyday... *a facebook account for work... *a good knowledge of architecture *your own copy of unreal engine 4.5 responsibilities: *level structure executing... *adding additional detail.. *noticing and adjusting any design errors... please keep in mind that we do not need ue4 beginners..

Anywhere Level Designer [Royalty] at Oh Snap Games

level designer [royalty] oh snap games anywhere level designers oh snap game studios is seeking talented level designers to join our team. the level designer will design, build, and script levels for future games. responsibilities - design, and build, first person game levels. - includes working in our tool set to design, build, light, and script game areas - work closely with environmental artist to complete goals. requirements - excellent sense of 3d game space and game flow. - experience with designing, building, and populating game levels. - some experience scripting or programming complex interactivity. - creative writing a plus. - game industry experience a plus. - understanding of how lighting effects mood. candidate must supply an example of their work in document form complete with images and descriptions of the game play space, events, and implementation. this is a royalty development. the current development capitol is spare time free work until the game is released or we gain financial backing. a % of sales will be made available for all games we work on under a coop basis.

Anywhere UDK Level Designer at El Grande Games

udk level designer el grande games anywhere level designers hi everybody, we are currently working on a project in the udk, and we are looking for level designers to join our project! please keep in mind that we are not able to pay you until we launched our kickstarter campaign. project title: happy games description: almost everybody knows the famous trilogy "the hunger games" by suzanne collins, and every fan of the books wants a thg-game. well, we aren't developing a game with exactly the same background (that would definitely get us in trouble!) but we're developing a game based on these books. a short introduction to the story: in the galaxy are several alien races and a humaoid race, the gaians. they live peacefully until the day another race, the ragon empire declares war to almost every race in the galaxy. some years after the ragon empire won, some scouts discover a new race, the gaians. as soon as they are discovered a new war begins. the player will be a pow during the so called gaian-ragon war, who is forced to compete with other pow's in deadly arenas built by the ragon empire to entertain the ragonians. more details about the game mechanics and the story will be provided to our applicants. required skills: - an excellent knowledge of the udk level editor. (plus an understanding of outdoor level design.) - required to make interesting and unique levels( mostly arenas, but maybe also some cities) - for the overall look of the level, you will be provided with information of what is required, but your own creative freedom is highly encouraged (assets will be provided by our 3d-modeler). optional skills: - experience in modeling and texture design - experience in modular level design

Anywhere [UnPaid-Paid] Level Designers at Infinite Death Development

[unpaid-paid] level designers infinite death development anywhere level designers infinite death development is looking for a few great level designers. if your looking to be a part of the next big game, look no further. we're making a 1st/3rd person rpg with a horror element on a massive terrain that's full open world in cryengine. candidates must understand that these positions are unpaid until we have a successful kickstarter campaign and will be compensated for work prior and from there forward. position requirements: all members must have a subscription for cryengine eaas 4x level designers experienced in cryengine 3 sandbox, terrain, texturing, tod, blending, asset placement ect. able to adapt effectively to direction and criticism must have a portfolio crydev account skype account (test & voice, video is a plus) must be able to dedicate time to project absolute passion for making games required application materials resume of games worked on cover letter the cover letter should describe why you are interested in working with us, and what games you are currently playing. only resumes with cover letters will be considered. portfolio requirements only digital applications will be accepted such as a website, blog or online album. physical media will not be accepted an art test might be required if the work presented doesn't adequately demonstrate a similar style to what we need.

Anywhere "Kronology" Looking for Talents! at Anywhere

"kronology" looking for talents! anywhere anywhere level designers recruitment sheet for upcoming game title "kronology" first of all if you're going to ask about payment (budget), there'll be stages, pre-alpha

Anywhere Creative Developer at Anywhere

creative developer anywhere anywhere level designers we are a new indie game team looking for members and ideas for a new game. we are right now searching for creative developers (preferably experienced) who can help out with some game concepts and such. about our team: we are a bunch of young hooligans who are hoping to make a game that will create a great atmosphere and in general alot of fun! job requirements: we are looking for some one who is experienced and has a bunch of great ideas to offer. we need someone who can help create a good concept and has a flexible schedule. we do expect full devotion to this job. note that we are just starting up and we are not in full development yet. we also want you to known that this is a job that will take alot of time and effort so if you do not have a flexible schedule this may not be the job for you. we will let you know that we are a hard working group and do not expect people to slack off. if you cant keep up with us then this is not the right team for you. my contact info is below, please contact me if you want the job. thanks!

Anywhere Level Design - Mapper at Infinity Interactive

level design - mapper infinity interactive anywhere level designers --mapping-- here at infinity, we are constantly pushing to try new things and as a mapper, you must expect this. we expect full co-operation but that doesn't mean we're going to tell you what to do. we like our mappers to do things their way, if it works for you, it works for us. at infinity you will be working currently with udk. we won't be taking on any mappers that do not use udk at this current moment, sorry for that. this is because there would be no work for you. --what we expect - we would like to see some previous samples of your work. - good at their job and enthusiastic about it. - can work well in a team. --what we prefer - we mostly prefer mappers who have worked on a project before. - mappers who can create their own textures and materials to use. (self inefficiency!) if you'd like to know more, please visit if you'd like to apply, you can either go to our forums by clicking the above link, please take the time to read through that topic. or on the other hand you could always send your application in an email to us at response times: email - maximum of 12 hours forums - maximum of 8 hours

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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