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Anywhere [PAID] Level Designer for Match 3 Game at Digital Possum

level designer for match 3 game digital possum anywhere level designers hello, our studio, digital possum is looking for a level designer for a match-3 city building game. this is a contract position. the game is match 3 and inspired by triple town, pixel defenders and simcity. the ideal candidate must be: - be passionate making fun games - fun to work with (required). we are building games, so you should be having fun doing it where we are: we are going into a soft launch in canada on android. core game mechanics done and 80% of art assets finished. upcoming marketing efforts: we will be demoing at pocket gamer connect at san francisco in july. we have done many playtests and demos including at indiecade east, appsworld, momocon, and others. and we are currently in talks with publishers. about digital possum: we started the company in april, 2013 with a trivia game. that game did 500k+ installs on ios and android. we were fortunate to sell that game to a public company in august of last year. with those earnings, we’re looking to make a larger game. you can find our games on ios here. they are currently under our portfolio company’s name: innoge labs about founder:

Anywhere [ROYALTIES] Level Designer at Revelations Studios

[royalties] level designer revelations studios anywhere level designers attention environment artists! we are in need of talented environment artists/level designers who can be part of a great team and build a beautiful game! we just showed off our prototype and got a lot of feedback from it, and the majority of the stuff (like buggy ai and messed up sound design) are all things we have already started to sort out! while we are fixing up some things programming wise, we want to get ready to show off to publishers what an amazing game we can make, and that’s where you come in! we need your help to create a beautiful level for us to show off! requirements: able to work quickly and get work done on time able to create beautiful environments and put them together understanding of unity understanding of lighting, color, and enemy placement understanding of game design and gameplay with its relation to level design there are no age or education requirements! just as long as you’re willing to work for royalties until we receive funding. you will have a contract though! if you’re interested, check out our site below, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Anywhere Game Designer / Level Designer at Steel Fenix

game designer / level designer steel fenix anywhere level designers hi everyone! we're in the concept phase of a 3d scifi zelda-style pirate game with a big focus on the story and characters, like tv serials. the story of the first episode has been written, and we plan to do more. the gameplay has a focus on oldschool dungeon crawling in combination with defense levels, so strategy is in important element of the gameplay, meaning there's a lot of customization in weapons and turrents to defeat enemies. we're looking for game designers and level designer that can design all the level outlines, maps and obstacles of the game. people of all skill levels are welcome! currently we have a team of 15 people consisting of concept artists, 3d artists and programmers, as well as music composers. - we're building the game in unity, so any experience with it is a plus. - the game will be divided in small episodes and will be released for pc, and will be aimed to be released on media on this platform, such as steam. a mac and linux version will also be taken into consideration when the game proves to be popular. if we can pull this off, this will be quite awesome. if you're interested in joining or you want to know more about the project, just send a mail. cheers

Anywhere SSH2 Mapper at N!arF Studios

ssh2 mapper n!arf studios anywhere level designers your skill must be normal. if you have less than 8 months of mapping you will have to show me a testmap (a small one, it doesn't need to be big, but if you're planning to make a small story you can make a medium size map if you want to. i really dont care but if you're a bit lazy just make a small one.) if you have more than 8 months of mapping you can actually skip this process but if you have exactly 8 months of mapping you need to make a mini map, not a small one, but a little one. not 1 pixel though... we are not gonna force you to map unless you are making the small test which is extremely easy to make (2 minutes) but if you're ill you can do it other day. you need to map for half-life 1 (goldsrc engine). it's for a mod called scientist slaughterhouse 2, a revival of the original scientist slaughterhouse 1.0 that was never heard of again about new updates. if you are interesed look at the how to apply section. ----frainbreezed anyways, i have to reach for 1000 characters so i will just type this, but it's extremely crazy that we need to type this much characters, because with this description it was enough.

Anywhere, Skype [Profit - Share] Level designers in Unity needed! at Anywhere

[profit - share] level designers in unity needed! anywhere anywhere, skype level designers hello! my name is lindsey! i am looking for a level designer in unity who will be willing to make natural terrain that would be found in a survival game! this includes mountains, oceans, plains, forests, swamps, radiation zones, lots of things! this game will be based on survival and exploration, so a vast world to explore will be great!, maybe even include random generation so that it never ends! the team will share profits, and hopefully get something up on a kickstarter page. i also hope to get this title greenlight and on steam. this will be a part time position, so you do not have to commit tons of time to it everyday. requirements: work well in a team have some experience in the position applying for must have stable internet must have skype if anyone is interested in joining the team, there are some positions available. unity programmers (c#) level designer my position on the team is writer (also helps with ideas), director, community manager. i will also manage the kickstarter page and other things like steam greenlight, websites and official pages. if you have any questions please contact me through a pm on here, or preferably email me

Anywhere [Profit-Share] Level Designer at Inferno Games

[profit-share] level designer inferno games anywhere level designers inferno games is a newly started indie game dev team. so far we have two members. i don't have any degree or certificate for unity. so i don't expect you to. we will be developing this game in unity 5. i am looking for: [1] person for sound - filled [1] 3d modeler, it will be pretty basic models. we will discuss it more when you apply. [1] 3d animator [1] 2d artist, mainly for icons. [1 or 2] unity c# programers everyone will help with level design. the 3d modeler will make the terrain. there will be no upfront pay. if the game gets good enough i will post it on kickstarter and probably steam greenlight. all of the profits will be split evenly between the team members. if you are just starting out go ahead and send me an email. the only requirements are: - stable internet - at least 16 years old - know english - hard working and determined obviously if you do the work of two team members you will get 2 times the share of the profits. please noone over the age of 25. i want our team to consist of people around the same age. just send me an email and i will reply as soon as possible. i work nights at a local hotel and don't have stable internet at my house so i will probably be replying from 11pm - 7am gmt -06:00.

Anywhere Level Designer/Mapper at Perfected Doom 3 version 7

level designer/mapper perfected doom 3 version 7 anywhere level designers ok here's my idea and if somebody could do this for me it would sure take a huge load off of me. i want to add the spider mastermind to the game but i want it to appear after you kill the cyberdemon and i want the fight to happen on the same map but with a few changes. basically when you kill the cyberdemon you watch him get killed by the soul cube and after it closes the hell hole instead of the cutscene cutting away to the part where the marines cut open that door the game goes back to a new scene where the spider mastermind spawns in at the opposite end of the arena from the way you came in there. and maybe you get a shot of the marine standing there with a little fear on his face. i'm sure this can be done with existing animations. then maybe you hear betruger shout out something as the camera goes back to first person and the fight starts. the hell hole which is now closed up can be walked on by you and the boss to add to the arena and maybe a few more health and ammo pickups are spawned in some where in the arena to help you out. maybe around the center of the arena. after you kill the spider mastermind about 5 to 10 seconds goes by before the screen goes black and then the cutscene where the marines are cutting through that metal door starts and the rest of the ending cutscene plays as normal. any takers?

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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