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Anywhere 3D Architecture Modeler at Anywhere

3d architecture modeler anywhere anywhere level designers hello and thank you for taking your time to read this! currently we are looking for someone who is moderately skilled in 3d architecture who can make ideas come to life. we would like you to be able to use one of the following! - 3ds max - blender our game is called "laifu" from the phrase "don't get more than one waifu or you'll ruin your laifu". this is a satirical game and the plot is as follows: the otaku counsel holds a meeting every year and at this years meeting someone leaked information to the "great otaku" revealing that on an all girl academy there is a perpetrator that is a boy. your job is to become friends with the students and make them confess their love to you to find which of them is the trespasser. the story isn't set in stone but our goal is to bring the most visually stunning and funny game together while learning more about game developement. our team currently exists of two people. brandon - ue4 blueprint, event, character design, game design. kyle - 3d model animator, foliage, game physics, level design. as you can tell it is alot of work for us two and we'd like to add one more person to the team that can have fun and joke around. we take things seriously but we also have fun with what we are working on. we are a small team working to bring together a beautiful game with ue4 and we have many ideas in store!

Anywhere Level Designers Needed at Fenrir Studios at Fenrir Studios

level designers needed at fenrir studios fenrir studios anywhere level designers hello everyone fenrir studios is looking for talented level designers to help build the world of "dark storm". we're looking for candidates that have wide range of techniques for creating stunning visual 3d environments, and architectural interiors. about dark storm ascension: dark storm: ascension is an indie stealth action title, with roots heavily inspired by classic games such as metal gear solid and deus ex. you play as amber kingsley, a form army special forces soldier that was dishonorably discharged after a failed mission in north korea, which resulted in the deaths of several members of her squad. now riddled with guilt, amber has joined ancile, a private military corporation charged with protecting the irving apex facility in alaska. there she hopes to find a new purpose, but will ultimately be forced back into action when the base comes under attack from a mysterious enemy. requirement for level designers: - need to have at least 6 months + exp in ue4/udk - spend 6-8 hours a week working on project - must attend our weekly meetings and active on skype almost daily - the willingness to manage and assign tasks to modelers under you - basic knowledge of blueprints - positive attitude - willing to take and give positive criticism optional requirements: - modeling/texturing is a plus payment: payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. we plan to release on steam and any other services that will allow. everyone is required to sign an initial royalty contract and a final upon release. leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent.

Remote [Royalty] Writer needed for indie Game Developer at Starboard Games LLC

[royalty] writer needed for indie game developer starboard games llc remote level designers starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated writer to join us on our projects. you may find out more about us at: if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on!! our goal is to create a world with so story-rich it will 'ka-boom!!!' aaa games out of this universe; as well as featuring sophisticated companions. as a writer you will be required to: 1. write portions of the game. 2. collaborate with other departments to ensure a cohesive vision. 3. be able to act upon instructions independently; listen and accept feedbacks from others. 4. possess superb writing skills. we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. currently we are unable to offer up-front payment or wages due to us being an independent developer, your understanding is greatly appreciated. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Anywhere Mappers, Modelers, Voice Actors at THE NEXUS Development Team

mappers, modelers, voice actors the nexus development team anywhere level designers mappers we are looking for experienced mappers to help. you will need a few things to get involved with the company though, such as a dropbox. you will need to know how to do simple things, such as scripting sequences, lighting creation/adjustment, using soundscapes and ambient generics, and you might be required to participate in skype calls while working. you must know how to use certain ai entities, such as assault entities. you must know how to use advanced shapes, and be able to implement them in ways to give detail to the map. you will also need to have source sdk base 2013 singleplayer hammer, instead of just regular half-life 2 hammer. if you don't have the sdk 2013 hammer configured yet, we will help you configure it. you must also respect the people you are working with. modelers we need someone that knows how to use 3d modeling software, and be able to implement the models into the source engine. you will also need to know how to texture(if texturing is difficult for you, you can still apply for this job, we will try to have someone else texture the model you have created.) you must know how to model simple things, such as hands, and weapons. you might also be required to be in a skype call while working. you must also know how to animate your model, or make animations to an already existing model. {i.e. adding an animation to a civil protection's animations.) we'll also need people that can somewhat reskin certain things, such as default hand models and what not. you will also need a dropbox to share files with the team. voice actors we need a variety of different voices to be present in the mod. you might be required to be in a skype call and work alongside other voice actors, because your lines might correspond with one another. you must have a good microphone, and be at least 16. you will need to have a dropbox as well. you might be required to be in a skype call with the dev team members and not just fellow voice actors. you must be expressive and be able to use expression in your lines. we are looking for a variety, do not be shy to apply! who you might be voicing: civil protection [metropolice officers/and or combine soldiers] the overwatch voice from half-life 2. citizens. thank you for reading, and we hope to have you on our team!

Anywhere Source Engine Level Designer at Mud & Blood Developers

source engine level designer mud & blood developers anywhere level designers we are looking for a skilled level designer for our world war 2 themed insurgency modification as well as someone to help with creating some custom assets the map will need. mud & blood is set around the brutal war time of the 1940's, and will feature a blend of intense close quarter street to street combat, fierce duck and cover hedgerow fighting, daring beach assaults and more. the mod will feature variations of allied vs axis forces in combat over unique and fresh scenarios and locales. to put it simply, day of defeat and insurgency had the love child of red orchestra. we have had a ton of support via our workshop page. along with the amazing support of the new world interactive team, but have yet to secure a mapper willing to dedicate their time to such a task. you can check our first media release here: our first map, to be released with the first public alpha will be dunkirk, the premise of the map is the axis have pushed the british expeditionary force back to the beaches of dunkirk and a massive rescue is underway. the map would be the familiar push game-type popular with insurgency players with the allies being pushed back to a beach head as the axis move through from inland capturing points and securing key objectives to sustain their frontline. spitfires flying overhead as well as blown out buildings, ambient artillery fire and a sea of ships will immerse the players. featuring a large beach littered with debris and armor, the main combat would be tight street fighting similar to dod_donner, dod_avalanche and dod_anzio. giving plenty of artistic freedom on layouts, flanking pathways, sniper nests and choke-point killzones. if you would like to discuss this opportunity or other contributions to the project please get in touch and we can discuss things further. this is an unpaid position ideal for anyone wanting top notch portfolio content looking at gaining experience within a mature and skilled mod team.

Anywhere HORROR GAME Need Level Designer plus Multiple Positions Open at Anywhere

horror game need level designer plus multiple positions open anywhere anywhere level designers i'm an aspiring sound designer/composer trying to build my portfolio and learn unity at the same time so i'm trying to make a slenderman type game with a few different mechanics.the game will have an emphasis on sound if the player makes too much noise the enemy will find and kill the player. being built in unity. i'm not a programmer, 3d modeler, or level designer so i may need some help with the creation of some assets. the game will be free to play unless advised otherwise. i cant offer any payment but you will be credited. - first thing i need is someone to model me a high quality rigged, textured, slenderman model and first person character - i also need someone to design a horror level in a building enviornment - enemy ai programmer is needed help needed in these areas: level designer 3d modeler programmer i will be actively monitoring my messages and email. so if intrested in helping please message me.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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