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Anywhere Programmer | Level Designer at Grey Smoke

programmer | level designer grey smoke anywhere level designers who are we? grey smoke is an independent game development. our members are from various countries and work for own pleasure. we have not studio or place for development. because we are working on a distance. our projects use various genres like survival horror, quest, stealth and etc. the main part in the projects is story and game features. what is the project? some story: january 11: from the station "motherland" came a distress signal to the organisation "uprising order", but whilst en route, the helicopter has crashed. the protagonist wakes up in the station motherland where monsters roam. the protagonist is uprising order's member; he must survive and escape from the station. but what lurks within...? so the game is the first person survival horror. the protagonist must fight for life, because monsters are everywhere. you cannot hide from the monsters. they will found you anyway. yeah, it's hard game like resident evil, where you need to solve problems and look for ammo. the protagonist will not be only in the station. he should look for somethings on alaska's natural locations. other information: - the game uses unity 3d v.4. - the game will be on windows and linux. - the game will be published in steam. what do we need from you? --programmer-- to work with c++. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message. --level designer-- to work with unity 3d version 4 and make various locations. before make locations you need make map of it. don't forget to show your portfolio in e-mail's message.

Anywhere Level Designers at Enjoyable Games

level designers enjoyable games anywhere level designers hello everyone! i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (you can check our newly created game's page searching project ttt). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowd funding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. in this case the possible payment will be much higher if the team will reach its goal in the crowd funding. the payment after the crowd funding will be discussed in further stages. right now we're in search of a level designers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. don't worry we accept application even from student or less experienced artist since we want to help the younger level designer to grow in the industry. of course the ideal would have been to have at least one experience level designer in the team but i promise we will consider each application we will receive. now let me tell you more about the requirements for this open position. requirements: - have already created levels in unreal engine 4. - experience with optimization techniques and material creation. - have a licensed version of unreal 4. - high level of commitment. - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english language. - friendly and ready to cooperate with other team members. - ability to show some of his previous work. more details will be discussed and disclosed later.

Anywhere Level Designer - Unity - 2 positions at Greenlight Games

level designer - unity - 2 positions greenlight games anywhere level designers project: gombies position: level designer salary: unpaid(royalties) job description: greenlight games are working on a project titled gombies, which is a 3rd person comedy/horror title viewed at 60 degrees. created in the unity engine, gombies will be a 3 player co-op game available on pc. gombies is currently being considered for a publishing deal with a major publisher. we are looking for very dedicated and passionate people to make this dream come true. right now, we are making great progress within 3d modelling, programming and concept art. level design, however, requires more people to boost our progress forward. that’s where you come in, for this job we need a unity level designer to help bring our game alive. in a sketched comic style, our characters of geeky nature aren’t your usual subjects and are definitely not the right guys for the job; but they’re all we’ve got! if you’re interested in helping us create gombies, please get in touch for more information on the job; we’re happy to discuss our ideas and requirements. we’re looking for someone fun, with great communication skills and the ability to deliver an amazing 3rd person multiplayer experience using the unity engine. ideally you will have a good internet connection and enough time to complete tasks assigned to you. english-speaking is a must, please send us previous work or a portfolio. applicants are required to have good understanding of building scenes in the unity engine. in addition, you must have some experience creating and texturing 3d models. as we’re an independent games studio, we don’t have the aaa budget so there is no payment involved for this position. if you work for geenlight games on this project, a royalty agreement will be made which will return a payout of x percent from any profit we make distributing gombies.

Anywhere Level Designer (Unreal Engine 4) at The Manipulators

level designer (unreal engine 4) the manipulators anywhere level designers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - who we are - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the manipulators is an rts under development in which you take over a town with alien mind-controlling parasites. the strengths of our team: * solid, on-demand, concept art * sizable twitter following (currently 5,940+) * a team of programmers * a team of ~20 contributors (animators, musicians, 3d artists, etc) all of these put us in a good position to publish a successful project. read more about us here: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the position - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - we're currently looking for dedicated game designers to join our team. you'll be working closely with the project lead on: - using our sizeable library of assets to create and design the game environment. - flesh out game processes, variable interactions and mechanics for the programming team. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - requirements - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - great work ethic and determination to produce a successful project. - unreal engine license (currently 19$/mo). - applicant must be 18 years of age or older. please note that we're all working together under a profit sharing agreement, so unfortunately profits are not guaranteed.

Anywhere Level Designers at Reed Gaming Studios

level designers reed gaming studios anywhere level designers hello my name is nathan and i am the owner at reed gaming studios. currently we are in the process of releasing our first title onto steam and moving on to our second game. this is going to be a huge task. currently we are seeking new members to join our team and become part of an expanding company. who is reed gaming studios? reed gaming studios is an indie game development company based in springfield, mo. our company started focusing on android development but soon moved into bigger and more advanced games on pc. with 4 games released on android we had decided it was time for our first major pc title to be born. since february 2014 we have been working hard on into the war a multiplayer fps. we are st to release this game on steam in the next few weeks around january 1st 2015. our companies main goal is to help newcomers to the indie community get there feet wet and start developing. who is our team? our team is a small group of developers who work together and rely on each other. we all have become friends from working with each other on various projects through the years. we are looking to expand this "family" of ours and that is why we are reaching out on here. what our we looking for? we are looking for self motivated, team oriented people to join our rapidly expanding company. you must be ready to show some progress and help build this company into the best it can be. we accept any one who is willing to work and are not picky. the only must is that we can see you are trying as hard as you can. we understand at reed gaming studios that life happens so there are no unrealistic goals to meet and deadlines are flexible. position description: we are seeking a few level designers to take our giant asset packs and to use them to make new and beautiful levels for the players to play on. we own over 30gb of 3d models for environmental objects so there are many opportunity for some amazing levels in game.

Anywhere Unity 3d level designer, programmer, and animator at last stand indestries

unity 3d level designer, programmer, and animator last stand indestries anywhere level designers my name is brian s. im new to game design but im getting the hang of it a step at a time. im designing a game for the people that wants to play a real survival based game, not a cheap copy like most of them out there. my plan is to try to be the best at what my help and i can do with a lot of hard work and never giving up. my friend and i are hoping to find a hard working person to help us on our journey to world domination. i need someone to help create a world in unity where you have to survive, search, and hide. the goal is to have a game of survival that is the main thing to me. i would like for the world to be as big as unity can handle at the most. my most important part of the game is gameplay. it has to be a great experience for the player. a possible position for hire could be in place if you take it. i need to get a kick starer going to start to pay people. your name in our special thanks too. what i need: 1. one city 2. four small towns 3. huge forest 4. mountains 5. day and night 6. xbox 360 controller support (if you can)

Anywhere [PAID] Level Designers needed at Block-Smash! at # Block-Smash!

level designers needed at block-smash! # block-smash! anywhere level designers about block-smash!: block-smash! is a community which started off hosting some gameservers and webservices. later on we quite stopped doing these and stopped with the community for a while, now i want to restart the entire idea starting off by creating our own game, and the community fitting to that. however i, sme4gle am dutch, i don't mind working with people all across the globe, so don't be affraid if you are from an entire different country. however speaking english is a key factor for being able to join our team. the job: block-smash! is designing a pirate themed rpg game featuring shipbattles, swordfighting, gunfighting and alot more. are you interested in building a game like this with us, feel free to apply by filling in the form at or check our website for more information. we do not really have any requirements other than some experience with unity and maya, speaking english and being able to work in a team. some experience with coding languages might come in useful. feel free to send me an email for more information. or to apply for the job.

Anywhere [PAID] Level Designer at West Hangar Games

level designer west hangar games anywhere level designers west hangar games is looking for experienced level designers to work on outlaw, a horror game. applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge of both basic and advanced level design techniques. applicants must have experience in: - unreal engine 4 editor - unreal engine 4 material editor + addition design tools in the editor - an understanding of how to import and implement textures and models able to express 3d objects and characters in a game designed in horror theme. payment depends on the amount of work you do. communication methods of our company. a email skype bbm [blackberry messenger to stay in contact with the development group on the go] things to have ready with your application. prepared to provide examples of your work [horror themed games a plus. not really essential] thank you for your interest in west hangar games. wanna work in a friendly environment where learning and developing is our aim, in a close and strong bonded group? and working at one of the biggest independent indie company's of the netherlands? then this is your chance!

Anywhere Level Designer at Mythic

level designer mythic anywhere level designers mythic is looking for experienced level designers to work on an unannounced game on steam utilizing unreal engine 4. applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge of both basic and advanced level design techniques in addition to a profound sense of artistic initiative and design. applicants must have experience in: - unreal engine 4 editor - unreal engine 4 material editor + addition design tools in the editor - an understanding of how to import and implement textures and models into the editor *clear understanding of and capability to express abstract 3d objects and characters in a game designed around horror* you will need to remain in contact at least 2 times a week. payment works on a royalty basis and depending on contribution to the project. all work is credited to you. good things to have : active email skype understanding of gdocs *note* be prepared to provide examples of your work!! *do not apply if you cannot meet the above criteria* thank you for your time.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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