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Anywhere 3D modeller Animator at Portal 2: Abyss

3d modeller animator portal 2: abyss anywhere level designers hi, my name is francis racicot aka pac0master. i am the creator of the mod abyss for portal 2. i started this mod almost two years ago and i have been working alone since then ( with the exception of some small request from time to time) now i am thinking about creating a team to work on this project and finish it for good. i have been turning in circle for too long. i am looking for at least two volunteers 3d modellers who are capable of various works such as - creation of structural component ( beams, trusses, etc) - creation of industrial component (boxes, crates, storage accessories, etc) - creation of doors and utilities - creation&animation; of guns and characters. - creation of miscellaneous objects ( junks, debris, etc) it is required to have experience with source engine and own portal 2. i can not afford to pay any services yet, possibly later (i can not promise anything) - you will be credited. - you have no time restriction, take all the time you need. - we will stay in contact via steam and skype. thank you for your time

Anywhere Level designer needed! at Z Game-Production

level designer needed! z game-production anywhere level designers hello there! we are z game-production and we need a level designer in here, for our new project: subject 49 (we may also need you at some other projects, but more late) so here are some steps to follow, if you are interested in: step #1: send us some of your work, or what you did before you found this ad, to our email. when you are assigned for this job, you will have to show us your work. step #2: tell us how much time, will you work with, us! you can also quit when ever you want to. guilt free! step #3: you will need some supplies to work with us: gml basic knowledge, puzzle solving, skype, played portal or portal 2 at least once (this one is not needed exactly, but it is better, cause it gives you the view, of what kind of stuff to do) step #4: if you will stay a long time, you will have to work on other projects, when we say so. so yeah, don't be angry. step #5: if you get any psychological troubles with us, please don't sue us. step #6: things you should know: we don't pay (the software is free, our games are free, and we have no money) thank you, and we appreciate you joining us!

Anywhere Faceless ~ UE4 Level Designers/Environmental Artists wanted. (ROYALTY) at Blacklight Studios

faceless ~ ue4 level designers/environmental artists wanted. (royalty) blacklight studios anywhere level designers blacklight studios is in need of experienced level designers/environmental artists to help build single and multiplayer maps and bringing them to life for faceless, an independent greenlit horror on the unreal engine 4, to be sold on steam. ( to apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of level design and to have had prior experience in the udk or ue4 engine(s) - past work will be required to show your skill, if you are under an nda for your current projects, you will be allowed to create a test map as an alternative if you would like to apply for the position. if you are accepted onto the team, you will be required to share your skype credentials so that you can be added to the development chat group. this chat group is text based, and not audio based. there is also a separate personal chat for off-topic speak of all kind. the development chat requires you to check in as regularly as possible, we recommend once every two days. royalty payment: this project is being sold on steam, and developers will receive pay post-launch based on the sales. more information can be requested when applying.

Anywhere Recruitment at Excelsion

recruitment excelsion anywhere level designers hi im jared from excelsion studios we are a small gaming company just starting out and we are recruiting for any level programmers, artists and designers for a new 2d platformer called adventures in shadowland. we have only created one other game before this a moblie game but we here at excelsion are wanting to branch out and make something fun and exiting for both console and pc are the details for our current project. you and your girlfreind are walking in a park when suddenly you are attacked by a wind mage he steals you girlfreind and escapes to a portal where you then follow to the fabled shadowland on the other side you find that the wind mage has escaped to the black tower where your girlfriend is being keeped and its up to you to save her. we will be using the unity 4.6 free edition engine for this project. we will also be using google docs and trello for organisation and file transfers. the only things we are requireing right now are as follows: a good work ethic, patience, and a willing to make a great game. if you want any info just send a email to thank you for checking out our ad.

Anywhere Level Designer at Enjoyable Games

level designer enjoyable games anywhere level designers hello everyone! i'm simone, the cofounder of the small indie studio called enjoyable games. right now we're working on our first game, an fps that will mostly take place in modern age (around 2017). even if we are a small team we already had early talks with microsoft u.s. and nvidia italy and they both sounded impressed and interested by our game concept. our idea is to create a technical demo, on which we've just started to work on, that will be used for both media exposure as for a crowdfunding campaign. at the moment we can't offer any payment but once we'll get funded everyone will be paid for all the work he/she has done before and for what he/she will do in the future. right now we're in search of a level designers. we would like to find someone who love videogames as much as we do, ready to give 100% to make the project happen. don't worry we accept application even from student or less experienced artist since we want to help the younger level designer to grow in the industry. of course the ideal would have been to have at least one experience level designer in the team but i promise we will consider each application we will receive. now let me tell you more about the requirements for this open position. requirements: - have already created levels in unreal engine 4. - experience with optimization techniques and material creation. - have a licensed version of unreal engine 4. - high level of commitment. - good communication skills and good knowledge of the english language. - friendly and ready to cooperate with other team members. - ability to show some of his previous work. more details will be discussed and disclosed later.

Anywhere | Skype Level Designer at Demigod Studios

level designer demigod studios anywhere | skype level designers demigod studios is looking for a skilled level designer with knowledge of unity and also 3d studio max or maya. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to visualize the ideas and the designs of the game. 3) be able to build locations in the editor with existing meshes, tools and the help of environment artists. 4) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 5) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) prepare sketches and maps for new locations (2d & 3d). 2) have some knowledge of real world geography and topography. 3) knowledge of 3ds max or any other leading software such as maya. 4) knowledge of the unity game engine. 5) be flexible with priorities that are given desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere 3D Modeler at Infinity Interactive

3d modeler infinity interactive anywhere level designers hi! infinity interactive are currently working on war of the servers a very different fps game. feel free to check it out here on indiedb for more information on the game. mainly, we are looking for a modeler who is capable of creating good quality real world models. we are using unreal engine 4, therefore you will need to be able create your models for this engine. unreal engine 4 models are easier to create in autodesk products such as maya or 3ds max as the model format is fbx. you will need to have had experience with importing models into games, understanding normal's and lods. lods are extremely important for optimization so this is a must. requirements: - good understanding of how models and importing models work. - experience with modelling before. - have a licensed modelling product to create models. good things to have: - experience with unreal engine 3/4. - experience importing models to unreal engine. - being able to create your own materials and make them importable to unreal engine 4. - good team working skills. --more information-- - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for infinity interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project on top of our current project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thankyou!

Anywhere 2. Level Designers at tendogames

2. level designers tendogames anywhere level designers right now we have almost all positions filled to work for our kickstarter & indiegogo campaign - short demo game. we may open in the future new position. for now we only looking for 2 exceptional level designers. task: you will work with me, and other level designers. for example i will work on a stage and you will work on the other stage, that later we will stream together. we will share textures with each others and meshes to speed things out. requirements: 1. at least basic knowledge of udk, knowing how to work with terrain well, blocking volumes, materials, textures, lights, triggers etc. 2. must know how to create his/her own assets, using max, maya or blender. 3. must know how to create his/her own textures assets, using photoshop, and crazybump/ndo or zbrush. on short. the individual must know how to create a "stunning looking level" without any help from the environment artists, even if we offer you the help. is this a paid job? the game we are currently making is based on royalty, we offer you equal profit sharing from crowd-funding and the opportunity working in a team of talented people.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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