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Systems Game Designer

Systems Game Designer

Brighton, UK at Mind Candy

systems game designer mind candy brighton, uk level designers candy labs is a research and development studio that experiments with new ideas to spin up the next wave of ground-breaking entertainment for kids of all ages. they work on a mix of digital and non-digital entertainment with some of the concepts being acquired from third parties, but most originating in-house. mind candy's vision is to create the greatest entertainment company in the world for the new digital generation. our flagship product is moshi monsters which has grown to over 80m registered users online but has also expanded successfully offline into best selling books, magazines, toys, trading cards, music albums, and a movie. creating magical entertainment on mobile and tablets is at the heart of what we do at mind candy and we're now developing several groundbreaking new products for kids and their families. if you want to get on board the mind candy rocket ship and help craft one of europe's most ambitious and fastest growing tech companies then we'd love to hear from you. the role we are looking for an exceptional systems game designer to join our team. we’re working on an exciting new game for mobile & tablet, and need an experienced systems designer to build content, design & refine desirable game mechanics. responsibilities produce and take ownership of design specs, desirable game mechanics, game rules, balance spreadsheets, and other game documentation devise creative solutions to gameplay & balancing issues, working closely with our product management & data analysis teams interpret casual game mechanics for the mobile platform refine balance of live game economies collaborate with the design team to review specs, improve design processes, and strengthen game design as a vital pillar of the company analyse game metrics and player behaviour to monitor and promote game health develop feature set for new titles, with an emphasis on solid balance and progression deconstruct mechanics and systems in competitive strategy and mobile titles recognize and stay abreast of game design trends, patterns, and consumer preferences requirements passion for making deep, engaging games on social platforms excitement to translate the fun of strategy games for the mobile platform game design experience - with particular expertise in the social genre ability to reason both creatively and logically advanced excel knowledge, with the ability to apply formulas to tune a game ability to identify gameplay and balancing issues and to offer solutions to fix them ability to pitch game concepts clearly and effectively comprehensive knowledge of game mechanics -- know what’s out there, what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve experience as a team player -- great ideas come from everywhere. (we are an ego-free group!) adaptability to a rapidly shifting, fast-paced creative environment comfort juggling multiple responsibilities to collaborate and excel in small-team environment passion for all types of games including board games, trading cards and mmos understanding of the freemium market knowledge of mobile technology -- its boundaries and unique potential as it applies to games nice to have experience managing games post-launch -- where the game is continuously updated and improved non-design game development experience, such as art, programming, etc. experience designing a/b tests to help guide design direction. familiarity with scripting languages or other technical skills related to game development experience creating rule sets, such as skills, classes, etc.

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USA Level Creator at MoPho' Games

level creator mopho' games usa level designers i'm looking to hire a small team of talented individuals to help produce a quality first person shooter (working title is orbital assault) who am i my name is alan stagner. i'm the author of unity multiplayer games by packt publishing. i also collaborate with daikonforge on a number of previous and upcoming unity middleware offerings. now, i want to make a good, fun, and solid shooter experience for pc & mac. summary orbital assault will be a free-to-play first person shooter aiming to provide a quality shooter experience. the game is set in the semi-distant future and takes some inspiration from shooter classics like quake (mostly in the physics department, with some weapons inspiration) as well as more recent offerings like battlefield and halo. there will be a mix of modern weaponry and exotic fantasy weapons. i'm aiming to provide two things: good, fun, and fair gameplay, and a high quality graphical experience. roadmap we'll be following a similar route that several indie games such as interstellar marines, folklore, and more have taken. the idea is to release a series of small demos. each demo is designed to give the public a taste of what's to come in the final version, and most importantly to help us actually develop the components of our game and to develop a workflow. it will be important to gather an audience throughout the early development releases, as the success of a f2p game - especially a multiplayer one - really depends on having an audience of fans (other factors aside). 1.) the first demo will be a graphics demo. it will showcase environments, characters, weapons, effects, animations, and more. the purpose of the demo is twofold: to help us develop a workflow between concept artist, 3d artist, and level designer, and additionally to show off the graphics and art we expect to employ in the final game. 2.) the second demo will be a shooting demo. the goal of the demo is to develop our weaponry system, fine-tune the "feel" of the shooting, and to show the public the meat of any fps: guns and bullets. this demo will take place in a small shooting range, allowing the player to take aim at a number of stationary and moving targets with an assault rifle. 3.) the third demo will be a gameplay demo. the goal of this demo is to expand upon the movement and weaponry developed in earlier demos into a small playable game. in this demo the player is given a full loadout (assault rifle, pistol, frag grenade, and sentry turret) and is tasked with surviving against increasing waves of enemy robots. 4.) the fourth demo will be a multiplayer demo. the goal of this demo is to help us integrate earlier prototypes into an authoritative multiplayer context with a simple player versus player demo game. players are given the same loadout as the prior gameplay demo and tasked with killing members of the opposing team (essentially, team deathmatch) 5.) finally, these concepts will all be combined and applied towards creating the finished product as a fully playable, well polished game. level creator would block in levels using a prototyping tool, and then coordinate with the 3d artist to provide content for finalizing the level. must additionally be able to coordinate with the concept artist on level appearance/design. it is required to be comfortable working with svn repositories. all applicants must be residents of the united states of america, and must be able to provide a form w-9 if hired. more information here:

Anywhere Games Designer at Cute Absurd

games designer cute absurd anywhere level designers hello game designers, [center][/center] who: i'm dayvi and i enjoy creating worlds, like this one in which hamsters adventure in a post-human land. [center][/center] wanted: i'm looking for a game designer to work with me in creating a game design for the hamsters and for a few other worlds. i'd really like a long term partner to help with many designs. [center][/center] you need to be good at: - games design - writing a game design doc - explaining (or sketching) your ideas - making the world and the game fit together - prototype testing and rethinking [center][/center] pay: you can either be paid for work done, or be part of a revenue share. i have experience with kickstarter and will be running a kser for the games in the future. [center][/center] contact: if you're interested in helping me design games please contact me:

Anywhere Senior Narrative Designer. (Campaign.) at CELLGames

senior narrative designer. (campaign.) cellgames anywhere level designers senior narrative designer(campaign): here at the newly founded cellgames, we’re looking for humble but ambitious, razor-sharp professionals who can teach us a thing or two. we promise to return the favour. like us, you take play seriously; you’re passionate about games. we embrace those who are able to think outside the proverbial box, those who aren’t afraid to experiment and have a healthy disregard for constraints, and to the norms of gaming. that’s where you come in. as a senior narrative designer for the singleplayer campaign, your experience as a tried and tested storyteller will assist you in the creation of the gripping and action-packed game’s world, the characters that live in it and ultimately, the plot. this will then in turn inspire the artists and designers who will help produce them and the passionate players who will bring them to life. and since your ability to develop narrative extends off the page and into pitches, you’ll use your craftsmanship to generate excitement from seasoned storytelling professionals outside of gaming, such as those in the film, television, or music arenas. ultimately, it’s your love of gaming and passion for writing, along with an unfathomable desire that’ll position you to help players create their own unique narratives through the playing, and you can’t wait to help them write the next chapter. the empire of the rising sun.

Anywhere Level Designer Needed! at DeadCoast

level designer needed! deadcoast anywhere level designers we are currently in need of a level designer for our project. it is a basic game but we need fairly detailed maps and they need to be created quickly. our current game is a murder investigation game, you play as a detective trying to figure out who murdered a young woman. as the level designer you will draw out the map of the apartment and stairwell along with more detailed maps of each room. we need a level designer fairly quickly and we cannot yet offer pay. we do not require 3d maps, but if you have the skill to do so that may help in the future. we will only require that you be able to make nice maps, you do not have to hand draw them and you will be able to use microsoft paint. we are a small team just looking for someone to help out, we will have more games to develop in the future so you will be able to stay with us to develop more maps. once our games are released and monetized you will get a share of the profit based on your work done, and how long it took to do it. you will be required to have a skype account and must be active in our group discussions.

Anywhere Level Designer / Environment Artist at Arbitrary Studio

level designer / environment artist arbitrary studio anywhere level designers hello there! grindstone is going to be a breathtaking adventure in classic stealth action, mixed with great visuals and an adaptive storyline: but only with your help! you see, the game doesn't actually exist yet. that's where you come in. grindstone is a stealth survival game set in an office under siege. as one of the few employees surviving capture from a team of armed mercenaries, you have to find a way to stop them. or save your own skin. really, it's up to you - there are multiple storyline options and branches that adapt to player decisions to create several alternative ending scenarios. a more complete description is available on our indiedb profile page. there is no funding for the project currently; crowd funding for a reasonable amount is a sensible option, should development reach a point where unpaid positions are unworkable. we're looking for an level designer and/or environment artist, which will initially involve creating grey-box layouts for game-play testing. as this progresses we will look to creating visually finished environments ready for the final game. must haves: - good understanding of game flow and single player level design - experience with modular level design - time to dedicate to the project would be cool to have: - knowlege of pbr art creation - experience with unreal engine 4 - experience with quixel ddo

Anywhere Modeler at Wanted

modeler wanted anywhere level designers wanted games is a small company and is working on a new racing game using the unity game engine. some requirements include: - being able use modeling software like 3ds max and maya - being able to create models that have textures - being able to create models that are rigged - some knowledge of unity - some knowledge of unreal engine 4 and cryengine 3 - email for communication - always available at wanted, we will provide you with 3ds max, maya, and unity pro. if you need any other paid software used for modeling, we will provide you with it. you will be tasked in creating cars, building exteriors and tracks for the game. you will also be tasked to work on modeling for future games. what you need to answer in the cover letter: - what is your favorite game? - what is your favorite game genre? - why do you want to join wanted? - are you a beginner modeler? - have you ever worked as a modeler anywhere else? the job is unpaid, but if the game has good sales, you will get a fair share of the money made. we are excepting many people for the job and we hope you will be able to join the wanted team!

Anywhere Environment Designer for Halo at Skydive Industries

environment designer for halo skydive industries anywhere level designers humanity's descent is an upcoming halo game in production by skydive industries in the unity3d game engine, with permission by halo owners, microsoft studios and 343 industries. it is not in any way an official halo title! game history the project is currently code-named, humanity's descent, and started development in 2009, however, we didn't get that far until 2011. the story was created by two friends, who are head of our studio, and this game is centered around it. the goal is to create a halo game with storytelling as our main priority, gameplay as our second. your contribution you would be taking part in the development of the environments used in cinematics and gameplay. you would create many versions of environments based off of high quality paintings provided by our concept artists. requirements please make sure you have the following. 1. good online communication skills and access to email and/or skype. 2. experience in modeling sci-fi environments in either 3ds max, blender, etc. 3. the ability to texture your environments. 4. the ability to animate some instances of your environments(optional) 5. be willing to redo your work if necessary. 6. be able to create environments from from 2d paintings. contacting info you can contact us through the project leader's email, contact him for info on the project. payments because this project is an "indie" of halo, we are under rules that prevent monetary gain for the developers. meaning, we cannot pay our team. all work must be voluntary, but we can assure you this project will be great for your portfolio.

Anywhere Red Alert 2 Mission Scripter at Mentalmeisters

red alert 2 mission scripter mentalmeisters anywhere level designers we have created and released 36 singleplayer missions and 18 cooperative maps for mental omega: almost perfect yuri's revenge 3.0 act one. mental omega is an expansion modification created by the mentalmeisters for command & conquer red alert 2 yuri's revenge. here's a video preview of a released mission from mental omega 3.0: this is the first allied mission in act one called "red dawn rising" and it is a retelling of soviet invasion on the united states. it is a good example of what we're aiming for with our missions. for act two, there is another set of 36 singleplayer missions and additional coops planned. lordcesare, the mapper, has already prepared over 40 high quality mission layouts for possible use, meaning that the mission scripter won't have to create the maps unless he wants to expand or modify the existing ones. we are looking for additional mission scripters to accelerate the development of act two. maps with complete layouts are ready and available for scripting, so if you'd like to participate in completing new missions or even make a single contribution to mental omega, please message speeder or write an e-mail to experience in red alert 2 mission design with the finalalert 2 or finalsun map editor is required, obviously.

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