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Anywhere {Royalty} Multiplayer Level Designer at Oh Snap Games

{royalty} multiplayer level designer oh snap games anywhere level designers oh snap games is looking for a talented level designer to join our team. the perfect applicant would be adept at communicating via the internet, and could be available for online meetings at least once a week. displaying both a collaborative capacity and personal initiative, and have worked previously on other projects specifically dealing in multiplayer layouts. they like outdoor urban based levels, and strive to add strategy when possible. since this is royalty based, they have a consistent income elsewhere that will financially enable them to see the project through release. prerequisites: - understands lighting and how it effects mood. - used to blockout work methodology. - ability to work closely with concept and environmental artists to help create a consistent look. - experience in any 3d game engine with creating levels. (we use mit torque 3d) - scripting knowledge sufficient to create level based events. - can create basic assets to fill in spots if artists are otherwise occupied. - ability to communicate and work over the net. - works well independently with a work flow concept. about us: we are a small indie company who work with one another on our freetime over the web. our members are a mix of past professionals, indies, and fresh graduates. we strive to keep our working relationship relaxed with one another since it is volunteer at this time. we want people who can be passionate, but not to the point of exhaustion, or vice versa can't add anything other than enthusiasm.

Anywhere Texture Artist needed at Anywhere

texture artist needed anywhere anywhere level designers (pardon for my english) hi we are 3 guys making a first person salesman game and we need someone who can do textures for all the modells we've made. 3d work is 90% done for the first level and your work is needed

Anywhere, we'll mostly be talking on like skype, or irc. Map Maker needed at Anywhere

map maker needed anywhere anywhere, we'll mostly be talking on like skype, or irc. level designers i need someone to make quake bsp maps for my quake one mod called doomsville. i m doing all of the programming, i just need someone to make maps and stuff. barely any experience needed. all you have to do is produce a usable bsp for me. my standards are really low. comminication will be done mostly via irc and/or tox. i don't need a lot of maps, just like a few sets (2-3 per set) of simple ones. about doomsville doomsville is planned to be a stylized single-player quake mod. notable changes will include: different weapons, different enemies, and cutscenes. i mean it's an fps, not much can change from one game to another. about is my website, it looks like crap because i don't know css. it may not look like a modding company, cos it's not. i make software reviews. i wanna try something different, so i am using my programming knowledge to make a quake mod. why quake? because it's fun. other stuff you should know the maps would preferably be made in trenchbroom, but you're making the maps so like why should i care. i don't want the .map files, just the .bsp. current team: me, of and hopefully you! also i might get a 3d modeler.

Anywhere Level Designer at Derailed Games

level designer derailed games anywhere level designers we're derailed games, a cloud based indie game development team with a long experience, we're working on an innovative and unique photorealistic episodic third person survival horror title which we're building on unreal engine 4, the game blends classic survival horror gameplay and modern smooth mechanics, we're currently working on a short demo called episode 0 and it is set to release sometime around april... we're looking for someone to help structure and build the world in the engine, your responsibilities would be: - creating levels based on drawn maps and documents.. - decorating the levels with 3d assets made by the team... - adding a level of detail to the levels and making sure they look realistic. requirements: - the ability to interact and cooperate with team members.. - good knowledge with the material editor of ue4.. - a passion for game development and survival horror games.. for more information on the job or for applying please contact: for applicants it's required to send an example of previous work or your capabilities..

Anywhere Game Designer at RadLab Gaming

game designer radlab gaming anywhere level designers hello everyone! i am looking for a game designer to join our new indie studio named radlabgaming and help us get to the next level of creating video games that people will love to play and thoroughly enjoy.we have finished one game already and are working on the second one via live stream for anyone to watch. we focus on 2d games using our own engine built in c++ / sfml. therefore, i am looking for someone who loves 2d games and can do a great game design while i take care of the programmer and our marketer takes care of the marketing. :-) our twitch account is: our first game that we have in alpha is: if you are interested i would love to hear back from you and see if w can get something worked out! i would love to talk via skype as well to make things go quicker then email and allow us to move forward quickly with the correct candidate. if and when we get onto steam and start making money you will receive a portion of the game revenue that we agree upon at a later time... so hopefully that will motivate you!! haha bryce

Anywhere Looking for Level Designer at MasoICE

looking for level designer masoice anywhere level designers hi, i'm new here. i would like to make a horror videogame. i'm a programmer, but i don't know how to create 3d models and great textures. i need a level designer, that will develop all the scenary where the player will play. if you'll agree help me i'll explain you all the project but now i don't would like to say the features. i need an expert level designer, because the game i'm developing is great and i would like to share it. so please, if you aren't an expert level designer, don't contact me. if you agree help me i would like to see your capacity, i would like to know if you are very good at level designering, or if you are terrible! if you'll agree help me you'll send me a video where you are doing a 3d model, with textures. to see if are you really doing the 3d model, put the word "hello timmyturner241" on the body of the human that you'll do. sorry for my english! i'm italian so i don't speak english very well!

Anywhere | Skype Level Deisgner at Demigod Studios

level deisgner demigod studios anywhere | skype level designers demigod studios is looking for a skilled level designer with knowledge of unity and also 3d studio max or maya. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) have the skill to visualize the ideas and the designs of the game. 3) be able to build locations in the editor with existing meshes, tools and the help of environment artists. 4) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 5) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 6) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) prepare sketches and maps for new locations (2d & 3d). 2) have some knowledge of real world geography and topography. 3) knowledge of 3ds max or any other leading software such as maya. 4) knowledge of the unity game engine. 5) be flexible with priorities that are given desired (but not necessary) skills: 1) have shipped 1 commercial title this position is with royalties and not full time job. therefore it is not imperative to live in athens since we will communicate and everything will be done through internet.

Anywhere 3D modeller Animator at Portal 2: Abyss

3d modeller animator portal 2: abyss anywhere level designers hi, my name is francis racicot aka pac0master. i am the creator of the mod abyss for portal 2. i started this mod almost two years ago and i have been working alone since then ( with the exception of some small request from time to time) now i am thinking about creating a team to work on this project and finish it for good. i have been turning in circle for too long. i am looking for at least two volunteers 3d modellers who are capable of various works such as - creation of structural component ( beams, trusses, etc) - creation of industrial component (boxes, crates, storage accessories, etc) - creation of doors and utilities - creation&animation; of guns and characters. - creation of miscellaneous objects ( junks, debris, etc) it is required to have experience with source engine and own portal 2. i can not afford to pay any services yet, possibly later (i can not promise anything) - you will be credited. - you have no time restriction, take all the time you need. - we will stay in contact via steam and skype. thank you for your time

Anywhere Level designer needed! at Z Game-Production

level designer needed! z game-production anywhere level designers hello there! we are z game-production and we need a level designer in here, for our new project: subject 49 (we may also need you at some other projects, but more late) so here are some steps to follow, if you are interested in: step #1: send us some of your work, or what you did before you found this ad, to our email. when you are assigned for this job, you will have to show us your work. step #2: tell us how much time, will you work with, us! you can also quit when ever you want to. guilt free! step #3: you will need some supplies to work with us: gml basic knowledge, puzzle solving, skype, played portal or portal 2 at least once (this one is not needed exactly, but it is better, cause it gives you the view, of what kind of stuff to do) step #4: if you will stay a long time, you will have to work on other projects, when we say so. so yeah, don't be angry. step #5: if you get any psychological troubles with us, please don't sue us. step #6: things you should know: we don't pay (the software is free, our games are free, and we have no money) thank you, and we appreciate you joining us!

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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