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Anywhere Texture Artist at NightHood Games

texture artist nighthood games anywhere human resources hi i’m daniel the lead developer/director at nighthood games. we are a talented new team of writers, composers, modellers and coders all working together to create ‘heartbreaker’, a horror/adventure game. the project is well on its way and the only position we have left to fill is that of a texturer. all we ask is that you have the time to spend on this project, are able to use blender and can complete some large sized textures. we hope to find someone that is as excited about the project as we are that can share our loyalty and commitment to creating it. if you are interested please send an email to with an example of your previous work. thank you, daniel. heartbreaker: blackwood high has a dark history. originally a manor house for the prestigious morrison family in colonial massachusetts, it was abandoned after a series of particularly gruesome witch trials. placed under the curse of a malevolent being the family had no choice but to leave for their own safety. but now a descendant of the original family has returned and reopened the house as a school... unfortunately for the students the witch’s lust for revenge has re-awoken too. when george tucker's mother died in a tragic house fire he received a personal invitation to join blackwood high school by the mysterious principle foster w. morrison. he claims to have known george's mother and is extending a scholarship out of respect for her, but as things in the school start to go wrong, and the hauntings take a more sinister turn, george realises there may be more to this invitation than he first thought.

Anywhere Project WOLF at Pycabit, LLC

project wolf pycabit, llc anywhere human resources by human resources, we mean all human resources :) project wolf is a 2d rpg game we are developing for ios and android through unity 3d. it is a community project, therefore we will not be paying or earning any money for the game. additionally, it will be published on ios for free through pycabit, llc. project wolf is inspired by several classic rpg series including: mario & luigi, earthbound, and professor layton. we need programmers, level designers, composers, testers, voice actors, animators, 2d artists, concept artists, etc. so far, we have already written a basic story, along with some key game mechanics. we think this game will be a great opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills and talents, work together, gain experience, and learn something new in the process, so we hope to see you join the team! :d requirements dedication passion for developing games self-motivated team player open-minded and respectful of others some prior experience in the position you are applying for tools for the position you are applying for roles c# programmers game designers (story, mechanics, gameplay, etc.) 2d artists – character design, level design, animations, ui design, icon, concept artwork, etc. 2d cut-scene animators composers – music and sound effects voice-actors script-writers testers

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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