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Anywhere Seeking Male Voice Actors for Mod at Heath Games

seeking male voice actors for mod heath games anywhere audio/music i'll be needing some voice work done for my mod, "half-rats: a fever dream" for half-life 1. this mod takes place in the northern united states in the late 19th century. the two parts available are: mr. trask - the owner of a general store. he is a non-combatant but plays a support role. he is over the age of 30. he is middle class. he uses scientist ai. private barnaby - a soldier. he is younger than 30. he's based off of barney's ai. requirements: 1. must be proficient with english and able to flawlessly perform in a midwestern united states accent. 2. must have access to quality tools, or at least be able to produce a quality recording. more details will be provided to you upon request. details such as: references, background, story and screenshots. a good opportunity to cut your teeth. i cannot pay you as this is a mod and therefore has no income or revenue attached to it. the mod is nearly finished and all i'll need to get the demo pushed out is your voice. you will be credited.

Anywhere SSH2 Voice Actor at N!arF Studios

ssh2 voice actor n!arf studios anywhere audio/music your skill must be normal. you will need to send me a video clip of all the voices you can do. it will be for adding these sounds on maps. i will tell you what character you can do. remember to use all your voices. if you have a video clip of all the voices but it's from long ago and your voice changed or it does not show all of your voices you may need to record it again but if you have it from like 3 months ago it's ok unless you didn't add all of your voices you can do. more voices equals more possiblity of hiring you, so remember to show all of your voices. it's for a mod called scientist slaughterhouse 2, a revival of the original scientist slaughterhouse 1.0 that was never heard of again about new updates. if you are interesed look at the how to apply section. ----frainbreezed anyways, i have to reach for 1000 characters so i will just type this, but it's extremely crazy that we need to type this much characters, because with this description it was enough. i'll tell you about the mod. it's about killing scientists. boom, done. c:

Anywhere Music and Sound Fx at Wicked

music and sound fx wicked anywhere audio/music hello, my name is jason attwood or wicked and currently i'm looking for someone to create music and sound-fx for a rouge-like game that i am currently working on , at the moment the position would not be paid and would be for experience more than anything , however if the game does make it to release (in which case it would be sold) profit-sharing would be worked out. --- what would be required of you --- - background music the setting for the game is dungeon themed as it's a rouge-like so it means that the music would be quite gloomy as well as eerie feeling. note: (there would be multiple pieces of background music if possible probably around 3-4 pieces with 1 being used primary for the main menu) -sound effects (ablities) things such as slash and dash sounds that the character would make when using abilities or the sound of a sword clash these types of sounds and more would be required of you. -sound effects(general) these sounds are things like walking sounds and the sounds of the environment such as water dropping etc. there are probably other types of sounds that would come up such as menu sounds for when hitting a button and interacting with the inventory and the likes but i will discuss them as they come up as they are very small sounds and easy to do. if you would like more information or would like to work with me contact me with the email below. (recommended to also have skype) thanks in advance jason attwood aka wicked

Anywhere [UNPAID] Composer at Anywhere

[unpaid] composer anywhere anywhere audio/music hello there! we’re two artists - yuukicrosspudding and laniessa - who decided to join sunofes, a jam running through july with very lax rules. we want to make an aria-inspired game about summer and friendship, but as we’re only artists, we’re lacking in other skills. because of this, we’re searching for additional members to help us make this game. there’s one and a half month left to complete the project! we’re looking for members who are willing to give new ideas to develop the project further, and this project is a good way to experiment, have fun and create new things! we treasure any sort of creative input and there will be a lot of flexibility in what you can do. we’re moving from our comfort-zone a bit to experiment with this project, so we’re happy for you to do the same! project details our tentative name for the project is cerulean, because we want the of the story to be cool and refreshing! story our story concept centers around a girl who moved to a different town to live with her mother three years ago. despite living in the town for such a long time, she feels like an outsider and has a difficulty in recognizing the town as her ‘home’ - until she meets two people that she ends up making friends with and finds ‘home’ in the people around her. the game story will revolve around friendship, the concept of ‘home’ and warmth. for now we are 4 characters - one pomeranian, with 3 different endings in our mind. it’s still in an early stage, so we would be thrilled if you have any input and want to develop the story further. the town will be venice-inspired, surrounded by water, with the story set in a modern-era. important motifs that we want to evoke will be the ocean and the colour blue. composer we want to achieve a very calm effect with our game, so we’re looking for sweet, calming songs! we’re looking for about 4-5 tracks tops, so if you’re interested, please apply! we know a few vocalists that can help out too, if you would like! to see more:

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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