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Anywhere Horror Music Composer at Aperture Game Development Studios

horror music composer aperture game development studios anywhere audio/music for our new game "territory" we need a talented music composer with the ability to make original and creepy horror music. -------------------------------------- we need: (we may need more sounds later) *a menu theme *2 ingame themes -------------------------------------- skills needed: *you should speak fluently english or even better, fluently german. *you should be able to make good music, even without great template. -------------------------------------- you should comopose the music only for the game. it should not be available somewhere else. the work is voluntary, not bound and unpaid. you get more information after you applied. we are looking forward to reading your application. we will reply within 24 hours. if not we are sorry to tell you, that you application was not successfull. ------------------------------------- we are looking forward to working with some talented people, sincerely, your aperture game development team *if you have any questions contact *

Anywhere Offering Music at Atis Freivalds - composer

offering music atis freivalds - composer anywhere audio/music my name is atis freivalds, 20 years old and i am very small music creator, and i wanted to offer my music to your game or other upcomming projects. i am creating music for almost two years now, also i have two years experience in music editing. mostly i am able to create emotional music, sad music, atmospheric music and horror music. you can find my music that i have been so far created at my soundcloud profile i have no experience in working with videogame music but i am ready to create new msuic and do my best to hold best atmosphere in emotional parts or atmospheric parts of the game. in most cases i am working for free - no money needed. if you are intrested feel free to contact with me and i will respond as fastest i will be able to. email: also you can use moddb messaging system, youtube messaging system, facebook messaging system and messaging. links for facebook, youtube and vk you will find at my soundcloud profile

Anywhere Musician at Portal 2: Abyss

musician portal 2: abyss anywhere audio/music hello, i am pac0amster, the developer of portal 2: abyss i am looking for talented musicians who are willing to work for free or very cheaply for helping my project. the mod itself tell the story of a military woman who get taken by the combine soldiers. while invading the earth, the combine has partially taken over the aperture science laboratories and they started experimentation over humans there. things went wrong and you got lose. this is the current moddb page. the genre of the music i am looking for vary between the themes and differents areas. it will be mostly orchestral and electrical music. here's the ost of portal 2 my mod is a bit more dark than portal 2 itself. it also apply for the songs themselves. the major part of the mod will happen in the underground facility. it is mainly made of "behind the scene" and destroyed environement. i am looking for songs that fit this ambience. we can talk about it on skype, steam or via emails. ( see how to apply ) i am thinking about at least 10 - 15 different songs. it may be more as the development goes. this is a good opportunity if you are new or want to practice. you will be credited and you will also have rights to pretest the mod during the development phase. being a fan or having a good background of portal 2 would help a lot. thank you.

Anywhere Sound technician, and musician at Anywhere

sound technician, and musician anywhere anywhere audio/music hello looking for an audio technician who has experience creating audio for video games. working on a project based on a 2d beat em up styled/puzzle game. the technician will have to be able to create sounds for the actions during combat and outside of combat and background music. the game is something in the lines of streets of rage meets road not taken. its a dark mood and setting and focuses on character relationships. we will begin by making a demo so if your knowledge can cover these points we would really appreciate your company. the game will be made using unity, if your up for the task email the link. this position will not pay initially. if the project is successful you will share in the profits. you will have to able to work from your own location and will have to be willing to commit to the project. this is simply the beginning of the project so at this point we are looking for people who can help build the demo and establish how much time will be needed to reach an end point. hope to here from you.

Online! [Rogue Republic] Voice actors needed badly! at Giant Lynx Studios

[rogue republic] voice actors needed badly! giant lynx studios online! audio/music about the game: welcome to the dark grim future world of rogue republic where you embrace the twisted reality of today. restored russian imperial ambitions for european domination, eu seeking freedom from russian energy monopoly, trapped alien castaway hiding under disguise of a political leader and eastern european guerilla movement experimentating on human dna - that is what the near future is all about. do you want to take part in one of the most roaming c&c-like strategies being in living development? join us to shape the future of rts genre and sci-fi together! about us: we're a team of 6 guys loving cookies and hardcore gamedev each of whom came to realize that life is too short to make boring games. by joining us we offer profit-sharing, company of six bearded brutal guys with manly humour (and also we have a cat :3 meow ) so what's the deal? it happens to appear that units want to talk. but right now they can't - because we haven't gave them voices :'( (can you imagine how professional 3d artists and programmers do talk?) if you feel sympathetic for poor little tanks and scud launchers who want to talk and you got a good well-set voice - you're reading the right application. people of the following accents are highly needed by our units: - german - scandinavian - british - russian - french - any eastern european (from polish to romanian) both male and female are needed. please ensure you can read quotes good and have a good mike (sorry, we're not rich already to lend our own studio :) and if that so - contact us!

Anywhere [OPEN] Sound Engineer at Mad Cow Games

[open] sound engineer mad cow games anywhere audio/music for the position of sound engineer you will create sound effects for our games. we are still discussing ideas but as of now we are thinking of a horror game and some examples would be lit torch, doors, footsteps, enemy sounds, and ambient. since we are working on our first game this will not be a paid position but as our team progresses money will slowly come into play eventually. (these are just some examples as most of our games will consist of more) what the application should consist of. in the email we would like to know how long you have worked with sounds. if you have past projects or even a portfolio please give us a specific website or a set of videos,or screenshots (include your skype as well). questions? is this a paid position? no this position is paid threw sales upon a games release. is skype required? although its the most easiest way to contact people we will allow email. age? anyone above the age of 14 is allowed. (please be honest about your age) schedule? we have no schedule but we suggest you work on the project with us any free time you have. engine? with all of our games we will be using unity 3d free. (if we receive enough sales a unity team pro license will be purchased)

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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