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Anywhere Animaton/audio work at My self

animaton/audio work my self anywhere audio/music needed: an animator to take a bunch of animations i have collected and put together a small music/intro clip for a youtube channel. also a small trailer regarding the content of my channel. expecting text and logo work. i am looking for a rock/metal taste with some good music and sound effects. the channel's content is a mugen based pc game. mugen is a fighting game and i am hoping to put together something that had a fighting feel. 18+ target age. my channel is brand new but i have quite a bit of various clips that would work really well, i just need someone to help me put it all together. while previous work with animating and audio editing is a must, work with youtube intro design is highly desired. the ideal candidate would send me a few examples of intro sequences/samples that they have created, and begin discussing ideas and creation. also, knowledge of the mugen game engine is desired, but not required. email me with any question and i will be happy to discuss the topic further with you.

Anywhere Needs a music producer/composer/sound designer at Derren Sky Audio

needs a music producer/composer/sound designer derren sky audio anywhere audio/music dear games creators my name is derren sky nesbitt, i am a free lance music producer/composer/sound designer from leeds, i have been producing, mastering and recording music for around six years, my company is called derren sky audio. my studio runs cubase 5, logic pro 9 and propellerhead reason, i have many mastering and sfx plugings from wavs labs to audio damage. i specialize in many different styles of music, from rock music, classical, drum n bass, dub step, hip-hop, trip-hop and anything in between. i love all aspect of music and i really want to develop my musical reel in the video game industry, this is why i am willing to work totally for free with the exception that my name be added to the works for my digital portfolio to help boost my music career. so if you need any music producing or music mastering for your games please send me an email. my website is; here you can listen to my new digital works from film scores to rpg based gaming productions.

Interwebs Sound Designer at TomWrightSound

sound designer tomwrightsound interwebs audio/music hi guys! i'm looking to team up with a talented sound designer for an incredibly large, commercial project. i cannot go into any details regarding the project at this time. the person i'm looking for must have these requirements: - exceptional audio design skills. - access to high quality audio recording equipment (things like zoom h4n are fine). - some experience working for games/mods. - friendly and able to accept constructive criticism. - able to work consistently and contribute work regularly. - able provide good communication throughout the course of the project. - excellent english, spoken and written. the position is paid, and you will be paid in royalties. this is a fantastic opportunity for any new but talented sound designers, looking to get into the industry. you can check out my works over at

Anywhere Composer/Sound designer [Music + SFX integration] at Anywhere

composer/sound designer [music + sfx integration] anywhere anywhere audio/music i am a composer and sound designer for online media & video games. i have over 10 years experience as an audio production professional in recording, mixing, mastering, sound editing, along with a formal background as a multi-instrumentalist musician/composer. my dedication is in multimedia excellence for game developers of all types. i focus on collaboration, communication, and creating music that supplements the entire multimedia experience. my studio runs adobe audition cs6, propellerhead reason, fmod, unity + unreal integration and various other specialized software with a strong sfx and plugin library in a stereo environment. if you are a dedicated game designer/game dev, feel free to contact me. i would like to hear about your latest project. music/audio portfolio: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [video game edm (for fans of savant, anamanaguchi, madeon, space laces, pendulum), orchestral, highly thematic, capable of all music genres] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anywhere Composer looking for a Project at Anywhere

composer looking for a project anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, i am a multi-genre composer specialising in video game soundtracks. here is a link to my website where you can find a demo reel of my music, alongside other examples of my work: i am currently looking for indie dev teams to work with, preferably paid work. here is a full list of my previous credits: unannounced (2014) • independent film breach td (2014) • tablet game altas (2014) • independent film sm music (2014) • online music library fabula divina (2013) • retro role-playing video-game unannounced (2013) • fitness class cinema stock (2013) • online film asset library orchestra of the swan (2013) • commission unannounced (2013) • video game unannounced (2013) • television show pilot unreleased (2012) • smartphone application i also have a selection of free music available on my website, at as well as a selection of royalty-free tracks available for purchase at let me know if you're interested in working together. thanks, ian.

Anywhere Music/SFX Services Available at Anywhere

music/sfx services available anywhere anywhere audio/music my name is julian beutel, a composer with over 4 years of collaboration experience working with game developers, film makers, and animators. i hold both a master's and bachelor's degree in music, and my services are available for your game. in my work with other artists i have provided scores ranging from produced chip tunes to live recorded original orchestral scores. i own all my own recording equipment, and industry standard audio suites and sample libraries. for examples of my work, please see the following links: (demo reel) (video game work) (animation/film work) i am a dedicated, passionate musician with a reputation for delivering high quality products that are tailored exactly to the needs of my clients. i am open to communication, compromise, and reworking ideas until the art in question is best served by my product. thank you for your time, and i look forward to hearing back from you.

Anywhere Game Composer / Sound Designer for HIRE at Anywhere

game composer / sound designer for hire anywhere anywhere audio/music i am a game audio composer / sound designer for all genres of games! i have a bachelors in music science from full sail university. i have and am currently working in various music recording studios in my local area including my own home studio. i specialize in many different styles of music, such as electronic, metal, jazz, classical, and anything in between. sound design is something of a talent of mine that i've been doing for many years. my expertise lies in various instrumentation such as synthesizers, modules, drums, and piano. i have a vast knowledge of theory, rhythm dictation, classical writing as well. check out my soundcloud and youtube for more: - soundcloud - youtube negotiations are always welcomed and i have a very open schedule. if you have a particular style in mind or any projects you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me anytime. game audio is a passion and love of mine so i do work for cheap! again thank you for reading, ~rhyan r. game audio composer

Anywhere Soundtrack and Sound Design for Game developers at Anywhere

soundtrack and sound design for game developers anywhere anywhere audio/music dear game developers if you want to fill your game with the dynamic, ambient, epic or catchy original soundtracks and (or) sound effects - our team will give the best and creative results, work ethics, quality, communication and timing. none of people we worked with were disappointed, we never late, we never ignore, we love what we do and always justify your expectations or even more. we never let anyone down and never said no to anyone sound and music integration with wwsie, fmod and udk is also possible. to know more about our team, to read recommendations and to check projects we were or currently working on please visit our official web site: also there you can find and listen examples of our work. for any enquries dont hesitate to contact us via e-mail 24/7: or via skype which you can find on our web site. our team is also always open for any projects and ideas you have in mind thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon best wishes mmg sound team

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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