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USA Sound Engineer at MoPho' Games

sound engineer mopho' games usa audio/music i'm looking to hire a small team of talented individuals to help produce a quality first person shooter (working title is orbital assault) who am i my name is alan stagner. i'm the author of unity multiplayer games by packt publishing. i also collaborate with daikonforge on a number of previous and upcoming unity middleware offerings. now, i want to make a good, fun, and solid shooter experience for pc & mac. summary orbital assault will be a free-to-play first person shooter aiming to provide a quality shooter experience. the game is set in the semi-distant future and takes some inspiration from shooter classics like quake (mostly in the physics department, with some weapons inspiration) as well as more recent offerings like battlefield and halo. there will be a mix of modern weaponry and exotic fantasy weapons. i'm aiming to provide two things: good, fun, and fair gameplay, and a high quality graphical experience. roadmap we'll be following a similar route that several indie games such as interstellar marines, folklore, and more have taken. the idea is to release a series of small demos. each demo is designed to give the public a taste of what's to come in the final version, and most importantly to help us actually develop the components of our game and to develop a workflow. it will be important to gather an audience throughout the early development releases, as the success of a f2p game - especially a multiplayer one - really depends on having an audience of fans (other factors aside). 1.) the first demo will be a graphics demo. it will showcase environments, characters, weapons, effects, animations, and more. the purpose of the demo is twofold: to help us develop a workflow between concept artist, 3d artist, and level designer, and additionally to show off the graphics and art we expect to employ in the final game. 2.) the second demo will be a shooting demo. the goal of the demo is to develop our weaponry system, fine-tune the "feel" of the shooting, and to show the public the meat of any fps: guns and bullets. this demo will take place in a small shooting range, allowing the player to take aim at a number of stationary and moving targets with an assault rifle. 3.) the third demo will be a gameplay demo. the goal of this demo is to expand upon the movement and weaponry developed in earlier demos into a small playable game. in this demo the player is given a full loadout (assault rifle, pistol, frag grenade, and sentry turret) and is tasked with surviving against increasing waves of enemy robots. 4.) the fourth demo will be a multiplayer demo. the goal of this demo is to help us integrate earlier prototypes into an authoritative multiplayer context with a simple player versus player demo game. players are given the same loadout as the prior gameplay demo and tasked with killing members of the opposing team (essentially, team deathmatch) 5.) finally, these concepts will all be combined and applied towards creating the finished product as a fully playable, well polished game. sound engineer would plan and design sound effects for use in game, from weapon effects to environment sounds as well as menu and ui sound cues, and work with our in-house audio tools to make these sound effects game-ready for use in game code as well as by the level creator (for ambient sounds). would also be responsible for tuning reverb settings in finished game levels in order to achieve a better sense of presence, and placing ambient sound sources within the game level to achieve an immersive soundscape. it is required to be comfortable working with svn repositories. all applicants must be residents of the united states of america, and must be able to provide a form w-9 if hired. more information here:

Anywhere Small Indie Team looking for Composer & SFX Guy! at Frost Fox Studios

small indie team looking for composer & sfx guy! frost fox studios anywhere audio/music hey indiedb user, we're a small indie team developing a zombie shooter, to play alone or with friends. our team is short on composers and people that can do sound effects and we hope you can help us with that. if you're interested in helping us with this, there are a few things you'll need: - you have experience with composing and/or making sound effects - you'll have a lot of free time in the next few months - above all you'll need creativity it would also be good to have played zombie shooters before, they can vary from left for dead to call of duty zombies, but they all come down to one thing: shooting zombies. about the project: our team has been playing call of duty for a long time, but one thing bothers us: there aren't enough maps. the goal we're trying to achieve is to make something like call of duty zombies, only with enough maps and a good community support. if you're interested in helping us to achieve this, please apply for a job. this will be our first project and we hope there's more to come. this position is not paid, until it's ready. hope to see your application, - frost fox studios

Anywhere Chiptune Composer at Gammaphile

chiptune composer gammaphile anywhere audio/music we're a two-person team working on an 8-bit platformer game called "light's end." it's a game about a world succumbed to darkness, and the goal is to collect gems that slowly help you reach the light by giving you special powers. neither of us are that experienced in composition, so we're looking for a good chiptune artist. us being indie, we don't really have much money to spare, so you'll need to be willing to work for free. on the bright side, we'll give out free hugs if you live within one mile of either of us! we're looking for dark-feeling chiptune music. if this is the kind of thing you can do, we'd love to hear from you. when you contact us please send us a sample of what we might expect to hear from you if you were working on the game, and we'd love to know more about you! stuff like your favorite breakfast cereal, or perhaps some kind of angered rant about your thoughts on the ratio of chocolate to peanuts in trail mix. if you don't send a sample, we will immediatly reject your application with no reply. please keep this in mind. thank you.

Anywhere Composer at Secret Service Studio

composer secret service studio anywhere audio/music algonguini master - horror and psychological thriller in visual novel. about the algonpuini master. algonpuini master it's a a horror visual novel. it's not just a horror story. this visual novel is a psychological thriller what a lot of people like. the game has 100 pages of the text. and every page have illustration. this horror visual novel it's a story of two italianians boys at a swiss boarding school who experiment with ritual torture. it is very creepy with lots of surprises. the game uses ren'py engine. the game uses python language. the game will be translated to other languages. the game is indie project. the game will be on moddb/indiedb/slidedb page and in steam. who are we looking for? - we're looking for composer for unpaid job. what will you do for the project? - you need have portfolio. - you need show some your works (1-3 (maybe more) musical compositions). - you need know how to work with the team. - you need have experience in making music. thank you for reading!

Anywhere Can You Survive Musician at EpicToast Interactive

can you survive musician epictoast interactive anywhere audio/music job : we are looking for talented musicians to help add depth and mood to canyousurvive by creating good music and audio tracks for it! that's about it... not much else to say. requirements- * you will not be payed, as this game is free to play and will not make profit. * you must be able to work with synthesized instruments to create a "retro" music style to go with our art style. * you need to be able to create music that builds fear and tension in-game, and has a dark and ambient but still retro feel. * you should also be able to make sound effects for non musical game mechanics. canyousurvive indie game : can you survive is a first person retro indie rts/rpg game with an interesting art style and a lot of personality. basicly, you control three main characters who you must protect from the never-ending zombie horde, you can go about doing this is multiple different ways! for more info about the game check out our forum thread about it here- * we will supply you with the latest build of the game to play so you can get the best idea about the kind of music that the game needs. important note : since we cant choose 40 people to do this job, we will be asking for a small "example" of your work with "synthesized instruments", "retro style", and "dark mood" all in one piece, as this is the kind of music we will want for canyousurvive. if you are the most ideal person for this job we evaluate after three days time you will be helping us with our game!

Anywhere Audio Designer at Royal Hand Studios

audio designer royal hand studios anywhere audio/music audio designer royal hand is a swedish indie game studio comprised of six highly talented game makers working pro bono and with one common goal: to create games that stimulate your mind as well as your emotions. our offices can be found in sweden but our team members come from all across the continent. at this very moment we have begun the production process on our first game (codename: project glitch) and are looking for experienced audio designer to give the final touches to an already excellent project. about the position royal hand studios is looking for a very skilled sound designer to become a central part of the team. the individual will collaborate with the producers and programmers to deliver outstanding game experiences. the candidate must be passionate about making great games, be a strong problem-solver and an effective communicator with broad game-creation and sound creation skills. note that all positions at royal hand studios are currently pro bono and the rate of employment may also be discussed(part-time work/lower level of employment). responsibilities - design, edit and implement in-game audio assets, including music, sound effects and dialogue - ensure audio features maintain a balanced mix throughout developmen - collaborate with designers, artists and engineers to identify feature requirements - create solid technical strategies and accurate timeline estimates for implementation you as a candidate now we are looking for creative, passionate, and smart audio designers that can help us overcome the challenges we face. we are looking for audio designers with all kinds of experience because we believe that having different perspectives is an important part of creative work. required skills and experience - outstanding sound design and critical listening skills - strong drive and motivation to deliver highest quality game audio - good knowledge of audio implementation techniques in games - able to work both independently and as a part of a bigger team feel free to visit our website at where you can read more about the studio and other available positions.

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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