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Anywhere How can I help you tell your story? at Game Soundtrack

how can i help you tell your story? game soundtrack anywhere audio/music hi, i'm a composer from colorado. my credits include starbound, airships, and a variety of tv shows and films. specializing in cinematic orchestral music, from the most intimate to the most epic, i am most interested in how i can help you tell your story. you can check out a few curated demo cues at my site: or view a portfolio of my work: bio: hi! i'm a freelance composer from colorado with extensive experience scoring for film, television, and interactive media. i have composed music for starbound, airships, the upcoming mmo ashes of mankind, staxel, the new renaissance pictures miniseries the black dawn, the seventh spectrum, and contributed music to numerous television advertisements and the discovery channel series when vacations attack. i regularly upload royalty-free tracks to audiojungle and pond5 focusing on fully orchestral, cinematic music for trailers, film, and television. i use extremely high-quality libraries from east/west, including symphonic orchestra platinum and hollywood strings diamond, ensuring that your music will always have the highest sound quality. check out my portfolio and contact me today if you'r looking for a freelance composer at a reasonable price. credits: interactive starbound (contributing composer) airships (composer) ashes of mankind (composer) staxel (composer) tv/film the seventh spectrum (supervising composer) the black dawn (2009) directed by william hellmuth "catacylsmo and the battle for earth" (2008) directed by anthony parisi. "project x" (2007/2008) directed by joshua sikora. (episodes 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 17, 23, 24) email: phone: (719)-749-1547 twitter: @cschweitzer or listen to literally hours of music i've produced on my soundcloud: if you'd like to get in contact with me, my email address is, my twitter is @cschweitzer, and i have other contact options available, including contact forms, at my website.

Anywhere SFX, Music Artist at Anywhere

sfx, music artist anywhere anywhere audio/music if you are a talented audio artist that can handle all the pressure of being the main and only one responsible for every single sound in a game, we want you! sadly we can not offer any financial aid at the moment(most starup indies cant), but we are very eager to release a new game in the following few months, we are lacking sounds, this is where you come in. once it is released (every cost concerning releasing will be covered by me) we will be setting up rev shares, and off course you will be able to add a whole released game to your portfolio and your name will be slapped on the credits and info screens without any hesitation! join us and let's make beautiful music together. pun intended what exactly do we offer? you will be a part of a team which listens to each others ideas, gives out constructive criticism, as we all want to be part of this industry at a professional level. most of all if we are successful at least a bit, that means that there will be more work in the future, who knows, maybe even an established studio in which you would be called as a co-founder. this is all dreams, but when you work hard enough, dreams become reality, help us reach our dream while we help you reach yours.

Anywhere Graduate sound designer/voice over artist/composer and foley artist at Anywhere

graduate sound designer/voice over artist/composer and foley artist anywhere anywhere audio/music ======================================================================= recent graduate from hull university with a strong passion for creating audio and music for games. looking to fill my portfolio, so looking for free work. my final study focused on composing for video games and sound design. i re-created all the sounds for minecraft and the music. i have all the hardware for creating, mixing, mastering and recording sound and music, including an extensive sound fx catalog that i have built up during my time at university, that currently contains over 2000 samples and 1500 sound effects. if you'd like any audio work doing then contact at me: and i'll get back to you. a small selection of my work can be found on my soundcloud: or on my youtube account: i will require art work or a video clip just to get an idea of what art style and direction your work is going to ensure we reach the best possible outcome. ======================================================================

Anywhere - remote work Music and sound production (professional) at Tagirijus

music and sound production (professional) tagirijus anywhere - remote work audio/music i am a young composer and sound designer from germany. my skills are very versatile: music prouction orchestral big band jazz rock funk electronic piano kids folksound design actual soundreel foley artist surreal sound design sound restauration mixing & mastering everything that you can hear more about me i have over 8 years of experience in music and sound production. my previous main area was filmmusic, but i also made music and sound design for some games before. maybe you've heared "a singing comet"? that's done by me and reached over 5.5 million plays already. i also produce demos before hiring - so feel free to contact me and get your exclusively produced demo today. (-;

Anywhere Voice Actor at Infinity Interactive

voice actor infinity interactive anywhere audio/music hi! infinity interactive are currently working on war of the servers a very different fps game. feel free to check it out here on indiedb for more information on the game. we are looking for people who think they are able to meet the descriptions of the voices required as well as meet the requirements! for this project we are looking for people who have a very talented voice and can adapt. we are also looking for people who have voices that simply stand out. the roles you will be filling is character model's voices such as reactions or small dialogue and there is a specific role for an announcer. you must have equipment capable of recording high quality pieces without any background noise. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project on top of our current project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of your work. thankyou!

Anywhere Voiceover artist, sound designer and composer looking for work at Anywhere

voiceover artist, sound designer and composer looking for work anywhere anywhere audio/music aspiring sound designer/composer/producer/voice actor looking for work and roles with indie game makers and developers, looking to gain good working relationships with hopefully regular work and commissions. i am creative, professional, reliable and driven and have a well equipped recording studio with high end analogue and digital equipment at my disposal, where i have engineered, mixed and mastered lots of bands/artists and have produced soundtracks and foley/sound design for indie games and indie films, as well as building up my own custom sound library. i am really driven to break out into the game audio industry and eagerly awaiting to gain connections with professionals and people with a similar mindset that are passionate about there craft and work. for any info, enquiries and sound clips please email me, to check out some examples of my work head on over to my website or any of the following links: soundcloud: studio page: linkedin: - ross

Anywhere Music Composer at Anyone

music composer anyone anywhere audio/music hey, i'm drift. i make music for video games! i am an experienced composer, that really enjoys making tunes for games! i am very flexible and easy to work with. also, deadlines are not a problem, a project will be done in time! most of my songs are "8-bit" and have a retro feel. however, i am recently been pushing myself to make sounds simular to games like "transistor" and "bastion". i tend to push myself a lot. setting new goals, and trying new things. that being said, if you want something done in a certain style, that's how it will be made. i work for free, and for money. if you want my music for free, it's going to be a small amout. however, if you're looking for a full 'ost' for your game, that's going to cost you. my music is sold at $10 a minute per song. but, if you need a full soundtrack, i'll just sell it to you for a better deal. :) since i am independant, i have very little experiance working with a company, but that doesn't mean i can't learn now. my "soundcloud" and "bandcamp" are the two places i upload my tracks, so check them out: thanks for reading this page, it means a great deal to me! - drift

Anywhere Dark ambient / soundscape artist looking for a job at Anywhere

dark ambient / soundscape artist looking for a job anywhere anywhere audio/music i'm an ambient artist, mainly focusing on dark / noise / industrial ambient, soundscape and field recordings. i also work with in-game ambiences, and to some extent, sound effects. heavily influenced by post-apocalyptic themes such as s.t.a.l.k.e.r. and fallout, but also cult classic sci-fi and space movies. i am mainly looking for projects with either dark, stressful or depressive themes, but i'm also capable of work on other themes too. i can also participate in the in-game ambiences / sound effects. i have a vast variety of field recorded sound effects and the equipment to produce even more of them, if needed. my own project 0ktober varies among the elements mentioned above. whether it's horror based drone, depressive melodic ambient or just pure soundscape with field recordings and ambiences, i can do it. feel free to contact me whenever you need a helping hand. i've been looking for a project to participate in for a long time and i'd be very motivated to work with one. for references, see my videos here at moddb from my profile.

United States [LFW] Indie Singer/Composer/Producer at Anywhere

[lfw] indie singer/composer/producer anywhere united states audio/music hello, my name is praxys - i'm an indie singer, composer and producer from the washington, dc region. i've recorded two studio albums - my work can be found at i have experience in several creative fields, serving for effective communication with both designers and artists. i can cater to different themes, and am able to work with projects in a variety of styles. outside-the-box thinker, producer and designer with an eye for design. i have experience with adobe audition, sony soundforge, ableton live suite, logic pro, propellerhead reason and other audio workstations. i am also able to compose and record songs for final-product advertisement and promotion, such as tv spots. contact me with project specifics, and we can work out a quote. thanks. skillset audio: composition, recording, production, mixing, mastering and performance sound design: middleware - fmod & wwise applications - background, design, hard and foley effects contact (please serious inquiries only): email - rates: rates vary per project.

Anywhere Indie Hiphopster hop artist looking to work for project at Anywhere

indie hiphopster hop artist looking to work for project anywhere anywhere audio/music hello my name's bigsleepraps. i'm a small indie rap artist. but i'd really like to work on an indie game. i don't have a lot of skills when it comes to audio mixing. i can clean audio decently but nothing professional i don't make beats. i just rap and i feel like i might be able to do some vocal acting it just seemed like fun so if you need someone to make a song (not a whole games soundtrack). but a song with a theme i'd be glad to help if i can. please keep me in mind and if you think i might be right for the job. messege me at i do have my soundcloud link up and i also have a myspace, facebook, youtube and skype. skype: ibeatbox1 youtube: soundcloud: that's basically it. i've never worked for a indie company befor or anything so i'm obviously very new.

Anywhere Composer & Sound Designer Looking for Job at Anywhere

composer & sound designer looking for job anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, my name is matt, a experienced composer, sound designer and professional guitar player. i've made the soundtrack of the game dash tap, and i'm also winner of the best music prize in madrid's global game jam, game jam on, by oscar araujo (castlevania: lords of shadow composer). i'm looking for serious projects needing original music. i compose in a wide variety of genres that you can listen in the link below. (80s electro, rock, ambient experimental, orchestral, latin, chiptune and much more). i'm my bandcamp and soundcloud you can listen to 4 albums, each one with a different concept: acoustic, chiptune, retro electro and a mix of lots of genres in my portfolio ''excerpts from a strange videobrain''. i run daws like ableton live and logic, do real instruments and voice recordings if needed as well as using high quality new generation libraries and synths. if you have a game needing particular music send me a mail! i'm sure we can get the sound you're looking for! kind regards, matt

Anywhere Music Composer and Sound Designer - Orchestral and Electronic Specialization at Anywhere

music composer and sound designer - orchestral and electronic specialization anywhere anywhere audio/music hello! my name is josh goodwin. i'm a composer and sound designer looking to finally work in the video game industry. i have an extensive music background having formally studied various styles of music for almost 4 years now. i have picked up sound design more recently, and have focused on capturing dialogue and field elements. you can find my portfolio on my website: my portfolio contains a wide range of work. this includes narrative stories supported by music, chiptune and modern electronic styles, and video games using fully integrated adaptive music and sound effects. i most enjoy writing music for strong stories, as the music i prefer to compose delivers intense emotion. technologically, i write within cubase le, pro tools, and logic pro x. i'm very interested in getting the opportunity to practice with middleware like fmod and wwise to experiment with new ways to implement audio. feel free to contact me about working with both paid and unpaid projects. while paid is obviously preferable, i would still jump at the opportunity to invest some time in an unpaid project if the game concept really draws me in. pricing quotes are available upon request, and will vary based on the type and scope of game being created.

Anywhere Music Composer at Self

music composer self anywhere audio/music hello my name is nick spann - i currently do electronic music and sound design. i am currently looking to expand my vocabulary as far as work and experience with writing music. i am new to the musical side of things for games, but i have experience with doing commerical work for plays and remixes such as andy hunter to name the few. while i am presently interested in doing music for games it would be best to not inquire about sound design unless you have a clear goal, plan and vision set in stone. i can all sound design from foley to digital fx. if you have a certain theme or style of music i can provide you with just about anything that you need. i am experience with cubase, fl studio, nuendo and reason. while even my time/ availability are valuable my pricing is flexible and depends what you're inquiring about. please only contact me for serious inquiries/ projects. once we talk about your vision and project, i can give you a quote. visit my music page: i have had the chance to work with people from this community in the past, and look forward to having that opportunity once again. this is a great community and i look forward to what will be in the future!

Anywhere Music and sound composer at Survival Island

music and sound composer survival island anywhere audio/music you don't need any experience working on other projects although i'd require a small portfolio of music or sound effects that you've created. you'll be working in a team of around three. communication would be done via email. i would require both music and sound effects. the game itself is a 2d top-down adventure/survival game with a pixel art style and is to be coded in html. the game is to be released in web format initially with mobile releases in mind for the future. the game is relaxed and quite quirky so the music should fit in. the game focuses on the player who is stranded on an island with nothing to aid his survival. he must collect resources, create tools and hunt for food. use any software you please. the game is currently in early development. for more information just send me an email. you won't need to know any coding languages although a basic understanding would be helpful.there will be no commission pay for the job although a share from advert profit is to be discussed at a later date. i am very accepting of people with no or little experience and would encourage you to apply. if you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask via email.

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