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Anywhere Voice actor for character [Male] at GameOrchard

voice actor for character [male] gameorchard anywhere audio/music game: slender: a new darkness mode : story hi there, we are currently recruiting for a voice actor for frank conway, a former police officer. frank worked in the original slender disappearance and after being fired from the police department for “asking too many questions”, as he claims. in the first episode you will only need to say a few lines, but in the next episodes you will be needed more. frank is a southern american and has a typical southern accent. the requirements are: > must be 'up' for the job. > must be able to speak english. > must be able to produce good quality audio. more details will be provided to you on verification. details such as: references, background and story. there is no payment as this game is to be released as a free game and any money received will go back into developement. you will be credited. thanks, cliff, gameorchard

Anywhere Male Voice Actor Needed ASAP! at ES3D

male voice actor needed asap! es3d anywhere audio/music hi indiedb community .. we are currently looking for a male voice actor.. to do a performance for one of our main characters of our project.. "the hollow earth" we already begin our first kickstarter campaign and after some review we want to be able to have someone to do the voice for our character in a more fluent way. and here a brief description of our character. clark thomson clark is a l.a.p.d officer with more than 10 years in the force. he retired from the army after the afghanistan war. he met carmen as they both became partners in the police department. ever since they became very close to each other. they promised to watch each others back even off duty. the story of the game after admiral richard byrd discovery of the north pole entrance into the center of the earth, international organizations joined together to the total exploration and self verification of mr. richard alleged sighting and journey. as soon as these organizations confirmed the authenticity of the matter, they restricted and enforced the air space and roads to the public to get to these entrances. they also commanded n.a.s.a. not to show any traces of the holes on any maps globally, as this was a top secret project. without hesitation they started to build massive underground facilities throughout the world. facilities that connects the surface of the planet to the surface of the inner lands inside the hollow space. inside the hollow earth creatures of all kinds did not suffer the blast of the meteorite that put the planet in mere extinction 65 million years ago, so many species of dinosaurs were living a normal evolution cycle there. with the existence of dinosaurs in this place, a new idea came out and they created a new project called "project reign" which consists of capture fierce dinosaurs and genetically manipulate them and turn them into weapons to use in armed conflicts. many agreed to this idea, but others did not, among them was dr. daniel angel who sign up to study dinosaurs exclusively. by taking this decision, all these scientists were put in jail which ironically save their lives, as many of the dinosaurs in that area escaped and kill almost everyone. somehow dr. daniel manged to send a brief message to clark thomson asking for help. clark immediately contacted carmen, daniel's sister, and told her they will do whatever it takes to save her brother. for more info you can go check our campaign at and our facebook page just let us know as soon as possible thank you..

Anywhere URGENT Sound Composer at PS4 University Project

urgent sound composer ps4 university project anywhere audio/music we a small group of university students that are near the end of our ps4 project. we urgently need a sound guy right away. as we are 4 weeks from finishing meaning 3 weeks for you to do the sound. we will need everything: main theme song (possibly a intro cut scene song probably similar to main theme song) 2 variations of game play songs game over song sound effects such as : fire shots aliens grunts spaceship noises this will be an unpaid opportunity however you will be allowed to use it for your portfolio. however you will need to sign a sony agreement, we can discuss further in detail. you will be using these settings: extension wav codec dapcm bit rate 16 bit sample rate 44,100 hz channel stereo brief test. a simple melody to fit with a dark 1950s style sci fi. think of lost orbit game a little less chirpy. as i iterate, this will be a very quick job and tight please only apply if think you can sound an entire game within the 3 week we have. hopefully we can acquire more than one person but if worst case scenario. must be able to be contact easily as well for any changes, preferably skype. we will be running england time between 9.30 to 4.30 please give cv and portfolio and we can discuss further. please email eddy haybie

Anywhere [PAID] Native voice actor (RUSSIAN) at Barbed Wire Studios

[paid] native voice actor (russian) barbed wire studios anywhere audio/music we are looking for some russian native speakers to do voice call-outs, i.e. short battle quotes, for a ww2 ambient. quotes are battle-generic and have no relation with any ideologies of the time. the job consists of 50 2-5second-long quotes that must be delivered in 16-bit .wav format. voices must be in native male russian. these voices are to be used as soldiers' battle voices during gameplay to enhance realism and immersion. within our development company, expect high motivation of work, exciting projects, and a bunch of teamwork. ----------------------------------------------------------- job requirements: (1) native speaker from russia/ukraine/belarus/georgia or candidates with russian as a 1st language. (2) high quality microphone (micro check will be required in application) deadline for the job is two weeks after application. payment: 14,99$ (negotiable). ---------------------------------------------------------- vacant seats: 2 positions open to application. ----------------------------------------------------------

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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