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Anywhere [LFW PAID/FREELANCE/CONTRACT] Steve Bruce - Freelance Composer and Sound Design at Anyone

[lfw paid/freelance/contract] steve bruce - freelance composer and sound design anyone anywhere audio/music hello, i have over 5 years of professional music composition and sound design, focusing on music for video games, however this also included music for both tv and film. i am currently composing the music for an online space-based exploration game. in the past i have composed music for companies such as bbc wales and it's my shout. in addition, i have also composed music for a zombie survival type game entitled 'life of dead', before it's cancellation. i specialize in science fiction, fantasy, horror and classical styles of music, but have also begin to incorporate different music styles from around the world into my work. my rates are very reasonable, or if the project cannot afford to bring on a full time composer, i am sure something can be worked out. links to my most recent work can be found below: - if your project needs an experienced composer / sound designer to bring on board then feel free to get in touch!

Anywhere Sound Designer at your service at Anyone

sound designer at your service anyone anywhere audio/music i'm alessandro salza a 20 years old italian sound designer and if you're looking for a collaboration with an hard working guy you have come to the right place! i have been 8 years in the music/audio field as guitarist and audio engineer, and i'm now searching for new projects. i prefer sound design/audio editing/foley work for videogames/mods, but i'm available to listen all of your ideas to start working and growing together! also, contact me even if your budget is low or zero. my producer/dj/composer soundcloud profile: animation sound design/foley/audio editing example: musician/guitarist youtube channel: i'm currently using a pair of prodipe ribbon 5 studio monitors, akg k240 mkii, and i can use a professional recording studio & equipment when in need. please feel free to ask any question, i'm available to any sound related project you have, whatever your budget is! thank you, alessandro salza

Anywhere Looking for a soundtrack composer? at Anyone

looking for a soundtrack composer? anyone anywhere audio/music are you searching for a soundtrack composer for your game/project within your budget or just for some experience? i am a 21 year old music producer/dj/composer from the united kingdom and currently looking to help out on a serious project(s) with passionate team workers who are in need of a composer. i work off of logic 9, with an interface, two krk monitors and a few synthesizers. i have been making music for 6 years and studied for 5 years working for various artists and producers from up and down the united kingdom, possibly looking to taking the course further and working for a degree. for me a genre isn't specific, i can range from deep emotional ambiance for intense horror or eerie, to 8-bit 80's styled compositions. i can work from anytime frame and willing to put 100% in whilst juggling with a record label, gigs and a job to pay the bills etc. here is my producer/dj link for something quick to listen and watch to, here is something i made for a friend's university project stereoscopic from donny johnson on vimeo. anymore material or questions to ask just email. thank you lewis brackpool

Anywhere Music/Audio Composing Team Volunteering for any Project at Anyone

music/audio composing team volunteering for any project anyone anywhere audio/music we are a group of 2 people that work together and separately at times to compose music and audio for any kind of project. a few of the things we can do are : --- music composition - ambient - electronic - more jazzy stuff - and more --- audio effects --- background ambience we have experience with other games in the past, including bigger projects too where we had to make most if not all of the sounds in a game. we've worked with many genres and we are always ready to take on new challenges since we have the theoretical background to cover a lot of demands. you can find some examples of our music on our soundcloud profiles: we would love to become part of a bigger team, but we don't mind working for one-time projects either. we are eager to hear your requests! -team time flux

Anywhere Music Composer for your project (Various Styles) at Anything

music composer for your project (various styles) anything anywhere audio/music dear game developer, my name is hoffmann nicolas, i'm 22 and i'm a music composer aiming at composing several ost for video games. i compose with logic pro x but can switch over to pro tools if need be. i have a classical musical background and try to do something close to the intensity of a real live performance, using high fidelity samples and tools. i have 6 years of experience in editing/arranging midi data using daws. here's some exemples of the various styles i can reach (classical/electro/epic/ethnic and more): let me know if you are interested and don't hesitate to contact me if you have some project to submit. cordially, hoffmann nicolas

Anywhere Voice Overs at Phoenix Interactive

voice overs phoenix interactive anywhere audio/music phoenix interactive is constantly hiring. that means almost all people of good will are welcomed in our association. therefore, if the following opportunity seems to be interesting for you, ensure that you satisfy the required conditions. more importantly, phoenix interactive being a non-profit association, our members are all volunteers. notice: more conditions may be needed for this job. however, the most important ones are here. about - role: voice over - places: unlimited - status: volunteer - location: anywhere conditions in order to become a voice over, you ensure that you satisfy the following conditions: ✓ have a good microphone ✓ be able to speak fluidly in english and present dev diaries (video) ✓ be able to work as a team with other members* * that means you'll be discussing, debating and working with other team members, as phoenix interactive stresses the importance of teamwork. both members know themselves, whatever their nationalities. alone you'll be faster, but together we'll go further.

Anywhere [ROYALTY] Voice Actors [UE4] at Oldsports Game Studios

[royalty] voice actors [ue4] oldsports game studios anywhere audio/music hey mates we are looking for some voice actors for our first person shooter with a very dark and detailed story. if you are amateur but have a professional attitude, please contact us. * we are looking for: - young female voice actor - young male voice actor - male voice actor (no requirement) about the game: electroshift™ is a first person shooter set in an post apocaliptic world, inside the city of paris while maintaining a noir/retro atmosphere. when one of the most brilliant men, aton tesla, had the bright idea to protect the city from the rest of the world, the definition of justice lost its meaning while the noble forces took over control with an alternative power source. compensation: royalties team structure: project lead: luiz gustavo creative director: alexander nestoratos sound designer: thomas frost we are expecting 2 or 3 hours a week for 10 months. we have all the documentation very especific, including the schedule. + requirements: - good english communication - report at least twice on week - some experience with unreal 4 or 3 - record high quality voice tracks according to the script. - follow the voice references given. - communicate by skype + studio:

Anywhere Music Artist for Electro Music (Game: Mr. Crooked Crazy 2) at Simails Entertainment Studios

music artist for electro music (game: mr. crooked crazy 2) simails entertainment studios anywhere audio/music we search for an music artist, who can make electro house and some other electronic music for the game "mr. crooked crazy 2". it isn't here on indiedb, because it's in development, and it will be a secret till it's release. your name will be in the credits of the game, and you get your own special role in the game. the main music we need it some sort of electro house, dubstep, techno, and progressive electro house. you need to be at least 18 or 16 with parental permission, and you need at least 4 months experience, and you need something to show us some of your work. payment: we can't pay you for everything you make, but we can pay you 5$ once, thats the limit we can pay you. the game itself: the game is a 2d jump and run sidescroller called "mr. crooked crazy 2", but we can tell you more, when you message us, because its currently secret until its release. in short, its a game about a man, who must save the world before monsters and robots. the game is really funny and consists of many flatjokes. we can tell you details when you message us, because it's currently secret and no one need to know much about it, except for the people who work at it. we hope that someone will make this job, and we would be really thankfull, best, michael peter

Anywhere *[Free Job]* Voice Actor/s at Team Abyss

*[free job]* voice actor/s team abyss anywhere audio/music hi, my name is francis racicot aka pac0master. i am at the head of development of a project known as portal 2: abyss. this is a game size modification of portal 2 with an entirely different storyline. you can see more about the project here: i am looking for people who are capable of voicing different characters that already exists. such as cave johnson, caroline and one unknown character named rick ( the adventure sphere aka core 2) here is the original cave johnson's lines: here are rick's lines: we need to add more dialogues to the game and it would be great to have a seamless transition. as mentionned in the title, this mod do not have any budget thus it won't be possible to pay for any services. the mod will also be a free to play game on steam. no money will be made during the production nor the release. since this is an unpaid job, we do not force a time restriction on anyone. you are free to live your life and work when you are free. it would be great to stay in contact on skype or steam. you require a legit steam version of portal 2 to apply. thank you.

Anywhere Audio for Hire/Free at Anywhere

audio for hire/free anywhere anywhere audio/music hello all, my name is nick. i am a sound designer, audio engineer, classically trained musician, and one-man-band based in the usa. i am looking for audio work including sound design, dialog editing, music / ambience creation, foley, you name it. projects big and small welcome. willing to work for royalties, or within tight budgets. however, even if your budget is zero, contact me! my studio is equipped with pro tools, logic (i'm an apple certified pro), fmod, various audio restoration tools, and recording gear. i have a masters degree in music and a diverse background to draw upon. i look forward to working on all types of projects and i am interested in all genres. as a player my all-time favorites included some tactical espionage action, gritty first person shooters, 3rd person roll-playing games, a few top-town shooters, quirky side scrollers, and clever puzzle games. lets add your new game to the list! some samples of my work are available on my website - website: email:

Anywhere Sound Designer available for new projects at SoundsByJohan

sound designer available for new projects soundsbyjohan anywhere audio/music hey, i'm johan, a sound designer and composer from sweden looking for more projects within game audio. i'm a passionate gamer and sound geek who wants to collaborate with more game developers who loves to create awesome games. i'm capable of creating a wide range of sound effects that suits your game and also to compose music that fits your games style. i also have access to a voice recording studio and actors for recording and directing voice overs for your game. i am able to work with either fmod or wwise or just send the audio assets you need for your game, although the latter not preffered. i'm used to working remotely and have experience working with dropbox/google drives to sound assets and handle documents. my rates are flexible and indie friendly and can be discussed to fit your projects budget. have a look at some of my sound design on my webpage where you can find my showreel and portfolio. you can also listen to some of my music on soundcloud: web : soundcloud:

Anywhere Sound Design, Music Composition, Foley Studio at Anywhere

sound design, music composition, foley studio anywhere anywhere audio/music brand new 5.1 and stereo studio for foley, sound design, spot effects, mixing and music composition for games development! our acoustic spaces: our main room has 5 metre high ceilings and is a great space for recording foley and spot effects. adjacent to the main room is another live room which has a different acoustic profile for again for recording foley as well as adr. we also have a large vocal booth for voice over. our control room is on the mezzanine level. it overlooks the main room and provides a relaxed mixing and listening environment. the main room: a huge 6m wide space with a 5m high ceiling. control room: situated above the main room it provides a relax professional listening environment. vocal room: ideal for vocal overdubs, audio dialogue replacement or voice over. recording room: another large space with a warm acoustic profile for foley and voice recording. we have a great signal path! for great analogue to digital conversion we use the lynx aurora 16. neve summing is achieved through the neve 8816 summing mixer and we can utilise mix bus compression through gssl and oxford analogue hardware. we have a huge array of plugins from waves, uad, fabfilter and many other companies. our protools hd 2 rig is also connected via a lan line to a second intel i7 custom built sample computer running vienna ensemble pro, vienna symphonic and kontakt sample players. this makes for incredible music composition and sound design possibilities! check out our showreel for audio examples broadcast on bbc, sky and distributed by universal at .

Anywhere [ROYALTY] sound designer/composer at Little Leds

[royalty] sound designer/composer little leds anywhere audio/music we are looking for a sound designer/composer for a high action shoot’em up mobile game. if you are amateur but have a professional attitude, please contact us. about the game; infinity aces is a high skill action game to great pilots! choose one of the well trained members of the infinity squadron and defend the world from invading armies in an endless war for freedom. evolve your fighter, get special items and take off into incredible battles! ------ the sound designer needs to make the button, interface, sfx and the musics of the game.we are expecting 2 or 3 hours a week for 3 months. we have all the documentation very especific, including the schedule. ------ if you want to see our other games, please take a look; if you want to see more about the game, please take a look; if you are interested, please send us an e-mail

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