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Anywhere Voice Actors for Science Fiction Mod at Lunar Descent

voice actors for science fiction mod lunar descent anywhere audio/music lunar descent is a science fiction adventure mod currently in active development. the mod is currently aiming for a 2014 release, and is seeking talented voice actors to join the team. we are seeking a variety of different roles, male and female. the mod is heavily story-centric and character-driven, so voice actors will have the chance to play interesting roles. prior experience is not necessary, but it is recommended that you have samples of dialogue ready as these will be used to select between the candidates. lunar descent's developer has a history of successfully releasing mods, so this is an excellent opportunity to expand your portfolio of work.

Anywhere Professional Music Composer at Anywhere

professional music composer anywhere anywhere audio/music hey its falanca, from istanbul studios, i professionally arrange and orchestrate musical pieces for video games, short movies, trailers and commercials, i can do orchestral scores, ambient soundscapes, electro, ethnic world music, or themes to perfectly match your game's vibe. just listen our scores, e mail :

Anywhere Music Composer and Sound Designer Looking for Work, 50% discount! at Level Up Audio

music composer and sound designer looking for work, 50% discount! level up audio anywhere audio/music hello! my name is andrew kim, and i am a toronto-based music composer and sound designer for games and other media. i offer rapid delivery of high-quality audio assets on a 24/7 schedule to clients worldwide. i am currently offering first-time clients a 50% discount off my standard rates. check out my portfolio here: check out my credits here: check out my online resume here: check out my standard rates/discounts here: thanks for your time, and take care! - andrew kim music composer, sound designer level up audio

Anywhere Ashton Morris~Composer and Sound Designer looking for new projects at Anywhere

ashton morris~composer and sound designer looking for new projects anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, my name is ashton morris and i am a composer and sound designer.i am looking for another unique project to work on. you can listen to my portfolio here. i am always excited and interested to talk with you about your ideas, dreams and the goals you are hoping to accomplish with audio on your next game. this has been a good year and i am excited to find new creative and passionate developers to work with nest year. please contact me via pm or the email on my site's contact page for any information at all. thanks! cheers, ashton morris

Anywhere Special Effect Maker (Laser sounds etc) at Space Warfare Developers

special effect maker (laser sounds etc) space warfare developers anywhere audio/music game: space warfare: the ultimate war! 2d or 3d?: 3d! genre: sci-fi (space shooter) and action! space ships or like a mass effect game?: space ships! needed skills: 1: basic sound editing (any sound program (logic, fl studio etc)) 2: been in a game developer group or modding group (any game) 3: basic knowledge of space game sound examples!

Anywhere Voice Actor/Actress for Aerial Combat Encounters at Neutron Studios

voice actor/actress for aerial combat encounters neutron studios anywhere audio/music 6 voice acting roles available: male: nato commander (liechtenstein command center): taken buck (us navy pilot): taken shark (us navy pilot): taken male/female: nato pilot (generic) nato ground troop (generic) female: karma (royal air force pilot): taken example lines: male: nato commander: "enemy su-47 berkut down." buck: "i fly so good that i sometimes think i'm playing some sort of an awesome video-game" shark: "say hello to my bullets you prick" male and female: nato pilot (generic): "one down." nato soldier (generic): "we're being overrun" female: karma (royal air force pilot): "take care of him" the job would not be paid, but you would be fully featured in the credits of aerial combat encounters. greetings from croatia!

Anywhere Composer/Producer/Musician Looking For Paid Work at Anywhere

composer/producer/musician looking for paid work anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, i am a composer looking for some paid work. i enjoy writing all types of music and constantly look to expand my portfolio and ear for music. i am currently on a few development teams that are moving slowly all based on revenue sharing and would like to try to move towards a flat rate payment style, i will not be expensive as i know i am no jeremy soule or martin o'donnell yet and i know that many indie games don't have big budgets. so, i can always fit the needs of your project and hope that you would consider me for creating a great soundscape for your game. here is my website: thanks for reading and best of luck to all of you, skyler moosman

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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