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Anywhere Game Composer / Sound Designer for HIRE at Anywhere

game composer / sound designer for hire anywhere anywhere audio/music i am a game audio composer / sound designer for all genres of games! i have a bachelors in music science from full sail university. i have and am currently working in various music recording studios in my local area including my own home studio. i specialize in many different styles of music, such as electronic, metal, jazz, classical, and anything in between. sound design is something of a talent of mine that i've been doing for many years. my expertise lies in various instrumentation such as synthesizers, modules, drums, and piano. i have a vast knowledge of theory, rhythm dictation, classical writing as well. check out my soundcloud and youtube for more: - soundcloud - youtube negotiations are always welcomed and i have a very open schedule. if you have a particular style in mind or any projects you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me anytime. game audio is a passion and love of mine so i do work for cheap! again thank you for reading, ~rhyan r. game audio composer

Anywhere Voice Actor at Anywhere

voice actor anywhere anywhere audio/music voice actor needed for "acceptance", an amnesia: the dark descent custom story. requirements: - must be male - must have a london, uk accent (if using a fake accent, it must be very realistic) - must have a manly voice, not a young-sounding voice - must have a good quality condenser/usb microphone with a pop shield - must be able to use lots of emotion and power with your voice - preferably from a country where english is a native language, or have perfect english if you're from a non-english speaking country the mod is about a man named christopher who is obsessed with the idea of immortality and hates death. it has horror theme, but isn't entirely reliant on jump-scares and the likes; the main focus is the story and the emotion that is shown through the main character's memories. no prior experience is required, but would be prefered. i need lots of emotion to come through, and i rely on high-quality recordings, so headset microphones or other similar microphones are no good! usb microphones or condenser microphones only. no dynamic microphones. a little experience/knowledge of recording audio would also be great, but isn't required. a pop shield is 100% required.

Anywhere Soundtrack and Sound Design for Game developers at Anywhere

soundtrack and sound design for game developers anywhere anywhere audio/music dear game developers if you want to fill your game with the dynamic, ambient, epic or catchy original soundtracks and (or) sound effects - our team will give the best and creative results, work ethics, quality, communication and timing. none of people we worked with were disappointed, we never late, we never ignore, we love what we do and always justify your expectations or even more. we never let anyone down and never said no to anyone sound and music integration with wwsie, fmod and udk is also possible. to know more about our team, to read recommendations and to check projects we were or currently working on please visit our official web site: also there you can find and listen examples of our work. for any enquries dont hesitate to contact us via e-mail 24/7: or via skype which you can find on our web site. our team is also always open for any projects and ideas you have in mind thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon best wishes mmg sound team

Anywhere Music + sound effects needed at Anywhere

music + sound effects needed anywhere anywhere audio/music ive been working with a coder developing a simple but fun card game called "catfight" - a game of thievery, revenge and gluttony. it's basically done and we are going through the final stages of finding the last known bugs. basically what we need now is some music and some sound effects to accompany the game. the game when complete will be free to all and will most likely be found on kongregate. so this is not paid job. this is for the love of making games for others :) if you're interested in helping make a free game for all and using your talents to help provide music for the game and/or sound effects (both needed), then join us :) the type of music we are looking for is something cute, lighthearted, easy-listening, not something that people will turn the music option off due its grinding repetitiveness. one track is all we are looking for, but feel free to make more to make the players experience more richer :) link below of the pc game and also the physical copy of the game being played. pc version: physical version:

Anywhere Music Creator at Memetic Sudios

music creator memetic sudios anywhere audio/music we currently need a music guy for our game operation: memetics. operation: memetics is an rpg made in rpg maker. it is a gamesonification (describing something using the form of a game) of the internet as it is today. we already have one music guy, but we think it would be better to have two so we can take some of the pressure off the first. we cannot pay you as we are doing this on a very low budget and and it will be free to play. however if our patreon campaign is successful there might be a possibility of a small pay. that means if we go over our goal of $100 per month then you might be payed somewhere around 10 or 20 dollars of it, not much unfortunately. even without the pay you will still benefit from this, you will be getting connections in the indie game scene and be adding to your portfolio. even if for some reason something goes awry and you need to stop, any help is useful even if you were to only do half of the song you were originally going to do, we can recruit another to help in your absence. we hope that we will be hearing from you soon!

Anywhere Voice Actors at Infinity Interactive

voice actors infinity interactive anywhere audio/music hi! infinity interactive are currently working on war of the servers a very different fps game. feel free to check it out here on indiedb for more information on the game. we are looking for people who think they are able to meet the descriptions of the voices required as well as meet the requirements! for this project we require a voice actor with a sleazy businessman classic american accent, reference will be sent to you upon your application where you can then make a short clip for us. some of the other roles are a female japanese accent as well as an american drill sergeant voice. you must have equipment capable of recording high quality pieces without any background noise. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job. the game we are creating will be released for free and we do not plan to generate revenue from the game. however, in future developments we do plan to create a commercial project on top of our current project which could lead on to paid development. -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of your work. thankyou!

Anywhere Game Composer For Hire at Anywhere

game composer for hire anywhere anywhere audio/music i am a video game composer from london specialising in guitar and other real instruments in combination with synths and samples/fx. i have worked on assassin's creed iv: black flag and i currently work for tribeplay and the dr panda mobile game series. my music has aired on bbc, itv, c4 and worldwide. i compose in all styles from cutting edge electronica to acoustic folk, classical and jazz. please visit my website for demos and further info. my highly competitive composer fees include my own services as a session musician covering many instruments, thus saving the extra charges and complications when hiring session musicians. please get in touch with any questions or to discuss your project, thanks. mike georgiades game composer for hire

Anywhere Sound Engineer, Composer at Revelations Studios

sound engineer, composer revelations studios anywhere audio/music currently one of each position named is needed. the sound engineer is in charge of the majority of sounds within the game. these include, but are not limited to swords clashing, wagons rolling over dirt, rain falling, dogs barking, and dialogue. the sound engineer must be able to not only create all the sounds needed, but record them, and edit them as needed. programs such as audacity are useful. it is preferred that the applicant has knowledge of audacity and can use it to edit sound, but other similar programs are just as effective. knowledge of c# is also preferred to help integrate the sounds in along with ability to use unity3d and even blender3d. no experience is required. the composer will completely make the score for the game. the composer will have to completely write the music, record it, and edit it. while any program and way of recording music is acceptable, programs such as audacity and music maker jam are easy programs to use and free to use as well making these (and similar programs) optimal for making the soundtrack on a low budget. it is preferred that the applicant has knowledge of c#, unity, and blender. no experience is required.

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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