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Anywhere Voice actor at Mercenaries Company

voice actor mercenaries company anywhere audio/music hi there. this mod offers to you play as the most merciless marvel anti-hero. the punisher. it is a mix of the punisher (game) and the punisher war zone (movie). mod includes: new levels, new weapons, reworked action, fully processed sound, 5 playble characters and much more features. we want to rotin keen history and hard enough and realistic third person shooter. work on the punisher war zone: casrbox01 mod ( is nearing completion. since before the release is not much time, we are looking for actor for the following role. full details below: recording: bit rate 89kbps audio sample size 32 bit channels 1 (stereo) audio sample rate 44100khz audio format microsoft adpcm character: detective martin soap - secret assistant punisher age: 30-40 race: white. bio: american, intellectual. voice type: medium voice, unaccented. text: thank you. so, what do you want from me, i wrote everything in this protocol about intsedent the police station. that is, if not all of the text, pure sample.

Anywhere Audio, Music composer looking for job (for free) at Anywhere

audio, music composer looking for job (for free) anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, i am martin george. i am a student music composer. i would really like to cooperate with game developers and create a portfolio. since it´s important for my portfolio, the composing and audio services would be for free, just for credit. i really like composing music and i have a quite lot of free time, so i can make a soundtrack for you. i am in touch, so you might suggest ideas, what music or soundscape do you need in the game or what changes would you do during the process of composing. i compose in various styles. orchestral, synthetic, minimalistic, hybrid, experimental music. for example i have made a fanmade soundtrack for a racing game using synths and orchestral samplers. i can also do a bit of sound design, especially synthetic or sci-fi, that is a really interesting genre of sonic arts. if you are interested and you need music, soundscape or special sound design in a game or application, contact me. my music at: thanks and looking forward for cooperation.

Anywhere Music producer willing to work for free at Derren Sky Audio

music producer willing to work for free derren sky audio anywhere audio/music dear games creators my name is derren sky nesbitt, i am a free lance music producer/composer/sound designer from leeds, i have been producing, mastering and recording music for around six years now, my company is called derren sky audio. my studio runs cubase 5, logic pro 9 and propellerhead reason, i have many mastering and sfx plugings from wavs labs to audio damage. i specialize in many different styles of music, from rock music, classical, drum n bass, dub step, hip-hop, trip-hop and anything in between. i love all aspect of music and i really want to develop my musical reel in the video game industry, this is why i am willing to work totally for free with the exception that my name be added to the works for my digital portfolio to help boost my music career. so if you need any music producing or music mastering for your games please send me an email. my website is; here you can listen to my new digital works from film scores to rpg based gaming productions.

Anywhere Sound Designer looking for a project (will work for free) at Anywhere

sound designer looking for a project (will work for free) anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, for the past few years i've been concentrating on the music side of game audio, however, i have recently decided to branch out into sound design. in order to build my portfolio, i am looking for a project to work on. here is a link to my website, where you can find demos of my work: here are some older examples of my work with sound design: here is a list of my credits (most of these are for music): unannounced (2014) • independent film breach td (2014) • tablet game altas (2014) • independent film sm music (2014) • online music library fabula divina (2013) • retro role-playing video-game unannounced (2013) • fitness class cinema stock (2013) • online film asset library orchestra of the swan (2013) • commission unannounced (2013) • video game unannounced (2013) • television show pilot unreleased (2012) • smartphone application although i usually charge for my work, i am willing to work for free on any sound design projects. i have recently purchased a huge library of sound design assets, so look out for updated demos on my website. thanks, ian

Anywhere Music Composition at Anywhere

music composition anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, my name is d'anthoni wooten and i'm currently studying at berklee college of music studying film scoring and electronic production and i'd like to work on the music for your video game projects. for your satisfaction i will compose a sample piece for your work before you decide to hire me. if you enjoy the piece of work and would like to hire me for your project, then i will require a payment that you can handle. i am professional at what i do, and i have been composing and producing music for 9-10 years of experience, having the love of creating audio, sounds, and music since i was 8 years old. i am looking forward to see your projects flourish and i will put my 100% effort to make the music send the game's message to your audience and fit your work. if you'd like to listen to a sample of my musical works, please click the links below: if you have any questions please contact me here at: thank you!

Anywhere Composer & Sound Designer Looking for Job at Matt O'Haira

composer & sound designer looking for job matt o'haira anywhere audio/music hello, my name is matt, a experienced composer, sound designer and professional guitar player. i released the soundtrack of the game dash tap, and i'm currently working on 2 more indie titles that are coming soon. i'm looking for quality games needing original music. i compose in a wide variety of genres that you can listen in the link below. (80s electro, rock, ambient experimental, orchestral, latin, chiptune and much more). i run daws like ableton live and logic, do real instruments recordings if needed as well as using high quality specialized libraries and synths. if you are interested send me a mail! and good luck to all with your projects! regards, matt

USA Music composer, available for work at Myself

music composer, available for work myself usa audio/music i am a musical composer, looking to gain some experience, and compose the music to your potential indie games. i've composed many awesome tracks while practicing to make the music for a game, and am available to begin composing music for your project, whatever it may be. i do dark, atmospheric music, cyberpunk/futuristic, as well as traditional, brighter, orchestral tracks. if your team is looking for someone to put music to your game, shoot me an email. be it the music to your kickstarter trailer, or the entire soundtrack to a game, i'd be happy to oblige. though payment would be nice, i may not require it depending on what the the project demands. i have composed a full instrumental album called authoring a world, which will be releasing soon, as well as an ep called srp based on the tracks from games like silent hill, and the hit t.v. show, twin peaks. if you would like to hear few select tracks that i've done, visit i use this website to put a few of my more diverse tracks on display. i look forward to hearing from any interested parties in the future, thanks for your consideration!

Anywhere Voice Actor at Prototype Games

voice actor prototype games anywhere audio/music currently, prototype games is developing a next gen title for pc, mac and linux. the game is an immense experience with parkour elements mixed in with a cyberpunk setting. we need a strong male voice actor for the lead character. the lead character is a very cocky and arrogant in the same way as duke nukem. you will need to have experience and decent equipment. you will be able to determine what the character says. the voices will mostly be audio clips for the game, this includes: main gameplay sound effects (getting hurt, jumping et cetera) cocky remarks to enemies narcissism the lead character is a typical bad-ass and excels in movement and takedowns. the lead character also needs to exert domination and power over his enemies. our work ethic is just to make good games and to give an excellent product to the consumer. if you get the job you will be expected to deliver multiple sound files at a high quality and to show a lot of emotion in your lines. to get the job, you will just need to display passion and willingness to create a great game within certain deadlines. all the best, prototype games

Anywhere Voice Actor at Blob Games

voice actor blob games anywhere audio/music i am solstice (real name bas oosterling) and i develop an indie game called story of alexia, a 2d platformer with metroidvania elements and an rpg-like plot. the gameplay kind of like valdis story, cave story and shovel knight in a sense. the game has an anime-like style and has references to japanese culture and anime. kirbypwnage and me from blob games are looking for voice actors for story of alexia's characters. the work is freelance and unpaid, but all of you will be credited and if you want, you will be linked back. you will be notified when the project is finished. the voices will mostly be audio clips for gameplay, boss fights, getting hit, that kind of stuff. there are a lot of female characters, so to the female voice actors; i'd like you to consider this. there are also a few male characters, though. intermediate experience is appreciated and i first want to hear some of your work. the characters include: (female:) alexia - the heroine. kind of an action girl. i'd figure a kind of soft voice shelby - a cheerful and hyper girl. i'd figure a high-pitched and cheerful, kinda tomboyish voice shane - an ordinary, kind of laid-back girl. i'd figure a kind of tomboyish manner of talking zaire - a black-skinned npc who helps out and has an important role in the backstory. i'd figure a calm and collected voice lucretia - a dark warlord girl and empress. i'd figure a cold and stern voice jurin - a lantern ghost. i'd figure a calm and collected voice simone - a sorceress with narcissistic tendencies. i'd figure kind of an arrogant, haughty voice. fuu - a cloud spirit (think like mario's cloud enemy). i'd figure a kind of cold voice, cause she's cynical ume - an anthropomporhic dog (no furry). i'd figure kind of an innocent voice. yurei - a demon girl. she has a volatile temper (and acts childish, like the tsundere character archetype from anime). i'd figure a kinda grouchy and childish voice. (male:) jack - a kind of cynical character. so i'd figure a kinda bored way of talking. general - lucretia's minion. kind of a stern way of talking, him being an army commander. van - shane's brother. also kind of a laid back way of talking. the alchemist - a sorcerer and one of the main antagonists. he has a very sad backstory and is traumatized into becoming evil, so i'd figure kind of a ''broken'' voice. like young xehanort (kingdom hearts) and possibly gaara (naruto). if you want to do a few random npc voices, it'd be appreciated, but not necessary. i am a beginning indie dev and this is going to be my first project to sell, but i have about 5 years experience with game maker, and i have a kind of experienced skill level. the lets plays of the demos were kind of positive and various people already want to buy the game. the project is kind of ambitious and will probably spawn a sequel, so it's a good change to get your work showcased! thanks for all the help in advance! - bas

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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