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Anywhere Sound Engineer, Music Composer at Anywhere

sound engineer, music composer anywhere anywhere audio/music candy ballad is looking for musical composers to help with the game. auditions will be open until september 15. please email with a link or downloadable file to some of your previous works. i’m aware that the game’s release date can be short notice (october 25), so if you are thinking that you may only want to do one or two pieces, that’s ok! candy ballad is a upcoming halloween rpg maker game. play as rum and rat, two girlfriends who can turn into monsters, as they interact with the many residents of their spooky town in trying to repay a candy debt. the game is lighthearted with no intentional scary elements to it. a final release date is expected on october 25. number of songs required : talk to her in detail about this. but one or two are okay. rough length of songs : possibly 4 minutes or shorter. loop is acceptable. deadline : september 15 style or genre required : lighthearted, spookyish (?) compensation : talk to her in detail about this (2) contact information : (her email) (tumblr)

Anywhere 3D Artist, Level Designers, Sound Designers (SFX & Wwise Integration) at Affinity Pixel

3d artist, level designers, sound designers (sfx & wwise integration) affinity pixel anywhere audio/music i am currently producing a title for xbox one, ps4 & pc. we started this project back in february and since changed our game engine from game maker to unreal engine because it is more versatile. we are creating a 1940s film noir inspired first person shooter for xbox one, ps4 & pc. we have already been approved to publish this game on xbox live and we are currently waiting for sony's response. this game features a talented cast of voice actors and a stellar soundtrack that really sets the mood. we are doing our best to create a fantastic product, however because we all work day jobs and have bills we are finding it increasingly difficult to pay our artists for assets. so as of last night we opened up volunteer applications for those who would like to offer their services free. as a independent artist myself i know how annoying and overwhelming these projects can be so in return we will add you to our imdb credit list, credit you in-game and give you a copy of the game for the platform of your choice. you can email me at to submit your portfolio or reply to this thread. however, i will more than likely response to an actual email. until next time, john montoya executive producer

Anywhere Voice Actors Needed! at Project: Seasons

voice actors needed! project: seasons anywhere audio/music project: seasons is an action adventure game that takes the idea of four seasons and the spirits guiding them turn to turmoil and the player's goal, along with their team members, to return the land to its glory. we need a cast of voice actors for our upcoming game, project: seasons. as of right now voices will just be used in promotional videos but may be used in game, in which the cast will be paid. for details on what we need right now, click below for details. all that is required is that you have a clear mic. please send files in a .wav format. all auditions will be attempted to fit into the game in full. thank you!

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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