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Anywhere [PAID] Voice Actress for Hire at Audio

voice actress for hire audio anywhere audio/music greetings! i would like to offer my services as a voice actress. i have professional training and real world experience so you can rest assured that i will not turn your great game into a crappy one. my goal is to help elevate the quality of your game! some games i have worked on: fates forever: mechrunner: solarix: you can check out my demos and full resume at my website here: i have a home studio so you don't need to worry about getting your own recording equipment. i also offer the ability to be directed live via phone patch or skype, that way you can ensure a perfect delivery the first time round. i have a very quick turnaround, often times within 24 hours of receiving the script and do basic editing on my end. (taking out breathes, normalizing, etc) if you are interested in getting a quote for your game, please email me here: thanks!

Anywhere Sound Engineers / Composers / Audio lead at Fenrir Studios

sound engineers / composers / audio lead fenrir studios anywhere audio/music game summary: in dark storm,you play as amber, a security officer working in a classified laboratory facility near the alaskan border. it's your first week on the job when suddenly your lab comes under attack by an unknown assailant. your main objective now becomes survival. using elements from your environment, escape is crucial, and the odds are against you. however, amber's story is only a small part of dark storm. through episodic content releases, you can explore the whole dark storm universe, find out what secrets the government doesn't want to let out, and what your part in all of it is. job summary: the dark storm team is currently looking for quality talent in the following avenues of sound engineer/composer. it is a lead position for audio on the dark storm project. requirements: *working knowledge of the udk audio pipeline and the ability to implement music/sfx *ability to be creative and work with the leads of each department(animation,programming etc) *flexibly in revisions *coordinating with the vo director *above all else willing to try new things and learn payment: payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. we plan to release on steam and any other services that will allow. everyone is required to sign an initial royalty contract and a final upon release. leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent or forfeit it in some cases

Anywhere Sound designer, composer and voice over artist for paid work at Anywhere

sound designer, composer and voice over artist for paid work anywhere anywhere audio/music professional and affordable sound designer/composer/producer/voice actor looking for work and roles with indie game makers and developers, looking to gain good working relationships with hopefully regular work and commissions, i am creative, professional, reliable and driven and have a well equipped recording studio with high end analogue and digital equipment at my disposal, where i have engineered, mixed and mastered lots of bands/artists and have produced soundtracks and foley/sound design for indie games (the legend of the artefact, aerial ace) and indie films, as well as building up my own custom sound library. i am really driven to break out into the game audio industry and eagerly awaiting to gain connections with professionals and people with a similar mindset that are passionate about there craft and work. for any info, enquiries, testimonials and sound clips please email me, to check out some examples of my work head on over to studio page: linkedin: - ross

Anywhere Sound Designer & Composer. Will work for FREE at Anywhere

sound designer & composer. will work for free anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, i'm a university graduate and an aspiring sound designer and engineer. i'm looking to gain experience working on an indie game. i'm proficient at both sound design and musical composition. i own professional quality hardware and software and have the expertise needed to create high quality sound assets and musical compositions. i have experience working on the sound in games, and have also worked on the foley/sound design in a short film. this and other projects have prepared me to expand my knowledge and ability as i pursue some experience on an indie game. i have a strong work ethic and can guarantee high quality work for a group of dedicated game designers. let me just stress i'm looking for the opportunity to work on the sound in an indie game free of charge. this is purely for the purposes of expanding my knowledge of working within a game. here's a link to my website: if you're interested in my free services, drop me an email to:

United States Male Voice Actor Looking To Help at Anywhere

male voice actor looking to help anywhere united states audio/music freelance voice actor looking for any game companies who need any character voice help in their upcoming titles. just tell me what voices to do and i'll help complete it to the best of my abilities. i don't necessarily need to be paid unless you want to pay me, but the only thing i ask for is proper voice credit for my time. i think that's a pretty reasonable request considering the circumstances of what i'm doing; it helps me make a living plus it gets my name out there. if you contact me, hear me, and decide that i am not right for the project then i am completely okay with that. i promise not to hunt you down and violently murder you (bad ice breaker joke intended) if you are interested and want to give me a shot, you can reach me at the email address below. hope to hear from you guys soon. p.s: if by the off chance you are also looking for testers and bug reporters for your title, i would also be available for that as well. but, again, completely up to you.

Anywhere Composer for Hire at Anywhere

composer for hire anywhere anywhere audio/music my name is elias edlund, i'm a composer and songwriter based in vancouver, bc. i studied jazz guitar, theory, and arranging at grant macewan university in edmonton, ab. i'm currently looking to partner with an indie game company for an upcoming project as a composer/sound designer. i honestly don't have much experience in this field, but i have great creative instinct, musical sense, and professional gear. so far, my specialty has been in organic sounding instrumental pieces, with a combination of real acoustic instruments and high quality samples. these tracks are anything from soft, light, orchestra style pieces to indie folk/rock songs. i've also worked on quite of a bit of eery/creepy sounding pieces, composed with crime-based television in mind. i'm not as comfortable with more electronic sounding music, especially the dance/edm genre, but i'm open to trying anything if you need something specific. i can generally finish a track from scratch to spec within one day, typically in about 4-5 hours. edits can be easily made afterwards if needed. you can hear some of my samples at

Anywhere Voice actor at Mercenaries Company

voice actor mercenaries company anywhere audio/music hi there. this mod offers to you play as the most merciless marvel anti-hero. the punisher. it is a mix of the punisher (game) and the punisher war zone (movie). mod includes: new levels, new weapons, reworked action, fully processed sound, 5 playble characters and much more features. we want to rotin keen history and hard enough and realistic third person shooter. work on the punisher war zone: casrbox01 mod ( is nearing completion. since before the release is not much time, we are looking for actor for the following role. full details below: recording: bit rate 89kbps audio sample size 32 bit channels 1 (stereo) audio sample rate 44100khz audio format microsoft adpcm character: detective martin soap - secret assistant punisher age: 30-40 race: white. bio: american, intellectual. voice type: medium voice, unaccented. text: thank you. so, what do you want from me, i wrote everything in this protocol about intsedent the police station. that is, if not all of the text, pure sample.

Anywhere Audio, Music composer looking for job (for free) at Anywhere

audio, music composer looking for job (for free) anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, i am martin george. i am a student music composer. i would really like to cooperate with game developers and create a portfolio. since it´s important for my portfolio, the composing and audio services would be for free, just for credit. i really like composing music and i have a quite lot of free time, so i can make a soundtrack for you. i am in touch, so you might suggest ideas, what music or soundscape do you need in the game or what changes would you do during the process of composing. i compose in various styles. orchestral, synthetic, minimalistic, hybrid, experimental music. for example i have made a fanmade soundtrack for a racing game using synths and orchestral samplers. i can also do a bit of sound design, especially synthetic or sci-fi, that is a really interesting genre of sonic arts. if you are interested and you need music, soundscape or special sound design in a game or application, contact me. my music at: thanks and looking forward for cooperation.

Anywhere Music producer willing to work for free at Derren Sky Audio

music producer willing to work for free derren sky audio anywhere audio/music dear games creators my name is derren sky nesbitt, i am a free lance music producer/composer/sound designer from leeds, i have been producing, mastering and recording music for around six years now, my company is called derren sky audio. my studio runs cubase 5, logic pro 9 and propellerhead reason, i have many mastering and sfx plugings from wavs labs to audio damage. i specialize in many different styles of music, from rock music, classical, drum n bass, dub step, hip-hop, trip-hop and anything in between. i love all aspect of music and i really want to develop my musical reel in the video game industry, this is why i am willing to work totally for free with the exception that my name be added to the works for my digital portfolio to help boost my music career. so if you need any music producing or music mastering for your games please send me an email. my website is; here you can listen to my new digital works from film scores to rpg based gaming productions.

Anywhere Sound Designer looking for a project (will work for free) at Anywhere

sound designer looking for a project (will work for free) anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, for the past few years i've been concentrating on the music side of game audio, however, i have recently decided to branch out into sound design. in order to build my portfolio, i am looking for a project to work on. here is a link to my website, where you can find demos of my work: here are some older examples of my work with sound design: here is a list of my credits (most of these are for music): unannounced (2014) • independent film breach td (2014) • tablet game altas (2014) • independent film sm music (2014) • online music library fabula divina (2013) • retro role-playing video-game unannounced (2013) • fitness class cinema stock (2013) • online film asset library orchestra of the swan (2013) • commission unannounced (2013) • video game unannounced (2013) • television show pilot unreleased (2012) • smartphone application although i usually charge for my work, i am willing to work for free on any sound design projects. i have recently purchased a huge library of sound design assets, so look out for updated demos on my website. thanks, ian

Anywhere Music Composition at Anywhere

music composition anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, my name is d'anthoni wooten and i'm currently studying at berklee college of music studying film scoring and electronic production and i'd like to work on the music for your video game projects. for your satisfaction i will compose a sample piece for your work before you decide to hire me. if you enjoy the piece of work and would like to hire me for your project, then i will require a payment that you can handle. i am professional at what i do, and i have been composing and producing music for 9-10 years of experience, having the love of creating audio, sounds, and music since i was 8 years old. i am looking forward to see your projects flourish and i will put my 100% effort to make the music send the game's message to your audience and fit your work. if you'd like to listen to a sample of my musical works, please click the links below: if you have any questions please contact me here at: thank you!

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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