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Epistory is looking for a writer

[PAID] Epistory is looking for a writer

UK or US (or at least native english speaker) at Fishing Cactus

epistory is looking for a writer fishing cactus uk or us (or at least native english speaker) web/other hey ‪guys‬, we are currently looking for a uk or us based (or at least native english speaker) freelance writer who can give us a hand building the scenario and lines for our upcoming game epistory - pc/mac/linux typing adventure game. experience with indie games a plus but not mandatory. cheers, the team

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Anywhere 2D Artists/3D Modeller/Level Designers/Compostors at Broken Heart Studios

2d artists/3d modeller/level designers/compostors broken heart studios anywhere web/other **if a game is produced a percentage of profits will be shared with all team members** here at broken heart studios are idea is create a new form of game for everyone, by incorporating both new game mechanics and older nostalgic ones. details about any of the projects offered by broken heart studios are available by getting in contact. our main focus is to create a vr based game with amazing visuals and cinematic moments that the player will cherish forever. any experience at all with ue4 will be great, as that is what we hope to create the program within. however, practise with other applications is just as good. prior knowledge is not mandatory. overall, we welcome all applications and we are unlikely to turn anyone away. feel free to get into contact with us, as we are looking for 2d artists, 3d modeller, level designers, and audio composers and programmers. hopefully you guys are as excited for these games as we are and i look forward to hearing from all of you.

Anywhere **ShogunwWolfgames looking for StoryWriter!** at ShogunWolGames

**shogunwwolfgames looking for storywriter!** shogunwolgames anywhere web/other heya my names dyvine, 16 yrs of age im a 2d and 3d artist who has recently decided to start up a game dev crew called shogun wolf games. this is a company ive recently created because i want to cooperate and dev awesome games with fellow devs. i have an open mind when it comes to creating video games any genre im down with developing. currently im looking for a story writer male or female who are dedicated to projects, we have a game thats halfway done in development and one of our last steps is implementing the story and you can follow on twitter @shogunwolfgames. once your on the team i will give you all the info youll need to complete the task, our base of operations will be skype where well have meetings and discuss game ;) so, to apply, answer this form and reply to the thread! 1. how old are you? 2. what would you rate yourself at your talent? (out of 10) 3. do you have any of your previous work that you can share? 4. how are you at meeting new people/socializing? 5. what time zone/country are you in? 6. how much time could you dedicate to the production of games?(**well need someone dedicated to getting tasks done which is a necessity.)

Anywhere Writer for a Narrative game at Anywhere

writer for a narrative game anywhere anywhere web/other greetings, writer's help needed on my (yet personal) tiny allegorical video game project, allegory is of life (mainly: life of the one coming out of crowd, who seeks living; or life of the one who is the sheep, blindly following what is given; and that, that at the end - for everyone - it's same, just one lives longer, another's life is as short as time it takes to die). let me first introduce myself: i'm a game designer and (3d) artist, and, well, lover of "deep things", who believes games can be art and wants to change game-dev scene by a tiny bit into this direction. and please excuse me for my "perfect" english, hope you understood the points i wanted to say.. the game i work on, as written above, is allegorical, genre wise it's something like "story driver stealth mini-rpg" (with immersive sim with player enforcement philosophy), but that doesn't actually matter, and the settings are: it's set in giant underground cave with souls flowing as a river from 4 different branches flowing into lake center (which is like a whirlpool with something like shrine lighting the souls up). you, being a part of those souls awaken in the middle of this flow and see, that you with hard get out of this flow, or follow it. the whirlpool is the "end". going out of this flow you see, that you're not the only one that left it, and that you're not so special as you thought at first, but you're a bit different though(that is, everyone is especial actually if they wish), unlike them you naturally have interest, i.e. you want explore. that you also find out is that that there are others, metaphorically speaking - with scythes (allegory of fate) taking those souls right to the center of whirloop, and that this place belong to them, the unhuman architecture seen every there and now seem to be of their origin. and if this whole act is allegory, and soul flow is sheep society, part of which you currently are and if you won't resist - soon you'll reach the end; if you resist and you're not a sheep and leave that flow you'll discover other who left, sparsely standing there and here and your being becomes "longer", you discover strange scythe men walking every now and then; and after evading many or few such men you discover that no matter how hard you wont seek for "truth", seek for exit from this soul whirlpool cave, seek for immortality - the only exit is from whirlpool leading to end; yet, maybe you can change the world? maybe those scythe men... how can you them? and if you defeat them.. what happens them? how can you change this whirlpool, or who are those standing souls? gods? but scythe men apparently whirl them away.. yet some are there for a real long... maybe those are temperament's 4 states? maybe it's mankind's history told from different faces? or those are "great people", who changed by a bit the world? and why is there 4 branches?(as it's not aligned to 4 geographical directions) and, more importantly, who are you? the god? just one soul? or the living man who accidentally got there? this is the thing i'm thinking about, more details would be given for the one who decides to help this project. thing is - we'll need some writing in order to get interested in my team, who are: i - the passionate (and devoted) game designer, under who goes whole artistic things(from 3d art, to level design, to artistic side of this game), sound engineer (all audio things, including soundtrack), the programmer, and your part. at the moment is "just a hobby thing" (but actually we have close connection to local game-lab(plus plus), and when this project's production reaches shining point, we most likely get some good news) hope this interests you enough to donate time to this passionate and deep project. sincerely, g. janiashvili

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