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Anywhere Web Programmer, and Web Designer at Sunwell Studios

web programmer, and web designer sunwell studios anywhere web/other sunwell studios is looking for people to help create our website. we purchase an website about 2 days ago, and we want our website to be improved. right now our website programmer is doing college work, for whole month. so he's not going to be able. you work for free until we have proper funding. what are we looking for? we are looking for volunteer work. since we don't have the money to pay people for there work. our website is it's an wordpress right now. we are looking for people that can program in html, css, php, and js. web programmer requirements: be able to work for nothing (no paid), but the knowledge that you created an website with possible reward, depending on how our games goes at lease have month worth of experience in programming website, or designing websites have knowledge in css, php, js, and html. self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and team-player attitude be able to work with other peoplepluses knowledge in ssl certificate programming web designer requirementsbe able to create original concepts for the website be able to work for nothing (no paid), but the knowledge that you created an website with possible reward, depending on how our games goes can't use other people websites, or be bias toward other website self-motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and team-player attitude have a brilliant immigration have knowledge in photoshop, and illustrator able to create easy to use website at lease a month worth of designing website(s) knowledge of how video game company websites work be able to work with other peopleyou also need to know how create plugin, themes, and edit wp. if we leave wordpress, and develop our own website. you will need an understand of database based website, like mysql. the website is extremely important to the company/team.

Anywhere Do you want to make a Halo Game? at Halo

do you want to make a halo game? halo anywhere web/other hello! my name is noah stavish, i'm the creative director at revelations studios and art director at sunwell studios. recently, i've had the idea to create a fan made halo game, and i was wondering if anyone else would be interested in helping with it? it would be strictly volunteer, and there'd be no money in the end, but it could be a great experience for any involved. i was thinking of using unreal 4 for the project. for those interested we would need: programmers - these people will program the game in it's entirety (no small task mind you). this may include a multiplayer/online component. 3d modelers (vehicles and weapons) - they will completely model the weapons and vehicles, including texturing them. if possible, they would also rig and animate the weapon/vehicle, but this is not necessary. 3d environment artists - these people will work with level designers and concept artists to make beautiful assets to be used in the multiplayer and single player levels. if there is a forge mode (likely) they will also create (model and texture) the forge pieces with help from 3d modelers. 3d character modelers (this includes enemies) - this group will model all enemies and npc's along with the many armor variants for the spartans and elites. animators will take the models and full rig and animate them for what is needed (reloading, firing, driving, changing gear, character animations, etc.) along with creating cutscenes. level designers - will work with environment artists and concept artists to create levels that are both aesthetically pleasing and play well. 2d gui artists will work with the programmers to make the hud and any other part of ui look good and be functional. concept artists will draw up concept art for the levels, enemies, weapons, and just about everything in the game. community/website manager will create and manage the website and forums writers - they will write the script sound designers - will be in charge of all noises, sounds, and dialogue composers - will write, and produce a score for the game testers - they will test the game along with everyone working on it to be sure there are no major bugs. and we'll obviously need voice actors too when we get there. a basic gdd is already written, if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

Bristol / Anywhere All Skills Required at All Skillsets

all skills required all skillsets bristol / anywhere web/other hi, we are slipstreemx studios, seeking all types of skill-sets to work on a new titles and form a team and studio, creating fun games for others to play. slipstreemx came about from 4 friends who then turned to 2 myself and one other. these are the roles we fill: me: designer him: design/some art what we're looking for anything really, from programing, to level design and even art, what we require is passion, lust and need to create and to finish a project from a-z. we've been let down in the past by programers and artists, so we're limiting applications to the need to be able to get to bristol uk at least once a month for a mini meeting, even better if you live in the city :) if you are like us and want to create a team, break into the industry and meet great friends. this is a great opportunity. hopefully you'll want to stick around for the long term, rather than just create 1 project and move on. thanks for looking and hopefully applying to work with us martin - slipstreemx studios

Anywhere | Skype [Royalty] Looking for an Animator at Sunwell Studios

[royalty] looking for an animator sunwell studios anywhere | skype web/other sunwell studios is currently looking for an animator for the game. we are almost finished with the game and the only thing we need is a animator. what will you being doing? well you know your job. you will be doing the rigging, and animation. the animation consist of idle, jump, and fall. what's finished? the 3d models is done, the music is done, and the programming is done. the background, and gui will be done soon. about the game the game is a flood runner type game. while you are jumping on the platforms to escape the milk; you have to collect tears. the tear is what keeps you alive. while you climb the platform further you get less platform there are, and the less tears, and the faster it gets. this game will be our first game that we create as a team (sunwell studios). how will i be payed? you will be pay in royalty. every month you will be payed 5% of the net royalty. that how apple, and google pays. we have to make over certain amount each month, so i can't guarantee that you will be payed every month. it all depends on the consumer.

Anywhere WordPress/Web Designer at Folklore Games

wordpress/web designer folklore games anywhere web/other folklore games is seeking a wordpress designer who can take our vision and art and turn it into a wonderful informative web page. the domain is purchased, all that is needed is you to help us make it happen! we are a small but growing company with a vision and a dream. set to release next year, our launch title "legend of the peach girl" is a fun action game following the trials of momoko and her animal friends in the quest to save her village form the torment of the ogre invaders. our ideal candidate: *excels in communication and collaboration. *knows the ins and outs of wordpress *ability to create or edit a theme to fit game style and art. please note, we will not respond to advertising spam. ~email for more information or to apply :)~

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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