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Online (Unity 3D) Project looking for new developers for various fields [Entry Level] at Abrasiv Studio

(unity 3d) project looking for new developers for various fields [entry level] abrasiv studio online web/other abrasiv studios is looking for new members of the games design industry for a part in the development of a 3d adventure game reminiscent of the original zelda. this project is intended to be a portfolio filler and should be starting development in a few weeks after planning has finished. we're currently looking for any field to be filled in the project so whether you're a new sound designer or a new texture artist or anywhere in between we want you! the central development will be taken on a very easy rate so that we don't overwhelm anyone. the goal of the project is to get people who are new to the industry to get a great experience in the industry and make a great game while we do it. applications are to be submitted online and will take about 10 minutes. we intend to create as enjoyable an environment as possible and we seek to include everyone in the decision making process. if you have any questions about the job or have any suggestions for the development process please do not regret to e-mail us at or at my personal address at encouraged: - new to the industry. - comfortable with taking part in video meetings. - have a preference in what field you would like to enter into. - try to keep yourself specialized. - have a lot of passion for the industry. - be comfortable with other developers. for team leads: - some experience (w/ reference). - low anxiety and alot of patience. - some grasp on leadership roles. - good communicator. - able to work more often that other devs.

Anywhere Animators Wanted (Royalty Payment) at Blacklight Studios

animators wanted (royalty payment) blacklight studios anywhere web/other faceless is in need of animators to help rig and animate characters to be used in faceless, an independent greenlit horror on the unreal engine 4, to be sold on steam. ( to apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of rigging and animating, the main points of animation will be for character models. as mentioned above also, examples will be required in your application and if you have signed an nda and cannot show certain examples, you are more than welcome to create a test piece to show your level of skill, if you want to apply. if you are accepted onto the team, you will be required to share your skype credentials so that you can be added to the development chat group. this chat group is text based, and not audio based. there is also a separate personal chat for off-topic speak of all kind. the development chat requires you to check in as regularly as possible, we recommend once every two days. royalty payment: this project is being sold on steam, and developers will receive pay post-launch based on the sales. more information can be requested when applying.

Anywhere Planning & Design at Abrasiv Studio

planning & design abrasiv studio anywhere web/other we at abrasiv studios are looking for some initial team-members to help layout our first game. this is going to be a turn-based rpg (think pokemon-esk) and there's very little done now and the planning team is more than needed, if you're interested in the pokemon series or are looking for something to expand your portfolio this could be the job for you. we do not require experience and cannot stress enough how little it will help in this job it is very much entry level and what will matter in this application is your work ethic and passion for the works that we will be developing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [unpaid] [small group] [skype] [gmail] [any other social media applicable] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ what to have to apply: - good work ethic - good focus - co-operative - helpful but not commanding - non-experienced applicants encouraged ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ we will get back to you as soon as possible with what we hope to be good news!

Anywhere Programmer(s), Level Designer NEEDED for indi-title at Anywhere

programmer(s), level designer needed for indi-title anywhere anywhere web/other currently looking for one or more level designers and one or more programmers, who have knowledge in use of the cryengine, to work on an independent 'rogue-like' game that is currently going by the codename: "project: trapmaster". the game is going to be unfunded, until a kickstarter for it is made. but, before getting to that point, it is necessary to have a playable alpha available to distribute. so as to give people more incentive to assist us with what will become necessary funds for expansion. after the kickstarter is over, everyone will be paid equal amounts. the only exception to this being if an individual doesn't put forth any effort into the project, after being hired on. in order to keep aspects of this game from getting out to the mass public, i am going to request that you first obtain a position on the team. so as to keep the idea for this game safe. if you are interested in applying for a programming position, keep in mind that i live in the gmt time-zone. so, it may take a little while for me to get to your e-mail.

Anywhere Searching Story and Dialog writers at Anywhere

searching story and dialog writers anywhere anywhere web/other i, andre, am currently at the beginnign of startig to build a game. the game is going to be an online mmorpg in middle ages in low poly and be set in a gigantic world with full interactment there will be buildable cities and shops... the world is going to be splitted in stages on which each stage there is a boss room located which has to be found by the players. once the boss has been defeated the players have to find the boss room on the next stage. theres also going to be a story so it wont be so linear but till now i dont have to much of that. and now some info about me. im andre, a 16 year old german motion designer and also an 3d artist. im going to be modeling the 3d models and assets for the game and also coordiante everything from the programming to the sound and visual section of the game. i need: - story writers - dialog writers the requirements are: - must be creative - must be able to write detailed stories and/or dialogs - must be able to work together in a team - must be able to communicate i hope you like what i wrote and message me soon andre

Anywhere Voice Actor/Actress at Avalon Mods

voice actor/actress avalon mods anywhere web/other hello everyone at moddb. we are avalon games, and we’re currently looking for new members to join our team and help with our developing project, eincraft. eincraft is a fantasy action/adventure magical survival game set in the floating city of tubonte, on which the legendary death games takes place in order to dictate the next ruler. the death games, built up of 12 powerful mages, is a brutal and violent tournament, writhe with death and destruction, but ultimately the reward seems worth it. each mage summons a familiar to battle for them, a great, mystical creature of immense power. which proves a surprise to mage louise, when she summons a human mortal from earth to her side. luke is equally as perplexed, but by the death games contract, must fight against the 12 opponents in his way. together, luke and louise must find a way to battle and survive through the danger of the games and embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. for a closer look, here is our current playable demo: we are currently looking for voice actors/actresses for our game, this is an unpaid gig which can be used on your portfolio, we currently have a team of 15 members and are wanting voice actors so we can begin work on the promotional video. skills: a good teammate with a positive attitude. able to accept criticism and be able to improve yourself and your work. be able to communicate through skype with the team. eincraft is in the very early process of development and we are a good lot of work away from making money from the game. therefore, we cannot yet offer any members of the team payment for their participation, not upfront or by progression. however, when the game is ready to sell, shared royalties will be discussed.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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