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Anywhere In need of web-developers at QuantumCult Studios

in need of web-developers quantumcult studios anywhere web/other well, quantumcult studios is in need of a website, and we are looking for a developer(s). it won't be anything to fancy, just something to represent the team. we have no money to pay with at the moment, which means that this will be volunteer work. the website can be as simple as we need it to be. you will not have to move anywhere, as our team works completely online. also, by participating in this, you also will help out a little bit with the design of the website, but, as stated earlier, it won't be to complicated. however, most of the art will be done by me and my friend. and most of the design. and, taking this gig does not make you internal staff, unless you want to be, but if you don't, then it's temporary. the website will also be hosted on the server of whoever takes this job, so consider that before applying, that way, we can send all of the art required straight to that person and he has all of the html safely stored on his server. if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at - thank you.

Anywhere All Positions - New Game at New Team

all positions - new game new team anywhere web/other we an unnamed team are working on a new idea, a project that will combine various game plots and ideas into one product. our aim is to make a game simple, yet complex, easy to understand yet always new every time you play. it will be an online multi player game and will focus on quick, team-based gameplay. it will be a game using various game types seen in existing games as well as some ideas and features of its own. i can't say too much about it as i'd rather just keep it with the team of people working on it. it will be in the unreal engine 4 (not the udk.) and it will be a paid game eventually (that is the initial plan, we may change to a free model if we find other ways to fund it.) as it will be sold when completed any money made when the game is released will be equally split between team members. positions needed: concept artists (design ideas) currently 2 programmers (c++) currently 1 graphic artists (textures, graphics) currently 1 modelers (game assets) currently 1 level designer (ue4) currently 2 we will most likely get many other positions. i myself will be a level designer, web designer. we will have a website up in the near future, i'm going to wait until i have some more team members before making final decisions on things for a website.

Anywhere Source Model Compiler at Unearthly Labs

source model compiler unearthly labs anywhere web/other ============================================================================== ============================================================================== we need someone to compile .obj files and 3d studio max models into textured and some animated models for a source engine mod. this is all, no other skills are required. if any money is made from donations, then you will receive a percentage of the money from that after expenses. you will also be credited in the credits of the mod requirements *speaks english *able to work long distance as part of a small team *can keep in contact via email or messaging service access to skype or steam helpful, but not required. unearthly labs is a small indie mod team working on a horror mod for the source engine. about the mod the mod puts you in the shoes a health inspector doing an after hours inspection of a butchers shop. but as you go deeper, you find that this apparently ordinary shop, conceals something much darker, and more sinister that you could have ever expected. ============================================================================== ==============================================================================

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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