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Anywhere Game Writer at Revelations Studios

game writer revelations studios anywhere web/other currently two writers are needed. the writers are going to be working closely with me to help flesh out a fantastic story with interesting characters littering the game world. on top of completely writing the story and doing multiple revisions, the writers will also work to create in game dialogue that will happen during normal gameplay. they will also write side missions, miscellaneous objectives, and alternate storylines. the writers need to be able to write up dialogue for many (possibly hundreds) of characters and be able to communicate well with each other, with myself, and with the other members of the team so that the game may better flow together. one very important detail of this game is to make the player feel immersed in the world, and one essential way of doing so is creating realistic characters and story even if they are other species that seem alien. while no experience is required, ability to create flow charts and use microsoft word is required. all scripts will be written in 12pt courier new font.

Anywhere Writer Looking for work at Storycreator

writer looking for work storycreator anywhere web/other hey, everyone. as you can tell by the title, i'm a young story/script writer looking for any kind of work in gaming. in my past experience's, i've done co-work on medieval type stories,and a little few lines of dialogue in crime tales. each of them have given me enough knowledge to create my own work, ranging to any type of genre. literally, i'll make any story, if it's sci fi to western, or drama to horror, i'm up for it. so if anyone's interested in having me on a team, or if your wanting an example, please contact my email address. if you send me a message, i'll most likely take 1 to 3 days to contact you back as i'm busy through out the week. thanks for reading. my techniques: good formatting well described characters contacting the industry for story details using real life experiences when writing scripts always talk to game company owners for their opinion :::::: any more information will be shown when i'm contacted. my previous work will also be shown for examples too. thanks again for reading and please do contact.

Anywhere Source Choreographer at Hazard Dev Team

source choreographer hazard dev team anywhere web/other the hazard development team is working on "black mesa hazard course", which is a small "expansion" for the popular source mod, black mesa. the aim is to reimagine the hazard course from the original half-life game, and ultimately end with a level that blends seamlessly with the base mod, black mesa. we are in need of an animator willing to work for free on their own time. the requirements are as follows: - capable of communicating in english, and updating frequently via skype, steam or email. - capable of using source's faceposer tool to create believable and realistically choreographed scenes, facial expression and lip syncing. - capable of communicating and coordinating with level designers (though not necessarily their programs) to properly implement choreography. if you feel you meet these requirements, feel free to contact us with your application. while including a portfolio and examples is a big plus, it is not necessary. there are no minimum requirements for previous projects or experience, though they are also a plus.

Anywhere Web developer at Ugaris

web developer ugaris anywhere web/other ugaris - the legend recovered what is ugaris? ugaris is a classic massively multiplayer online role playing game (in short, mmorpg). ugaris is a remade and evolved version of the astonia 3 engine by intent software. a game, which includes the options of becoming a warrior, mage or perhaps training to become a powerful seyan’du to excel in both magic and fighting. ugaris provides a unique set of skills and attributes enabling for a great variety of design. the clan and club systems are integrated elements of both gameplay and the community, alliances are formed, and wars may rage. in this world of factions, classes and professions, each must choose his own path.. web - developer required knowledge: php 5/mysql html 5 / css3 bootstrap laravel wordpress additional requirements: git & svn javascript graphic design what we provide: ugaris provides an excellent opportunity for portfolio, and a very good first-step in the real game-development world. if excellent work is performed and game grows big, job opportunity might be possible. what your job will be: your job will be maintaining and optimizing current code, porting code to diffrent platforms (wordpress, joomla, laravel and code igniter just to name a few) and working in collaboration to create new features for the website. feel free to browse our website to see in what current condition the game is:

Anywhere Author - Reviews & News at Greenlight Games

author - reviews & news greenlight games anywhere web/other project: gg website position: writer salary: unpaid job description: greenlight games are forever extending their social reach including game reviews, news and dev interviews. if you have a love for games, why not come write for us? in return we will happily advertise your work and stories as our traffic continues to grow hitting more than 4k views a month. you will be required to write at least one post every two days, of decent length without spelling or grammar mistakes. your writing doesn’t have to be amazing as we’ll help you improve, but you must be good at english. posts will also require images, which can be uploaded through our easy to use system. interested? get in touch! we’d love to hear from you. any work you post will be marketed via facebook, twitter, reddit, etc. applicants with the right equipment will also be allowed to post via our youtube channel. this is a great oppurtunity for anyone interested in writing, blogging, tech news, gaming, socialising and reviews. (2 of 2 positions remaining.)

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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