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Anywhere Writer wants to help, volunteer at anywhere

writer wants to help, volunteer anywhere anywhere web/other hi. my name is ethan. i'm an aspiring writer with hopes of becoming a fully-fleged videogame script writer. to start out, i'd like to offer my services as a helper in any project. what makes me different? well to start off, i'd like to title myself as an idea man. i'm extremely flexible when it comes to any genre, my improvisation and "work-under-pressure" skills are my main strengths while also delivering solid pieces of script. i write dialog. i also include character posture and surroundings. i'm particularly good at blending in chat styles with people of different race and country. i tend to work for long hours once the idea is finalised. another thing i'm mastering is detailed action scenes, which include timing and position. this way i make it easier for animators to imagine the scene and the feel when creating it. my style of writing isn't exclusive to one template. i prefer mixing it up a little in every script i write. if you would like to validate my workmanship, please do check out the link i've provided at the bottom of the page. experience? so far i haven't written for anybody. my reason for this is that this is my first actual application. before this, i've been spending many many hours crafting and honing my skill tree. i'm look forward to creating your script. tumblr :

Melbourne, Australia All Jobs Available for a fun game! at Jomi Entertainment

all jobs available for a fun game! jomi entertainment melbourne, australia web/other we are creating a hack 'n' slash game for ios and android and are looking for people who wish to get involved. we are currently in the development stage of the project and starting to put the game together through unity. we are chasing artists programmers, marketers, and unity users. anything really that can help out our team to pushing our project further. here at jomi we all live in australia and want to build a company that focus there attention on creative and innovative ideas. we want to enjoy our lives by doing what ever we want and not just creating games for the sake of it. we are all very passionate about our currnt idea and if you wish to get involved please contact me. experience would be great but not necessary if you believe you are capable of doing the job. list of jobs to apply for: programmer level designer unity set up concept artist 3d artist rigger animator web design marketing graphic design ui designer and more please keep in mind we are building this game with blender3d, photoshop and unity3d. if you have experience in other programs like maya or 3ds max and are keen to learn blender3d then that is awesome for us too. also this job is unpaid, but will give you an opportunity to become apart of a game design team and work toward building a future with us. hope to hear from you. joshua

Anywhere Writer at Anywhere

writer anywhere anywhere web/other writer looking for work, will send in short stories, and willing to write for games or help with fan fiction. willing to do for free. strengths include: details, albe to work with people, open to ideas, effective work. i have experience writing, as i have written many screenplays, poems, and short stories, i also have written some fan fiction for skyrim. i work until the material meets my, and my colleagues standards. i am very open to changes, and have a positive attitude when it comes to work. i have a huge passion for star wars and other sci-fi fandom. will work long hours, and for free. i am willing to do anything with my writing abilities to help best suite the company or persons who choose me.i am live in georgia but am willing to work for any company anywhere. i am 17, but have enough experience and imagination to do well this field. if you are intreseted then email me at or text or call me at 912-486-5636 or at 912-314-6082. my gmail and phone lines are open 24/7

Anywhere Web designer at Reed Gaming Studios

web designer reed gaming studios anywhere web/other hello my name is nathan and i am the owner at reed gaming studios. currently we are in the process of releasing our first title onto steam and moving on to our second game. this is going to be a huge task. currently we are seeking new members to join our team and become part of an expanding company. who is reed gaming studios? reed gaming studios is an indie game development company based in springfield, mo. our company started focusing on android development but soon moved into bigger and more advanced games on pc. with 4 games released on android we had decided it was time for our first major pc title to be born. since february 2014 we have been working hard on into the war a multiplayer fps. we are st to release this game on steam in the next few weeks around january 1st 2015. our companies main goal is to help newcomers to the indie community get there feet wet and start developing. who is our team? our team is a small group of developers who work together and rely on each other. we all have become friends from working with each other on various projects through the years. we are looking to expand this "family" of ours and that is why we are reaching out on here. what our we looking for? we are looking for self motivated, team oriented people to join our rapidly expanding company. you must be ready to show some progress and help build this company into the best it can be. we accept any one who is willing to work and are not picky. the only must is that we can see you are trying as hard as you can. we understand at reed gaming studios that life happens so there are no unrealistic goals to meet and deadlines are flexible. position description: i am seeking someone to take our current website to the next level i would love to be able to still use wordpress but am open to any option out there. basically your job would be to create the best website you can and help maintain an add content to it.

Anywhere {Royalty} Social Media Coordinator at Avalon Mods

{royalty} social media coordinator avalon mods anywhere web/other hello everyone at moddb. we are avalon games, and we’re currently looking for new members to join our team and help with our developing project, eincraft. eincraft is a fantasy action/adventure magical survival game set in the floating city of tubonte, on which the legendary death games takes place in order to dictate the next ruler. the death games, built up of 12 powerful mages, is a brutal and violent tournament, writhe with death and destruction, but ultimately the reward seems worth it. each mage summons a familiar to battle for them, a great, mystical creature of immense power. which proves a surprise to mage louise, when she summons a human mortal from earth to her side. luke is equally as perplexed, but by the death games contract, must fight against the 12 opponents in his way. together, luke and louise must find a way to battle and survive through the danger of the games and embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. for a closer look, here is our current playable demo: we are currently looking for a social media coordinators, whose main job will be to manage all of the social media networks for us and execute proficient marketing/advertising strategies to grow the audience. required skills: - blogging and social networking experience - being able to scope out current trends and analyse what works and what doesn't - search engine optimization - strong communication, research, and presentation skills - creative writing - leadership capabilities - great social connections - the ability to plan sharp, innovative marketing and advertising strategies eincraft is in the very early process of development and we are a good lot of work away from making money from the game. therefore, we cannot yet offer any members of the team payment for their participation, not upfront or by progression. however, when the game is ready to sell, shared royalties will be discussed. if you are interested in joining on our team, please email with your resume and we will respond when we can. we look forward to hearing from you!

Anywhere [PAID] ServerAdmin needed at Block-Smash! at # Block-Smash!

serveradmin needed at block-smash! # block-smash! anywhere web/other about block-smash!: block-smash! is a community which started off hosting some gameservers and webservices. later on we quite stopped doing these and stopped with the community for a while, now i want to restart the entire idea starting off by creating our own game, and the community fitting to that. however i, sme4gle am dutch, i don't mind working with people all across the globe, so don't be affraid if you are from an entire different country. however speaking english is a key factor for being able to join our team. the job: block-smash! is designing a pirate themed rpg game featuring shipbattles, swordfighting, gunfighting and alot more. are you interested in building a game like this with us, feel free to apply by filling in the form at or check our website for more information. we do not really have any requirements other than good knowledge of the linux operating system, and knowing how to work with apache/mysql/dovecot and talking english. feel free to send me an email for more information. or to apply for the job.

Anywhere [PAID] Warville need programmers, artists, composer... at Warville Entertainment

warville need programmers, artists, composer... warville entertainment anywhere web/other we have just started an indie team there will be good talents there, and we will be working on a mmorts game " fort rush " we are looking for skilled members for the team : programmers c#, unity 3d game artists in cluding (3d generalists, 2d artist & concept artist, texture artist, characters artist, animator...) game designer music/sfx composer also if you have any game development related skill, you are welcome to contact us, skills such as, writer, voice actor, social media marketing, managment you are more than welcome to contact us. don't forget a good portfolio link in the email, as i said we need a good team so there will be selection for members. you don't have to be experienced everyone must start gaining experience at a time and maybe this is a good chance for you working with a nice team to build up a career. note : the positions are not paid, there will be revenue share, we will be making a crowd-funding campaign to help us continue developing the game, later we will be making revenue from ads and in-app purchase.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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