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Game Designer

Game Designer

Anywhere at The Fine Young Capitalists

game designer the fine young capitalists anywhere web/other the fine young capitalists are running a project to get women involved in game design any woman can submit an idea for a video game. we take the top 5 ideas and get real concepts artists to visualize the game. we then put those pitches online and the internet votes on the best one. that game get's turned into a real game with the profits go to charity. the pitching section has been entirely funded by a private donors but there will be a crowd funding portion after the art has been created and voted on. if the game does not succeed in crowd funding the creator of the original idea retains all rights to the idea and is given control of the art created so they may pursue alternative means of funding. if person creating the idea does not win the voting stage they still own their idea and will be given control of the art. if the winner chooses they may not engage in the crowd funding stage at which point the honor will be given to the runner up. please read the contest rules and get more information on our website all application must be received before april 14. for more info please contact

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Anywhere | Skype Web Designer at Darktek Softworks

web designer darktek softworks anywhere | skype web/other what is darktekā„¢? darktekā„¢ is a new opened indie studio who is working on it first videogame. we have a complete and competent team made by more than twenty people actually. we are focused on provide the highest quality on our games, looking and trying to reach always the highest level of quality. is this a paid position? no, it isn't. due we are starting and this is our first project we do not have budget to pay wages or similar. the only we can do is to pay all of our team members a percent of the profit. what about the project? our first project, called 'fall of times' is a tactical shooter with rpg character evolution. it is based on a post-nuclear world. you can find more information about it on our moddb section alright i'm interested. what are you looking for? below you can find a list of requirements that would be needed for this offer: good knowledge of photoshop, html, css and php. takes initiative and is willing to expand own horizon. requirements: knowledge of common performance issues and the methods to optimize website design and functions. be proactive and self-motivated, work with direct supervision. good creativity. we are looking for a something fresh and new.

Anywhere, UK 3D Modeler at DeathMelon

3d modeler deathmelon anywhere, uk web/other hi, first of all if you want money then stop reading the ad because we're not doing this for the money, there will be a split of profits once the game is published but i can't promise it'll be much. unless that is if you work hard along with the rest of the team (not literally but over the inter-webs). we are looking for absolutely anybody who can model 3d objects and is confident in their work (yes even you 12 year olds). models should be sent as .obj or any other format like that. the game wont be in development until around the next month or so (it shouldn't be much longer than a month) as i have to round off my programming skills with opengl but you can still send us models. if you're interested then please contact us and send us an un-textured, realistic model of a human. if you have a lot of professional experience you probably don't want to apply for this as we're not really professional and we just want to work with others who are new to the indie game industry, like us. -deathmelon

Anywhere Build Our Website With Bootstrap (Web Designer) at Tri Dev Studios

build our website with bootstrap (web designer) tri dev studios anywhere web/other hello everybody, we here at tri dev are making our first game, 2037. while that's going, we need to get our website up. we know what we would like to see for the website, in terms of a general sort of image, but we need someone else to formulate the actual site for us. we need the site to be built with bootstrap, so a knowledge of css, html and javascript is required. due to the infancy of our studio, we will not be able to promise you any sort of compensation. as such, this is a volunteer position. if you do create the website, however, you will be acknowledged for doing so. if you're interested, send us an email at the address below with a short description of your experience and we'll get started!

Anywhere Translator at MatiaSika

translator matiasika anywhere web/other hi! i'm looking for translator for my mod for the game amnesia - the dark descent. needed languages: - french - italian - russian there are only two things what i assume that you are very capable of: - very good english skills and translating skills for your language - you will translate texts in couple of weeks after receiving the text and something about me. i'm amnesia mod developer and my mods have over 36 000 downloads already and over 100 000 views. you will not be paid for this, but you will get your name/nickname you want to the credits.

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