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Anywhere Development Team for MOBA Game at Silithrian Games

development team for moba game silithrian games anywhere web/other development team application group/studio: silithrian games project: eldritch dimensions development engine: unity platform: pc description: eldritch dimensions, is a 3d first-person shooter/ hack & slash/ magic casting with six classes to play from. two range, two melee, and two supporter type classes. snipers (range), slayers (melee), arcana (magic), supportive (healers), defender (tanks), stalker (assassin). one map for the demo. two game types. (domination and territories). domination is classic and territories involves capturing zones. job positions/openings: lead programmer (1): must know c# and has worked with unity before. responsible for overseeing all scripting of events, and will program a vast majority of the game. event/scripter's (3): must know c# and has worked with unity before. responsible for scripting any in game events and user interface. lead level designer (1): lead programmer will also take the position of lead level designer. level designers (3): programmers/scripters will also take the position of level designers. 3d modeler (2): must have a high working knowledge of maya, blender, and any other 3d modeler software. responsible for creating any additional 3d models for the moba. artist (as many as possible): responsible for creating textures and scenery. rigger (2): for 3d modelers only. voice actor (3): responsible for various in game voices such as character grunts, and announcer voices. qa/testers (as many as needed): responsible for ensuring that we deliver a high quality product. make sure that there are no glitches in the game and that everything flows as it should. (experience with unity is a plus). (these are only brief descriptions of the job positions. once the application is sent in, we will deliver further info on the position.) every one must have played or watched a moba game in order for this to flow at a fairly smooth pace. this will take a few months to create, so we are looking for people who are dedicated to this and can communicate there ideas and concerns clearly and professionally. skype is a must have for this project. we recognize the fact that most applicants are in college or have day jobs, so we encourage you to work at your own pace. positions taken team leader: tyler bellamy public relations: ben thomasson

Anywhere [Source Engine] Character Animator at Lost Stories Team

[source engine] character animator lost stories team anywhere web/other the lost stories team is a young indie game developer team working on an indie source engine game "lost story: the last days of earth", that will expand the half-life universe. we are in need of model animator on the paid position that require maximal willingness to work. or model animator to work for free (unpaid position) on their own time. the requirements to all candidates are: * have a basic understanding of the english language. * be able to create believable and realistic animations with the presented human and animal models. * be able to create rig for model. * be able to create ik for the model. + knowledge of the source sdk faceposer tool and choreography as a bonus, but not necessary. + basic understanding of the russian language as a bonus, but not necessary too. + basic knowledge of svn as a bonus, but not necessary. * be able to communicate and work with mappers and/or modelers (not necessarily their programs) to properly implement animations. * be able to communicate and/or update frequently via skype, steam or email. * activity and sociability. if you feel you've met these requirements, feel free to contact us with your application.

Anywhere that speaks English / Skype / Steam Dev-Team at Munition Gaming

dev-team munition gaming anywhere that speaks english / skype / steam web/other we are looking for a developer team, we accept amateurs. hl2 modding. looking for: program model - show us a model you have made. music/audio create - show us some of your music/audio work make/design levels/maps - validate show us you can design levels animate - show us a past animations, if you have done. script make concept art - design us a banner. story voice acting - must be english. lighting - for use of time of day, and shadow's. and more. what we look for: team-work. communicate some way. doesn't need to be through mic. help other members/developers within the team. able to participate regularly. has completed half life 2. can possibly multi-task - not definitely needed. can have fun while doing so. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ realistic hl2 combat mod, as a rebel. a brilliant atmosphere, in a city among earth, under the combine authority. a story that we can progress to make into a action packed mod. graphics to the best standard we can. custom menu and hud user can see his own legs/body. hl2 weapons, with a few scavenged new weapons. easter eggs. new places than city17 etc.. starting of the game: (can be changed) start of as a civilian. you are witnessing a speach by a city administrator. when an explosion of the stand goes of, there you run for cover in an alley way, to find that the rebels are behind this. you then decide to join them.

Anywhere [Online] News Writer at Hendecagon Studios

news writer hendecagon studios anywhere [online] web/other who are we? hendecagon studios is a young indie game studio. we are working now on one project. hendecagon studio has currently 3 persons but we want to expand. the company is in austria but you can work from all around the world. what are our projects? the name of the first project has the name suprey. it's a survival online and singleplayer game. what is your job in our company? as our news writer you will write news for our game on indiedb. requirements: • strong written and spoken english • able to cooperatively and effectively teamwork pluses • experience in game localization or game qa • experience working as an news writer how to apply? send your application to tell us about yourself and why would you like to work with us. we are working on the first game beta and we would like to make then a litte crowd funding on indiegogo or kickstarter but we must show some game features and gameplay to the users and gamers. only volunteer please because we doesn't have much money to pay. i hope you like our presentation and apply now!

Anywhere Website Creator/Maintainer at Firestorm Productions

website creator/maintainer firestorm productions anywhere web/other tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free first and third person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are currently in need of someone who can create and maintain a website for firestorm productions and all of its projects. this is a volunteer-only position and you will therefore not be given any monetary compensation for your work. however, this is a great opportunity to improve your overall ability and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. failure to read and understand the conditions specified in this job description prior to your application without a justifiable reason will result in the immediate rejection of said application. thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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