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Anywhere Trailer for open-source remake of an old game at ZX Studio

trailer for open-source remake of an old game zx studio anywhere web/other i have recently finished a remake of zx spectrum game "island of dr. destructo" called "return of dr. destructo". the game is freeware for windows, linux and macos x and open-sourced. i'm considering paid mobile version later, but for now, i have no revenue to share and no budget to use. i need a trailer made for it - a simple thing, nothing special, just a logo, some gameplay footage, maybe a comparison with the original game, a list of features and a link to game's site in the end. if you're interested, you may download the beta build of the game here: return of dr. destructo 1.0 rc1 (windows) and here are some screenshots: [center] [/center]you would need to do better than my own effort :) trailer on youtube.

Anywhere | Skype [Royalty] Looking for an Animator at Sunwell Studios

[royalty] looking for an animator sunwell studios anywhere | skype web/other sunwell studios is currently looking for an animator for the game. we are almost finished with the game and the only thing we need is a animator. what will you being doing? well you know your job. you will be doing the rigging, and animation. the animation consist of idle, jump, and fall. what's finished? the 3d models is done, the music is done, and the programming is done. the background, and gui will be done soon. about the game the game is a flood runner type game. while you are jumping on the platforms to escape the milk; you have to collect tears. the tear is what keeps you alive. while you climb the platform further you get less platform there are, and the less tears, and the faster it gets. this game will be our first game that we create as a team (sunwell studios). how will i be payed? you will be pay in royalty. every month you will be payed 5% of the net royalty. that how apple, and google pays. we have to make over certain amount each month, so i can't guarantee that you will be payed every month. it all depends on the consumer.

Anywhere WordPress/Web Designer at Folklore Games

wordpress/web designer folklore games anywhere web/other folklore games is seeking a wordpress designer who can take our vision and art and turn it into a wonderful informative web page. the domain is purchased, all that is needed is you to help us make it happen! we are a small but growing company with a vision and a dream. set to release next year, our launch title "legend of the peach girl" is a fun action game following the trials of momoko and her animal friends in the quest to save her village form the torment of the ogre invaders. our ideal candidate: *excels in communication and collaboration. *knows the ins and outs of wordpress *ability to create or edit a theme to fit game style and art. please note, we will not respond to advertising spam. ~email for more information or to apply :)~

Anywhere Various at Virtual Leap

various virtual leap anywhere web/other i am the project manager from virtual leap. virtual leap studios is looking for members: programer capable of building the structure of the game that includes ai, ui and anything else that comes with the territory. web page designer who can actively update,revise, and streamline our web interface. animator who can animate walking, running, picking up an item, crouching, etc. a level designer that can design an linear inner-city surrounding and place items in a natural flowing way. a graphic designer capable of creating concept art, web page art and promotional material. and a texture artist that is able to make high resolution textures. for our current and future projects. the positions are going to be "pro bono" for the foreseeable future, but if any revenue is made off of a game, all contributors will receive their share. inexperienced people are welcome to build their experience and resume while they're on the team. all applicants must have a skype account, if you do not you can sign up for free.

Anywhere Game Reviewer at Indie Examiner

game reviewer indie examiner anywhere web/other hello everyone, we are currently looking for an additional game reviewer or reviewers that specialize in indie games. our goal is to provide accurate reviews/previews and level realistic critiques and criticisms at indie games that deserve attention. currently the website is not monetized so the position is unpaid. if you are passionate about indie games and are looking for a place to preview, review and discuss indie games then feel free to contact us. if you have a particular genre that you are exceptionally fond of please include that in the email. if there is a genre you feel uncomfortable reviewing please include that as well. our goal is to review as many indie games as possible so you may be reviewing a wide variety of games. time requirement: flexible (we aim for one article per week, but are willing to accommodate a busy schedule) writing sample: we aim to keep the quality of the website high and are looking for strong writers that are able to produce fair and concise reviews.

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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