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Anywhere Level Designer [UE4, Narrative Exploration Game] at Arbitrary Studio

level designer [ue4, narrative exploration game] arbitrary studio anywhere web/other eden (working title) is an immersive exploration game set in a remote antarctic research facility. the events of the game revolve around an 'isolation room', a chamber designed to manipulate the brain into experiencing lucid hallucinations, being tested by a private military contractor as a means of psychological interrogation. after a communications failure a rescue team is dispatched to the station; but after their helicopter crashes, only one of the team survives. the game mixes elements of gone home with traditional linear horror games like amnesia: the dark descent, with a strong emphasis on environment exploration (discovering notes, audio, and video logs) as well as intuitive problem solving. the 'active' plot, to escape the station alive, is driven by a surviving member of the crew who communicates with the player by radio. we require a level designer to collaborate with us to create the game world, with particular focus on intuitive puzzles and situations. as the game relies heavily on narrative, an understanding of how players interact and experience the environment is essential. we are using unreal engine 4 so experience with the unreal editor (and basic blueprints knowledge) would be useful, but experience with any modern engine is sufficient. you must be able to use a 3d application to create place-holder assets (don't worry, they don't have to be pretty). in addition, you must be able to dedicate time to the project. this will be a highly involved task from start to finish, with an estimated project time of roughly 16 months, so please be aware of this before applying. being based in europe or america would be beneficial in respect to time zones, but in general, this is not a major issue. positions are offered on a royalty share on completion basis only.

Anywhere Translator at Anywhere

translator anywhere anywhere web/other i'm looking for translator to couple of my amnesia - the dark descent custom stories, the call from another dimension and the call from another dimension ii - the herman's revenge (and maybe for some others too if there is enough translators). the languages i'm looking for, is - german - french - spanish - italian - russian what i need from you: you should be skilled in translating from english to your own language (you don't need to translate to all languages, just to your own). you should complete the translation within couple of weeks from the day you begin. you should be motivated to your translation. texts will be in good clear english. i'm finnish university student who develops custom stories to amnesia. i have more than 170 000 views in my custom stories and more than 45 000 downloads in my custom stories. all of my custom stories are well rated and have received good feedback. what you get: the name/nickname you choose to the credits of updated version of custom story. you will not be paid for this job.

Anywhere Molotov Industries | Expanding Team for UE4 Game | Many Positions at Molotov Industries

molotov industries | expanding team for ue4 game | many positions molotov industries anywhere web/other hello everybody, my name is evan. the molotov industries team has been working through the pre-alpha stage of our game’s development. the time has come to expand the team in order to prototype, implement features, and pursue further development. we are looking to take applicants for the following positions: - 3d character artists - 3d environment artists - 3d generalists - animators - texture artists - vfx artists - user interface designers - technical artists - c++ unreal programmers applicants should meet the following qualifications: - experience in unreal engine 3 or 4 - experience in game development - strong team player - strong communicator - intrinsic motivation - free time to make something awesome i should iterate we are searching for, primarily, experienced developers who would like a project to work on in their free time. furthermore, here are a few details about our game: - built with unreal engine 4 - medieval fantasy setting - dark souls style combat - rogue like elements - bold and colorful art style - hand painted art style finally, we do intend to retail our game. while it is impossible to promise anything at this stage, the scale and pace of development will be kept to a manageable level to ensure reasonable goals may be met. if the game’s development reaches the point at which retail becomes a definite possibility, the appropriate legal accommodations will be made to ensure all team members are fairly compensated for their work following retail. if you are interested, feel free to shoot me an email containing your portfolio and resume here: thanks, evan.

Anywhere Writer at TM Games

writer tm games anywhere web/other hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at this ad for tm games. tm games is looking for a writer for our upcoming game. as of now, we're trying to enter our game in the 2015 indie game contest. we have a deadline of august 7th. the game will take place in a post apocalyptic setting. you will be working along side with me on the story and certain portions of gameplay. any prize money earned on the game will be split between all working members of the team. after the contest is over, we will be touching up the game for a final steam release. you must be able to: preform quickly enough to meet our deadline be able to work with a team write in enough detail for our artist to be able to draw be able to check in on a daily basis in order to maintain efficiency applying: please send some if your works so that we can review them (we will take old and new writers, as long as you know what you're doing). please also include a resume if possible. if you have worked on other games, please let us know so we can look at those too. if you have any further questions, please feel free to include them!

Remote [Royalty] Website Manager needed for Indie game developer at Starboard Games LLC

[royalty] website manager needed for indie game developer starboard games llc remote web/other starboard games llc is an indie gaming studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people. we are looking for talented and dedicated website manager to join us on our projects. you may find out more about us at: if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on!! -- the website manager will perform periodic updates, improve the design of the site and enhance user experience of online content, including a web comic and blogs, while working closely with team and project leaders. as such, the ability to work in a team environment remotely is essential. additionally, the right candidate will have a strong attention to detail, be mindful of deadlines and maintain consistent and reliable communication with team and project leaders while working from home. responsibilities 1. manage online content for company website. 2. enhance existing aesthetic and user experience for web properties. 3. work with team leads to institute content calendar for company website. 4. help implement strategies to increase website traffic. 5. proofread content. 6. remain current with emerging web technologies. 7. attend weekly remote team meeting. required skills 1. html, wordpress, css expertise. 2. seo basics. 3. outstanding communication skills. 4. ability to complete tasks remotely without supervision. -- we offer profit-sharing from crowd-funding and sales revenue generated to compensate team members who spend 15-20 hours per week on company projects and meet starboard games deadlines. currently we are unable to offer up-front payment or wages due to us being an independent developer, your understanding is greatly appreciated. we thank you for your time and are looking forward to hearing from you! john s hr lead starboard games llc

Anywhere 3d Modeler at Corrupted Studios

3d modeler corrupted studios anywhere web/other we're looking for 3d modelers who are experienced with working with the source engine and are able to convert their works to .mdl files. applicants should be able to also create animations for models and ensure that they're compatible with the source engine. we have a graphic designer who is willing to do the texturing of the models, so this job only entails modeling. your work could entail any models, such as basic props and npc's (only including robots). if you're unfamiliar with punt, it's located here: applicants may use whatever modeling software they desire, as long as it is legal for them to use what they create commercially. please ensure that you're able to convert your model to a .smd and .mdl format. this is a volunteer position. as an independent developer, we are unable to make this a paid position. therefore, this position is optimal for someone who aspires to be involved in the games industry or just wants to help the project. we here at corrupted studios look forward to working with you.

Anywhere **ShogunwolfGames looking for Story writer** at Shogunwolfgames

**shogunwolfgames looking for story writer** shogunwolfgames anywhere web/other heya my names dyvine, 16 yrs of age im a 2d and 3d artist who has recently decided to start up a game dev crew called shogun wolf games. this is a company ive recently created because i want to cooperate and dev awesome games with fellow devs. i have an open mind when it comes to creating video games any genre im down with developing. currently im looking for a story writer male or female who are dedicated to projects, we have a game thats halfway done in development and one of our last steps is implementing the story and you can follow on twitter @shogunwolfgames. once your on the team i will give you all the info youll need to complete the task, our base of operations will be skype where well have meetings and discuss game ;) so, to apply, answer this form and reply to the thread! 1. how old are you? 2. what would you rate yourself at your talent? (out of 10) 3. do you have any of your previous work that you can share? 4. how are you at meeting new people/socializing? 5. what time zone/country are you in? 6. how much time could you dedicate to the production of games?

Companies, use this job board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and hardware. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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