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Anywhere Animator for SimsVille at Sky Games

animator for simsville sky games anywhere web/other in the animation field for simsville, you will animate maps, cameras, pedestrians, buildings, etc. you will also create texture models for certain props & grounds in the game such as the buildings, roads, terrain, sims, and effects such as fire, smoke, mist, etc. this is a mod project for simcity 4, so you will need to know how to use the files in the simcity 4 directory. - you must be good in animation/texture design - you must have experience with visual studio or visual c+ - you must know how to heavily edit simcity 4 files. for a little more easier experience, you can use the simcity 4 building architect tool. it is no longer available for download, but if you still have it you can use it. you must also remember these terms: - simsville is a non-profit game - employees are not paid, but you will still get credit - syncing data will be through email. - aim for finishing december 23 2015... not 2014 - concepts will be shown to you, so make the animations/textures look close to the concepts. since this is a restoration of simsville, its recommended you study the original videos and screens of simsville so you can see what we're trying to create.

Anywhere [Online] News Writer at Hendecagon Studios

news writer hendecagon studios anywhere [online] web/other who are we? hendecagon studios is a young indie game studio. we are working now on one project. hendecagon studio has currently 3 persons but we want to expand. the company is in austria but you can work from all around the world. what are our projects? the name of the first project has the name suprey. it's a survival online and singleplayer game. what is your job in our company? as our news writer you will write news for our game on indiedb. requirements: • strong written and spoken english • able to cooperatively and effectively teamwork pluses • experience in game localization or game qa • experience working as an news writer how to apply? send your application to tell us about yourself and why would you like to work with us. we are working on the first game beta and we would like to make then a litte crowd funding on indiegogo or kickstarter but we must show some game features and gameplay to the users and gamers. only volunteer please because we doesn't have much money to pay. i hope you like our presentation and apply now!

Anywhere Website Creator/Maintainer at Firestorm Productions

website creator/maintainer firestorm productions anywhere web/other tiberian dawn: the first strike is a free first and third person shooter based on westwood studios' real time strategy, command & conquer. the goal is to re-create all of the units, weapons, and structures from the original game, and present them in an epic base-oriented environment on the beautiful unreal engine (udk). you can view our page here: we are currently in need of someone who can create and maintain a website for firestorm productions and all of its projects. this is a volunteer-only position and you will therefore not be given any monetary compensation for your work. however, this is a great opportunity to improve your overall ability and expand your portfolio for use in future applications. failure to read and understand the conditions specified in this job description prior to your application without a justifiable reason will result in the immediate rejection of said application. thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you! sincerely, bfranx and the firestorm productions team

Anywhere AMATEUR team at Unnamed noob group

amateur team unnamed noob group anywhere web/other hello there! i'm looking for team members, who are interested in making games but aren't too talented. i'm looking for guys who really want to make games. you'll not get paid for this. this is going to be like an experiment for amateurs. your passion and skills will be tested. if you're interested in making: - soundtracks/music - concept art - models - programming - levels/maps - story ... etc. for a game, then i'd like you to contact me! our first project going to be a (2d?) shooter. free, multiplaying game. something unique, that will be our work! lots of moving parts and lots of things to do. like of you're picking a lock, you'll have to do it manually, if you're reloading the clip you got to insert a new one manually or things like that. we'll have all the time in the world, no hurry. we'll learn along the way. if you want to apply, pls tell me why would i take in the team? what can you do to make the game better? what is your speciality? have you ever made anything for any game/anything? sorry, this job ad is bad, but i want to make my dreams true. do you?

Companies, use this Job Board to reach artists and programmers with knowledge of today's game engines and tools. Discover why our job board will find you better people than other job sites.
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