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What is Box of Demons?
Box of Demons is a First person shooter and is based around Pandora’s Box and mythological creatures. The game starts in 2012 when the box is opened then jumps to 2032 were most of the story is set and all landmarks on earth are getting taken over by plants and wildlife. The game has to main story’s a Singleplayer and a Multiplayer story line.

Singleplayer has five chapters and each chapter contains five missions so there will be twenty-five missions in the Singleplayer storyline. Singleplayer also has other no-playable characters.

Online Multiplayer is 2-4 players and runs off both Internet based games and LAN. The storyline has three chapters and in each chapter has five missions. The Multiplayer storyline has nothing to do with the Singleplayer storyline. It is also not 110% going into the game it is just currently an idea.

The game starts by a group of three scientist that find Pandora’s Box but one of the Scientist gets greedy by the discovery and shots the over two Scientists so he gets all the glory for himself. That’s when the human raise gets taken over by creatures that were thought to be mythological.

Plans of the game
We are expecting to release the game in late 2013. We plan to distribute it as a stand alone application via Steam and Desura using retail digital download methods.

What we have completed
We have completed:
A 8 page GDD
We are working on a detailed and efficient team structure which we are in the process of implementing
We have a general story synopsis which we are still advaning

What we are looking for
We are Currently looking for:
3D modellers
Concept artists
Graphic Designers

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