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Location: Anywhere, Perth W.A, Australia - Looking for: Programmers

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hello, me and a small team of 8 people all around the world are making a game, we are using the unreal engine and the end product will (hopefully) be released on steam and desura. for the first year we used the source engine but then we switched (for many reasons). unfortunately none of the team know unreal script (mixture of java and c++). if you are a talented programmer looking for that big thing to get you noticed, this is it.

but if getting noticed is not enough for you, you'll also get a big share of what the game makes
programmers will get (estimate)15-30% overall profit
animators will get (estimated) 15-25% overall profit

here is what were looking for:
modeler,animator (both)
Character Development Artist
Scriptwriter (story not programming)

if the job you want is not there you may still be hired if we think your good enough

To Apply

just tell us what position you are interested in, a brief description of what to want to gain from working with us and a picture or Video of any previous work and send it to:

If you Have Any Questions Or Quiries You Can Contact Me At

thank you for reading


Anywhere, Perth W.A, Australia
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