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Abominatus Games, a group of currently about 12 people who are mostly skilled in creating art-stuff, is searching for 2 programmers willing to support us with our first project, a SciFi RPG-FPS crossover.

Tasks include: Creating a System inside the UDK that is able to take care of the Dialogs, Quest-Tracking, Character-Stats and Weapon-Stats like Accuracy, Bullet-Spread, etc, and detection-fields for NPCs (for Stealthy Gameplay). For this, experience in one or two programming-language would be a big plus, as is knowledge of the UDKs Scripting-Language UnrealScript.

The game will be a FPS with RPG-like storytelling (Quests and Extensive Dialog-Trees), as well as a stat-based usability of weapons.
The story is set in the year 3369, at the beginning of a major conflict between two Nations in space.

So, if you are interested, or have further questions, please contact us via the methods detailed below.

About payment: At the moment we cannot offer any payment, but that will change over time.

To Apply

Please send an application with information about your experience in the fields described above to our facebook-profile or via email to

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