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Location: Anywhere or Lower Saxony, Germany - Looking for: Artists

Posted by FabianOldb on Mar 30th, 2013

***These jobs are not paid. We will not generate any money from this or other projects.***

Voice actress/actor

- Communication skills that allow you to describe your process
- Working knowledge of voice recording and editing software
- High sense of responsibility

Sound Designer

- Experience in Semi-Professional quality audio production
- Ability to create a soundtrack

Level Designer

- Experience with a professional level design tool
- Include examples of levels or environments you have made

Please add a résumé to the application.

About us:

We are a new development group that is working on a modification for VALVe´s Half-Life 2.

To Apply

Send a private message to FabianOldb or apply in the "a red letter day" forum.

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