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Orbiter Gaming is looking for voice actors on an upcoming mission pack for Arma 2.

We are currently in desperate need and searching hard for a great many a voice actors as we try and deliver a new sprawling campaign to the Arma 2 universe. This campaign will be heavy on the dialogue so a good knowledge of Audactiy or similar recording software would be a plus.

The campaign also calls for a number of British accent roles, not that we have anything against Americans but unfortunately is not suiting to the characters. We are also looking for Chernarus citizens which means Russian type accents or Eastern European is also acceptable. The only advice is try not to make them over the top, hammy accents are not really something we are looking for.

So if you're interested here is how you apply. Down below a few lines will be listed, record them all in one single audio file and send them on your way. Try to make the audio files sound good, crackily or poor mics will be less favourable for the role, but if we feel that the voice is really good, we will try and make it work. Please though, better sounding audio will be taken in higher consideration.

Read the lines to the accent you are using. You can either read the Brittish Line, Russian lines or both. It's your choice.

Brittish Lines:

-To be honest sir, I'm not quite sure myself, all I know is the colonel of the forces here on Utes has some urgent mission for you. - Cpt

-We sent two of our army medics to a small town within cherno. We usually send them out to set up a medical tent and give healthcare to the citizens or help the local doctors. They were suppose to report in 20 minutes ago. - Col

-Is there still fighting? - Maj

-That explains it. You should of seen this place when the bulk of the fighting was going on, these mountains were terrifying to cross, you never knew if someone was watching you down the sights of an RPG. Luckily though it seems to have gotten better. -Pil

-Lancer, this Jackal come in over. (pause) Lancer this is Jackal, checking in on situation, over. - Pil

Russian Lines:

-Ah he's right over there.

-Any time sir. Best of luck on your future endeavours.

-My brother here was able to get him out when the fighting started, he couldn't find the other one though.

Ignore the letters at the end of the Brittish lines, it's a reference for myself.

Anyway, record yourself saying whichever side you are applying for and export the files as .wav or .mp3 or .ogg it's up to you. Once you have done that send this form with the attachment of the file to




Why you are applying:

Will you be available for series or other developments of Orbiter Gaming?:

Does the clip have the Brittish/Russian lines or Both?

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