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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Web/Other

Posted by SneakyXT on Feb 24th, 2013

-Not A company-

Hello, I am a writer, Trailer maker, and a voice actor. I am looking to volunteer in any Indie game or Mod. I have recently started doing what i do and i am looking to expand. I have a Skype and a lot of free time. So if you would like to hire me, Just send me an email at, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Please include in the email...

-Projects name and company name.
-What you would like to to help with (Voice acting, Trailer making, or Writing)
-If possible, please include screenshots of your project.
-A brief description of your project.

The only thing I ask, If you decide to hire me, Is that you include me in the credits and give me credit where credit is due. Also that you include my YouTube name and my name into it.