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We want to eager game programmer and artist for our tds project.

For programmers;
Being a Game Coder at Massoft is like being a little god:you're responsible for laying the foundation for an entire game world.
Do you have divine aspirations? We want to hear from you if:
-You have a fiery passion for programming in general
-You are interested in game mechanics
-You enjoy working in agile, multi-disciplinary teams
-You're fluent in C# or JavaScript with Unity Engine

For Concept Artists;
As a Concept Artist you'll be working with a veritable family of artists to bring our game levels or models to the highest quality, under guidance by our Game Director.
-You’re passionate about – and have good knowledge of – character design, art and culture.
-You’re comfortable working within a multidisciplinary team.
-You’re comfortable working within a predefined style.

For 3d Modeller;
Your artistic and technical experience will also allow you to solve problems, act as a mentor and be a source of inspiration for the people around you.
-You're an expert at modeling in any relevant 3D package (Maya and Blender preferred)
-You have an excellent eye for detail
-You’re an expert at uv texturing

About Project;
This project is a going to be tds based scifi game. Project details not yet finalized.

Our Last Games;

To Apply;
Send an email with a sample of your work to or add on skype ozgun.yildiz62

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