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Who are we?

Ludus Arx is a young indie game studio with several projects in mind but currently laser focused on Kuniumi’s Quest. Our objective is to release very professional free to play games so that they reach as many players as possible. Our belief is that we do not sell games but emotions and experiences.

What are we working on?

Kuniumi’s Quest. A multiplayer tower defense game to be released either on (PC) via Steam and/or (mobile) Android. The game story elements take place in a fictitious land where the heroes of this era fight for power, knowledge, riches, freedom and vengeance. Each hero works for a patron which uses the hero’s skills to gain victory for their side. This story is of course a “stub” and needs more deepening.

Why do we need you?

As our programmer you will bring interaction into the picture. Your role is of key importance in the game’s development process.

We need you to produce clean code that requires little to no documentation to support it and that allows fellow programmers to maintain it without your supervision.

You should have solid knowledge in of all of the aspects that relate to the development of a game, yet be particularly strong in one of the listed bellow:

Networking / Multiplayer
User Interface
Event scripting
In addition to flexibility to adapt as the project and the rest of the team requires.

How to apply?

Send you information to

Submit examples of your previous work by:
A link to your portfolio
A link to download your files in their format (non compressed )
Submit your resume
Tell us about yourself and why would you like to work with us.

Be honest and be concise, we do not want a cover letter. We want to see what you are able to do. If you have worked on a game previously we would love to see it. Anything that you can use to demonstrate your skills is welcome for this position.

As of now this project has not been funded yet. We are planning on getting funded using crowd funding sites like Kickstarter. But first we need to complete the Alpha. It is best to announce that since our game studio has no cash-flow yet you will be working with and for us as a freelance and your initial payment will be mostly the experience you are able to earn through your own work and effort. However, we can agree on a satisfactory payment you will receive once we turn a profit from our games.

To Apply

Send a resume to

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