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Posted by on Sep 25th, 2014

Hello, Chloe here from IDYM.

We are a new Indie Game company based in Bristol, beginning work on our first demo and we are looking for a programmer to join our team.
I have shared a synopsis of the demo screenplay below.


"It's a stormy night when the small town of Hillville, Georgia is shaken by a series of disappearings. A small town with every-day problems now becomes the unusual scenerio for a horrific summer. Eli, a local policeman, will start to investigate the mysteries and the crimes in a journey that will force him to look after the victims and to look back at his own past.His job, his faith, all his life will have to be reviewed after his discoveries. No more black and white, no more right or wrong: choices and consequences.The free demo is based on the chapter "Lori's summer". We will spend the night at the Darmon house, where the story of the first victim begins."

With our demo 'Shadow On Earth' we will start to interact with the "D.O.G" technology. A new, innovative way to experience videogames that IDYM is finally proud to release.

We are on a low budget and are offering credits for the demo and a share in the sales of the full game.

The game will be a 3D 1st person thriller/horror game, the project is open to members input and creativity. In fact we prefer that.

We are looking for a hard working, enthusiastic individual, ready to commit, excited about making something new and 'impacting' the industry.

Experience is necessary, we are going to work with Unity and work would start immediately on game mechanics and VFX.

If your think you are suitable please contact Chloe -

Thank you for your time.


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