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Posted by Makaify on Nov 18th, 2014

Project: Gombies
Position: Level Designer
Salary: Unpaid(Royalties)
Job Description:

Greenlight Games are working on a project titled Gombies, which is a 3rd person comedy/horror title viewed at 60 degrees. Created in the Unity engine, Gombies will be a 3 player co-op game available on PC and Xbox One.

Gombies is currently being considered for a publishing deal with a major publisher. We are looking for very dedicated and passionate people to make this dream come true.

Right now, we are making great progress within 3D Character Modelling and Level Design, plus some awesome Concept Art.

At the moment, we are looking for another level designer to join the team. If you get chosen, you'll be working under our lead level designer. As a level designer, you'll be designing new levels for Gombies. Each level must first be designed on paper and submitted for a review, before actual work on it can proceed. You will be given basic information of each level on which you'll have free hands to design the new levels.

If you’re interested in helping us create Gombies, please get in touch for more information on the job; we’re happy to discuss our ideas and requirements but only under a disclosed NDA to keep our background work hush-hush.

We’re looking for someone fun, with great communication skills and the ability to deliver an amazing 3rd person multiplayer experience using the Unity engine. Ideally you will have a good internet connection and enough time to complete tasks assigned to you. English-speaking is a must, please send us previous work or a portfolio.

You must have created levels using the Unity Engine before.
Basic understanding of a 3D modeling software is required.

As we’re an independent games studio, we don’t have the AAA budget so there is no payment involved for this position. If you work for Geenlight Games on this project, a royalty agreement will be made which will return a payout of X percent from any profit we make distributing Gombies.

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