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Location: North America - Looking for: Programmers

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Company Description

Terrified Virus Games started as a small, indie, mobile games company, and is looking to expand into the serious gaming business. We are now developing larger games with the Unity technology/engine, and are looking to hire.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the engineer position is to collaborate with the design team to program our next game. You will need experience working with and programming in the Unity environment, as well as excellent problem solving skills to complete tasks.


  • Collaborate with the design team to create an amazing game
  • Program the main engine and gameplay of our next big project
  • Effectively modify existing work to add on to


  • Experience working on large-scale projects (at least 2)
  • Expert in C# and UnityScript
  • Strong reasoning, analytical, and mathematical skills
  • 2+ years working in the Unity environment
  • Strong English skills
  • Strong debugging skills


  • Experience with Unity Networking
  • Knowledge of general networking
  • College degree in computer sciences
  • Experience with camera systems, AI programming, physics, 3D programming, animation, collision detection.

To Apply

To apply, please send your resume to, along with links to any development work you have completed (mods, games, etc.). You can also send any questions, or comments, that you have to this email.

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