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Hi all,

Digital Drifters is an independent team working on a UE4 title. We're currently building into a vertical slice of our game - the game demo. We are looking for people with demonstrable skill in creating quality 3D art using PBR shader techniques. Not only can we offer the chance to work on a fantasy title using UE4, but we can also offer to train you on the new engine and the PBR pipeline. We've been using UE4 for a while and have learned quite a bit. Our team is comprised of the following star developers:

Game Designer + Team Lead
- 10 years of professional game design experience in a leadership role
- 6 years experience with Unreal Engine, 1 year with UE4 (Unreal MVP)
- 4 shipped titles
- Pitched 3 games in the past year, 2 of which have been funded
- Presented 3 times at Game Developer's Conference
- Has contacts at several major publishers from his previous work
- Currently working at a game start-up in Southern California

Senior Gameplay Engineer
- 9 years professional programming experience with games
- 3 years experience with Unreal Engine (4 months with UE4)
- 3 shipped titles
- Worked with industry legends, which rubbed off ;)
- Currently working at a game start-up in San Francisco

Senior Technical Cinematic Animator
- 9 years professional experience rigging, animating, and creating badass motionbuilder and maya tools for other artists
- 5 years experience with Unreal Engine (4 months with UE4)
- 5 shipped titles
- Has maintained leadership roles in 3 different AAA companies
- Currently working as a freelance contractor

Audio Engineer
- 20 years professional experience
- 5 years experience with Unreal Engine (1 year with UE4)
- 2 shipped titles

Senior Particle FX Artist
- 9 years professional experience
- 4 years experience with Unreal Engine (2 months with UE4)
- 6 shipped titles
- Founded his own company, which has since shipped 2 titles
- Is also an engineer - he codes professionally as well

In addition, we have two concept artists, three environment artists, three animators, and three character artists - all professionals with at least one shipped title.


Our project is a medieval fantasy. It's a third-person, ability based, co-op game. There's significant in-depth character progression, with a strong focus on team play (even with random players). Combat will be both skill and strategy based, and co-op bosses will be complex and require thought rather than mindless button mashing. While this has yet to be developed (we need artists!), we have done this type of game development before. Third person games like the Elder Scrolls series are not new to our team (some of us might have worked on AAA games like that in the past) :)

We're looking for 1 Environment Artist. Details below:

Environment Artist Qualifications:

* Demonstrable experience with the model/sculpt/uv/texture process
* Experience with both hard surface and organic (foliage) environment assets
* Experience with some form of the Unreal Engine Material Editor(UDK or otherwise)
* The desire to learn something new and push yourself to create cinematic level quality assets.


* Knowledge of PBR process
* Experience with Unreal 4 Material Editor

Our workflow starts with a text concept, then is converted into 2D storyboards. We're working with both in-game cameras and cinematic cameras, which means your assets might be less than 6 inches from the camera during a cutscene (which is why PBR shaders are necessary). Our character artists follow the same guidelines and our animations are mocapped to provide the most immersive cinematic experience possible.

We also have significant experience pitching games to publishers. We have learned how to land the right meetings and present our games in a way that excites them.

We have a large game design document created as well as several supporting documents. We're using Perforce, which is directly integrated into the engine.

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