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Legend Studios is an new Game Company and we are looking for someone with experience in graphic designing.
We want to make quality games and if you think your qualified to work with us, what are you waiting for? Apply now and if we pick you, you could be working with an always growing game company.

We are currently looking for someone to make us a few character models and other graphics; including map textures, for an upcoming game, in which we do not want to give details on. You must meet the requirements stated below and then contacting us back on the email; at the bottom of this page. Please do add why you wish to join the project and also say what experience you have in this field.

Our game is will have a art style more realistic than Team Fortress 2 but not as realistic as Call Of Duty/Battlefield

• Good knowledge of 2D\3D Textures
• Passion for making good games
• be able to dedicate some time to this work
• Good quality of work
• Able to follow commands to the letter

We offer a fantastic opportunity to take part in the development of our company and an amazing challenge to ensure that Legend Studios will be forever a growing company
If you have any questions about our game, or just want to find out more. Then please do feel free to contact us on the email below, thank you for your time and we hope you consider working on the project with us soon.

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