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I'm Poika Pilvimaa the founder of Star and Serpent (, indie game studio from Finland. We are looking for a third Java coder to join our first game project - Rituals of the old ( which we characterize as a multiplayer sandbox RPG voxel game of crafting, building, survival and adventure in an open random generated world.

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This is a volunteer position, ie. we cannot pay you. We aim eventually for a commercial release but currently the project has no income and is funded by yours truly from my meager personal funds. If the game is a commercial success we hope to employ the dev team (part/full time depending on income, the project's needs and the team's personal preferences). Personally, for me, making the game that I love is much more important than trying to make profit. That being said, I am very meticulous and careful in market research and calculating expenses and the income needed for the viability of the commercial venture.


What are we looking for?

You get along with different kinds of personalities and don't get into arguments easily. You are well versed in Java. Any prior experience with voxel games, multiplayer networking, JmonkeyEngine, vert.x, FastUtil, JUnit is considered a benefit but is not strictly required. All we need is someone who is familiar and confident with Java, enthusiastic and willing and able to learn new things as we progress.


About the project

Rituals of the old has been in active development now for 15 months and before that I ran and developed it alone as a mod on another game platform for 4 years and put some 10000 development hours into it. The concept has been proven and tested and it works very well and has already gained some fame.

We have currently 10 people in the team from all over Finland, US, Canada and Netherlands. 3 coders, 2 modelers, 3 animators, 1 game designer and me, the lead developer. We also have some support staff of volunteer sound people, musicians and other people who are active infrequently from time to time.

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We want to create the game we want to play ourselves - if someone else likes it too, that's their problem. That's the starting point - no compromises. My inspiration as a game designer comes from the literature I've read and the games I played in my childhood such as Nethack, the Ultima series (especially Ultima 7), Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, System Shock 1, Ultima Underword series and more recently Infiniminer and the survival building sandbox genre that followed.

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Major points in development and design:

- Low poly.
- Block world with 25 cm block size (terrain smoothing - possibly. Needs testing).
- Designed to be easy to mod (server).
- Semi-realism.
- Difficult by design.
- Takes place 100 000 years in the past on another planet.
- Mostly medieval technology level with rare scifi and steam punk elements
- Ritual magic.
- Designed for adults. Brutal, gory and in some parts disturbing but the main focus is not violence and combat.
- Features supporting roleplaying a character.
- Minimalistic immersive UIs.
- Freedom of choice. You live your life in the game world as your character. You're not pushed into anything.
- Players can run their own dedicated servers.
- Designed in such manner that you need others to survive.
- And much more.


Current status

We are working hard to finish Terra our in house voxel engine. We had a working prototype of the basic game structure 6 months ago with game client, server, working multiplayer, verification server etc but the performance of the initial voxel engine was sub par - thus the need for Terra.

At the same time we're hard at work on game design, models and animations. We had months of setback with compatibility issues in the JME-Blender-Maya pipeline and we're currently behind schedule but progressing well.

Thank you for your attention.


Poika Pilvimaa
Star and Serpent

To Apply

Feel free to ask me anything. For additional questions or to apply feel free to email us at:

Note that this is an unpaid position!

Also feel free to join our public Discord chat: if you prefer to ask question directly (all actual applications should still be sent via email). My Discord account is Pilvinen#1291.

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