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Web/Other located Anywhere (Must have either Facebook, Skype, Discord).

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We need animators to help on this project which aims to bring back the classic much loved physics based web swinging from Spider-Man 2 (PS2 version)

We are also searching for programmers experienced in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) but primarily we are searching for animators to bring Spider-Man to life!

Above you shall find a link to the latest video by developer, Aidan. It demonstrates the early stages and ground work of what we had many months back -- we have built on the ground work since then adding tons of new stuff from (unfinished) animations which need to be improved, hence searching for animators, a cool HUD inspired from all different Spidey games that have released.

The game will feature a fully open world of New York and Queens to explore as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Both will have different benefits.

Various mechanics will return from other Spider-Man games from parkour to basic web-swinging maneuvers, and brand new ways to navigate NYC!

Right now we have no release date or deadline so there is no rush, however you shall not be paid and this is purely a passion project.

For more details, contact us via E-Mail:

Or message our Facebook page:

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For more details, contact us via E-Mail:

Or message our Facebook page:

Anywhere (Must have either Facebook, Skype, Discord)
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