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Posted by Guest on Jun 15th, 2014

We are looking for a sound designer to undertake all sound engineering for an indie car game. This currently includes distinct car engine and simple environmental sound effects like water splashes and hit sounds. A couple of music track may be needed as well to serve as background and menu music, this aspect however has not yet been decided upon.

• Knowledge of sound editing.
• Ability to create sound effects.
• Good English skills.
• Ability to work inside a team.
• Some basic knowledge about game development pipeline.

Please note that this is not a paid offer. The game we are creating will be released for free to mobile devices (which means that any economical outcome is unclear to us). However, you will get your name on the credits as well as being our first choice for any future commercial development.

As such, the applicant's skill level is not an issue. However it would be preferred to be at least familiar with digital audio workshops and sound effect creation as to not delay the development of the game.

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name: Μουρίκης Ρωμανός(romanmf)

name:Μουρίκης Ρωμανός,Alex Mourtziapis