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Posted by matthiaslorin on Feb 21st, 2013

We’re looking for an experienced sound designer and/or interactive audio "integrator" who can help us create sophisticated, emotionally-compelling audio experiences for a variety of media formats and products.

Identify audio opportunities and asset needs in Valve commercial and promotional products in a self-driven but collaborative manner.
Conceptualize, schedule, design, and produce high quality audio assets in accordance with the development and testing cycle of the product.
Integrate audio in both linear and interactive forms with Valve products using proprietary software.
Manage all necessary audio assets (sound files, scripts, models, etc.) associated with a product using the necessary software.
Work with engineers and artists to understand and help develop cutting-edge, proprietary audio technologies.
Test, debug, and assure the functional quality of all audio in a given product.


Two years experience in:
Quality audio production and all related technologies
Game engine audio implementation technologies

Please include a reel with your application that includes in-game examples of your audio design and implementation. Please outline the contributions you made to the project and which parts of the reel highlight the value you added to the piece.

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