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Programmers located Anywhere.

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I am seeking programmers/artists with the following skills/attributes:
-Well versed in Unity
-Has funds to invest in the necessary assets
-Interested & influenced from art outside of gaming culture
-People with follow through and good time management skills
-Takes their craft very seriously

Operating your own game development startup isn't something that you just fall into, it is something that is worked for and requires a certain type of lifestyle to improve chances of success. A lot of people like the idea of it, but fall short when it comes to putting in the necessary hours required for development, research, etc. My life is game development, I am a hermit with a stable living situation, I find life to be very bleak and struggle with depression. Game development is my purpose, it is the one thing that still fills me with feelings of hope and wonder.

If you find conveying that information to be too much or over the top, then we won't work well together. A big part of creating art is being able to be emotionally open and honest with those you are collaborating with. Tapping into and utilizing strong emotion is the foundation of great art.

A little bit about myself:
I attended UC Santa Barbara for music composition after high school, upon completing all of the theory based courses, I realized that I didn't want a job in the music industry. I worked in IT for a couple years, and after doing some research decided I wanted to return to school for computer science. I attended Chico State for 3 years until running into some financial difficulty, at which point I got a development job to pay down some bills. Currently I am dedicating all of my free time to an experimental game that is nearing the alpha phase and should be play testable within the next few months, but I have 2 other games that are near alpha as well. With my financial difficulties gone, I am returning to school full time next fall, which I intend to utilize all of my free time to go towards game development & finishing the various prototypes that I have. I have about a year/year and a half to finish, which is plenty of time to get a small startup going. After working in the tech industry, I realized that I need to find a way to survive my own way or I will probably wind up an alcoholic or hanging from a noose.

Shoot me an email or a message and lets have a conversation.


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