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Here at Protoplasm Studios we've just started production on our launch title code named "Starfall". What can be said about the game thus far is that it's a 2D low poly stylized fantasy rogue-like where you take on cosmic monstrosities to reclaim your home and seek redemption for what you've inadvertently caused.

What we're looking for is a 2D Character Artist to create and animate a slew of 2D sprite based characters including the likes of the noble Paladin, the feral Druid, the sly Gambler, and the crowd pleasing Pit Fighter.

We would like someone with experience creating 2D sprite based animations and character design. Each class has a variety of attacks most of which with individual animations, plus idle, walk, etc.

We're developing this project in Unity, we've got another project in the works as well on UE4 but that will go full burn once "Starfall" is due for release.

You'll be working closely with our Creative Director to build new characters in a breathtakingly beautiful and astonishingly simple and clean art style which will be revealed to successful applicants along with the revenue sharing structure upon release.

Everyone here at Protoplasm Studios

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Anywhere. Toronto, On Pref
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