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We are Orion Atlas. Our goal is to make a game similar to how Linux was/is being made: from the community for the community. It is going to be a free to play game with lots of features that are not yet decided.
The game is going to be a community-driven, free to play, sci-fi freelance MMO RPG. What we hold most important is feeling, so that players enjoy the gameplay. Since the community itself is going to be part making this game, i am sure that it will be what most of us exactly want. We have set up quality standards as well and we are going to pay attention to details and we will avoid copying other games.
Currently this is a free, community driven project but it is not impossible that later on we will seek sponsors and will get funding and will share the potential income.

As we are in very early idea development and production, so here is your chance to be part of something amazing and hard, for it will be hard for sure, but not impossible. We welcome anyone willing to help us from any field- be it concept art, coding/programming skills, modeling, or simply being good at ideas for further development.
We need any help we can get, but we are in desperate need of:
Concept Artists
Story Writers
Wikia Contributors
Blog/website article/update writers

Our websites

We are currently working on our big webpage, where we will soon have a forum as well, here you can share and discuss opinions, ideas, ask questions, etc.

For any further information or if you are willing to join us, please feel free to contact us at
Also, please note that we keep in touch on Skype so every team member is expected to be online on Skype every once in a while.

About the gameplay
The player will be free to go on missions, do pvp, travel or explore, no obligations, meaning you can fully level up and enjoy the game without being forced to do this or that. For example, if you like PvP but not space battles, you can play only ground battles, you will not need to force yourself to do space battles at all, and you will be able to get the same rewards.

The game will not be focusing on just one element of the game. Also, exploration and collecting knowledge, curiosity itself will hold key importance. You will be able to discover other species, tribes, cities and learn a lot from them (such as weapon skills, for example). As a character, you will start at a starting area (we hope to create several starting areas, not just only one per race) and you will be able to choose your profession and intentions, as well as background story, family, friends and so on. You can either sign up for the army, or be hired as a merc, be a trader, be part of a pirate crew or even the mafia, or just be a freelance explorer or journalist. Who you are is really up to you, as well when you choose to depart from your starting area to infinity and beyond.

Mobs and NPCs are planned to have complex behaviour, they will all be affected by weather for example. You will be able to get information and hints from them, as well from the Link (similar to the Internet we have, but it is spread across the known universe and is accessible to all races), you can visit and create forums, blogs on it, you can send messages, etc. You will be able to access wormholes to travel very long distances in a short time. The wormholes will have stations built around them where you will have to pass security check. If you are a pirate/smuggler/criminal etc. you will have to use forged IDs or use non-registered wormholes, at the risk of ending up in a black hole, a sun, or somewhere completely unexpected.

You will be able to have a spaceship of your own or you can share it with someone or you can even have a full guild operating one as crew. You can battle other spaceships, NPC or player’s, you can destroy or loot them as well.

Guilds can conquer non-colonized areas and establish trade ports, settlements, colonies there. These can be attacked, reconquered and destroyed. Guilds can order materials to build and develop these areas, they can choose when and where they want to be delivered. These shipments can be attacked and stolen, either by random NPC events or players.

To Apply

E-mail or add Caliyr on Skype at caliyr

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