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Dear Community,
Hereby I present you our project, currently called Orion Atlas. Our goal is to make a game similar to how Linux was/is being made: from the community for the community. It is going to be a free to play game with lots of features that I will explain in the following.
First of all, what we hold most important is feeling, so that players enjoy the gameplay. Since the community itself is going to be making this game, i am sure that it will be what most of us exactly want. We have set up quality standards. Quality standards: "most not be/look worse than said example" not "copy said example"
The game is going to be a community-driven, free to play, sci-fi, completely freelance MMO RPG.
We have a blog and a Google Drive which we update as soon as there is an update. We welcome comments, ideas and people to join us as well.
Please note that we are pre-pre-production yet so our things are not as developed yet.

Our blog:
Our Google Drive:

Thank you for your attention.

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