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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Guest on Feb 27th, 2013

Due to losing our lead programmer recently, we are now looking for any programmers to join us in making our metrovania game using the unity engine.

Being a lead programmer means you have creative freedom over any programming aspects of the game and if that doesn't suit you then you can join us anyway as an ordinary programmer.

It's a sidescroller with 3d graphics and is apocalyptic/si-fi themed among many others. Its main elements are action and platforming but it also uses stealth and shooting gameplay. It uses various hubs for which you explore nearby areas. As you further unlock more abilities and weapons,you are able to explore more of these areas, hence the metrovania subgenre.

We have about 8 dedicated memebers at the moment and please if you've any questions,don't be afraid to ask me.

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