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Starboard Games LLC is looking for a coder/programmer for our upcoming title INT. We work closely together and hail from all around the world. We are looking for several additional coders to join our team and have the following positions available.


1) Teamwork and communication skills,

2) flexible hours, with a time commitment of 15-20 hours a week,

3) Problem Solving Skills and Creativity

4) Experience with Unity

5) Ability to code in C#

6) Sci-Fi Knowledge

7) Ability to add notes and document progress

8) Ability to accept positive criticism and change systems if needed.

Additionally I am looking for a managerial position to step into a lead coding position if needed or if a leadership position vacates. If interested in this then the same rules as above applies, but I am looking for someone to put in a bit more work. If interested please see the following.

-Work closely under Project Lead's direction,

-Time commitment of up to 30 hours a week,

-Ability to assign tasks to coding staff,

-Run a weekly coding meeting,

-Give a report at a main meeting each week,

-Show sizable improvements in a short amount of time,

-Establish workflow and work to solve problems before they arise,

If interested then please message me. This is a collaboration effort, all money from our first tile will be shared among members equally after fundraising and from game sales.

Email if interested.

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