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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

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A new FPS/RPG PC game under development requires Programmers for our team. We are currently putting together our story boards, character bios and getting some concept work drawn up for the website, marketing and our application for funding. We will also be getting weapon and character models before coding starts.

If the funding is accepted the whole team will receive a wage, we will continue to seek funding until we have enough to complete the game and release it through online stores such as Steam and retail stores such as Game.

Ideally you will be someone with a few years of experience, over the age of 18 with great English skills. We are currently looking at the Unreal or CryEngine 3. This decision will be made by the team after a brainstorm of advantages and disadvantages. This game will also include a Multiplayer mode.

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To apply please send your details to and previous work would be great.

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