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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by pontarex on Jul 9th, 2013

We at rolling red studios seek:
- programmers,
- animator,
- rigging
- concept artist,
- environment artist,
- more modelers / character modelers,
- sound/music,
- web designer
- and texture artist.

We seek more people in each of these titles, with experiance.
You need to atleast impress me and two others to get a place in the project. so send us one of your earlier work pieces to show us what you got.

Red Carnival is a multiplayer interactive horror game, where the horror is caused by the other players. Randomly generated maps and scenarios give the current round direction. Games consist of rounds with pre established parameters. They consist of twelve in game hours which have a set equivalent by the owner. Five minute hours = one hour rounds.

The modes indicate a huge part of the game play. They aren't announced at the beginning other than paranoia mode.

To Apply

add me on skype: pontarex and send a resume to

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