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Programmers located United States.

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Hi, how would you like the chance to work on a possible licensed game? At October Games we have been talking with Full Moon Features about developing a video game demo for their PUPPET MASTER franchise. Making a great demo could land us the rights to make a full fleshed out game. Giving our studio a great start but if it doesn't work out then you have a nice piece for your resume. We are very far along in the creation process about 95% of the art is done. And as far a programming is concerned we have a great character controller already established. What we need is...

Create Online Multiplayer modes with special rules.
Apply sounds and special effects like particle effects and blood decals.
Create a detailed menu system.

Apply if...

1: You have experience with Unity 3D.
2: You can meet on skype once a week to show progress.
3: A great work ethic.

Bonus are...
1: You are a Puppet Master fan.
2: You are a B horror movie fan.
3: Enjoy Horror games.

I am willing to discus payment with you if you meet our qualifications.

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