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Posted by on Jun 6th, 2013

A 41 year old man who lost his job, moving into a close friend's place, who races cars for a living. In a divorce, he has a daughter who lived with her mother growing up, while the whole gang, setting you up for achieving the skill to be a known driver of the underground team. Trying to run the notorious villainous gangs out of the state, rather the country. Claiming the roads they once saw bringing peace back to the state and city. Find out how cruel most of the notorious gangs that there is, and challenge them one by one from starting at the bottom of the 8 rivals you must face.

Race online solo or with your friends, or find hidden treasures within the single player story mode, to unlock new cars or items.

Influence: Midnight Club II & III, Track Mania Sunrise Extreme, & Test Drive Unlimited

Plays like: Track Mania
Feels like: Test Drive Unlimited
Looks Like: Awesomness (Crysis 2 on wheels)

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Send an e-mail to or Add BigMeth007 on Skype

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