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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Nov 19th, 2012

GTA Vice City HD, a free Grand Theft Auto IV total conversion on Rage engine is looking for some modelers!


- All Vice City map of 1986 re-created down to very last detail.
- Enhanced gameplay with the features of Rage engine, such as physics system and more to make gameplay more interesting.
- Original story will be kept
- All the models are now using all advantages of Rage engine, to make all models look real!

And much more!

We are requiring:

* At least 1 year of modeling experience
* You must be able to produce models at our request
* Must be able to work within the team
* Ability to create High-poly models for creating normal maps
* Must own any modeler programs, like 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush
* Skills in texturing is a big plus
* Must be able to work with proper anatomy (For Character modeler)

To Apply

To apply, simply send a PM to VCHD-ModTeam through Moddb.

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